Monday, February 2, 2009


I finally woke up today at 1pm and started my day. I didn't happen to see the name or the number of the bus that hit me but MAN IT FUCKED ME UP!

Few things I learned this weekend:
1. The Superbowl was better than I thought it would of been.
2. Another year and no squares won!
3. I thoroughly enjoy going to the supermarket to go food shopping.
4. Back to back nights of boozing and no headaches = good times.
5. The UFC fights sucked ass.
6. Smiddy won tickets to the Celtics/Lakers game and is looking for a date...ladies?
7. This weather is crazy...20 Saturday, 46 yesterday and 53 today!
8. The Bruins look tougher than the NHL is giving them credit for.
9. The dart team starts back up again Tuesday and most of the team is excited.
10. Pork is underrated. Pork the other white meat.


RIO said...

Wow that bus must have came from the north and went by djs because it hit me too. Also i feel your pain buddy with the donations i make every year and never win a square..

Mjt said...

smiddy gave the tickets to his brother for his birthday, correct me if i'm wrong but smiddy went to his brothers birthday at KOWLOONS the day chrissy had a party THIS SUMMER how many birthdays do the smiddy celebrate a year??

Chrisy said...

valid question michael!!

RIO said...

what a memory on that kid. Maybe he meant that his brother is going out to celebrate for Baracks birthday.