Monday, February 16, 2009


Hello John,

Long time reader first time writer. First, in your Mount Rushmore article how come no All time Hockey Stache Mount Rushmore?? Second, My friends and I are holding a Second Annual Mustache Crawl on May 16th do you think I could get Joel Quenneville and Lanny McDonald to show up for an epic stache off? Lastly, any chance you grow a good old fashion Cookie Duster and show up on May 16th?


Derek Whitley,

Some of you may remember John Buccigross from his days on Sportscenter. He writes on about the NHL and he is pretty good at it. I wrote him the preceding email to see if he would come on May 16th to the Second Annual Mustache Pub crawl. I highly doubt it but hey it's a slow day at work.

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Anonymous said...

thats fucking great!! he probably wont come, but he should atleast email you back!!