Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday! Are you Thirsty?

FrankBrown decided that Chrissys stache is weak. So once a week FrankBrown will send in his "New Mustache"...any design of his choosing.


Don't forget The 2nd Annual Mustache Pubcrawl is only 113 days away. May 16th, 2009 so fellas start your staches.

Last night at the Bruins - R.O.A.R:

(Sorry this picture came out so dark)

Actual quotes over heard:
"Listen Blades, I don't want to end up on any mascot porn site"
"Come on you've done worse(in reference to taking Blades home)"
"How awesome would it be to see the mascot head outside of my bedroom door? Thats way better than a tie on the doorknob"
"John, Now is not a good time..."
"If you like it you shoulda put a ring on it, I know I would! Hell I'll loan you the money"

Tomorrow, I will be putting up my grades for the Bruins first half of the year along with the updated Wanna B's list. I think people are afraid to out their Wanna B friends. The names are coming in less and less frequent. Don't be afraid.


Anonymous said...

BLADES!! Man bruins road games are almost as fun as home games!!

Anonymous said...

my mustache is weak? ill have to agree with that. thats why im giving myself time to grow it in cuz im dedicated to the pub crawl. but speaking of weak... mr FrankBrowns whole routine is WEAK... i was doing that shit 10 years ago, come up with something original!!!

RIO said...