Friday, January 2, 2009

1st Friday of the New Year

It is the First Friday of the New Year and you know what that means - Updated WANNA B'S list time:

1. Billy Costa (Kiss 108s own radio personality)
2. Brian Ryan
3. Chuck Tofuri
4. William J Smiddy
5. Aiden Kelly
6. John "Phil Housley" Brewer
7a. Jason Foley
7b. Joe Rene - A Haitian
7c. Mike Foley
8. FrankBrown
9. Nora Mitchell
10. Padriag Calnan - owns a Sid the Kid Jersey and Ovechkin shirt
11. Lenny Graff
12. Jason Milligan
13. Dan "Gary" Madden
14. David Spellman
15. Bobby Freeman - wants on the bandwagon...couldn't answer the ?'s -LISTED
16. Brian Folan
17. Walter Pratt
18. Justin Phelps
19. Dale Arnold
20. Starbucks Joe
21. Timmy Carrier Corp
22. Michael Toomajanian
23. Andrew Sousa

If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name. The B's band wagon you are either on it OR UNDER IT!

I hope that everyone had a nice safe New Years Eve. I haven't heard of anyone being arrested so that's a plus. I hope that Smiddy is fully recovered for NFL Wild Card Weekend. First the kid falls on ice and bruises his ribs. Then he gets the flu, from drinking and worrying about his fantasy teams dress battle. Lastly he fractures a rib from a coughing bout due to the flu. 2008 is over people can't William J Smiddy catch a break? I am calling it now 2009 Year of the Smiddy!!


Anonymous said...

Joe Rene- 1st haitian on the list; Nora Mitchell-1st female! Bruins bandwagon is on high alert for wanna b's!! Coming from all walks of life now!!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo excited for Year of Smiddy!

ChiefDude said...

B Dusk says you did not give him the test.

Prez. said...
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Prez. said...

Who the Fuck nominated me for this shit??? Take it down ASAP or else!
To qoute the great multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, "If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends."

Anonymous said...

the wanna b's hurts feelings sorry prez you got nominated but thats your fate sir. Enjoy