Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

The Holidays are over. No more Christmas. No more New Years Eve. It is time to get back to the daily grind. No more half ass work days.

The Celtics have hit a rough patch. The Bruins are rolling. The Pats are on an early vacation. The Sox are going to start spring training in a month. BC just upset the #1 team in college basketball.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. NBA basketball players are a whole lot taller in person than on TV.
2. Check your ID; Do you know when it expires?
3. When the Pats are NOT playing, lots of people do not go to the bars.
4. ChiefDude may be going crazy with his "Girls I Would like to Fuck" (or as I like to call it G.I.W.L.2.F. blogspot) and the "Moral Compass" piece.
5. Iggles is really on a self imposed 2 week blog vacation.
6. Mike G booked his honeymoon and from the price he quoted to me, I think is actually taking his bride to the moon.
7. Rio is taking financial responsibility in 2009.
8. Jeffrey got knocked the fuck out by the Street Glow Mobile.
9. Kohansky can never ever ever turn down a shot. EVER
10. Katie likes hockey a whole lot more than I thought. Maybe its just Lucic that she likes so much. Either way I WIN!
11. When people find out they are on the WANNA B's list - THEY GET MAD!!
12. Not one of the Bowl games has been exciting.


Anonymous said...

back to the grind?? I only GRIND on the dance floor!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year D!

Anonymous said...

shouldnt have taken off the street glow stickers, bad karma

Anonymous said...

back to the grind is right! next day off is memorial day, end of may!!