Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok...So 90210 has returned! And it was great!!!!!
Winter break has ended and the halls of West Bev are bustling yet again. Naomi can't help but gloat about her new relationship with half-bro Sean, but Annie is a bit suspicious of her new sibling after overhearing a shady phone call. Meanwhile, Brenda reveals a medical secret to Kelly, and Dixon accepts an invitation from Christina which he hides from Silver.
This week's episode starts out with Naomi incessantly flaunting her oh-so-tight relationship to their half-bro in Annie's face. Annie, who is less than impressed, walks away to find a very troubled Adrianna who is stressed that her rehab buddy has gone M.I.A. after unreturned texts and emails (cuz clearly even voicemails are too intimate to the new generation of teens). Dixon, or shall we say "D," is approached by cheerleader Christina who gives him a CD. Silver is not pleased.
Meanwhile, Brenda is in a doctor's office receiving what appears to be unsettling news about a medical issue, and realizes she has no one close to her to discuss it with. After not returning any of her calls, Kelly shows up on Brenda's doorstep on Adrianna's behalf to ask her if she'll attend rehab group as part of her support system who helped during her recovery.
Back at the Wilson abode, the family — new son included — is partaking in a good ole fashioned game of Pictionary (as most teens and parents often do). Sean gets a phone call which Annie overhears where he's talking about "getting the money" sans Southern drawl. When she tells the family, Sean comes up with some BS about his father being in debt and committing suicide, leaving the bookies to come after him for $200K. Both Harry and Tracy are all about sacrificing to give money to help their son, but Annie still thinks something's up with her half-bro and his mysterious phone calls.
Christina invited Dixon to a gospel choir BBQ at her beach house, and Dixon attends without telling the wifey. Uh, oh. He's wowed by the party, but tells Christina they have to remain just friends because he has a girlfriend. That's cool, because so does she. Wait, what? Yep, she's bisexual. Clearly that makes Dixon feel better about everything because he invites Silver to the party and explains everything. Next thing you know he's on stage singing "Amazing Grace." Hell of a BBQ if you ask me.
Kelly joins Adrianna at her rehab support group, but is joined by Brenda who shows at the last minute with some kind words to say. But Ade is shocked to learn her "friend" (with benefits), Hank, just found out he has HIV — and considering she slept with her pal a few times, Brenda and Kelly accompany her to get tested herself. Luckily, her results come back negative, but something else is revealed in her blood tests — a bun in the oven (can't say they didn't make that one obvious). The news causes Brenda to bolt out of there like a bat outta hell, and when Kelly goes to confront her, she reveals her long-kept secret that she can't have kids due to a complication of fibroid removal.
Meanwhile, Annie confides in her mother that she doesn't trust Sean further than she can throw him, and Debbie admits she feels the same. But when they try to tell Harry, Sean comes in all bloody and beaten because the "bookies found him" (well played Seano, well played indeed). Annie steals her new bro's phone and calls the one number he's been in contact with to discover it's the private investigator. Gee, could they both be in on it? Nah, Harry thinks nothing of it. But, to appease his wife and daughter, he asks Sean to take a paternity test.
Sean skips town over night as expected, but when Harry tells Tracy and Naomi about the scam, the two lose it. Not only was this kid messing with their emotions, but the son-of-a-you-know-what hit up Tracy for the money right before disappearing and she gave him the money (well Naomi's dad did, but I'm sure she gave up one of the summer homes in the divorce settlement in exchange).

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