Monday, January 12, 2009


It is the second Monday of the new year and it feels a whole lot like every other Monday, except for the fact it is a slow ass day. This headache keeps coming and going. Some think it is tension, blood pressure or just old age. I honestly do not care for the reason. I just want them to be gone. A man can only take so many Advil damn it!

Things I learned this weekend:
1. Weathermen don't know shit. I think we got a total of 3 inches in Dorchester.
2. Smiddy never called me yesterday for Sunday Funday. He must of had a hell of a Saturday date night.
3. Being sick and staying in sucks ass.
4. Replacing my old phone with a new phone didn't fix anything. Verizon you are close to being added to my list
5. Maybe we need more people to actually "Write" on this blog - Opinions? Sports? Food reviews? Other Blog Reviews? Hmmmm any suggestions?
6. The Florida Gators are LEGIT - Baby gator...Mamma gator...Papa gator.
7. The Boston Herald put out a jump on the Bruins bandwagon section in the paper on Friday.
8. Sports talk radio is crazy with this Jim Rice in the Hall talk.
9. You never really know who is going to win a NFL football game. Eagles vs Cards and Pittsburgh vs Baltimore this weekend.
10. The Celtics bench is in trouble if they don't get another big man.

My prayers and thoughts are with the Kelly family this week.

Have a nice week. Don't forget Smiddys Birthday is this Wednesday and his party is Saturday at Ned Devines.
THE BIG 30!!!

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