Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Saturday Saturday

I know, I know I always write on Fridays. Well yesterday I wasn't feeling it so... SUCK IT!!

Lets start with a shot gun beer for breakfast, FrankBrown style:

Frank keep trying to make them shotguns a little bit faster. One day you may be able to beat an 11th grader.

Now lets put our glasses on so that we can read this a little bit better:

Last night was Hanson Brothers Night, from Slap Shot,at the Bruins game. The first 10,000 fans got these glasses. Mikey T was fortunate enough to score a pair.

This is where we were sitting - Matty, Brian, Mikey T and I. Not bad for some free seats. The Bruins really hook you up when you buy season tickets. Four free tickets to a game, two rows from the ice? Thanks Mr. Jacobs.

Since it is Saturday and all I usually do is watch College Football, here are my picks for today:
West Virginia -7 over Louisville - Pat White can not be stopped
Virginia +3 over Clemson - Al Groh at home
Vanderbuilt -3 over Tennessee - Fulmer it was time to call it quits last year
Michigan State +15.5 over Penn State - I'll take the points, even though MSU hasn't beaten Penn State at home since 1965
IOWA -6 over Minnesota - I like the Golden Gophers at home but I think Shonn Green is too much for them.

Tomorrow we should all be down the new Atlantic Beer garden watching football and drinking beers. Feel free to stop down

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Iggles said...

Now we know what Frank Brown was doing when he called in sick the other day. Crying like a little girl just because you call in sick. CHUMP!