Thursday, November 13, 2008

Drug Emporium Back In Business

I guess some of you won't get this joke. But the IGGLES household is sad to announce that it appears the Drug Emporium that was run by Andy Reid is back in business.......

Now I'm no expert but obviously that's a bong on the table. And I'm sure we will hear that he didn't smoke, and the cocaine on the table wasn't his. All may be true....again I'm no expert but what are you doing with a small rolled up paper in your hand while wiping your nose and cocaine sitting on the table in front of you. I'm sure 99% of you have no idea who this is but it's 4th round draft pick Jack Ikegwuonu of the Philadelphia Eagles.

I'm not going to explain the Drug Emporium joke but if you follow football at all I think you can figure it out. I'm going to bed to cry myself to sleep.


Anonymous said...

now i understand why the defense can fly around all game the way they do.......... there jacked up on coca

d said...

That must of felt like a kick in the nuts