Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. Some people got up today at an ungodly hour to go shopping and try to get the best shopping deals around. Me personally, NOT A FAN. I know a $399.00 lap top is a great deal and all but I am pretty sure you could get it for $429.00 at some point during the year. You have to weigh the $30.00 savings against: getting up at 3:30 am, mapping out a shopping route, fighting off groups of old ladies/housewife/mother-daughter tandems, and then the lines! LINES LINES LINES!!! Lines every where. Lines to get into the stores. Lines to pick up big ticket items. Lines to purchase the steals of the day.
You can keep your $2.00 DVDS, 60% offs, "door busters", Extra early morning additional 20% offs, and all the other bullshit that is involved with this crazy day. I'll sleep in and pick up my deals throughout the year.

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did.

Now onto my college picks. I know last week 2-5 NOT a good start.
WV -3 Pitt - I'm riding the Pat Whites, oops West Virginia Mountaineers over Pitt today. Nice season Davey
Va Tech -8 over Virginia - Va tech, Must win to get to the ACC championship game, in Blacksburg - Nuff said
Bama' -14.5 Auburn - Usually Auburn plays Bama tough but Nick Saban needs a decisive win before his big SEC Championship showdown against Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators
South Carolina +1 Clemson - normally I don't like to pick against Clemson in Death Valley but Dabo Swinney just doesn't do it for me
Wake Forrest -4 Vandy - Vanderbuilt we hardly knew ya. 5-0 to start the season and just 1-6 since? I don't think you get that Bowl bid

You had 1/4th of the season and now the door is closed...

The Wanna B's list has started:
1. Billy Costa Kiss 108s own radio personality
2. Brian Ryan
3. Chuck Tofuri

If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM.

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