Wednesday, November 19, 2008

90210! isn't returning to TV until January 6th! And it ended on a bad note!

The show started off with us seeing Tracy and Harry's love child that no one has met yet-Sean. Sean is played by Josh Henderson. He is known for 1- Ashlee Simpson's ex-boyfriend 2- the hot one on Desperate Housewives. Annie and Naomi are the first to meet him and the rest is history. The show picks up at Annie's sweet 16 party. Naomi and Annie are definitely enemies after Naomi tried to hook up with Annies ex- Jason.

Cut to the next day, Annie and Ethan declare that they are boyfriend/girlfriend. However, Annie is now stooping to Naomi's tactics and being very caddy towards her, this is NOT impressing Ethan at all.

Since Naomi is basically friendless, we see her in the cafe trying to figure out who to sit with, she picks three upperclassmen. They treat Naomi like crap but she is more than willing to take it in order to have friends. She programs there sidekicks, gets them dinner reservations at Ozzie's parents restaurant. Naomi ends up with an agreement with Ozzie that she owes him something. He said a kiss, she kisses him but he said not me the school mascot. So Annie at the Lacrosse game kisses the Mascot in front of everyone and underneath the suit is Annie. They were NOT happy at all about this.

OK...good stuff.....Kelly is feeling like Brenda is trying to distant herself from her. After lecturing Annie and Naomi on how friendships are more important than boyfriends and arguing over boys Kelly goes to see Brenda perform in Macbeth. Kelly asks Brenda to lunch, they go the following day and Brenda brings up to Kelly how she feels as though they have nothing in common with one another. This upsets Kelly and Brenda ends up storming out of the restaurant.

Dixon is having a really hard time with Sean being in the picture. He is feeling left out because Harry is paying way more attention to Sean and not to Dixon. Dixon starts to act out and is called out by Harry during the Lacrosse game. Harry reassures Dixon that he is just as much his son as Sean is. They hug it out and win the Lacrosse game.

Kelly gets a phone call that Brenda was in the Hospital. She rushes over to see if she is OK (she fell off the stage and broke her arm)and this is where we find out why Brenda has been so distant from Kelly. Brenda slept with Ryan. She is up to her old tricks i guess. Kelly karma is a Bitch isn't!!!!!! Kelly slept with Dylan years ago..and now Brenda did it to her. Kelly stormed out of the room.

Last scene of the night we see Sean moving into the Wilson household. harry instructs him to where is room is and Sean calls someone and says he is in?? WTF does that mean?? Who is he calling and why isn't this show on until Jan. 6th??????????????


Anonymous said...

i stopped reading this SLOP after it ashlee simpson ex boyfriend. The only ex i accept is ryan cabrera cuz they were in love the rest worth boyfriend. Hey stylegal why dont you learn your stuff or just leave comments!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me??? try making sense and then i will listen to you! LOL
Learn what? The facts!

d said...

Chrissy will be happy that 90210 review is back.

Anonymous said...

comment number one if i had a decoder i bet would be funny. man ashlee simpson even a celebrity anymore!! love it!!

Anonymous said...

thank you style gal for reviewing 90210 again! i watched this last night when i got home & man am i pissed it wont be back for over a month!! everyone was loving that sean kid and from that last phone call he made, im thinking its not really their son but someone trying to get a free ride or some of that money!! SUCH A GOOD SHOW!!