Friday, September 12, 2008

Sons of Anarchy: Episode 2

So after watching the first episode and really enjoying it, I decided to watch the 2nd episode and it was a good one. This episode is about the MC gang dealing with the aftermath of their actions from last week, when they decided to take revenge against a rival gang and executed some of their members for blowing the Sons warehouse with the illegal firearms in it. Jax is starting to show a softer side it seems largely due to the fact of his newborn son still being cared for in the intensive care unit because of his drug addicted ex wife. Another factor for Jax soft side could also be from the journals that he found in storage (last weeks episode) ,which were written by his deceased father. Jax appears to be leaning towards the lets use or brains against our rivals, because violence is not always necessary against the rivals or at least he thinks that. Jax devises a plan to stage a murder to cover up the murder of the 2 girls at the warehouse. Here they are trying to remove the 2 girls bodies before a forensic team can get in and pin the murder on the SofA, so jax and his crew dig up 2 dead bodies from a local cemetery and stage a murder scene to draw the police and forensics away from the warehouse to by themselves time to remove the bodies of the 2 girls. Kind of sick if you ask me but, also genius at the same time.

Now lets talk about this manuscript that Jax father wrote years ago and seems to be the backbone of the show, because I'm starting to get the feeling that something huge is gonna happen from Jax reading it. In this episode Gemma (Jax mom), searches through Jax room looking for the manuscript, it appears that there is something shes hiding and doesnt want him to see or find out. Only time will tell on this one, should be interesting.

In the 2nd episode they also showed how the SofA have the current police chief in their pockets, by paying him off to look the other way while they commit crimes and give out beatings to those who get in their way. However, the current chief is old and nearing retirement and the man next in line seems to be playing hardball and wont be bought out so easily. This in turn makes the leader of SofA (Clay) very angry and forces the chief to stay on a little while longer until the SofA can get their gang back in order from all the problems that have come with the retaliation against another gang known as the Mayans. The deputy chief seems that he is gonna be a big problem for the SofA, we will have to wait for further episodes to find out. Another character pops up in this episode that we met in the first show briefly(Opie), he is a construction worker who left the MC lifestyle behind for his family (wife and kids) but when we see his financial problems getting the best of him and his wife he chooses to get involved with the SofA again. Though his wife doesnt appear to happy about him doing so, it seems that he is gonna play a big part down the line on the show and the pay off may be just what they need. I don't know i am just guessing on this one.

We see many feuds between brewing after just 2 episodes, we have the mayans and the SofA battling over turf, then there is the feud with Gemma and Tara (Jax old girlfriend), Gemma and Wendy (the ex wife of Jax), Opie and his wife, largely in part of him deciding to go back to the SofA and lastly the deputy chief and the SofA. Why is Tara back in Charming as a Pediatric doctor if she could have gotten a job anywhere in the country but chose to come back to the place she hates. Interesting?? O ya and we cant forget the incident in the mini mart, where Jax beat some guy up in the store because he cut him off on the highway and almost made him crash with the 2 dead bodies in the vehicle on their way to stage the murder. One has to think that incident this might come back to bite the boys of SofA in the ass. Guess we'll have to wait to find out. Anyways judging the 2 episodes so far it seems that the show is gonna be a good one to look forward to watching this fall on Wednesday nights at 10pm.

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