Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PITT pt 2

So the guys will be making their way back from PITT later this afternoon, and Im sure they need rehab or a vacation from vacation. Here are some more pics they sent me along the way. Derek tried a deep fried burger, though it sounds good I am sure he felt awful after eating it and may have needed to go the ER. Chrissy ate a 36oz steak from Jerome Bettis's joint, and im sure he puked after like he did at the Wing A Lympics. It appears to me that Smiddy had a good time he had his thumbs up and a kool aid smile in every picture so far. Jeffrey rocked the cowboy hat and he wore it well. Mike I couldnt agree with you more about the Matt Cassel era. Now I saved the best for last, the Midget in the bar about to slide down the pole is hysterical. Whats even more funny is that the bar uses a midget to draw in the crowd, but did anyone notice the confederate flag on the wall?? Nothing short of amazing if you ask me.