Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Great Sunday

For the second Sunday in a row it was a great day for football.
Why do we love it so much? Because it’s the only sport that your rooting interest can and does change on a weekly, if not hourly basis. We all root for our respective home team but that isn’t where it ends. There is the Suicide Pool pick that makes Derek root for Buffalo like he was raised in upstate New York. You have Smiddy screaming about a J.T. O’Sullivan touchdown like his life depended on it. I’m convinced half the people in that bar thought Smiddy was a Niners fan, if I told them he was acting like that over a fantasy team they wouldn’t believe me. Every big play causes an uproar because either you have that player on your fantasy team or one of your opponents does. How many times on a Sunday do you hear ‘Man, I think he’s on the bench and he just scored his 5th TD’. Yes Stephen F. I’m talking about you, I see a Costanza Award in your future.
You have the drunk girl trying to impress everyone with her football knowledge. Let me fill you in on a little secret sweetheart. If you know as much as you thought you did you would know the games are on and that’s the time for you to shut your big fat mouth! We came to the bar to watch football not to listen to you talk about it. Uggghhhhhh
Only on football Sundays can you have 6 games on at the same time that mean so much to so many different people for so many different reasons.