Thursday, September 11, 2008

90210 (2.0) “ Lucky Strike”

Sorry this is a day late and dollar short, but here goes…

Episode 2 wasn’t as good as the first episode last week. Maybe it was just a big let down because of all the hype from week one, or because after watching the episode Brenda was no where in site! With that being said here is a summary of the show and some of the highlights….

The sexual tension between Ethan and Annie is growing stronger by the moment. Of course Annie is trying to date Ty (popular, rich, drama club person) and Ethan has his lingering issues from his recent break w/ Naomi. So both Ethan and Annie are not really sure the other person is interested and that leads to a situation where they are both a little confused. I like them together so I hope it will work out!

Naomi finds out that her dad is cheating on her mom and she is, of course, heartbroken as she witnessed her Dad kissing another woman. When Naomi tells her mom what she saw, her mother tells her that she knows all about the other woman and that her father has been seeing her for 2 years. Naomi is even more disturbed by this news and clearly has no idea what to make of the situation. It is unclear to me if the Dad knows that the Mom knows he is cheating.

Jackie Taylor made an appearance this episode. She has fallen off the wagon and Silver has been staying at a local woman’s shelter to avoid going home to a drunken Jackie. Once this is discovered by Dixon, he convinces Silver to tell his Dad who in turn tells Kelly (because Silver is Kelly’s sister and Dixon’s Dad and Kelly are friends from way back). Once Kelly learns about the situation she confronts Jackie and ends up taking Silver to live with her. Also on the Silver front, it seems like there might be some chemistry between her and Dixon! I think it’s cute and am rooting for them to end up together.

Those are the major storylines for this week! I am going to stick with it a little longer to see if it can get back up to the caliber of the debut episode. Until next week......Katie & Kristine

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