Wednesday, September 17, 2008

90210 (2.0) Update

Ok……so Dylan is the dad!! I still can’t believe it. I am actually pretty upset that they didn’t stir it up and have it be Brando’s or Steve’s. I am not going to boycott about it but I am pretty upset by it!!!

Moving on….So we found out in tonight’s episode that Donna has a baby.

This episode was decent. I was watching it with a bunch of friends and we were all saying that if the old cast wasn’t on this would we watch it? I said probably, but after last night episode I am not as sure. It didn’t grab my attention and I found out that painting my nails was better.

Naomi is on a war path to get her family back together. She snoops while her dad is in the shower and finds out that Gail is in CA. When she finds out where she works she goes over to Ethan’s and explains what is going on. She is determined to get her family back together. When Naomi confronts Gail about the affair Gail expresses how much she loves Naomi’s father and that she has moved from Denver where she will now be staying in Naomi’s family’s beach house. This devastates Naomi and she warns Gail to stay away from her father. Naomi goes home and tell her mom what went down and her mom was upset. She didn’t think that the affair was going strong she thought it was much like a fling every now and then.

Dixon borrows the family car to drive to school. He has a big old caravan. While backing up into a parking space Dixon clips the side mirror off of the car next to him. In order to avoid telling Dad and insurance, he says that he will pay for the car to be fixed out of his pocket. Bring on the Peach Pit. Dixon applies to work at the Peach Pit, and gets hired on the spot after we hear Nat talk about another “West Bev” student that he hired years back. Dixon definitely now has his plate full with school, lacrosse, having a job, and tyring to have a social life. Dixon and Silver are definitely heating up! Loving this plot, hopefully it is going to bloom even more next week.

Annie…Annie..Annie……she is just a lost soul….she wants Ethan then she wants Ty. She really wanted to try things out with Ethan..but like Silver said “Ethan and Naomi will always have a connection” Annie sets up a date with Ethan but he cancels out last minute leaving Annie thinking that she really screwed things up with Ty. You always want what you can’t have. Hard lesson but we all learn it at some point. Annie is keeping herself busy while not thinking of the boys by working hard at the school play. The director of the play quit , leaving the play directorless. Grandma Wilson then steps it up and tries to take over as director. She is nothing but mean and bossy leaving Annie even more upset about the play. This girl just has Drama, drama, drama. Enter Brenda Walsh as the new director for the school play and she is wonderful. My personal opinion is that Brenda should be in every scene. She is great! Hopefully the rumors that have been floating around for the past few days that she is back in talks with adding more episodes to her contract because as of now she has only 2 left! She did look a little haggard and used last night….but we still love her!

Scenes for next week: Annie – will she or will she not have sex with Ty?? That is the question that we were all left with ….i think who the eff cares!! We want to see Dylan come back ….and Donna!!!

XoXo Kristine

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Flash said...

Your living in the past man ! Dylan aint walking through that door ! Brandon aint walking through that door ! Steve aint walking through that door ! And if they did they'd be old, except Steve, he's gay, they keep up better them queer folk.
Besides, they're re-invented anyhow, Dixon is Brandon only colored, Ethan and Ty both make up Dylan.
Naomi is Kelly.
Lets show some love for these spoiled little rich kids !
When they gunna remake Party of 5 !