Wednesday, September 3, 2008

90120 (2.0) Review

90210 (2.0)

So the show basically rocked!!! And 4.9 million people watched it along with me…the CW declared it as the highest rated scripted series premiere in the history of the network!!! Meaning it beat GOSSIP GIRL!!! It was great we got to see some old favorites and were introduced to new characters that we will learn more about and fall in love with.

New Characters:

Ethan: the “hottie” kind of Dylan Mckayish but not really, he is hot like Dylan but is more of a jock than Mr. Mckay ever was……….In the opening scene is getting blown by a skank while sitting in the drivers seat of his car parked outside of good old West Bev!! It will be interesting to see his character develop because he was involved with Naomi (Kind of like Kelly Taylor, but has an eye on Annie (the new Brenda).

Annie and Dixon Wilson: Annie and Dixon were moved here from KS so that there father could take care of his drunk of a mother (Lucille from Arrested Development).
The House that they move into looks like the Spelling Manor….it is HUGE! Annie is into school plays (like Brenda was) and Dixon is into Journalism and Lacrosse.
Dixon was adopted 8 years ago by the Wilson family and is a perfect match…..

Erin “please just call me” SILVER- is totally turned around since we last have seen her. She is now this trashy whorish type of girl who has her own blog to come down on all the “popular” kids at school. I personally love her, she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and she is a rebel…….she has a lot of David in her personality…………

Naomi- she is a beast!!!!! She is the type that gets everything that she wants and her parents spoil her like crazy. I see a bit of Kelly Taylor in her, she seems like she is going to be the bratty kid who gets everything that she wants and then does a 180 in a matter of a few weeks………I feel as though her character may be one of those ones that you will be cheering on to change throughout the season. But we shall see…..

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson- He is the new high school principal, unlike Mrs. T he is more hard on the kids and he seems to get really involved with their lives and stuff…maybe this is because he has some skeletons in his closet ……. Aunt Becky is a fashion photographer who is overwhelmed with the whole 90210 type of living……

Enough of the characters lets get to the details…..

So opening scene is the Ethan is getting a BJ in his car and Annie spots him…there eyes meet and Ethan is totally embarrassed by the whole thing. (Side note: Annie and Ethan know each other from a past summer that Annie spent visiting her gandmother)……..Annie friends Naomi the school BEOYCH…..who is having her SUPER NOT SO SWEET SIXTEEN birthday party in a few days. The girls instantly connect (I think it is because later on we find out that they are kind of related. Another time another story…)

Silver also takes a liking to Annie, who I think is much more suited for Annie. Silver and Naomi hate each other, yet they were best friends and broke up as BFF in 8th grade. But before there breakup at around 12/13 years old they got matching tramp stamp Chinese symbol “friendship” tattoos.

Side note, Annie (age 15) goes on a date with some Hottie from the drama club in a PJ (private jet) to San Fran. They are just going to dinner; let’s just say Aunt Becky was not pleased to find out about this date when she found the matches that Annie took from the restaurant in her pocket when she was doing the laundry!!

Dixon wants to play on the lacrosse team badly!! He tries out proves that he is all that and a bag of chips and makes the team. This makes George (totally Steve Sanders) pissed and he starts a fight with Dixon . Dixon takes the blame for the fight and is kicked off the team. Ethan feels bad and tells the truth about the fight causing George to get kicked off and Dixon back on the team. Again, Dixon gets kicked off and let back onto the team but the story is boring, and I will move on…….

Enters Kelly Taylor…she is stunning…the new guidance counselor at West Bev. She said that the whole fashion world didn’t work out for her and she decided to use her psychology major that she got at Cal U. I was watching this show with a bunch of 90210 (1.0) people and we all screamed…and screamed louder for Nat He is still at the Peach Pit now called “THE PIT”, and Hannah Zuckerman-Valasquez (Andrea’s kid) is the schools anchor woman, Brenda don’t mess with me Walsh was incredible…I got so excited that I even hit my sister’s friend in the face because I was jumping up and down…I digress……we find out that Brandon is in Belize and that Kelly has a 4.5 year old named Sammie. Kelly was on the phone with the boy’s father, but like the old 90210 they are keeping us in suspense on whether is Brandon or Dylan the father.

Kelly and Brenda had such great on screen chemistry it was beautiful. I loved seeing them back on the screen again.

The new gang that will be hanging at “The Pit” were great, definitely seem like they will grow on me…. I mean it was cheesy but come on we love cheese because it is 90210……I can’t wait to tune in next week……Jackie Taylor is looking like the hot mess that she is and is fighting with Kelly over “Silver”……….

Hopefully Brenda will get more air time next week. She is the reason I am watching the show. She is Brenda Freaking Walsh…

Also who is in with me to start a petition to get Tori Spelling Back??? Hell lets get them all back, because we all know that 90210 is nothing with out Brando!!!

Till next week


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