Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update:

Lots to talk about this week. After an average week 1 Street Pharmacist is putting things together. A solid 2nd place finish in week 2 and a win in week three, Street Pharmacist could be scary once Manning and Clark get their act together. Nacho Papa followed up a sub-par performance in week 2 with a solid 113 points. After week 3 scoring is still close with the exception of a few teams that have already started to fall of the pace. Lots of free agents put up respectable numbers this week, lets see who is going to be making moves on the transaction wire.

Breaking News from the NFL Networks Adam Schefter: The Defending Champs have made inquiries into the availability of Frank Brown to help fix their Player Personnel/Scouting Department. A reunion is unlikely since Frank’s asking price is too high for a team that couldn’t afford the league entry fee.

Tough week for D ST DIRTBALLS posting a new low week with 60.5 points. I feel your pain D ST DIRTBALLS, welcome to what my season was like last year. With any luck Donovan ‘I Didn’t Throw Up During The Super Bowl’ McNabb and BWest will be back on the field this week but early reports from Philly suggest BWest could miss 2 to 3 weeks.

The Costanza Award: Lots of strong contenders this week. Dead Beat Dad left the Philly defense on the bench in favor of the Bills defense (lost 25 points). I think Big Ben is still running for his life. Slippery Wizards benched Houshamazoo for DeSean ‘Too Soon’ Jackson and Andre Johnson (lost 28 points). Defending Champs replaced Maurice ‘Bowling Ball’ Jones-Drew with Jonathan Stewart (lost 21 points). Doesn’t Jacksonville always rush for 300 yards when they play Indy? But the hands down winner for this weeks award is SFLABO. Benching Ronnie Brown for Sammy Morris cost SFLABO 44 points. That differential by itself is almost large enough to beat our low week leader. I’ll be honest sitting there watching Brown run (and throw) all over the Pats we weren’t sure who had Brown but we knew whoever did, had him on the bench. Leaving the bar Sunday I wasn’t convinced that Brown’s owner would receive the award until I saw he was benched for Sammy Morris. Sammy Freakin Morris!! Really? I can understand if you have AP and Michael Turner or somebody like that but Sammy Morris? It’s ok SFLABO I have some advice for you, Sammy will have a huge game in week 4.

Editors Note: Please do not call, e-mail, or text me trying to explain why you should not get the Costanza Award. The Costanza Award is given solely on the basis of poor decision making. You can try and justify your decision all you want but it will not excuse you from the Costanza Award.

Better luck next week boys and girls


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anyone see the wizards new logo?? starring reggie bush

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