Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Kid is back

We all made it back home in one piece. Jeff and Smiddy yesterday. Mike, Chrissy and I today.

Here is some video of MANBOY from Caseys Draft House on Carlson street. MIDGET MADNESS ON MONDAYS!
This is me(kinda dark):

As far as the city of Pittsburgh goes:
The people are friendly.
The city is clean.
The bars are always packed.
They love the Steelers and not much else.
They don't know who Mayor McCheese, Birdy, Grimace, or the Fry Guys are.
You can't get a taxi after a Steelers game!
PNC park is probably the best park so far.

I will post pictures from the digital cameras as I download them or they are sent to me. I am probably going to have to detox for a few days. I am exhausted and overall my body aches.


Thanks to Rio, Deegs and ChiefDude for keeping up with the blog!!!

I know I havent checked my email or been near a computer in 6 days but I just checked it and I have at least 15 emails about this booze cruise so I am just going to post this on there:

Next Saturday is Boston Biggest Booze Cruise, and the weather looks great!! So if you want to end the summer partying & dancing on a boat over looking Boston, go to http://www.bostonbargolf.com and pick up your tickets today! It's going to be a blast!

The word is spreading quickly and we've even been highlighted in the latest issue of mailto:Stuff@Night ()!! Continuing telling everyone you know and get them to join the biggest party in town!

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