Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Slow Tuesday...

What kind of pairing are these 2? An old Canadian perv and some beat up broad:

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BUT THE B'S ARE 1st on the list!!

Here is Chrissy 1 month mustache update:

Tomorrow is New Years Eve and I still have no plans. I am just not feeling it this year. Does anyone have anything good going on? BUELLER? BUELLER? BUELLER? Make sure you make your New Years Resolutions and you stick to them.

Smiddy you should resolve to stay away from the bigguns!
Iggles you should resolve to trying to slip one past the Goalie, if you know what im saying...wink wink!
Jeffrey you should resolve to getting new amps and stickers for the STREET GLOW!
Los you should resolve to get a real dress from next years fantasy draft.
MJT you should resolve to making Mr. SinglePants available for all the ladies.
FrankBrown you should resolve to getting more shit done for the blog.
Chrissy you should resolve to letting that stache get real thick and bushy.
Welchie you should resolve to just living the American dream.
Broderick you should resolve to filling up the Wanna B's list.
Rio you should resolve to being happy.

Where are the names for the Wanna B's list people? I know you see them, with their new hats, their brand new Lucic Jerseys, wanting to talk about these new Bruins...where were they last year? I'm calling Bullshit!!!


Iggles said...

word on the street is Mrs Iggles is already pregnant. Why you think we are planning a trip to Vegas? Need to do an impromptu bastard elopement.

d said...

Is "Impromptu Bastard Elopement" a term you coined in 08?

I think that would be a great T shirt!

Iggles said...

I'm in crisis mode and you're making jokes. Real nice Mr. Booze!

d said...

It seems like a good side business

Prez. said...

Has Jeff contacted the Barrett-Jackson people to see when they will be featuring the STREET GLOW machine or is he looking into MTV's Pimp My Ride?