Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Man on Man

I hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend.

This is what I  learned this weekend:
1. Known fact that a holiday is a holiday is a holiday even for the blog.
2. Yes, I am the guy who leaves his shirt on at the beach so I dont burn. Deal with it.
3. Speaking of burns, Chrissy hows them lobster red legs coming along?
4. You know summer has started when Plunkett rocks out at the Improper!
5. Mario rocking a S7, #notteamiphone.
6. The new X-men movie is ok. I can see why it got bad reviews, Apocalyse is kind of a let down and there is a slow build up.
7. I heard the DC rebirth comic is pretty good. Basically blaming Dr Manattan for the failed new 52.
8. Sleeping on your neeck wrong is a shitty way to start your day.
9. Steph Curry vs Lebron in the Finals...no way the NBA lets Lebron lose.
10. Fuck you, sour grapes. When I want grapes I do not want them to be sour.
11. Do you ever get too old to wear a hat?
12. Chrissy is looking for any tattoo ideas. Either a full back piece or a calf. Put your suggestions in the comments section.

Sorry this one is short and sweet but gotta run and do some work.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

It looks like Memorial Day weekend is fast approaching. Cookouts, sunshine, day drinking and beach days are here people.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The 9th Annual Mustache Pub crawl was a success. We raised $1000 for Dana Farber. Thank you all for supporting the cause.

2. There were 3 stars at the pub crawl - Little Jay, Grillo and TK.
3. Speaking of TK, rumor has it that he is retiring from the pub crawl game even thought everyone said how much fun they had with him. File that under things that make you go hmmmm.
4. Chrissy was up for 56.25 straight hours. Sleep be damned.
5. Strep throat is a mother of fuckers!
6. When you have crazy vivid dreams and wake up totally confused and bummed out that it was just a dream, yeah that sucks.
7. Grillo is in the initial process of screen play writing with Jeffrey and Bunker.
8. Oh I also heard that Grillo thought Bunker was Uber and wanted to be driven all over the South shore.
9. Anything better than winning blind Keno?
10. I would say the reception to the crawl in Quincy was positive (Except maybe the lady at S6).
11. Ronin has half of his rear hind leg area shaved due to a cut. Poor guy is not happy and I may have to put a cone of shame on him.
12. I do not know if you check the top right of this blog but the 10th Annual Mustache Pub crawl is Saturday May 20th, 2017. I hope this gives everyone plenty of time to plan. I have always said my goal was to make it 10 years. God knows I have thought about stopping every year after the 5th year but we kept plugging along. So as of right now, the 10th year will be my last year. Maybe someone will pick up the mantle and run with it? Maybe we start new with a different theme - Hawaiian shirts? Beards? 80's or 90's?  Pirate?
13. I don't know if I got more questions of Wheres Calnan, Wheres Jason Foley or Where is John Wallace? Mustache Pub crawl staples.
14. What the fuck is going on over at WWE? Just a flood of talent being released and the story lines are getting shitty.
15. Fat shaming is climbing up the bullying list - it is probably top 3 now.
16. Hey Flutie, saw your nephew got a DUI, is that why you don't support pub crawls and drinking?
17. Is there a bigger flopper/baby in the NBA than Lebron?
18. I don't know what is a bigger pipe dream for local fans - Kevin Durant to the Celtics or Steven Stamkos to the Bruins.
19. Petty people are insane people.
20. Chrissy is putting together a little bar hopping day drinking escapade soon. Hes calling it a sick out. Strap your boots on because its gonna be a shit show.

Thanks again to everyone for supporting the crawl.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May May May

Its May 16th and I legit have no idea what the weather is going to be like. Saturday was 80 today its 42, yesterday felt like Fall. I mean come on Mother nature make up your mind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Art's Sunset Bay (the old Seadog), in Hull, has some pretty good food.
2. Jeffrey doesn't bounce back like he used to.
3. Are people nervous about the Madden curse and Gronk?
4. Cangrats to Phelpsy for being cancer free and being back to work this week.
5. John Brewer is bar tending over at Lulu's in Alston.
6.  Every year it seems like I am cleaning up and out my garage.
7. What you know about putting down a patio?
8. I think Sean "Supah P" Meehan is ducking me!
9. Mike Foley is too cool for a pub crawl, even in Quincy.
10. Who do you think will show up first on Saturday - Danny Cooney or Bill Smiddy?
11. Wendys is putting in self service kiosk to take orders.
12. A large iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts is over $3 now, how much will it cost when minimum wage is $15?
13. Speaking of Dunkin Donuts when did the drive thru become more of a priority than actual customers standing in line?
14. I have been trying to figure out the best way to make ribs. Anyone have any suggestions?
15. Sunday drivers are a real thing. Fucking people without a care in the world just driving around like zombies.
16. Shopping for sneakers is such a pain in the ass.
 17. Jason Foley (no relation to Mike who refuses pub crawls) is looking for a new plumbing job if anyone knows of any.
18. Are you Home Depot or Lowes?

Hope to see you all on Saturday at the crawl!

The 9th Annual Mustache Pub crawl

Saturday May 21 starting at 1:00. We are switching it up this year and heading to Quincy. The shirts are $20 as always all the proceeds will be donated to Dana Farber.

1st ride Cagney 1:00-2:30
2nd ride Sully's 2:30-3:45
3rd ride Acapulco's 3:45-5:00
4th ride The Iron Furnace 5:00-6:15
5th ride The Half door 6:15-7:30
6th ride Fuji 1546 7:30-8:45
7th ride S6/Paddy Barry's 8:45-10:00
8th ride Kelly's Cellar 10:00 -close

We will have fake staches  for the ladies and the gentlemen who can't grow em.

Please forward this to anyone who may want to come out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Patriot Way Kool Aid: Little Dannys deal

First off all everyone needs to understand I like the Patriots, I do. Watch every game. However, I'm not a blind fan boy who subscribes to in "Bill We Trust". I'm critical of the team as every fan should be of any team. With "Pats Nation" basically at dictator status and questioning nothing at one end and Eagles fans questioning everything and calling for executions daily of coaches and players.

but this Amendola deal is the WORST. No not financially because the deal is team friendly. But because he took a "hometown discount". Which has somehow morphed into the gospel around here. Like it's an honor to play for the Pats. Ya statistically you stand a better chance of winning a championship then most but, those chances dwindle everyday as the NFL Free Agent Market becomes rougher and rougher. Yet the Patriots stick to this hometown discount mantra like the bible.

and let me cut you off right there, Ya Brady does it. However, those restructurings are almost as always incredibly in his favor (hes also far richer then the common player)

So whats going to happen when either Hightower or Collins walks because "they wouldn't take a discount". Ill tell you exactly what the Pats call up the media and smear em like they always do (sans wilfork)

Look todays NFL Player is far different from even 5 years ago. Their kids who basically grew up ranked by Rivals and got huge press in College. Eventually, these kids get to a place where all they care about is money. And how can we blame them when most grew up poor as well?  Cars, Champagne and Exotic Cats cant be bought in rings. There's no more Brown and Bruschi's left in the league eventually the hometown discount has to go or were getting real non competitive real fast.

(also I should note a certain J Phelps no that's too obvious! A certain Justin P likes to step out of line with the comments on here. He does his phone number goes out to the Internetz)

PS I keep trying  to write a weekly piece about the comings and goings of a certain William J Smiddy. However, word is hes gone dark. If your reading this Smiddy let someone know your Ok :)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Less than 2 weeks away

The pub crawl is approaching fast, only 12 days away. If anyone wants to buy a shirt beofre the day of the crawl or if anyone wants to buy a shirt to support cancer research let me know and we can meet up.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Slow Sundays suck.
2. Captain America Civil war was good but not as good as the Winter Soldier.
3. Cucumbers are a fruit.
4. O.A.R. will be coming to Boston in August, anyone interested in going?
5. Pastrami pickles, pickle spears wrapped in pastrami then battered and deep fried, sound way better than they actually taste.
6. I am glad this rain stopped, I mean my back yard looks like a jungle.
7. I hope Rio made it back from New Orleans alright. Kid must of lost his phone because I haven't heard from him in days.
8. What is your go to snack (besides pop corn) at the movies? I usually go with Reeces pieces.
9. Anyone know any cheap painters? I know a guy looking to have some shit painted.
10. Its common to order a large pizza and a back up large steak and cheese sub, right? I mean that's what my co-worker did. Told me that he can't risk it!
11. I am hearing micro fracture surgery for the angriest blogger I know.
12. It is never a quick lunch when meeting Chrissy.
13. Ordering beers based on the look of the tap handle is not the best idea.
14. Drinking anxiety is a real thing. I mean I just get black out drunk and hope for the best but hey thats not everyone.
15. Hangover free Sundays...try it!
16. I am not a fan of maple flavored bacon.
17. Calnan believes that breakfast is not an essential meal for the day and it was made up by cereal companies.
18. Has anyone heard from Jason Foley??

Monday, May 2, 2016

May day

May is here mother fuckers. This year is flying. The Mustache Pub Crawl is only 19 days away, who needs a shirt. WHAT THE FUCK!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. 16C in Quincy center(the old Granite rail) is pretty good. A little expensive but the Quiet man steak tips are legit.
2. Wuburger is now open in Cambridge.
3. Jeffrey does not care for April baseball.
4. The Mill Store down the cape is apparently where you go for some flower window boxes.
5. When did Windy City hot dogs move to Norwell?
6. Who knew that old people are offended by dry humping the air in a packed bar?
7. We have all fallen asleep while waiting to go out and meet someone, right?
8. Look like Calnan is on the mend again. Kids rocking a boot.
9. Sad to see the Celtics at least not make it to a game 7.
10. I will never ever go to another 4 year olds soccer game again. Maybe ill try back in 4 more years.
11. What age do you stop doing shots? Asking for a friend.
12. If you make it down the cape, I would recommend you hit up JDs Burger Company, in Sandwich.
13. I stopped watching Game of Thrones after 3 episodes last year, should I get back into it?
14. Don't forget that Mothers day is Sunday. Get your loved ones something special this year.

Gotta run and grab some breakfast.