Wednesday, June 30, 2010

154 times??

A man was arrested for the 154th time after allegedly stealing two cases of beer from a Kittery convenience store.

Paul Baldwin, 49, of Portsmouth, N.H., will now be charged with a felony because of his lengthy record.

Baldwin's 153rd arrest was for allegedly punching a man in the face. It came just a week after serving a one-year jail sentence on a felony theft charge. Baldwin was convicted of stealing a single can of beer, but again because of his record, he was convicted of a felony.

Baldwin's record dates back to 1984. He is being held in York County Jail.

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Somehow some way I am probably related to this dude. I mean really arrested 154 times? The last time over 2 cases of beer? You read it right...2 cases - thats 48 beers. Not a 30 pack; this dude is old school - straight cases homie!

The Doublicious will be available Monday July 5th

Those crazy mother fuckers over at KFC are at it again. They couldn't/wouldn't stop at the double down. They now are going to serve the Doublicious.

I know, I know why the name??

"The Hawaiian bread provides a nice, sweet taste that complements the savory flavor of the chicken. Sweet and savory, therefore 'Doublicious'," said a spokesman for KFC.

It consists of an 'Original Recipe filet,' bacon, monterey jack and the infamous 'Colonel's Sauce' that debuted with the Double Down. There's also a grilled version.

Original Recipe Doublicious

Grilled for a more healthy option(HEALTHY SMEALTHY)

The Doublicious will be available Monday July 5th. Stay tuned. You know that I can not resist trying this bitch!! Hopefully the local KFC won't be too mobbed. I'll buy one or two and have a review on Monday.

Text of the week

This weeks text of the week comes from Johnny Broderick:

The Smiduation is felt at Mary Ann's

Smidawgs Productions was top notch in 08-09. Business cards, t shirts and bumper stickers. Promotions! Promotions! Promotions!

What happened?
Did the Smidawg move to fast?
Did he get burned out?
Did he expand too quick?

One week he is in contract talks to sponsor a fighter, under the Smidawg moniker and then BLAM he is out there pounding sand.

With the biggest match in UFC history coming up this Saturday, it makes you wonder.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back and at it again

The trip to North Carolina was a success. It was hot. I got hammered. I puked. Yeah all over my brand new sneakers from what I can remember.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Philly is fucking New Jersey.
2. Take a stroll down:

3. I do not understand southern cat calls.
4. If you get to Greensboro try to catch a Grasshoppers game. Minor league baseball rules. Only $9.00 a seat.

5. If you dont get the Lazy boy seat upgrade then you are a sucker.

6. Thirsty Thursdays is a way of life in NC. Dollar drafts at the Grasshoppers game:

7. Biscuitville is the shit. Fresh buscuits every 20 minutes.
8. NC is not big on breakfast.
9. You can get all your shopping done at J.R.'s - cigars, wranglers, cowboy boots, snacks and house hold items. Its like a super building 19.

10. Smiddy is the king of Northern Hospitality.
11. When you get a free seat upgrade...its customary to pose like you are on a flume ride, but only when you are on the big screen.
12. I am not cut out for 90 plus heat and 90 plus humidity every day.
13. I love an open bar, even more when they serve you at the tables.
14. The gps on my phone murders my battery.
15. The Ford Edge is dope. I want one.

I am sure there is a shit ton that I forgot. A drunken mess in NC for 4 days will do that. Still trying to find a text of the week.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kicking off the Weekend with Top Chef hottie Padma Lakshmi

While the boys are in NC for a wedding, I decided to take over the reigns for the weekend hottie.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump day

I KNOW, I KNOW, I am sorry I forgot to post text of the week. Honestly I don't remember any texts standing out but I still should of posted something/anything.

Mario will be posting the weekend kick off girl this week. Hopefully he will remember(and its a hottie).

I will be attending Matty's and Anna's wedding this weekend in North Carolina. I will try to post things that I learned this weekend on Monday but at this point I am not making any guarantees. No matter what I it will be up before Tuesday at noon.

I also removed the video of the week. Too many people bitching about it all the time.

If Cheifdude, Stylegal, The Pres or Iggles wants to post anything they can(a text of the week perhaps).

If anyone else wants rights to post things. I will gladly sign them up, just send me an email or text. I am always up for things to improve on here.

Phil "the Power" Taylor

I know many of you don't know who Phil "The Power" Taylor is but the dude is straight nasty.

He holds so many records in darts. This is just some of them:

* Most overall World Championship titles with 15
* Most consecutive World Championship titles with 8 (1995-2002)
* Most overall World Championship final appearances with 17
* Most consecutive World Championship final appearances with 14 (1994-2007)
* Longest unbeaten run at the World Championships with 44 matches (1995-2003)
* Most overall major tournament wins (BDO/PDC) with 54
* Most major PDC tournament wins with 50
* Most PDC Pro Tour titles (October 18th, 2009) with 46
* Most televised nine-dart finishes with 7
* Highest ever three-dart average on television with 116.01
* Highest ever three-dart average in a World Championship final with 110.94
* Highest ever three-dart average for a whole tournament with 111.51
* Highest ever three-dart average on a broadcast (Internet) with 121.79
* Biggest win in a major PDC final: 18-4 vs Terry Jenkins (2009 World Matchplay)
* Most overall months at World Number 1 with 57 months
* Most major tournament wins in a single calendar year with 8 (2008)
* Most World Matchplay titles with 10
* Most consecutive World Matchplay titles with 5 (2000-2004)
* Longest unbeaten run at the World Matchplay with 28 matches (2000-2005)
* Biggest win at the World Matchplay: 16-1 vs Roland Scholten (2007)
* Most World Grand Prix titles with 9
* Most Las Vegas Desert Classic titles with 5
* Most Premier League titles with 4
* Most UK Open titles with 3
* Most money won in a calendar year
* Most money won during career
* Sole holder of the Grand Slam

Pretty much Phil Taylor is the shit, top notch, king of kings, G.O.A.T, Main man, and HNIC all rolled into one!
So next time you figure you are the best at something/rocking the shit out of something let people know you are the Phil Taylor of it.
For example:
You are kicking ass in Golden tee. Let them bitches know you are the Phil Taylor of Golden tee.
You are out there pounding the shit out of drinks. You are the Phil Taylor of boozing.
You are smacking your old lady around. You are the Phil Taylor of smacking ya bitch up.
You are fucking up 30 chicken wings in under 3 are the Phil Taylor of wings.

I am sure you get the picture.
What exactly are you the Phil Taylor of?

UFC 118



SAT. AUG. 28 | 7:20 PM


Don't miss UFC's Boston debut at TD Garden, when Frankie Edgar will square off against BJ Penn for the UFC lightweight title.

Also on this card, Randy Couture takes on boxing legend James Toney as Toney makes his mixed martial arts debut. Plus Rousimar Palhares takes on Nate Marquardt, and Gray Maynard and Massachusetts' own, Kenny Florian battle for the next top lightweight contender spot.

$77.50, $102.50, $202.50, $302.50, $402.50, $602.50

THURS. JUNE 24 | 10 AM - FRI. JUNE 25 | 10 AM

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Angels and Airwaves

If you like Blink 182 or just Angels and Airwaves
Click below to download the new CD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bring on the heat

It is too hot to be bull shitting around today so lets jump right into it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Brian Folan is that cool -

2. Jason "Big Show" Foley has no say whatsoever when it comes to the name of his upcoming child.
3. Players run between 7-9 miles a game at the world cup.
4. You get a $150 fine for blocking an intersection in Boston.
5. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a germaphobe.
6. They are still making the Ford Taurus SHO??
7. Apparently there is a carousel in Fanuel hall over by Tia's.
8. Deadwood Ale at Boston Bowl is very nice and very citrus-y.
9. Half pint Brawlers on Spike TV is kind of like a midget version of Jackass. God knows I love midgets.
10. MBTA bus drivers do not need mass drivers licenses for the red, blue or orange line but do for the green line.
11. Flood insurance is a pain in the dinky(ha ha dinky is a funny word).
12. The Cancer Garden of Hope is really nice:

13. Welchie and Edso are a dynamic duo in alternate shot on fathers day. Congrats on making the states boys!
14. According to Deegan tieing a trellis to your roof is not a great idea.
15. I am a way better big ball bowler than candle pin bowler, just ask Jeffray.

That is it for now. Try to stay out of this nasty humid heat.

Friday, June 18, 2010

American Craft Beer Fest:

Do visions of hops and barley dance through your head when you're snug in bed? Scratch the imbibing itch Friday and Saturday at this annual celebration of craft brews, put on by BeerAdvocate and Harpoon Brewery. Cisco, Brooklyn, Dogfish Head, and Goose Island are among the breweries bringing over 400 beers to the event. Cheers, indeed. 21+. Three sessions: 6-9:30 p.m. Friday; 1-4:30 p.m. and 6-9:30 p.m. Saturday. Seaport World Trade Center, 200 Seaport Blvd., Boston. 877-725-8849.


Anyone interested in 2 tickets for the CFX fights down in Plymouth? The fights are tomorrow night at 6:30 at the Jungleplex.
If you want em let me know.

Diane Lane

Diane Lane is hot. Super Cougar Hot! She likes the Kentucky derby, basketball and long walks on the beach...I mean whats not to love?

Lets kick off the weekend: