Monday, June 26, 2023

So glad

 I am so glad that we have become Seattle of the North east with all this rain.

This is what I learned the past 2 weeks:

1. I guess some people think I am a FUCKING ASSHOLE. I am ok with this.

2. Great wedding on Friday night, lots of laughs and great catching up with friends.

3. Bye bye Broncos nuts...tomorrow is the day.

4. TK is heading to NYC to visit his daughter, wish the old man luck.

5. Go fuck yourself is a perfectly acceptable answer to most anything.

6. Brittney vs Christina Brunch on July 29th...see ya there.

7. I heard Chrissy tried to meet up with Grillo for some drinks but Grillo was too cool for school.

8. Banging out a last minute best man speech for your 12 year old nephew at a wedding is fucking wild.

9. You guys hear Chris Youngs new banger?

10. Shocking to see the MacPhails are going to zero concerts after attending 12540674 last year.

11. My Jeep is finally over 60K!

12. See ya in 2 weeks...vacation next week.

Monday, June 12, 2023


 Yo, is summer going to rears its fucking head or what?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. TK loves the Hancock Tavern vibe and plans to put it in his rotation.

2. I love a good random Tuesday drinking with Chris Leaden at the Fowler, can't wait till the next one.

3. I may or may not use the word CUNT too much.

4. The Sox overs ain't hitting no more.

5. I think Grillo may be back on the Chrissy train. They will probably be at the Red Hat after Grillo's next big house sale.

6. Fathers day is this weekend...hope ya guys take care of ya fellas.

7. SHHHHHH but Jeffrey drank on a Sunday.

8. Fantasy league has been renewed! Draft is on.

9. The Hoffy has the most spectacular Golden Tee machine ever.

10. It always makes me smile when I have to use baby sunscreen on my senstive face.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June is here

It has been a while.

This is what I learned while away:

1. Atlantic City is dirty and grimy but in the best way possible. Drinking on the Boardwalk is a game changer.

2. I see Mother Nature is back up to her old tricks.

3. The Luke Combs remake of Fast Car - we in or out? (side note he just added a second show at Foxboro).

4. I am hoping this is the year I see a shark down the Cape.

5. TK is slowly morphing into Wimpy...I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

6. Speaking of hamburgers, the older I get the more I realize I don't really need cheese on a burger.

7. See ya later Jaylen Brown (yes the reason I didn't post last week was I was still drunk Monday and mad about the way the C's season ended).

8. What is worse than sleeping wrong and your neck is all jacked up.

9. The Sox were fun and exciting for like 3 weeks and not so much now.

10. Random Tuesday drinking is always a good idea...until Wednesday morning.

11. Heard Grillo UNFRIENDED Chrissy yet again - FB, IG, Snap and Facebook.

12. Folan said that this was the worst Dot Day parade he has ever seen. Also sad it is the first one I missed(not counting rain outs/covid) in 20 years.

13. Anyone get invited up to Mt Decepticon and Chrissys camper?

14. What about Steve Boyce's new camper?