Monday, December 18, 2023

Rain Rain Go away

 ...if you say at least its not snow - I will give you a throat punch. Its 63 in FUCKING DECEMBER!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Hope that you all finished your Christmas shopping. If not Cash is Still King.

2. Mario's coat drive was a success. Lots of laughs and the food was killer.

3. There is nothing worse than Taco Bell not giving you any hot sauces.

4. I heard Martell is working as a bar back part time at the Hoffy.

5. Feliz Navidad Bitches!

6. Chrissy is on a HEATER!

7. Andy Capp Hot Fries are so inconsistent. Sometimes the bags fire and others they are borderline the same as cheddar.

8. Why is Jimmy Fallon singing Xmas blow it out your ass.

9. Nothing beats a good nap.

10. Wait, what was that? Oh sorry I am still battling the worlds longest fucking cold.

11. The old Hanover mall area is really turning into a Legacy Place part 2.

12. Does anyone else end up with NFL fatigue by the time Monday nights game rolls on?

13. Reacher season 2 has started out with a bang.

14.  Who drinks Crystal light in 2023?

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

2 weeks

 Christmas is only 2 weeks away...I am a 2 XL, please and Thank you!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Fantasy football is only 4 weeks away from ending.

2. Nothing like being on tilt.

3. If you want some steak tips make sure you hit up Cronins.

4. Rumor has it, Joe and Karen are having a super bowl party with a leg of lamb on the rotisserie and a prime rib.

5. Now that college football is on hiatus until the last week of the year, NFL on Saturdays.

6. Bolognese is underrated. More people need to be serving that.

7. If you like shepherds pie, I heard from a reliable fatty, Off the Hook has one of the best around (I cannot attest to this since that is not on my plater ever).

8. I love Christmas music but I would hate to work in a space that had to play it all the time, bars or anything retail.

9. Ok, I broke down and started Murder at the End of the World. I am really enjoying it.

10. Not sure how you forget your wallet in 2023.

11. Am I the only person who had to read Agatha Christie in high school?

12. Of course I secured the bag for Marathon Monday!

I hope to see some of you on Friday night in Saugus, at the Elks for Saugus Fires jacket donation party.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Zero Dark December

 I mean this darkness is something. But yet the shortest day of the year is only 17 days away and then we can get a little bit more sunshine everyday.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. FSU got robbed! There is no way that an undefeated team doesn't make it over a 1 loss team. Does the schedule not mean anything?

2. Seems like everyone is hitting parlays all of a sudden.

3. Hope everyone can make the coat drive next Friday.

4. Sometimes a bad weekend happens and anything that can go wrong, does.

5. I love me some brisket.

6. The Patriots look like absolute trash. That #1 pick may be on the radar after all.

7. It is December 4th and that means Smiddy is back at BU.

8. So is Matt Rife cancelled or nah?

9. Rumor has it Brady agreed to go on a date with Martells twin brother, Angry Dave!

10. Chrissy gets messed up on Friday nights, so if he need anything thats the time to ask him.

11. Who pukes in a bathroom sink at a bar?

12. Fucking Christmas is only 3 weeks away.

13. Anyone have any good TV shows to recommend? I heard murder at the end of the world is good.

14. Cape house is back open for the winter.