Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chelsea Handler

Is anyone interested in tickets for Chelsea Handler's 10:30 pm show at the Wang Theater on April 10th? My brother Jeffrey is selling his because he can not attend now. They are $75 each so $150 total. If you want more info or want them let me know.

Week 9 Darts Update

We started week 9 in a tie for 4th place, 10 points out of 1st and just 4 points out of the second place tie. The team we were playing is actually a very good team but is currently sitting in 7th place. They have a really good core squad that could compete against any other team in the league but often play shorthanded as they did tonight and because of that their record certainly suffers. We are still looking to make a run up the standings ladder, so tonight was a good night to start the charge. Supa P had a meeting with Uncle Sam so we had to recruit a new player to fill the void. We were led by Shawn "Rookie of the Year" Dillon who played an integral part in the first victory of the night and continued to go on to win 2 more games (albeit by default because they were shorthanded) but it still goes down as 3-0 in the books. If he chooses to stay with it, I'll take him under my wing and will make him a great addition to the team.

For an away match the beats were OK. The Bartender stated early on that if we played (his words) "THAT SHIT" he would just keep hitting the skip button so DW and MW had to keep it low key. I'll say they did a fine job with their music and mixed in a few songs that would make Pat Laden proud.

Now on the matches:
601's = 2-0
Cricket = 3-0
301's = 4-2
Total = 9-2
It was looking like we were going to go 10 and Bob until another player struggled to close out a match to take him off the hook. Anyway, it was a good win which should definately move us up in the standings and position us well as we continue our charge to 1st or 2nd and a potential by week in the playoffs.

Now for the quotes of the week, I have to admit, I did not bring my "A" game tonight and either did the boys. I am too busy buying rounds, drinking beers, keeping score, helping get teammates figure out how to close a match, going out to monitor traffic and accidents and mentoring young players to take notes on the great quotes for the evening but I do my best. If anyone knows a journalism student looking for an internship give them my contact info and I'll put them to work. Anyway here are a few statements that I did get on record:
Does your little brother know you have his shirt on?
Even Rickey Martin would not wear that shirt and he came out the other day.
This dude looks like a Teddy-gram with 2 different ears, 1 pointy and 1 round.
Is it that bad to tell your buddy you used to try to throw a leg in his sister?
Only Foley and Carleton can pull off that sweater vest look.
What makes you look older Gray hair or a comb-over?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Game changers!

Lots of Profanity but awesome:

Guess what? The rains back

Just when it seems like the rain is all gone and the nice weather is's like mother nature is a tease. I hope the weather warms up for this weekends Opening NIGHT festivities.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Glenn "Doc" Rivers is not a real doctor.
2. Apparently Bill Smiddy goes by the name Scotty when no one is around.
3. Every 16 minutes someone dies from a form of suicide.
4. Eating pasta before boozing makes me bloated.
5. People take Beer pong super serious but doing shots of Jameison in lieu of drinking beers is down right insane.
6. Salem, Ma. looks really nice but god damn isn't there an easier way to get there?
7. Kelly "Just the Tip" Armstrong MAY be off the market boys, Smiddy you missed that boat.
8. The NECCO candy head quarters is located in Revere. Who woulda known?
9. Papa Ginos has brought the Papaburger back for a limited time only.
10. Jeffrey's friend tried to get the shrimp taco from Taco bell but they were all sold out.
11. Sixty percent of lung cancer found in women are from non smokers.
12. People seem to think that my haircut makes me angry.
13. Oh and my goatee is long enough that apparently I look like Youk now.
14. Do you remember the times:

Friday, March 26, 2010


Too often, having a "designated driver" means whoever drank the least amount of alcohol is the one who gets behind the wheel.

Now, there's a new option. The mastermind behind a small start-up business says if you're drunk, he'll send one of his designated drivers to you.

Raymer McGuire, and his partner, Joe Stokes, run Boston's Designated Driver. McGuire was not old enough to legally drink himself when he conceived the idea, but saw it as both a business opportunity and a way to make the roads safer.

"If you go out and get drunk, you call us," McGuire said. "We send two guys out to you. One of them is driving our car, and one of them will drive your car, so you don't have to risk a DUI, and you don't have to get your car the next morning," McGuire said.

Some said it's an idea that's long overdue.

"Wake up the next day, have to go to work, get up at 6 a.m. and car is there. You are home safe. Nothing is better than that," said Jason Mack, of Newton.

The service also serves minors.

"We certainly don't encourage underage drinking, but if someone needs our service, we are there," McGuire said.

The company owners say all their drivers get background checks, and that the service costs $5 less than a round trip by cab.

"It takes the pressure off of us as bartenders. It takes pressure off customers. They know they can get home and have their car in the morning," said Dana Hansen, of Jakes Dixie Roadhouse.

The company started in January. McGuire said they are almost breaking even.

Now there are no excuses!!

Mila Kunis

Lets kick off the weekend with Mila Kunis:

Looks like she has a thing for the stache as well:

If you have any video requests please post em in the comments section!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Calvin and Hobbes

This Saturday...

Hey if you are around this weekend:

Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands and beer are trapped inside.

Crawl In Boston is excited to be throwing our very first Snuggie Crawl on March 27th, 2010 with proceeds to benefit the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center

Featuring the As-Seen-On-TV blanket with sleeves, Snuggie Crawls have become a national craze and similar events have been held throughout the country.

For more information, as well as photos, from other Snuggie Crawls check out

Crawlers are encouraged to decorate their snuggies for a unique look and a prize will be given out to the person with the best decked-out snuggie.

Snuggies can be acquired at Walgreens Stores or ordered online

Here’s some good information to know:

Who is Crawl in Boston?

Crawl in Boston is a social networking group that gives professionals a chance to meet new people in a casual and fun atmosphere. People of all ages have gathered to join the bar crawls, and we’ve raised money and goods for local charities. We also spread the word about other similar events we’ve heard about, as well as new places and bar/restaurant specials. We’re bringing people together, one drink at a time for local charities.

What is the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center?

The Hattie B. Cooper Community Center has served Greater Roxbury and surrounding neighborhoods for over 93 years, providing underserved children and their families vital educational services that facilitate growth and development, and creating groundwork for future successes.

What does this event cost?

We are asking for $5.00 to attend. Please keep in mind that proceeds of your donation supports the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center Charity. Everyone who donates will be receiving:

*Crawl in Boston Nametag
*Crawl in Boston Beverage Koozie

*Multiple bars will also be providing free appetizers to donating crawlers

How Do I Sign Up?

You don’t have to. We only ask you RSVP on the Facebook event ASAP. This gives us a better idea on how many people are coming. We can better arrange our schedule so the bars have enough staff to accommodate you all. Also helps let us know how many koozies to order.

What to wear?

Snuggie! Blankets, backward robes, slankets and anything else that looks like a snuggie is also allowed

What’s the schedule?

3/27/10 – Snuggie Crawl

Subject To Change

1:45 – Grand Canal

2:30 – The Point

3:15 – Red Sky

4:00 – Trinity

4:45 – Sanctuary

5:30 – Jose McIntyre’s

6:15 – The Place

7:00 - McFadden’s

7:45 – Close – Market Boston

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hmmm yummy can I have some of that?

CASES of syphilis have increased four-fold in Britain's Facebook capital as users meet up for unprotected sex, it was revealed yesterday.

Figures released last month showed that people in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside were 25 per cent more likely to log on regularly.

And an NHS trust chief said Facebook and similar sites were to blame for a shocking rise in cases of potentially-lethal syphilis in the region.

Professor Peter Kelly, director of Public Health for NHS Tees, said: "There has been a four-fold increase in the number of syphilis cases detected, with more young women being affected."

He said staff had found a link to social networking sites among those infected.

Prof Kelly said: "I don't get the names of people affected, just figures. And I saw that several of the people had met sexual partners through these sites.

"Social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex. There is a rise in syphilis because people are having more sexual partners than 20 years ago and often do not use condoms."

Syphilis cases in Britain fell due to the widespread use of condoms in the 1980s and '90s. It can cause serious heart, respiratory tract and central nervous system damage. But Health Protection Agency figures revealed there were 4,000 cases nationwide last year.

The highest rates are in women aged 20 to 24 and men aged 25 to 34.

In Teesside there were 30 cases last year - but the true figure is likely to be higher.

An official statement said: "NHS Tees is warning people about the dangers of syphilis following a rise in cases of the devastating disease."

Prof Kelly added: "There is a possibility that there is a pool of people who have been infected and that these cases are linked. We don't know where the outbreak originated but it is on the rise."

Studies have shown that adults are more likely to indulge in risky sexual behaviour with partners they meet on the internet.

Last night a spokesperson for Facebook said users should take "precautions" and be careful with meeting anyone they have encountered online.

Read more:

Does this really surprise anyone? I know this was released over in Britain but it could easily be anywhere in the US. It is a whole lot easier to Facebook stalk some one, get to know them and then meet up for a nooner or two than it is to meet someone at at bar, supermarket or even church.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 8 Darts Update

We started the night in a tie for 4th place with 41pts, 10 points out of 1st and 5 behind the 2nd and 3rd place teams. Tonight we had a home match against the team out of the Pony Room who was in that 2nd place tie. This was the first match of the second half of the season and it is time to make a serious run at the playoffs. While the stats won't show it because we bounced around from match to match we sucked in the beginning found our grove in the middle and faded in the end.
601 Matches Split 1-1
Cricket Matches Won 2-1
301 Matches Split 3-3
Final Score = Won 6-5

This was a very big team win considering the team we beat will most likely be fighting for a playoff spot along with us and the first tie breaker is head to head matches. We beat them 6-5 in week 1 and 6-5 tonight so we have the edge on them should it come down to a tie breaker at the end of the season.

Now to the funny quotes!
As I am in the middle of crafting a best man speech for this Saturday, I was looking for some some inspiration. I asked the guys for their thoughts about some memorable speeches and luckily I learned a few things. For those that are honored enough to be asked to stand in for a good friend, here are a few things to avoid...
  1. Don't begin by introducing the groom and his bride and substituting her name with the name of his most recent ex-girlfriend.

  2. Don't add in the middle your speech, "Remember the night we went out to celebrate your negative aids test?"

  3. Another classic line to avoid, "Can you believe we are all here tonight? Did anyone here NOT think he was gay when he was growing up!"

  4. Avoid closing with, "Just think if he didn't knock her up, none of us would be here tonight."

Damn, now I got to re-write the whole F'n thing!

As well as the gems above we also we given these quotes...

Anyone up for Dot Day bowling this year?

The day I got my license I got arrested. It all happened because a dog puked on my girlfriend...

I am getting fixed (no more babies) and when I met the doctor his finger was all F'ed up, so I had to ask, "Are you going to get that finger fixed before you cut off my nuts?"

To close, it seems that David "DW" Puddy is trying to bring the high five back. If you see him raise your hand with pride and show him you read his blog and continue the movement. Also, the tunes were better than average but no one thought to ask the bartender to turn up the volume so it could have been Mozart and we would not have known it. (Full disclosure, I was threatened that if I reported differently..."It's on like donkey Kong!")

We are playing an away match next week at The Connection on Dot Ave.

Monday, March 22, 2010

April is coming...

I am not one to preach politics or any political agenda but with this health care bill passing what incentive does this give anyone to raise themselves up? Why strive to achieve anything when the government will hand it to you? Weren't we all taught at an early age - in order to get health insurance you must get a full time job? I guess that truth doesn't stand up anymore.

Enough babbling about my disgust lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Mikey learned that there is no such thing as the wrong Busch.
2. I guess if you whore out your kid at the Bruins game you can score free tickets.
3. Zuess from the Hong Kong now works at the Garden for Alcohol Compliance.
4. You can use the Xcelerator to blow dry your hair.
5. Alcohol sales in the US alone tops over 45 BILLION a year.
6. Dan aka Gary is alive:

7. The Swamp Logger from Ax men is tapped. He told his dog "show me your peepee worm" so the dog laid down and showed him is red rocket!
8. Jeffrey is a part time carpenter - he sanded and painted his deck this weekend.
9. I have a secret obsession with the waffle sandwiches.
10. They may have tried to close down all the Bringham's but the one in Quincy is still open and they make the best Rasberry Lime Rickey's.
11. I had no clue that someone(not Mario Puzzo) wrote 2 more Godfather books.
12. The secondary market for Red Sox tickets isn't as hot as in past years.
13. Jalapeno and cheese hot dogs are the shit!
14. As you can tell from the post below...ZAREX IS BACK!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sweet comeback for Zarex drink

When I say Zarex, do you think ancient Greek mythological hero or zebra?

For those of you staring blankly, it is sweet fruit syrup that can be mixed with water, poured over shaved ice, tossed into cupcakes or used in alcoholic drinks. It was once a favorite treat in the Northeast, but its popularity dwindled and it faded to the back shelves, eventually disappearing entirely.

That is, until now.

Two South Shore entrepreneurs are reviving Zarex, along with its black-and-white-striped mascot.

Arthur Dove and Joseph Croce are counting on a wave of nostalgia combined with the modern day power of the Internet to fuel sales. They’re hoping that by now at least a few of you are humming the Zarex jingle.

It all started with a trip to the grocery store. Dove discovered the product was no longer available. He was dismayed. He’d been brought up on the drink mix. He gave it to his children and then to his grandchildren.

Dove called the manufacturer, One Pie, and learned from the chief that the company had shed the product not because of declining sales but rather a desire to concentrate on its canning business.

“Then out of the blue, I asked if he’d be willing to sell it,” Dove said.

The answer was “yes” and the negotiations began.

Dove joined forces with Croce, who was interested in starting a business, to distribute the drink.

The two are colleagues the ambulance sales and maintenance business; Croce is a general manager and Dove is in sales. Dove figures selling is selling, whether it is emergency vehicles or sweet syrup in 16-ounce bottles.

“My belief is that if you have a good product, people will buy it,” he said.

They are working with a manufacturer now and plan to be quenching thirsts before summer starts. They plan to go on tour distributing samples to remind people about the drink and win some new devotees.

The toughest part so far was the negotiations, Dove said. One Pie executives were helpful, but it was still a delicate process. Setting up production was simpler. They went with the company that had been making the syrup until recently.

The product certainly faces stiff competition with an abundance of already-mixed drinks on the shelf along with a number of popular packaged mixes. Dove said he believes Zarex is smoother and sweeter than what’s available and it comes with wonderful memories.

The previous Zarex owner didn’t put a lot of effort into marketing the product. Dove and Croce will rely more heavily on the Internet to reach former New Englanders who are now spread across the globe.
“Once you see the name, especially in New England, people know what it is. It takes you back to your childhood,” Dove said.

Stephen King readers might remember that it was even mentioned in the Maine horror writer’s novel “The Stand.”

The plan is to start with the traditional bottles and later add smaller, more portable packets. Eventually, they’d like to add a sugar-free version to expand the appeal.

For now, Croce and Dove are cautious. They’ll keep their day jobs while they try to expand the business.

- From the Boston Herald

You can all now breath a sigh of relief to know Zarex is BACK!!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Jordana Brewster

Starting off the weekend with Jordana Brewster.


I should of posted this yesterday but I was off and lazy...suck it!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Pattys day

Week 7 Darts update

Before I get into tonight's match details, I must say the music was great tonight! I never thought my comments about the DJ's would create so much discussion, but I guess it has, so I must give credit where credit is due. Good job MW and DW...Keep up the good work!

Now to the match information.

We started the week in 4th place with 35 points, not bad considering there are 11 points available each week and we got screwed out of 3 points because of mistakes on the match results forms. This year the MMDL has been ultra critical on the match sheets and everyone is seeing these BS deductions. We are still in position to make the playoffs with a 1 point lead on the 5th place team and we are only 11 points out of 1st. The team we played tonight was the first place team and as they stated early in the match, they had not lost a match this season...UNTIL TONIGHT!

We were scheduled to play at the ODP but it was closed due to the storm so they came to Peggy's. As I sure many of you joined me and Drama Bob pumping out basements so they have no excuse as far as I am concerned, but I digress. The 'other' Peggy's team was at home so we had to use the back-up board and the manual scoring system. It was a tough night for a few of us scoring without the help of a computer but we managed to get by and secured a 6-5 victory.
All of the matches were close and here is the breakdown:
We came out of the gate and won the the first 2 601's (2-0) / 2-0
We lost 2 of 3 Cricket games (1-2) / 3-2
We won split the 301 matches (3-3) to finish 6-5

There were a some of the funny conversations from the night, and again you have to be there to truly apreciate the context but some can stand on their own.
(A) It was huge getting right on in 601...
(B) Why don't you just blow yourself.

(A) I wish I could just find a pot of gold...
(B) Why don't you start sucking dick for beer money?
(C) Doesn't everyone do that?

(A) You have a hanger.
(B) What?
(C) you have a bat leaving the cave.
(B) ...picks his nose!

Home next week away playing against the team from the Pony Room.
If you are out and about please feel free to stop by.

I hope you all have a Great St. Patrick's Day!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


for tickets click the picture:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain rain go away

It was a busy weekend, from a Celtics game with Rio, to the Fours with Layden, to Cheers on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Lets see what type of things I learned this weekend:
1. Jimmy does it all(no thats not Joey Fatone):

2. I am not one for people being in my personal space - Like this dudes all Ben Rothlisberger up on me.
3. Betting Mikey T he couldn't 1 sip a Madress in exchange for 4 shots of Jamieson - BAD IDEA!
4. Roman Hamrlik of the Montreal Canadians is so ugly, when he came out of his mother's womb he had placenta on his face!
5. Aztek Geno:

6. Mormons believe in polygamy but they can't drink alcohol or gamble? WTF IS THAT?
7. Chrissy's sister, Rachel, is due to have another child. Congrats!
8. Google: Agatha Christie's 10 Little Indians original title some time.
9. Never try doing the electric slide while taking a piss.
10. L. Frank Baum wrote 14 different books about OZ.
11. $15 beer buckets are the best deal at the Tap.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I will find you...

Kicking the weekend off with a Red Head, for St Pattys day and all: