Friday, May 30, 2008

Dot Day Odds

Here are the Odds for the 8th annual Dot day bowl off...

Bill Flaherty off the board (its hard to bowl from the Cape)
Smiddy 50-1 (wont wake up and be ontime)
Derek W 30-1 (this is with the bumpers up)
MARIO 28-1 (hard to bowl when your running a 5K for Ass Aids)
THE FIELD 10-1 (who knows who can show up)
Jeff L 9-1 (seems to turn it on too late)
John Hags 8-1 (doesnt have the stamina)
Mike G 8-1 (As long as he isnt getting HOUSED)
Chrissy 8-1 (coming out of retirement)
Steve W 7-1 (Oldie but goodie)
Katie K 5-1 (could this be the year she makes it over the hump)
MJT 3-1 (last years 2nd place finish makes him the early favorite)

I don't know who else will show - Eddie Regan, Mikey Shitz, Chuck T, Big L, Welchie, Supa P, Kalin, Yovonne, Ryan Mac, Mario??

There are also rumors of Doyles party being cancelled! If thats the case there will be tons more cases to be drank at Peggys!! We may actually make it to Paul Murphys pig roast with Bunky then.

See you guys Sunday. Call me if you need anything

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Saturday May 31st

Few things for this crazy weathered Tuesday:

1. This Saturday night we will be going down to DJ's at the Garden for the 1st ever ELITE XC on CBS. It is Kimbo Slices' first chance to prove that he is not just an Internet sensation. The fights start at 9:00. We should be down there around 7:00 to get our drink on.

Jackie Moon will be there kissing babies, selling his soul, shooting the shit and if we are lucky he may even fight a bear!!

If you guys are around come on down - invite your friends, family, and loved ones. I mean it is a Saturday night and people like to drink.

There will also be a live band, Rip Cord, there so ladies you can get your dance on!

2. Dont forget The Dot Day Bowl off is 5 days away...And we will crown a new winner! I will post the odds on Friday for all that have said they will attend.

3. If you see William J Smiddy Kennedy down in Mashpee hobbknobbing with the stars tell him his friends miss him!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From the desk of the Dot Day Bowl-Off champ..

As the only repeat winner of this prestigous award, I am saddened with the news that I am positively not going to be defending my title. A title by the way that I revere, and no, not the Smiddy Revere either.
I have represented Mr Dot Day Bowl-Off with the dignity and prestige it deserves during my tenure, and because of the popularty it has brought my way I was asked to perform at a charity golf tournament to help sick kids on the first weekend of June.
I committed to playing in a 2 day tournament in Yarmouth for the sick little tykes, however, should mother nature want to see a 3-peat, it will rain Saturday night into Sunday morning, and like Smiddy hitting the Amrheins buffet, I will drive like there is no tomorrow to make to this wonderful event.
Bill "7/10 split" Flaherty

Dorchester Day

So Dorchester Day is fast approaching. Only 10 days away!!!

For those of you who may not know what Dorchester Day is let me fill you in...

The 1st Sunday in June, every year without fail, there is a parade down Dorchester Avenue. This celebration is to bring the community together and to celebrate cultural diversity. Then theres always a stop at the local watering hole and then Doyles cookout. Dot Day = An all day drinking event!!

Eight years ago, as a goof, my friends and I started an early morning bowling tournament , kind of a way to shake off the hangover from the night before. This has now evolved into the Dot Day Bowl Off - with 15-20 of us competing for trophies and prizes. And as we get older people are starting to bring their children.

Last year's, and 3 time Dot Day Bowl Off Champ, Billy Flaherty will not be competing this year so the title will be passed. Will it be Mike(2 time winner)? Or Chrissy(also 2 time winner)? Or maybe a new comer to the festivities? GET READY TO RAISE THE TROPHY!!!

1. We bowl and after we crown a winner in the Bowl OFF
2. We will go to the bar to watch the parade, get drunk, play Keno and listen to the bands(oh yeah the bar has bands set up for the day)
3. We go to Doyles - more drinking and maybe some food
4. Go home and pass out

Hope everyone can make it!!

Origins of Dorchester Day The Dorchester Historical Society inaugurated Dorchester Day in the year 1904 to observe the 274th anniversary of the settlement of Dorchester. Over 200 citizens of Dorchester gathered in a tent on Savin Hill to celebrate the occasion with a band concert and addresses on the crest of Savin Hill on June 25, 1904. The Society named the celebration "Dorchester Day." Reverend Peter Ronan urged the duty of cooperating with the Dorchester Historical Society to make Dorchester Day an institution to be celebrated every year.

"Among the visitors to hill on that occasion was the Hon. John F. Fitzgerald and his family, who had recently removed to Dorchester. This was his first visit to Savin Hill, and he was so struck with the beautiful surroundings and magnificent view from the hill that he then declared that, if he was ever elected Mayor of Boston, he would favor the securing of the hill for a park, and in the fall, when he became a candidate for the mayoralty, he made similar promises, which he made good on July 26, 1907, when he signed the bill which made a park of Savin Hill ..."

In the second year, 1905, the occasion was celebrated with parades, orations, a sailing regatta and athletic games.

Over time Dorchester Day has become an occasion of home-coming for those originally from Dorchester (OFD), of the revival of old memories and of a great parade following the length of Dorchester Avenue from Lower Mills to Columbia Road. The activities associated with Dorchester Day have multiplied with a separate celebration of Landing Day and with another occasion for the choice of Little Miss Dorchester. The parade, which now has its own organizing committee unaffiliated with the Dorchester Historical Society, occurs on the first Sunday in June.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Dot Day bowloff June 1st....................shut it or bring it!! The one time a year you are allowed to bowl and its for a good cause donations accepted til june 1 see derek.

Monday, May 19, 2008

1st post

I figured that I would start my first blog talking about things that I like: Sports and Booze!!

I'd like to congratulate the Boston Celtics on one HELL of a game. Even Lebitch James couldn't complain..."He was well overdue for a breakout game, he played really well -- and that's why he's going to the next round and we're not," (James thoughts on Paul Pierces 41 point effort).

The Red Sox are back in 1st place thanks to 2 HR's by Papi.

Mike and I are going for a 2fer on Thursday. Red Sox/Royals game at 1:35 and the Celtics/Pistons at's gonna be a long day of boozing and an expensive one at that...wish us luck that we make it through both (more me than Mike - he was born to booze, he is like a thoroughbred of drinking).

Now onto the boozing. The 1st Annual Mustache Pubcrawl was a huge success and the 2nd one should be even bigger, badder and better! Save the Date MAY 16th, 2009...start your stache now.

I guess I will use this space to let people know whats going on, where the partys at and just for over all ball busting. If you want to add anything feel free to.

And PS if anyone see Smiddy at the Kowloon let me know.