Monday, May 22, 2023


 Remember a few weeks back I was all like Mother Nature is on her meds and everything is cool?

Guess what that bitch is tripping!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Waking up on a Sunday thinking you are late for work, is not how I like to start the day.

2. The Beer Garden in Kilroy Square was kind of a bust.

3. Biggie Brunch was a blast, didn't see any of you there but maybe next year.

4. I had no idea that so many people love T-Swift. Like my feed was filled with so many.

5. Frank Brown is alive, married with 2 kids!

6. Hey Celtics, ya suck!

7. Memorial day weekend is upon us and you know what that means - the MacPhails are going to Plunkett!

8. Jeffrey cannot get his pool not to be cloudy.

9. If you have never had an Italian from Monicas in the North End you are missing out.

10. Double headers for baseball on a Sunday ain't the worst way to spend a nice 70 degree day.

11. I am not a huge fan of red grapes.

12. TK gunning for granda of the year with a 2 hour trek each way to watch a 40 minute T ball game.

Monday, May 15, 2023


 I got caught up doing some work this morning. So I am sorry that this thing is a bit later than normal.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The Olds love the Inn at Bay Point (Or Bay Pointe Waterfront as it is now called).

2. Biggie Brunch this Saturday at Liberty Tavern.

3. Wait till our album drops:

4. I mean I will make focaccia anytime.

5. Do we have any friends with a boat?

6. Joe is trying to get a trip to the Bahamas if anyone is interested.

7. Breakfast pizza is bomb.

8. I heard Ryan is trying to load up the rooms in Atlantic City...Bro we aint 21.

9. Between the Biggie Brunch and this, Saturday is shaping up to be bomb.

10. Chrissy went to Sullivans in Hanover. He met Grillo for lunch. 

Monday, May 8, 2023


 The weather is nice, mother nature must have figured out how to maintain a buzz.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Granite Links, Crossing Nines, is a phenomenal view. If you are a single dude it is like shooting fish in a barrel.

2. Inn at Bay pointe is still my favorite bar in Quincy.

3. The worst part of a colonoscopy is the prep work. I would not wish that upon my worst enemy.

4. The Red Sox are on fire.

5. They always say to look for a job when you have a job. 

6. I have said this before and I will say it again. BREAKFAST NEEDS MORE APPETIZER OPTIONS!

7. Cinco De Mayo is still one of my favorite drinking days of the year.

8. I can't believe the Buffalo Wild Wings in Braintree is closed.

9. Thinking about going back to the Derby for my 50th in 4 years. Is that enough time for people to prepare?

10. Chris Leaden still pulling them Saturday shifts at the Charlie Horse.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023


Its gonna be May is one of my favorite memes of all time. It will never get old for me. For some reason I totally blanked on doing this blog yesterday.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Good season Bruins, not the outcome we wanted but hey it happens.

2. What are the odds of seeing Mike Foley, Mark Welch and Mike Layden all on the same day.

3. Ryan's Bachelor party is all set for Atlantic City, the 1st weekend in June.

4. I am calling Bullshit on Stop and Shop charging .10 per bag.

5. Should we try and get some sort of Pub Crawl going over the summer?

6. Adulting this Friday, on Cinco De Mayo, with a colonoscopy...Prayers up!

7. You know the Kentucky Derby is Saturday and its by far one of my favorite days of the year.

8. I heard a rumor that next week it is going to be in the 70's...bring on the good weather.

9. The Cape house is all set for the summer rental season.

10. Have you guys used this AI on Snapchat? Kind of creepy.