Monday, March 20, 2023

She is a fickle beast

 Mother nature has moved on from being a drunk to being an Adderall addicted crack head. 60 one day, 37 the next followed by  a week of spring but winter nights.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Some days you just don't have it and you get white girl wasted after 3 beers. Hey it happens.

2. I thought you said you were afraid of clowns:

3. All these betting sites are bananas!

4. Dont look now but Welchie is living that single dad life this weekend. Prayers up slick!

5. Has anyone heard from Jason or Mike Foley(no relations)? Think they are both MIA.

6. Banks just failing all over the place. Are we going to have to start putting money in our mattresses?

7. Wind burn is no joke, hurts to fucking smile.

8. Shucking oysters is no joke, ask Mikey T.

9. Glad to see the crowds returning to pre pandemic levels.

10. Only 2 beer and 1 nip given out is a poor showing but there weren't many candidates.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Aye yaye yaye

 Just when you think winter is over...a foot of snow is on the horizon.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The Plaza basically closes at 7pm now. Place is a ghost town now.

2. Have you watched the new Luther movie? I mean Idris Elba is the best.

3. Banks are just folding like accordions.

4. This betting from ya phone is not going to be good for anyone.

5. Have you guys seen the prices for cars? THROUGH THE ROOF! New or used...IT DOESNT MATTER!

6. So sad Last of Us is over.

7. Are the Bruins and the Celtics just going through the motions?

8. Anyone hear from Joey Martell? Kids been MIA since Thursday.

9. Papa Ginos is the best.

10. Sad to say but the older you get the more you start going to Funerals and Wakes over weddings.

11. March Madness is upon us.

12. Remind me next time to not get a puppy.

Monday, March 6, 2023

March is here

 Effing A!

This is what I learned:

1. Chrissy is the Offer Up champion of 2023.

2. Tooma is still alive and thriving in PA.

3. Jeffrey is a Tiered 3 Pumpkin King!

4. Live betting starting this Friday...buckle up!

5. Parade last weekend, another this weekend and then the Scituate one the following weekend. Get your green on.

6. TK finally getting to a Bruins game this week. Lets go.

7. How are we feeling about the Mandalorian season 3?

8. When is Easter again?

9. Back to wearing contacts for a bit.

10. Someone recently told me cargo shorts are making a come back for summer 2023...I said get the fuck out of here.

11. Smash burgers are the jam.

12. This guy seems to have found the bunks

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

oh snap

 Legit forgot to post last week and for that I am sorry.

This is what I learned the past 2 weeks:

1. Fucking Jerrick Mckinnon sliding down cost me lots of money in squares.

2. Sunday drinking is and always will be my jam.

3.Mikey Layden is out here rocking a new celly.

4. Everyone wants to be treated as an equal till they get punched in the face.

5. School vacation week when random people aren't at work and you try to figure out if they have kids or not.

6. TK is on the wagon...prayers up for the local bartenders, not sure they will survice without his tips.

7. Please don't text Joey Martell, his phone is on the fritz.

8. Do not go out with Chrissy for beers at the Fours. The kid out there drinking 48 beers.

9. Do go to Korean Grille though.

10. Also never plan to get food when drinking with Martell. Kid will shut you down like no tomorrow.

11. Who is up to bar hop Quincy Center? Pick a place to start and then place all the bars in a hat and pick them one by and hope around?

12. Oh yeah MIKE G blew me off when he was in Quincy is a straight MIKE G move.

Monday, February 6, 2023


After this crazy ass weather from the weekend, why don't we hop right into it?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. I started Poker Face on Peacock...not really sure how I feel about this show.

2. 60 degree swings don't ever happen. MINUS NINE to Forty nine!! 

3. How does one A. start a podcast and B. make it interesting enough to make people want to listen?

4. What is your go to appetizer for the superbowl? Wings? dip? Guac?

5. How much does Jeffrey celebrate his upcoming 40th next Monday? All weekend? no shots? I mean what we talking?

6. Chrissy tells me he kills the Uber game. Last year he made 30K!

7. Congrats to Mario for completing the B fit challenge at the TD Garden.

8. I have been craving a tomato soup and grilled cheese combo and I cannot find it.

9. Nothing worse than when someone changes their password to a streaming service and doesnt bother to tell for real bro?

10.  I love that Mr Beast just gives money away like its a stick of gum. Cure blindness sure here ya go! Loved your restaurant here is 10Gs!

11. What happens to all these vintage and classic cars when they start banning gas vehicles? Are they now worthless or are they only for the rich?

12. You know it is Square season...hit me up!

Monday, January 30, 2023


 Apparently that was the warmest January on record. Thanks Billy for that bit of information.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Have you watched Dangerous Breed: Crime. Cons. Cats. FUCKING BANANAS!

2. Break Rock Brewery in Marina bay is a nice spot.

3. It looks like we have our Superbowl match up the Eagles vs the Chiefs.

4. Speaking of Superbowls...Martell is having a party so check with him on what you can bring.

5. The Boston Herald charging $17 a month is absurd.

6. Sports betting is legal as of tomorrow, in Massachusetts. Ill meet ya at Encore.

7. Fuck new tires.

8. When was the last time you went to the eye doctor?

9. My doctor has me on high cholesterol meds. They finally caught up to me.

10. Welchie is alive and back at home. Kid is looking to bust out and have a few red wines.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Been a while

And we are off. 
How is dry January treating some of you weirdos?

This is what I learned while away:

1. Prayers up for Welchie. Kids been in the hospital and banged up for over a week.

2. Man get a puppy they said. It will be fun they said. BULLSHIT!

3. Brunch is always a good idea.

4. Planning a trip to visit Tooma in PA. Who is in?

5. The Bruins are on FIRE! Hotter than a hooker with herpes.

6. People are complaining about this little bit of snow and wintry mix. I mean it is winter.

7. I saw a dude biting his fingernails at a bar and I almost puked. Like what the fuck!

8. Martell is having a Superbowl party if ya interested.

9. Speaking of Martell, rumor has it Justin is sponsoring him to join the Eagles in Weymouth.

10. The Last of Us is a pretty good show so far.

11. Mike G is looking to meet up for some bar hopping in Fanuel hall.

12. The one thing I hate about this post covid world is having to make an appointment for a haircut, I just like to roll on in.

Monday, January 9, 2023

New year new me?!?

 Lets jump right to it, this is the shit I learned this weekend:

1. I am happy that fantasy football season is over. I never scrambled so much in my life.

2. I have been under the weather for about a week now. I just can't seem to shake it.

3. Rumor has it Joe Martell has not left his house since last Monday.

4. Who do we got tonight? Frogs vs Dogs?

5. Puppies are cute 100% would not recommend when it comes to potty training.

6. Guess masking is back. Gonna be a no from me dawg!

7. I love me a good stuffed pork loin.

8. This Cohasset story with the missing woman is bonkers.

9. If you see Chris Leaden this week, make sure you wish him a happy birthday. He turns 47 on Wednesday. 

10. I thought you had to get a "finger test" when you turned 50 but Chrissy assured me 45 is when they start(Even though he was creepily smiling at me).

11. Finished Tulsa King season 1 this weekend.  Highly recommend.

12. The Fat Cat was on the Phantom this weekend man was it packed Saturday for lunch.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023


...and so the new year begins.  Happy New Year you filthy animals.

This is what I learned recently:

1. I mean if this don't get ya wet what will ("storks bring babies, swallows don't")?

2. Crazy NFL season - prayers up for Damar Hamlin.

3. Get a puppy they said, it will be fun they said. Welcome to the family Bronco

4. The week between Christmas and New Years is just a fucking blur.

5. Goldschlagger shots never disappoint.

6. Hey Joey, maybe don't start fights with 18 year old bouncers at the door. Grow up Peter Pan.

7. Chinese food just hits better on New years.

8. The drive down to PA was 6 hours but the drive back was 7 and 1/2. Fucking Accidents.

9. Go big or go home (sorry for the ass shot).

10. Who knew puppies liked carrots so much?

11. I heard a rumor TK is looking for a new car.

12. Be nice today, doesn't cost you a thing.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Dive bar dudes

You like dive bars?

These dudes live for and love a good dive bar.

Join this crew and follow along

Dive Bar Dudes


Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Merry Merry

 I found out this weekend that there are some people who hate the term Merry Merry!

SO fuck them and MERRY MERRY!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Glad to see people are still doing the green tea shots.

2. The XM channel 104 HOLLY is the better of the Xmas music on there.

3. Hit Chrissy up on any Friday and he will be down for any man date.

4. More places need to have blacked chicken sandwiches.

5. Its totally normal to invite your Uber driver into the bar, right Mike?

6. Lots of debates at the Celtics games on who to build around - Tatum or Brown.

7. The DCU is getting a full reboot. How do you feel about that?

8. I am geared up for the Georgia game next Saturday and the Bruins winter classic.

9. Puppy is a week out and still don't have a name.

10. Can you settle a debate - isn't Maggianos just a high priced Olive Garden?

11. I have not watched Elf this Xmas season and that is a bit disheartening.

12. Don't try giving me a brioche bun for a burger. Keep that trash bread to yourself.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Fucking A

 Hopefully you fools are working on your New Years resolutions. 

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. People are not being very festive this year. Actually they are all in a grumpy mood.

2. I look forward to Ozzies Xmas card every year.

3. I mean does Michael Buble' own Xmas music or what?

4. Mega Millions is up to 400 Mill...just saying.

5. I see that we are short on mall Santas - how long would it take me to grow out a santa beard?

6. Martell loves Rozafa - fuck that place. 

7. I have not had much Bolognese sauce but man when its good it hits.

8. Boots are too heavy for Chrissys flat feet(Or so he says).

9. I hate the Eagles. I HATE all their music. Just in case you have all forgotten.

10. I watched Santa Claus is Coming to Town this weekend and they removed the whole middle part, where he gives out gifts for kids sitting on his lap.

11. Still up in the air on a name for the puppy.

12. Its crazy how you forget some of the most mundane things from your past.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Week 13 review

Week 13 was a bloodbath with injuries to several big name players. Lamar Jackson went out, Jimmy G is done for the season, Super rookie Kenny Walker got a "ankle jam" , Aaron Jones hurt his shin, Courtland Sutton hammy dancing, Treylon Burks is concussed and Jaylen couldn't Waddle as he was in and out of the lineup! Somewhere old friend Mark Welch is smiling. There are SIX teams on bye this week and the trade deadline is looming ( 12/12) its now or never for teams to make there move to the top ( HK Street Pharmacist this doesn't include you as you clinched first place two weeks ago.) Lets take a look at week 13. 

First place this week was surging Prebathtubwhitney with 161. Prebathtub had everyone scoring in double digits with St. Brown leading the team with 34 points. Herbert got the late game 300 yard bonus while Ekler had a rare off week. Prebathtubwhitney is making a push to secure that second spot.

2nd place this week  was Doom and Gloom with 147. Hurts continues to put up MVP numbers going for 45 this week. Waiver add Perine looked good and Pacheco has taken over in KC as the lead back. D & G is gonna have to decide if Swifty has earned their trust and how to get Scary Terry back in the lineup but thinks are looking up in Doom and Gloom land. 

3rd place this week was Slippery Wizards with 134. CMC and the Niners D carried Slippery Wizards with a combined 48 points. Fields on a bye and Chubb looking to be dead from Watson it  might be time for Slippery Wizards to put some trust in Garrett Wilson  and not leave 18 points from the kicker on the bench! 

4th place this week was Burrow My dicker in your ass with 129. Burrow was led by Mr Burrows himself who outdueled Mahomes and put up 34. Davante Adams continues to produce this week putting up 38. Adams now has 4 games with multiple tds!! Burrow got a 0 from Pickens (May want to throw him the fucking ball), it might be time to get DJ or Olave more run OR ask for the tight end passing yards bonus if they are going to keep going two tight end set. Hill did have 21 passing yards! 

5th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 116. HK Street Pharmacist just keep cruising along. Lamar goes down after dropping 1 point? No problem Jacobs and Cowboys d come through with 51 points oh and Gould drops 15 to make up for Mandrews off day. Google destiny and there's probably a picture of one of the HK owners in a crossfit steam room and the other in a fantasy football war room, but both celebrating a championship. 

6th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 102. God Brady salvaged the week with a Monday night miracle and the hottest WR around Mr Watson put up 2 more tds! Dingoes finally got Keenan Allen back and Dulcich looks like the only positive in Denver! Slayton looks like he should be in the market for more run as he is Danny Dimes go to guy. 

7th place this week is Moco Loco with 97. Moco had an off week from Josh Allen ( 20pts) Slim Reaper did show up with 23 and Chase was back but only had 13 while Waddle was in  and out of the lineup resulting in 1 point. Edwards and Kamara combined for 5 points so its either Bam Knight time or hit the often broken down trade machine for help. 

8th place this week was Charlies Angels with 97. Charlies was led by AJ Brown who put up 32 in a revenge game but Tua had a rare off game despite a fast start and Kenny Walker got injured and could only put up 3 points. Knox did Charlies no favors as he dropped a goose egg. The Angels are going to have to hope Purdy is able to use Ayiuk or Deebo going forward or Hollywood Brown gets hot to offset Walker if he in fact has to miss time! Nothings clinched but first so there is still time to crawl out of that basement. 

9th place this week was Silly Gooses with 93. Gooses lost Jimmy G early with a broken ankle but 58 points from Hill and Lockett kept them afloat. Wilson, Kittle and Aaron Jones COMBINED for 10 points! Luckily Murray and Dhop are back next week for some Monday night action after a long layoff. 

10th this week was Equalizers with 91. Equalizers got and off week from Mahomes ( 21) but Drake London seems to be coming around and Mariotta may be heading to the bench. Pittman let the team down with 2 points but Equalizers are still firmly in the mix to finish in the money.  Little fun fact before we make some calls. Quick check of this weeks tight end stats vs KICKER stats . Only tight ends out scored the kickers ( T.Hill wasn't counted went with Kelce)  Engram had to score 11 to out point Joseph and Dulcich was able to outscore games best kicker Tucker 11-4. Kickers matter crowd out here peacocking and shouting get rid of the tight end position. Wild times indeed. 

First call this week is rookie wr Drake London. Hi Drake whats up its TMX " Oooh TMX I've heard of you! Whats good?  This is such an honor" Honor is ours I mean it must be tough being top wr taken and catching balls from Mariotta? Having seen someonemissfire as much as that guy since Peter Brady fired one off Marcias nose! " ah come on he's not that bad but yeah its been a rough year and i'm just out here trying to make plays" Well rook so far so good  hopefully you get more looks if Mariotta gets benched coming out the bye. " Oh man I'm  not hoping anyone gets benched but  I know Equalizers are counting on me so lets see what happens, take care TMX, oh and OH MY NOSE.  Get it hahahahah. "  Yeah stick to catching balls TMX will handle the jokes Drake. The next call this week is to backup extraordinaire Tony Pollard. Hey Tony is TMX " Yoooooooo TMX what is going on? How you guys doing? Glad youre back" Everything is good here you are having some season. 11 tds and average 17 fantasy points and not even a starter. " Oh man, I prepare like a starter and I'm just out there trying to win games"  Well you are outproducing Zeke right now and with a smash spot next week vs Houston that looks like its going to continue TMX is sure Prebathtubwhitney is excited " yeah I'm excited too for them and myself. I heard first place is clinched but they have a shot at the money so lets ride this thing out" Sounds good! Good luck TP.   Lets check the standing

           1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacists

      2. Prebathtubwhitney                                         88pts

      3. Burrow my Dicker in yo ass                            145pts

      4. Equalizers                              160pts

      5. Silly Gooses                                                    184pts

      6. Moco Loco                                                      198pts

      7. Slippery Wizards                                          198pts

      8. Doom and Gloom                        241pts

      9. Flyingdingoes                                                   260pts

     10. Charlies Angels                                                 321pts

 We are in the homestretch with one last bye week and trade deadline coming up 12/12. Its do or die for teams at the bottom trying to stay out of beer bitch/ wear a dress and the teams up top trying to make the leap into the money spots. Lets hope for less injuries this week and as always for everything.                                                           


Monday, December 5, 2022

Whoa Nelly

 Its Christmas season and I have yet to hear Marshmallow world but I have heard Mariah Carey 10000278 times.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Precinct 10 has really good food.

2. Great turn out for the QFD vs BFD hockey game fund raiser yesterday - if you went to the rink, Liberty Tavern or back to the Hoffy.

3. Heard beer is going up 17% and alcohol 23% thanks to the cost of the ingredients to make it going up during this recession.

4. Fucking nothing worse than a hang nail.

5. This cold/flu that's going around is taking out people left and right.

6. A $23 dollar uber ride to the casino sounds good, right?

7. Not Your Average Joe's still slaps.

8. I love when stocks are tanking and you are seeing -27% return on your money and people are like you didn't lose anything. Yeah, I kinda did. There was 500K in there a month ago and now we are looking at 365K. But you cant retire until you are 60 shit Sherlock.

9. Can someone explain to me what the fucking Red Sox are doing? Or not doing?

10. Yesterday it was 63 today 25. Gotta love the Winter.

11. Nothing worse getting the wrong thing at the drive thru. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

TMX week 12

Week 12 is in the books and we are officially in the witching hour as the kids call it. NOW is the time to make your move to try and get into the money. First place has officially (by TMX) been clinched. In the history of ADSL no team has ever blown a lead over 100 going into week 13 so the fight is now for 2nd and 3rd place. Let take a look at how week 12 ended up. 

st place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with `165. Jacobs WENT OFF for 55 points including a game clinching 86yd td that was worth 19 points alone! Connors is back to rb 1 with 25 and Lamar is running again. They also left 26 on the bench with Dolphins D.  Its the 3rd win of the year for HK Street Pharm. 

2nd place this week and peeking out from the cellar is Doom and Gloom with 158. D&G had a huge week from Hurts who at halftime looked to be on his way to a 60 burger but finished with 38. Wrs Higgins and Jefferson went for 25 and 29. The new rbs D&G started combined for 25 while old friend I shot ya was on the bench with 24!! D&G is now locked and loaded with Deshaun coming back looking to wheel and deal his way up the standings. 

3rd Place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 138. Prebathtubwhitney may have fixed Herbie as he came alive for the first time since week 4. SunGod is healthy and Ekler is scoring every week putting the gutter fighting champ in a weird spot actually trying to get to the money. Starting Dick Johnson at tight end and getting 0 probably isn't the way to do that (TMX note name changed to protect a guy putting up zero after getting a ball in the endzone off the face).  

4th place this week was Equalizers who continue to ride league MVP Mahomes. This week got a break out game from Miles "Boobie " Sanders  who put up 143 and 2 tds after back to back weeks of just putting up 5! Equalizers also got some Monday night action with tds from JT ( who's officially back) and Pittman. TMX stats reports Pittman is avg 14 points with Matty Ice and is WR 14 overall with Ice. Tell him Matty is cooked but you better duck after you say it. 

5th place this week was Silly Gooses with 134. Gooses looked primed to go with Murray back and running ( 56yds) and Nick Folk once again putting up double digits. Tyreek put up just 12 partially due to the Dolphins resting starters and cramping but Gooses are still in the mix. 

6th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 124. Chubb got one of the fantasiest tds late in the game when the Browns could have just kicked a fg to end it to help an otherwise average day. Lamb is playing at wr1 level but so were GODwin and new toy Wilson who were left on the bench ( 52pts combined) while Gabe Davis came up small with 5 points. The battle for the basement is still in sight for Slippery Wizards and leaving 52 on the bench is concerning. 

7th place this week was Moco Loco with 119. Since winning the week in week 6 Moco Loco hasnt had a top 5 finish!  Josh Allen may finally be back putting up 33 and waiver wire finds Schultz and Perine put up 17 a piece but Mocos need Chase back on the case and fast as they are slipping into no mans land. Kamara continues to disappoint this week putting up just 4 points! 

8th place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 96. Burrow was lead by Burrow who put up a pedestrian 20pts and Kelce had a rare off game ( 13 points by any other tight end is jump for joy shit) Dj Moore may have found a qb that is ready and willing to use him as he had a good game 23 on the bench. Burrow lost Najee to a lesion adominal ( spanish for tummy ache). Najee did score before leaving and Burrows will have to keep an eye on that but have JK Dobbins coming back and hoping the Peirce can bounce off that rookie wall and get back to rushing for 100 and tds like earlier in the year. They are too close to the money to not make it happen! 

9th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 90 points. Dingoes leading scorer this week was Tom Brady with 22 and in 2022 you arent winning many weeks with Tom Brady as your leading scorer with 22! Jamaal got his usual td and King Henry had a rare off day where he had more rec yards than rushing and had a huge catch and run that ended with a fumble in the endzone, very unKing like. Keenan Allen is back which will help and benching Watson is questionable with Mr Watson scoring tds all over the place ( 34,19,24 last 3 weeks) the basement fight is real and these plays can be costly. 

10th place this week was Charlies Angels with 74. The Angels were led by who else but TUA who put up 299 and a td in 3 quarters of work. The blowout cost him of another big game (40,35,29 last 3 weeks) and that hurt the Angels as did ETN putting up 0 with a foot injury that coach said "not a big deal just being cautious" well no time for that when basement fights are here. Walker helped with 2 tds and looked like he could've had more but wasnt used as much. Hollywood Brown is now back so the wr group got stronger. Climbling out of the basement is gonna depend on Tua playing full games and the upcoming schedulre should make sure he does ( SF, LAC, Buf). Its go time. 

Lets make some calls. First up from Charlies Angels a good friend of TMX Deebo Samuel. Yo, Deebo whats good? " Oh man TMX how you been? TMX AND MY DOGS BITE hahaha get it! " Yeah good one Deebs but this is a serious call here, its late in the season and well you've kinda been underperforming  " Oh come on TMX you coming at me like that? Im working as hard as ever but we got alot of weapons you know" Oh we get it but you were the 6th wr taken and you currently have 4 more points than Tyler Boyd on the season. " WAIT you comparing me to Tyler Boyd? TMX you gonna get me tight!" No, no Deebo just saying last year you were over 20 points 8 times this year only once? " I get it, TMX mark my words, if my hammy gets right I'm going over 20. Put that down. We got no Mitchell and that new boy we brought in aint bout to carry the load so I'm gonna get it" Well, well, well thats our first ever hammy get right prediction! GOOD LUCK Deebo always a friend of TMX ( FOT). 

Gonna go a little off the path here and return a call we got from a gentleman name Anon Omous Sources. Hi is this Anon Omous Sources? " Yeah its me this TMX?" It is. First strange name and how did you come across TMX's number? " You can just call me SOURCES thats what most people do, I know people thats how I got your number do you want to hear what I got?" Uhhhm well sure " Well, I heard that the top team in your league one of the owners doesnt even watch football and at one point tried to drop Mark Andrews but had to be talked out of it!! We put a trace on him and hes always at this Crossfit jamboree thing" I mean not sure where youre going with this? " The point is  He  hasnt made one transaction all year just sitting back and taking credit basically he's milli vanilli and should be stripped of his ownership" Uhhm well this aint the grammies Mr Sources and we appreciate the call but thats up to the team to decide who does what during the season. " I'm just letting you know who's real and who aint but your call you are TMX and all." Yeah thanks. Keep doing what you do Mr Sources we will keep doing what we do. Boy that was something, who knew we'd get a call saying an owner was milli vanilli. Wild. Blame it on the rain I guess. Lets check the standings;


         1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacist

      2. Prebathtubwhitney                                        132pt

     3. Equalizers                              135pt

     4. Burrow my dick in yo ass                 158pt

     5. Silly Gooses                             161pt

     6. Moco Loco                              180pt  

     7. Slippery Wizards                                        216pt

         8. Flyingdingoes                           246pt

        9. Doom and Gloom                        272pt

    10. Charlies Angels                          302pt





 Well this is it boys. Time to make moves. Trade deadline is coming up on DEC 12 so its now or never. Lets hope for some big Josh Jacob type games this week and no injuries. Good Luck and as always  for everything.

Monday, November 28, 2022

We made it

We got  33 days till 2023!

Looks like Covid season is finally winding down.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Hershey PA is fucking far my dudes.

2. It is Cyber Monday make sure you get them deals.

3. Going out for Thanksgiving dinner was something different.

4. When getting a back piece do you get it down on the ass?

5. Jeffrey and Joey just out there drinking whiskey.

6. Have you heard that Justin shattered his lower leg? Both Tibia and Fibula.

7. Beef barbacoa is underrated and fire.

8. Criminal Minds is back and not bad (same but different).

9. Perfectly normal to name a white dog Yayo right? Thanks!

10. Please tell me you guys(and gals) have seen the Never Ending Story.

11. Day 1 after being off for 4 days is always a blur.

12. Chrissy is slowly becoming a dog whisperer. He has puppy training class this Friday - stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Week 11 TMX Turkey edition

Week 11 is in the books and we head to the Thanksgiving week with no teams on byes and Hong Kong Street Pharmacists still cruising to victory while the battle for the basement rages on. The first annual thanksgiving TMX review is here lets look at how the week shook out. 

1st this week with 165 was Burrow my dick in your ass. Najee Harris finally scored over 12 points and may have found his groove like Stella once did. Kelce and Davante went off and Danny Dimes started and put up 31 while Burrow was on the bench putting up 39 ( team president " sent his ass a message") Rondelly Moore insulted the Burrows by coming out for one play and then calling it a day with a groin pull (medical injury not...well you know the joke).

2nd place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 147, Tony Tony Tony Pollard has done it again exploding for 39 and Pats D put up 20. Herbie and Ekler had ok games and Prebathtub has to be wondering when Herbert is gonna string together a few 35-45 point games. 

rd Place this week was Flyingdingoes (bday boy) with 136. King Henry threw for one and ran for one and Jamaal Williams does what he always does and vultures tds, this week 3 of em! Dingoes will need Mixon back and hopefully Rodgers new toy Watson continues his td scoring ways. 

4th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacists with 134. The Pharmacists got a big week from Amari Cooper and comeback player of the year candidate Josh Jacobs ran wild. The Dallas D has become  a quiet savor for this team, they have scored over 15 points 7 of the first 11 weeks and in single digits (8) only once! 

5th place this week was Silly Gooses with 123. Gooses got 71 points on Monday night action as Jimmy G and Kittle hit the double point parade. 123 in a week were team mvp Tyreek is on a bye is a good thing as Silly Gooses keeps within the money range. 

6th place this week was Doom and Gloom with 122. D&G was able to overcome a rare off week from J.Jefferson due to Hurts and Tee Higgins having good games. Washington defense put up 23 and Pacheco may be the real deal and we shall find out cuz CEH went down leaving the entire backfield to Pacheco for the immediate future! 

7th place this week was Equalizers with 117. Equalizers were led by Mahomes per usual with 38 points. Bass kicked in with 20, kickers matter. JT score and the number one overall pick looks to be ready to take off just like last season so lets see how it unfolds for Equalizers. 

8th place was Slippery Wizards with 94. SW was led by Mr Fields before he came up limping with a hammy injury then had to be helped to the locker room with a shoulder injury. Looks like the 4th qb lost for Slippery Wizards should be interesting to see how they adjust. 

9th place was Charlies Angels with 93. Angels went to the waivers with Tua on a bye and Russy didnt come through.  Montgomery and Ayiuk (2tds) had decent games but with ETN and Walker on byes it was pretty much survival mode this week at camp Angels who also left 20 point kicker on the bench! 

10th Place this week was Moco Loco with 93. Josh Allen had a rare off week only putting up 14 which was tied for the team lead with the kicker Mcpherson!! Kamara continues to be hot and cold and Moco needs to get Chase back or make a move as he's starting to sleep down the standings. 

TMX wont be making calls this week instead in honor of thanksgiving we will list what each team is thankful for!



  1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacist. Thankful that they had a draft guru pick their team. Jackson to MANdrews  and Kupp carried them to a lead that no jinx, voodoo, big foot, tooth fairy, lockness monster or whatever made up excuse the managament team uses could overcome. Jacobs resurgence and 3 week run totalling over 100 points as well as the cowboys d averaging 17 points a week is alot of bonus points to be thankful for. 
  2.  Burrow my dick in you ass is 89 points back but is thankful for steal of the draft Pierce though slowed lately carried the rb spot which may now be taken over by first round pick Najee who is showing signs of last years big season. Davante Adams proved he can do it without Rodgers and Kelce is currently AVERAGING 20pts a game and is the only tight end over 200 points for the season, no one else is even close. Burrow brought tears on draft day so he's also a reason to be thankful and hopefully after the benching this week he will light it up.
  3.  The Equalizers are 105 points back and have Mahomes and more Mahomes to be thankful. The fantasy mvp so far averaging 35 points a week and already at 358 on the season is more than they could ask for!  Not bad for 4th  QB taken. JT returning to form is more to be thankful for and the Drake and Sanders finally putting up consistent numbers.
  4. Prebathtubwhitney is 106 points back and can be thankful for Diggs and his 219 points on the season as well as Tony Pollard coming alive. The St. Brown trade brought some life and Ekler is at 11 tds on the season so there's alot to be thankful for with their round 2 running back.
  5. Silly Gooses is 130 points back but  has to be thankful he took a chance and waiting out Dhop as he is averaging close to 20 points a game and it doesnt matter whos throwing it. Tyreek Hill as the 10th wr off the board is one of the best picks of the year and has also proven to be qb proof. Being in the top 5 for the majority of the season without number 1 pick najee  scoring more than 12 points is also alot to be thankful for!
  6. Moco Loco is 134 points back and should be thankful for their deep pockets cuz they are in that waiver wire all day errrday (kidding) They have to be thankful for Josh Allen with 329 points only behind Mahomes . They also have to be thankful for the Waddle/ Chase combo that carried them early on. We also always give thanks for Cordarelle Patterson at TMX so theres that too!
  7. Flyingdingoes are 172 points back and have to be thankful for King Henry leading the rbs in points, not bad for 5th rb taken! They must also be thankful for Jamaal "td machine " Williams with his 12 tds so far. Juju is another one to be thankful for as who knew he'd be back in wr 1 convo!
  8. Slippery Wizards are 174 points back and must be thankful for Justin Fields taking over at qb after 3 went down. CeeDee, CMC and Chubb have also giving reason for thanks as they have given just enough to keep Slippery Wizards afloat.
  9. Charlies Angels is 211 points back and have to very thankful for waivers! Getting Tua and Walker to go along with ETN coming alive is alot to be thankful for.
  10. Doom and Gloom is 265 points back. Uhhhhm.... Pass the potatoes?. KIDDING. Doom and Gloom should be thankful for Jalen Hurts being a stable and consistent qb to offsent the rb situations over at D&G. Tee Higgins is as steady as they come and well he does have two top kickers.


                                               (Don't eat too much Turkey this year)

Theres this weeks recap, have a happy and healthy turkey day boys from TMX family to yours. No byes this week and 6 games going on turkey day so check those lineups twice and buckle up. Lets hope for fewer injuries and more points and as always for everything.  If you see Wes Cash this holiday ask him for our Adam Sandler Thanksgiving song cassingle, thanks. Turkey for me, turkey for you...

Monday, November 21, 2022

Gobble Gobble

 Its turkey day week bitches. I hope you all get stuffed and stuffed!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The craft fair for the Quincy Animal shelter was a success.

2. The buffalo chicken at Rags is surprisingly good.

3. Tough loss for Hull but way to make it to the Superbowl boys.

4. I have said it before and I will say it again, Papa Ginos is underrated.

5. Uhm excuse me sir...but a club sandwich should be on toasted bread not straight Wonder.


7. Going to check out a puppy on Friday. Wish me luck.

8. Seat warmers in your car are awesome but man do they need a second layer of the sun setting? I do not like to be burned through my coat.

9. I watched The Calling on Peacock. It is not bad but its a bit disjointed.

10. Thanksgiving is Thursday, what is your favorite type of pie. If you say pumpkin I hope you choke on a raisin.

11. Michigan vs Ohio state is Saturday at noon. Who is going out?

12. It is ALWAYS iced coffee season. ALWAYS!

Have a great Thanksgiving ya nuts and hopefully you get to enjoy some football with your family.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

TMX week 10 review

Week 10 is done and this season continues to be one of the craziest.  Wild endings to games and undefeated teams going down at home to backup QBs its a wild wild NFL world! Injuries keep mounting as Ertz, Kupp, Juju, Khali Herbert, Lenny, Jeudy and Everett were among the big names with in game injuries. Cap tip to Doom and Gloom for losing BOTH tight ends in one week! TMX hates reporting injuries but they wont seem to stop!! Lets get to this weeks recap. 

First place this week was Slippery Wizards with 174. Led by Mr Fields 47 who has scored 100 pts the past two weeks,  SW had every player except the tight end get in the end zone and this may be the best week they have all year.  Slippery Wizards have moved up a little bit and are trying to make a second half push. 

2nd Place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 136. The bench mob on Prebathtub scored 114 points better than 4 teams started AND they had Pats d on a bye!! Ekler was outscored by the bench rbs and Herbert looks lost with Keenan Allen and Big Mike Will.  They are still in the mix to finish in the money but its gonna take some better managing down the stretch and maybe a benching of Herbert who hasn't gone over 25 since week 4!! Is it Cousins time? #youlike that??? 

rd Place this week was Equalizers with 127. Mahomes continues to crush it with three straight weeks over 40 points and his lowest week all season was 19 which is a good week for most! JT is back to RB 1 and the Equalizers with those two rolling and Pittman getting Matty Ice are firmly in the race to finish in the money and to  contend for the top spot! 

4th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 125. The everything going right for HK continues as they started Rodgers on Jackson bye and he had his best week of the season vs top defense Dallas ( which HK also played and it worked out) Barkley had another great game and James Connor is back as RB1 putting up 22 pts. HK Street Pharm did have Kupp go down but early reports are he dodged a bullet and should be back this season. They are so far ahead it doesn't seem to worry them as reports say they turned down trade offers for Justin Fields among others for Kupp.  Gonna test the depth ( fantasy football term not Crossfit) of HK in the coming weeks. 

5th Place this with was Gloom and Doom with 119. D&G was led by Hurts and Jefferson who had one of the greatest catches in NFL history on his way to putting up 35pts. Scary Terry balled out on Monday night but the rbs combined for 12pts and the Ertz 1 point (injured) hurt the cause. D&G is currently locked in  the basement but as crazy as this season has been they cant be counted out and we are sure D &G  management will be working the waivers and trade wires. 

6th place this week was Silly Gooses with 115. Kyler Murray was a late scratch but Gooses had Jimmy G waiting.  Jimmy didn't do too much but Wilson and Aaron Jones came through. Tyreek had an off week despite getting in the end zone and in what TMX can only imagine was a cost saving move the Gooses decided to start Prater who was ruled out earlier in the week? 5 bucks hits hard sometimes but being just out of the money you may wanna pick up a kicker whos playing? TMX here to help.

 7th place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 109. Burrow was without Burrow and got Danny Dimes to put up 22 and Davante Adams got 28 while his qb was crying in press conferences!! Newly acquired Najee Harris had a good game running nearly getting 100 yards and he may be turning the corner ( still hasn't scored over 12pts) Dj Moore and Olave combining for 9 may wanna make the Burrow management cry a little! Burrow will be back next week and this team is still right in the mix.

 8th place this week was Charlies Angels with 101. Tua continues to light it up putting up 29 this week and his third straight week with at least 3 tds. Cook had 27 while ETN and Walker had rare off weeks. Deebo is caught up in the evil mastermind Shanny offense and who knows what's going to happen but its not looking like we can predict whos getting what going forward and AJ Brown was out of the game for a bit but didn't leave with an injury designation, is it Robinson time?? Big decisions this week over at Charlies Angels with Tua on a bye, Deshaun not available and still in a fight to stay out of the beer bitch/basement. Stay by your phones if you got a qb to trade!! 

9th place this week was Moco Loco with 95. Josh Allen fought through injury to put up 26 but Cordarelle Patterson ( SIX touches) and Kamara combined for only 8 points. Waddle somehow managed to only put up 8 points with Tua throwing 3 tds? Loco did find waiver magic picking up and starting Schultz who had 14, 2nd leading scorer behind only Josh.  Moco Loco seemed ready to make their move for the top but with back to back weeks under 100 they need to regroup and get this thing back rolling we are sure Chase coming back should help that plan. 

10th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 87. MIxon on a bye and JuJu getting concussed hurt the Dingoes. Brady put up 20 in Germany and J.Williams got his weekly td and waiver find Slayton was second in scoring with 17. King Henry let the team down putting up only 7 his lowest point total of the season and first single digit game since week 2. Flyingdingoes had back to back 150 weeks and now this 87 shows exactly how up and down this season has been for most of the league!!  

Lets make some calls. First up from Slippery Wizards Justin Fields. Yo Justin whats good it TMX, you ever heard of us? " OH YEAH TMX I know you guys! Great to hear from you. Whats up?" Nothing much here but man oh man are you ballin 53 last week and 47 this week running wild how do you do it? " Oh man just lucky seeing some openings and running" Running FAST you mean you were clocked at 20mph, if TMX ran 20 mph per hour we would be asking everyone we saw , WANNA RACE? Like i kid in grade school. " Ha good one TMX but I'm not trying to win school yard races but trying to win some football games and right now we aint but hopefully get em this week! " Alright but keep balling you are becoming a TMX fav. 

Next up lets call old friend and Tom Brady. Hey Tom big win out their in Germany like a Jujisu match huh? " Hey TMX long time no call what going on? Yeah big win team is coming along, played a tough Seattle team and lucky to get up 14-0 and get the win" Yeah up 14-0 then kinda put them in a rear naked choke hold huh? " Uhm yeah I guess?  Tough to see Lenny go down and kinda got sloppy on that INT to me but we held on" Yeah that INT was that a leg sweep? Were you trying for a single leg takedown? " OH SHIT I get it TMX your making JuJitsu jokes cuz Gisele is running around with that JuJitsu trainer after the divorce?? Good one. I cant be mad, always loved TMX but thats cold blooded like you took a page out of Wes Cash's insult books, but I respect it. Well, I gotta run and try and get another win" Ha old Tommy always good to TMX. Take care and good luck with everything. Lets see the standings after 10 weeks of madness.



                   1. Hong Kong Street Pharmacists

                   2. Equalizers                                                           87pts

                   3. Moco Loco                                                         92pts

                   4. Silly Gooses                                                       118pts

                   5. Prebathfubwhitney                                          118pts

                   6. Burrow my dick in yo ass                                 120pts

                   7. Slippery Wizards                                               134pts

                   8. Charlie's Angels                                                 170pts

                   9. Flying Dingoes                                                    174pts

                 10. Doom and Gloom                                              252pts 




  The season is heading to the home stretch and it looks like the window to catch HK Street Pharmacist may have closed. They had their big guns on a bye and lost their number one pick this week but still picked up ground on 2nd and 3rd. The races for the basement and beer bitch are still tight as one big and you can jump the standings. Lets hope everyone is healthy this week and down the stretch! As always for everything.

Monday, November 14, 2022

let it snow

 Fall came in slow but man is it here now. I am hearing snow is on the horizon. LETS FUCKING GO!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Wakanda Forever was pretty awesome. Great way to honor the character and Chadwick Boseman.

2. Its boot season now mother fuckers.

3. The older I get the more I like smashed griddled burgers over char broiled. I said it.

4. RIP Kevin Conroy. If ya know then ya know.

5. Anyone interested in a Bruins game, in Nashville, in February?

6. I watched The Inside Man on Netflix, it was aight. 

7. Anyone watch any of the Interview with a Vampire on A&E?

8. Michigan vs Ohio state Saturday November 26...if they are both 11-0 someone is gonna go home very sad.

9. Chrissy says Fat Burger 1000 times over In and Out burger out of 1000 times.

10. Wait, 911 dispatchers make $22.63 an hour? WHAT!

11. Nothing feels as nice as getting your teefs cleaned.

12. I must say "this is a fucking joke" at least 37 times a week.

There is a craft fair to raise money for the Quincy Animal Shelter this Saturday. Stop by Katie will have a booth.