Monday, March 31, 2014


shower bring May flowers.

With all this rain we have had the past 3 days the grass and flowers should be in full bloom in a week.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. How am I just finding out about the show Those Who Kill?
2. Some days it feels like your life is in quicksand.
3. Looks like Wedding season is kicking off.
4. This April may be the busiest month I have had in a while.
5. Jeffrey is not as excited as he should be about Wrestlemania being Sunday night.
6. Has anyone seen TK at a Bruins game this year? Mr 10 pack?
7. Speaking of Bs games - how is a Flyers game more valuable than a 1st round playoff game?
8. Rio is hotter than a hooker with gonorrhea with the scratchies. Another $500 banger this past week.
9. Why dont they make any more games like Life Force, 1942  or Contra? Scrolling 3rd person games.
10. This rain makes everyones mood dreary.
11. Does anyone have any idea when the Galaxy S5 comes out?
12. Can you really beat a $12 hair cut at Ginos?
13. Bitches are conniving.
14. Who else's father would sell their sons car, as part of a trade in for their new car?
15. How are people getting shot on Rt 3? During a funeral procession? That's movie type shit.
16. Dunkin Donuts are you serious with this Peeps donut and the strawberry cheesecake muffin?
17. I don't mind paying good money for good food.
18. Pandora is either hit or miss. Some days it rocks other days its all garbage.
19. Jeffrey gets all his coffee at Cumbies now, maybe because his man crush Scott Zolak does the same.
20. Help plan a bachelor party is more than annoying.
21. The Tofuri's condo is on the market.
22. Home made pizza is good when you work out all the kinks.

That is all for now.
Wish me luck in my Red Sox opening day ticket swap.

Till next week.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Where is Spring at?

Everyone was all excited that Spring was sprung. Well where is it motherfuckers?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. This explains why Chrissy never has a cold, masturbation clears nasal congestion.
2. Congrats to Paddy Calnan and his lady on their engagement. Slainte!
3. Have you ever seen CVG and Dan Akroyd in the same place at the same time? Didn't think so.
4. Jeffrey has a weird love for Coops.
5. Michael Layden is always fun to grab beers with.
6. For some reason Chrissy doesn't want to talk about his fantasy baseball team.
7. I don't get the love for Trader Joe's. Place kinda blows.
8. Soy milk, Almond milk, rice milk or coconut milk? What do you prefer?
9. Of course the one year I get back into the NCAA tournament its the most fucked up in years.
10. Why the fuck is my battery on my cell phone lasting 3-4 hours tops.
11. I had no idea that vintage marbles were worth so much fucking money.
12. I had some cod and didn't hate it this weekend. Maybe I can only eat fish out at restaurants.
13. You would think 2 days off from work would let you recharge your batteries. NO!
14. Everything is better with lists.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Pattys

Top O' the morning to ya.
How many drunks are going to go out on this lovely Monday and drink shitty green beer?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently, Chrissy beat off so much on his vacation that he had to use Neosporin on his dick head from beating it raw. Let that sink in.
2. Jeffrey's first (of many?) St Pattys day corned beef and cabbage dinner was a huge success.
3. The Scituate parade was a huge success. Rumor has it next year, RWK heating and air conditioning will be looking to put a float in the parade.

4. Mikey T says Yuengling light is garbage. One sip and refused the rest.
5. My girl Kesha dropped the $ from her name.
6. Who the fuck would buy a 2008 Jeep for 24,000? 
7. Look who made it to the end of Hull.

8. Nothing worse than a headache to kick off your work week.
9. What is more depressing than bad pizza? You look forward to it and you eat and its straight up nasty. WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP.
10. If you are looking for a good go-fer with all your construction jobs, give Chrissy a jingle. He loves to help out.
11. Group texting is becoming quite a sore subject. We lost Jeffrey, Joe Martell and CVG at times this week.
12. Its pretty difficult to find a 40 person bus for a bachelor party. 

Have a safe St Pattys.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Who needs a truck?

2009 Toyota Tacoma Dbl Cab TRD Sport 4X4 - $22000 

Jason Foley is selling his  truck -

82k miles

Original owner, Remote starter, alarm, mp3 multi-disc stereo, back up camera, Westin grille guard chrome, piaa fog lights, Nasta step bars chrome, Black Rhino Alloy rims, pwr doors, locks, ac, cruise, sport interior, rear sliding window, bed cover, short 5ft bed, towing package, this truck has been primarily used as a highway commuting vehicle, synthetic oil every 5k have title in hand.

If interested call Jason Foley 781-789-6338

(Patriots stickers are Free)

Spring is coming

Spring is only 10 days away motherfuckers!! Get your t shirts out. Move them sweaters to the attic. Chrissy well you keep doing you!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Guess what I still hate painting more than anything in the world.
2. I know people always secretly love mustaches but Smiddy's Southie crew is a little too into them.
3. I am still a firm believer in the Mass Cash!
4. The Junction still has 50% off its menu.
5. Brown rice taste like cut up card board.
6. The new 300 was not all that good. I mean it wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as the 1st one.
7. Chrissy does not practice for eating challenges. He told me you scout the games I will will show up. Soif you know of any challenges let the kid know.
8. My twitter was hacked and they started following 150 people. Who the fuck does that?
9. Random Sunday drinking and lunch is always fun.
10. All you can eat tacos is going down tomorrow night. Are you in?
11. Be careful Aspartame causes all types of issues -

12. So far they drained 5 vials of a black, brown substance from Ronins neck. We will get back the lab results this week.
13. I think everyone is getting sick of the group texts.
14. No wonder why you can't get Red Sox opening day tickets:
15. Smiddy said he is too old for the Southie parade.
16. Chrissy is still on vacation and has not drank his 300 beers yet. Can someone help him out?
17. If you give yourself a nickname you should be punted in the balls.
18. Wiggy on Flipping Boston was a riot.
19. Mike Foley is bringing his golf blog back! Gear up.
20. How come mother fuckers love Brunch? Legit question? WHAT IS SO APPEALING ABOUT BRUNCH?

Have a nice week people.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It was a battle - a 59 minute battle

It was like the Thunderdome, 2 men enter one man leaves type shit:
 A battle of  man vs a 3 lb burger. In this corner we have Mike "Flounder" Foley, Chris "Boom Boom" Leaden and Chrissy "I paid for it so I am eating it all" MacPhail.

Ian, the catering manager running this shit show at Fuddruckers said the total weight of the burger - patty, cheese, bacon, and bun was 5 total lbs.

Out of the gate Chrissy started with a furious pace - half the burger was gone in 6 minutes. Leaden went for more of a slow and steady wins the race approach. Meanwhile, Foley was methodically slicing and dicing his way to a win.

Here is what Foley had left. When he realized half way through, that he had no chance he wrapped up what was left and called it a day.

Effort: C+ 
Results: C

The tortoise did not win this race. Leaden left around 1 lbs left (that's beef, cheese, bacon and bun).
Effort: B 
Result: B+

Look at the size of that fucking burger:

Chrissy had 3/4ths of the burger done with in a half an hour. After a quick puke with 15 minutes to go he tried to finish the last of it but another dash to the bathroom with 5 minutes left was in order. After his second puke, and with a minute to spare he finished off the last of it)
(Sorry for the poor quality picture - I think Rio still has a Nokia flip phone)

Sorry bout the bad camera work. That was William "Junior Whopper" Smiddys one job.
As you can see  my job was to hype up the crowd and get everyone in the joint involved.


As they say WINNERS WIN!
For all his hard work Chrissy gets a free t shirt(mustard yellow) and 2 free meals at Fuddruckers.
57 had tried it but only 4 had succeeded!

It looks like this trio is off to try this next:

Anyone else feel up to it?

Monday, March 3, 2014

March is here

It comes in like a Lion and out like a lamb. Day light savings is this weekend. Chrissy is on vacation. Fat Tuesday is Tuesday! College basketball conference tournaments are going on to get to the Big Dance.
I mean everything is coming up roses.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Do frogs have ears? I mean can they hear themselves croak?
2. Chrissy, Chris Leaden and Mike "Flounder" Foley are all going to attempt this Tuesday:

3. If you were wondering, Yes,  Jeffreys place is finally all sheet rocked, 46 total sheets.
4. Ronin is set to have a biopsy on Thursday. Here is hoping it goes well.
5. CVG is still rocking a Blackberry and he can not send group texts.
6. Calnan is a civil rights leader.
7. Bruins season ticket holders are pissed. Some just don't get it - they have you by the balls. They have a list of people who want in.
8. How is it only $1200 in materials to side a house but it cost you $7500 to have it done?
9. I think the weather guys just flip a coin when they see the weather map. Head snow, tails a lot of snow. Guess what fuckfaces - No Snow!
10. What should I give up for Lent this year?

Sorry gotta run. Got some work to do. ZERO FUCKS GIVEN!