Monday, August 31, 2015

Summers over

Labor day weekend is fast approaching and that marks the end of summer. I hope everyone had a blast!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Up until this weekend I had never seen a crow on the beach before. It was kind of weird seeing crows and seagulls.
2. Chrissy is looking for that father of the year award, certainly moved up a few notches with his father/daughter day at the Marshfield fair.
3. If you cant get down with naps then I probably cant get down with you.
4. I hope you guys have been watching Hard Knocks, JJ Watt is a fucking animal.
5. Congrats to Mario and Ashley on their wedding. Great times had by all.
6. Farmers Almanac is a dick.
7. It is official Mike Foley is coming back to Quincy at the end of the month, Chrissy is helping him come back!
8. Backstrap BBQ in Winthrop is legit as fuck.
9. How did I just find out about $2 tacos on Wednesday nights, at Plaza Azteca in Hingham?
10. Who doesn't like surprise delivery?
11. Fucking hang nails are a bitch.
12. Automotive mechanics are such scam artists.
13. I can probably go without gin for a long ass time.
14. What do you guys know about Sesame street place? The MacPhails are heading there this weekend so they won't be crashing any Labor Day cookouts.
15. Everyday you should get after it.
16. How many fantasy leagues is too many? Asking for a friend.

Yes, I am on vacation and I just blogged.
No, Smiddy did not make the Long wedding.

Friday, August 28, 2015

TMX draft review

Football is just about back and the ADSL draft has come to an end so here's is TMX with all the glass shattering details!! The regular board guy Mario Longdashian ( see this kids wedding? hence the name change) was unavailable so we  had two chicks that were never got introduced to and my man Tito, which some wish they were never introduced to!!! The draft was surprisingly quick this year so much so that a few unnamed extended the draft to the casino and buffalo wild wings! We are playing for this belt, The winner of the season gets their name on the belt and keeps it for a year.

Lets just get right to the teams! After TMX wrote their review of each team we googled the teams and these are the pictures that come up...enjoy!

Beachbums as anyone who's followed TMX and adsl knows the Beachbums draft with the full intention of trading and piecing together a championship. Here's their team ( kickers not included) QB Brees, Kap: RB's Hill, Charles, Jennings, Foster, Martin; WR's Green, A. Johnson, Latimer, Floyd, Landry; TE's J.Thomas, Ertz. D Pats, Dolphins. A solid  team that is looking for a big comeback year from Brees and may have hit a lottery ticket with Foster possibly coming back in week 5. Ertz if healthy will finishing with big number in Chip Kelly's offense and Martin is looking like come back player of the year. As soon as BB flips a rb for a top flight wr he will be in the hunt.

Black Dynomite's team is as follows- QB Rodgers, E. Manning RBs- J. Bell, Morris, Blue, Sproles, L. Bell,; WRs- Cobb, Hopkins, Wallace, Harvin, Macklin; TE's Witten, Gates; D Panthers, Bengals. Well, looks like another wagon for Black Dynomite!! Depth could be an issue and the old men holding down the tightend spot but with Rodgers and Leveon Bell they have arguably the top two at those positions plus Cobb gaining recp with Jordy down and it will be a long season for the BD haters.

Charlie's Angels formerly known as..........well its too long to type, its that guy!! Let's give his team a look. Qb's Brady, Newton; RB's Ingram, Cj Anderson, Gray, Williams, J. Stew; WR's Sanders, Thomas, Quick, Adams, M. Bryant; TE's Allen, M. Williams. D- Cards and Niners. Charlie's had a good draft not sure what the strategy was getting all the broncos but failing to secure the qb for double points but hey last time I check TMX hasn't won a league. The tight end position could use an upgrade but Adams gets a huge bump with jordy out. Charlie's should be ready to roll from the jump and then pick up a fired up Brady.

Creepshots ( no relation to Jerkshots) team is QB's Stafford, Tannehill RB's Forsett, Millar, Vereen, Yeldon, Randle; WR's Megatron, K. Allen, Garcon, Perriman, J. Brown; TE's Gronk, Seferian; D- Rams, Browns. A team lead by biggest name in football Gronk and Megatron but will be carried by guys projected to have career years like Forsett, Millar, J.Brown, K. Allen. Good draft will need help in the depth dept but this team is going to be up there especially if Stafford and Mega do their thing.

DMC the TMX odds on favorite to win it all lets look at this juggernaut- QB's Big Ben , Romo; RB's Ap, Mason, Coleman, Gurley, McFadden; WR's Jeffrey, Cook, Odb, Fuchess, Wheaton; TE's Olson, Walker; D- BIlls, Vikes.  The team with the number one pick usually doesn't finish number one but some crafty drafting getting Big Ben and 3 top tier wr's in a ppr league to go along with angry AP makes this team the team to do it!! Olsen is right behind Gronk as top tight end and with Benjamin out he should be a ppr machine!! Getting a solid rb2 should be a priority but right now this team looks like a contender.

Equalizers team is QB- Luck, Palmer; RB's Spiller, Gordon, Sankey, Crowell, Stacy; WR's Tate, Dez, S.Smith, Bolden, Lafell; TE's Bennett, Clay D- Broncos, Giants. Equalizers came in hot with top qb luck but then took a bunch of chances at rb. The wr's are gonna rely heavy on Dez but he may choose to use the double tight end set. The team isn't terrible but there will have to be some upgrades if they plan on hoisting the belt

Jaybirds made the most noise at the draft ( inside draft joke) lets look at the team Qbs- Rivers, Bridgewater; Rb's L. Muray, D.Cobb, R. Mathews, Hyde, Ivory; Wr's A. Brown, J. Jones, Fitz, Marshall, Agholor; Te's  J. Graham, Rudolph; D- Raven Chargers. The Jaybirds have the two top wr's in Antonio and Julio and that should carry them with Graham in the rec and td depts. The rb situation is Murray as rb1 and a few that could hold down solid rb2/rb1. Rivers and Bridgewater should be throwing all season. TMX followers are waiting to see not if but when Jaybirds start traiding! This team is not built to go back in that hot little number he wore at the draft.

Skza's Squad- Came to the draft and stole picks from people. Tremedous strategy all around! Here's the team QBs-P.Manning, Flacco; RBs- McCoy, Forte, Bush, Langford, Blount; WR's- A. Cooper, Edelman, V.Jax, D.Jax, V.Cruz; TE's Kelce, Miller; D- Jets, Chiefs; Skza's banking on Peyton slinging. McCoy and Forte should kill it in the ppr format and Kelce is being favorably to Gronk. The wr position is going to have to stay healthy and counting on a bounce back year from VJax. The team has a lot of questions but that's how the skza's are every year filled with questions but always in the mix.

Supah P's- first team to get hit by injuries as number one wr Nelson went down. Lets get a look at the team- QB"s Wilson, Bradford; Rb's Lacy, Gio, Ellington, Helu, Freeman; WR's Nelson (out), Evans, White, Wright, Watkins, A. Robinson; TE's Cameron, Eifert; D- Seattle, Eagles. The tough break with Jordy out will obviously be painful but Supahs have a solid team with strength in ppr rbs and two potential breakout tight ends. The wr's will have to be strengthened but Watkins and Robinson could surprise. The Supahs starting off in a bit of a whole could lead to some moves.

Slippery Wizards came in with a belt but looking at the team may not be so lucky next year. QB's Ryan, Cutler; Rb's Lynch, Murray, Gore, Abdullah, Duke; WR's TY, Mathews, Decker, Randle, C Johnson; TE's Fleener, Hill D- Packers, Houston. Slippery Wizards aware its a ppr league? Drafted with his auto reverse headphones like its 1990 rb league this year. Obviously team is rb heavy even jumping on latest rb hype Adbullah? Not sure this approach will work will have to hit on Hill at tight end and C. Johnson at wr. Lot of question marks in the wr and tight end position.

Well there's the brief review and as always if you got any breaking fantasy news call TMX!! Good luck and lets hope for a healthy season TMX out. Thanks as always drunknothings for giving us the space.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blog Blog Blog

Yes I am back from vacation and no I didn't go anywhere.

This is what I learned this while away:
1. Tattoos on the ribs are not comfy.
2. Fantasy football draft days are always an adventure.
3. Good to see Jason Foley and he is slimmed down nicely.
4. I think I hate Buffalo Wild Wings.
5. Wedding rehearsals are my jam.
6. I have no clue about anything on the North shore, so to tell you I have never been to Beverly is an understatement.
7. Julie Nickerson is back and visiting her old haunts. You can catch her at the Sea Note from time to time.
8. I heard that this winter is going to be as bad as last year and they are already dubbing it Winter Dejavu.
9. Honestly do we need a new and updated Angry Birds 2? There is like 37 different iterations of that game.
10. Drinking along at a bar is not bad. Actually kind of theraputic.
11. Board chicks are nice but our board guy was 100% missed.
12. Chrissy is the king of deep fried turkey! Kid does about 7 a year.
13. CVG always looking for someone to go to the casino with.
14. Pretty sure I am gonna cancel my WWE account. Don't think I need it.
15. Man when was the last time you were stung by a bee? Shit still hurts!
16. When life gives you habeneros, jalapenos, thai chilis and hungarian chilis what do you do? Make a spicy relish!
17. Everyone gets caught up from time to time. You just gotta take a step back and breathe.
18. I need a new phone - M9, Galaxy S 6 edge or team Iphone? Any suggestions.

Sorry it is so short but I am trying to play catch up with work stuff.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I mean honestly can this year be flying by any faster? It is more than half over, the summer is slowly starting to wrap up and it seems like the summer traffic is dieing off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Atlantic City is dirty and I think that is a good thing.
2. Southwest Connecticut has the highest incestual rape rate or something along those lines.
3. Buddakan is fucking legit.
4. As far as drinking, you can pretty much drink your face off and pass out at the bars and they won't bother you.
5. Some people hate Snap Chat others not so much.
6. Is Nickerson back in Hull yet?
7. Man Chrissy was off grid yesterday, pretty sure many people thought he was dead - no creep shots, no snap chats and no texts.
8. Timmy Barrett is headed to the Mets game on August 30th if anyone is interested.
9. Jason Foley killing it in the plumbing game.
10. Every once in a while you stumble upon someone who makes you feel like maybe things in your own life aren't that bad.
11. Part of my plan to revitalize AC:
                                 A. Sports book 
                                 B. Open container law on the board walk
                                 C. Dress codes at outdoor bars after 9:00 pm
                                 D. More police presence in and around the boardwalk area.
                                 E. Beach Chair rentals.
                                 F. Open container law so obviously beer stands along the board walk.
                                G.  More non casino bars.
                                 H. Few more out door bars.

12. Car rides on long road trips can make or break the whole thing. Thank god I had a good one.
13. Adderall is a thing, mofos popping them like Pez.
14. Being nice and friendly doesn't cost a thing.
15. I haven't heard from Bill Smiddy since his big break up, I hope he is doing ok.
16. Sometimes you just need a bro's weekend - full of laughing, drinking, ball busting, relaxing and occasionally blacking out.

I am sure there is a bunch of shit I forgot because I legit lost about 6 hours of time on Saturday night.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Here's some cheaters to look up to, Patriots.

First let me get a little something off my chest. If your going to blog attach a name to it. Rule # 1 of the blog game. Take me for example, CBR, that's the name. I own the love and the hate with it. Whoever this TMX clown is, get a name will you. Doesn't have to be your own. I'm still personally trying to figure out who this Calnan kid is. But Jesus get a name and own it.

Second, it's that time of the year again! When everyone except New Englanders gets giddy for College Footballs return. And with Deflategate dominating the headlines I'd figure I'd try to tie it in to this rant.

So here it is. Alabama is the New England Patriots of College football. Why? Because they're a pack of cheaters (good cheaters) like the Pats.

And while the Pats dabble in deflated footballs, opening stadium doors to effect wind and pumping noise into a listless morgue like stadium. Good ole Bama does this right in everyone's face with recruiting. Year after year same thing on social media some commit signs with Bama within days or hours tweeting pics of some ridiculous gift. Grew up in destitute southern poverty? Here have a car compliments of Nick Saban.

Which brings me to the next similarity. Ever think you could think of a more pompous arrogant duche then Bellichick? Well I got news for you his name is Nick Saban toss in egomaniacal and their the same person. Both geniuses and winners but Jesus awful people. Jerks to nearly everyone. However, Saban has the distinction of being run out of the NFL for being too crazy towards players.

So how does this mesh with Deflategate you ask? Well when's the last time you've seen Alabama caught for anything in recent years? Cheating, NCAA violations, players smoking PCP and murdering? The answer is you haven't. Why? Because their good. Much like the Pats, they have been wildly successful, command a huge market share and are at the forefront of any CFB discussion.

So to Bellichick. Perhaps it's time to call up your old friend Nick Saban. Same Saban you got the ineligible receiver scheme from, yea know the one Saban uses but moron Pats fans credit to you. And ask him how do I cheat better????

Shout out to Chrissy prob the only Drunknothings reader who follows college.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Triple lock don't smoke the rock first round mock...

Tmx shaking off the cobwebs and back with the annual TMX triple lock don't smoke the rock first round mock. TMX will go into each teams war room (legally for the most part) and find out who the teams are picking!! Its almost draft time and right now every team is in first and completely believe that "this is the year". TMX has spent the summer scouting and talking to all the owners and now here's what all that research brings us!! Here we go!!

 First pick this year (well most every year) is DMC. DMC has been tossing and turning all off season with who they are going with but at the end of the day angry AP is not to be joke with. ADRIAN PETERSON IS FIRST OFF THE BOARD.

Second pick this year is BLACK DYNOMITE. BD had a wagon last year with his extra draft picks this year no such luxury so he will have to take the best back available. JAMAL CHARLES (the self proclaimed LeBron james of his position) IS THE SECOND PICK.

The third pick of the draft goes to BEACHBUMS. Beachbums in unfamiliar territory this high up the board. TMX had a hard time going through all the mock drafts and scouting reports in this war room. Always the  confident risk taker Beachbums disregards the suspension and takes explosive LE'VEON BELL. Side note Bell just became player most likely to be traded by the BEACHBUMS.

Fourth Pick this year is SUPAH P'S. Full disclosure TMX was never able to find SUPAH P'S war room. We searched and concluded either one doesn't exist or it's prolly in TMX best interest to not find it!! We did reach out to a deep source and got the pick. EDDIE LACY is the pick.

The fifth pick this year goes to last years winners SLIPPERY WIZARDS. Biggest no brainer of the draft. MARSHAWN LYNCH is the pick. Slippery Wizards always take an rb and this is their type of guy. Done and done.

Sixth pick this year is CREEPSHOTS, no relation to the former JERKSHOTS. Creepshots like his ever changing name is always a wild card so this is where the draft takes a sudden turn. ROB GRONKOWSKI is the choice. His type of player and sitting in the bottom half no chance he's there on the way back. TMX cleared away the empties and saw the draft board littered with rbs and wrs and in a small corner GRONKOWSKI with a heart around it. Investigative reporting indeed.

Seventh pick this year is FYW. Always steady FYW didn't have much in his war room when we went in there. Talked a lot about loans and I owe you's but said he wants a steady pass catching rb. MATT FORTE is the pick here.

The eigth pick this year belongs to GRAHAMATRON. both Graham and Megatron available but that's not the pick. Grahamatron per usual goes off the board and takes then immediately TRADES ANDREW LUCK.

The ninth pick in the draft goes to the JACKALS. Jackals war room was taken over by  kids and excess plumbing parts so he rolls with last years pick ANTONIO BROWN.

The final pick goes to new team VOODOO. Ton of choices here and the trading Nazi could be picking here for a later trade probably with DMC. Voodoo goes DEZ BRYANT knowing he's broke he gives him first round money then takes best rb available at 11, so welcome back Demarco Murray!

There it is the entire first round TMX mocked to probable perfection. Ok ok ok TMX was out on an island all summer drinking from drinks in coconuts and actually hasn't started going to war rooms but is contractually obligated to roll out a mock by drunknothings so there it is!! TMX out..................til the season starts.

Ok Ok Ok

It is kind of shitty when you don't know what day of the week is or when to eat because your schedule is all out of whack.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I guess Salsas in Hingham is closed for good. SUCK IT SAUSAGE GUY!
2. Over/Under on the number of Tuna fish that Gunnah catches the rest of the season is currently 2. Place your bets accordingly.
3. Due to the Cambridge cab companies strike, you will find Chrissy touring Cambridge and Ubering the shit out of it.
4. Speaking of Chrissy he is still planning a trip to North Carolina to meet up with Flounder. Let him know if you are in.
5. The Welches (or is the Welchies?) are now officially residents of Braintree.
6. Calnan (Chief Blog Ruinner to you guys) thinks he can beat Ronda Rousey is a legit fight. Repeated punches to the face is his plan.
7. Frank finally sold his 27 foot boat...for $10,000.
8. Jeffrey is back from Lake Winnapasaukee and may be detoxing...HARDCORE!
9. The summer is more than half over and that kind of makes me sad.
10. Who is geared up for fantasy football? Should I do the suicide pool again this year?
11. Is there anything worse than waking up with a headache?
12. Mitchell is waiting on selling her Pats tickets based on Bradys appeal. She can't miss the flag dropping ceremony.
13. Heard a bunch of guys are headed out to Cowboys stadium this year for the Pats game.
14. When your youngest brother turns 30, you know you are old.
15. Who schedules a 90 year olds birthday party on same day as a fantasy football draft? Especially when asked months ago if I was available on August 22nd?
16. It is official Jeffrey is out for Atlantic City.
17. Chrissy is getting his tattoo this Thursday if anyone is interested in going to hang out and get wings at Ember.
18. I don't know if this is the 3rd Thursday or not but I think Trivia is on this week.

Thats all I got for now. Hopefully, we all make it back from AC alive.