Monday, April 25, 2016

one of these guys isnt a cheater........

This week sucked the world is now Prince-less, Mario almost died and Brady got suspended.

but lets really look at this, was the investigation a sham? check
Is Goddell probably way out of control? check
Was this probably some type of payback? check


Please everyone stop, no this isn't some huge injustice? no its not a national tragedy like the passing of our beloved Prince, its just the NFLPA trying to cover their asses after making a moronic decision they knew soon enough would backfire and guess what it did. Oh and shockingly he went after the best player in the league. Guess what your granted discipline superpowers are you going to wastet it on some nobody like Ray Rice? No your going to light up the best guy in the room.

Everyone just stop. The NFLPA gave Goddell this power, yet they escape blame in all this.

Id also like to point you morons didn't even blink at Kraft conceding to give up a 1st round pick. Doesn't matter Brady was 199. And closer its gotten to the draft everyone decided to start complaining. Instead of focusing on Goddell incesistently how bout some blame goes to the NFLPA and Kraft.

PS RIP Prince One Love

PPS HaHaHa Deegan the Eagles are a disaster and no Chip to blame

RIP Prince

One day it is 75 the next 39 gotta love New England.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently everyone was a Prince fan?
2. The Paragon Grill has a bomb ass make your own burger set up.
3. I made a cold box/green house for growing hot peppers. Lets hope it works.
4. How does $3 a square foot sound for asphalt driveway?
5. Mustache Pub crawl t shirts are coming in today. If anyone wants one let me know. They are still $20.00 and all the proceeds go to Dana Farber for cancer research.
6. I can not grow grass to save my life.
7. Pretty sure Ronin ran through a hive of ticks.  He had more than 30 on him.
8. I had no idea that Sinead O'connors song Nothing Compares to you was a remake of a Prince song and now I feel foolish.
9. Wait people still make hamburger helper?
10. I can not wait for the day that I don't have to pay a mortgage. That day will be the party of parties.
11. TK would like to make a T shirt that says "Men drink them. Boys count them". Anyone want one of these presale beauties?
12. Have you caught anything on Jeffries new 65 inch TV?
13. Everyone is all of a sudden Celtics fans?
14. Speaking of Celtics anyone up for a trip to Atlanta for game 5 or if it goes to a game 7?
15. Mario is looking for the new painted Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottle if anyone sees it.
16. How are people feeling about Larry Lucchino being inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame?
17.  The Macphails new grass and walk ways will be finished today.
18. Thank God Rio is alright. His brake line snapped on his work dump truck and he almost bought the farm.

Till next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tax day

Today is tax day! Because of holidays in DC last Friday and then here yesterday everyone got a few extra days to file.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Burger Dive in Somerville BURGER BLOWS! Never waste your money there.
2. Marathon Monday Sox game was a success.
3. Putting water in your hand and running it through your hair, after you take a piss, is not washing your hands. Filthy animals.
4. The MacPhails are getting new grass and walk ways. Their house is gonna look like a new place!.
5. The Chipman family pigroast is June 25th. Can not wait.
6. Who doesn't like a good flea market?
7. Seems like more people go to Sox games to socialize more than actually watch the game.
8. Joe Martell had duck sauce for the first time in his life on Saturday night. Bro do you live under a rock?
9. If you are looking for some American Idol type Karaoke head over to Cathay Center some Friday or Saturday night.
10. Jeffrey had his first Brueggers bagel and he fell in love.
11. I hope everyone is getting their baby sitters lined up for the Mustache pub crawl.
12. One week I get a wind burn the next week a sun burn. Can't win for trying.
13. Popeyes chicken or KFC? Where do you stand?
14. I am looking for an asphalt guy. I need my driveway done. Do you know anyone?

Thanks gotta run.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Opening day

Yeah yeah yeah I know that yesterday was Monday and I didn't post but come on guys, you know I was at the Red Sox opener. Give me some slack.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I am not a fan of the food at Barretts.
2. TK is like a mini mayor of Bridgewater.
3. Never go for lunch with Jeffrey because you may end up at Twin Rivers.
4. Spare ribs or baby back ribs? What do you prefer?
5. I broke down and bought a new Webber grill. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
6. Pony ghosts are real.
7. What do you do when you offer free food to a homeless person and they accept before you even finish offering?
8. Chrissy and Ali are looking for a grass guy for the front of their house. You know anyone?
9. There is no way the Bruins keep Claude, right?
10. Twice this past week my phone has rebooted and defaulted to factory settings. What the fuck.
11. Do not try the Camp Wannamango Harpoon brew. Its nasty as shit.
12. Panera  is pretty good but I don't think it is what you should have for lunch if you are going to be drinking all day.
13. KKaties is coming to Quincy Center and I can not be more excited.
14. Has anyone seen Mike Foley since he has been back? Its like he came back and disappeared.
15. The shirts for the Mustache Pub Crawl are ordered so they should be in a few weeks. Don't forget May 21st in Quincy.
16.  Thank god I have that snow blower, since It never came out this winter.

Gotta run...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday ramblings

A quick 6 pack of things that you learn on a random Tuesday night in Bridgewater:

1. It was Christian Daniel Macphail who took down the inferno burger Challenge and not Christopher Leaden. No way in fucking hell I get past the 1st bite.

2. Who the fuck lives in Halifax? That's a real place?
3. I'm calling bullshit on the bar skipping over Jermaine Duprees Welcome to Atlanta remix then shutting the juke box down with my $10.00 still inside. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!
4. Totally normal for a co-worker to tell you he would love to bang your sister in law, right? Or your friends sister - sight unseen?
5. Apparently, TK is too young to be Chrissys dad. Chrissy, on the other hand looks 34...while I appear to be 45ish. What kind of bizarro shit goes on down here?
6. Iggles is alive and looking well. Think he's getting his fitness on.

Monday, April 4, 2016

HAPPY OPE...... Nevermind its too cold.

Look can we just stop this charade. Oh its opening day, baseball is back. Please can we just stop. They just canceled a game because its cold. Think about that. Because it's cold. And best part is Sox Nation is fine with it. MLBs fine with it. You know whose also very fine is the guys above. Ya know why? They'll gladly rob you blind at the "real opening day" or the other "opening day" on Patriots Day or while we're at it, how about we start making the first home game in June a thing. Like the opening day to the "real season" in baseball.

Baseball is awesome basically admits irrelevancy, crucifies people for speaking out against its irrelevancy and goes cancelling games because it's cold. And well because it's an irrelevant game. Anyway least there's two other opening days to rob you blind (that aren't in poor bleak cities)

also shout out to Smid on the engagement.

Opening day

The Sox kick off the season today in Cleveland. The coldest baseball game I have ever been to was in Cleveland a few years back, that's saying something. Colder than October playoffs. It was 23 degrees and the wind coming off the lake was fucking frosty.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Bill Smiddy moved in with some broad in Braintree, so I am told.
2.Chrissy loves himself home made sausages.
3. Wrestlemania was a success.
4. Joe Martell is on a bender, like 3 weeks running.
5. Are the Bruins officially done?
6. I know what you are thinking "Did that Inferno Burger Challenge go down this weekend?", no it did not. Leaden bailed, sad day in whoville.
7. Snow in April because why not?
8. Still no one has tried the angriest whopper?
9.Who does shots of red death? Like really who does that? I am 38 not 21!
10. Chrissy will never get another dog.
11. Why do people feel like they can be rude and talk to people in a degrading manner yet expect people to help them.
12. Man margaritas would of been awfully nice this past weekend.
13. I hope that its not 25 degrees next Monday for the Sox home opener.
14. Nothing better than when someone owes you money, you forget and they pay you. Its like found cash!
15. I watched the whole season of the Ranch on Netflix. It was kind of funny (don't judge me).
16. Who ever decided no 30 packs are not enough let cram 6 more in there for a 36 pack deserves some sort of award.
17. How did I just find out about siracha mustard. Everyone knows I love mustard and hate mayo.
18. Do you think Hong Kong Dave(Or is he Apple Genius Dave) will stay in Baltimore or move back to Mass before the end of the summer?