Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening day

The Sox kick off the season today in Cleveland. The coldest baseball game I have ever been to was in Cleveland a few years back, that's saying something. Colder than October playoffs. It was 23 degrees and the wind coming off the lake was fucking frosty.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Bill Smiddy moved in with some broad in Braintree, so I am told.
2.Chrissy loves himself home made sausages.
3. Wrestlemania was a success.
4. Joe Martell is on a bender, like 3 weeks running.
5. Are the Bruins officially done?
6. I know what you are thinking "Did that Inferno Burger Challenge go down this weekend?", no it did not. Leaden bailed, sad day in whoville.
7. Snow in April because why not?
8. Still no one has tried the angriest whopper?
9.Who does shots of red death? Like really who does that? I am 38 not 21!
10. Chrissy will never get another dog.
11. Why do people feel like they can be rude and talk to people in a degrading manner yet expect people to help them.
12. Man margaritas would of been awfully nice this past weekend.
13. I hope that its not 25 degrees next Monday for the Sox home opener.
14. Nothing better than when someone owes you money, you forget and they pay you. Its like found cash!
15. I watched the whole season of the Ranch on Netflix. It was kind of funny (don't judge me).
16. Who ever decided no 30 packs are not enough let cram 6 more in there for a 36 pack deserves some sort of award.
17. How did I just find out about siracha mustard. Everyone knows I love mustard and hate mayo.
18. Do you think Hong Kong Dave(Or is he Apple Genius Dave) will stay in Baltimore or move back to Mass before the end of the summer?