Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

I hope that everyone had a nice Halloweeny weekend.  I am sure there were plenty of inner sluts out and about.  I wonder if I will get more than 1 trick or treater this year?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The Suicide wing challenge is not really a challenge for Chrissy.

2. Sound travels 4 times faster in water than it does through the air.
3. I know the word snow sends people into a panic but that doesn't mean you have to the supermarket and act like animals.
4. One of these years I will get to the Georgia Florida game.
5. The guys at the bar in Quincy 100% respected the fact Chrissy has a stache and that his stache alone would power him thorugh the wings.
6. All baby Julian does is sleep and sleep and sleep.
7. Albie doesn't think I can go the whole winter without trimming my goatee.
8. The Bruins are missing some sort of spark.
9. I cant tell what feels better - new jeans or new clean sheets?
10. Not only are Beavis and Butthead back but Fox is going to bring back In Living Colour.
11. Tim Tebow may suck as a NFL QB but he is fantasy gold. I love that everyone is"Tebowing" .
12. I am constantly looking for a new/better shaving cream. Right now I am trying Aveno, not really my thing.
13.  There is such a sense of accomplishment when you clean all the shows off of your DVR.
14. Travis Roy #24 is the only BU hockey player to have his number retired.
15. NASA is launching LEGOS into space and I have no idea why.
16. Mitchell doesn't turn her heat on until December.
17. Kris Humphries is not happy that he is being paid only $20,000 per episode to be on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The NBA lockout hurts more than I thought.
18. I guess they do not make Pepcid complete anymore.
19. I signed up for Twitter on November 15, 2010. So my Twitter birthday is this month. So far I am up to 1300 tweets and have 65 followers, the only reason I mention it is because the 15th is my moms birthday and just a weird day to sign up for Twitter.
20. If you want to make someone a badass snow globe for Christmas, with a picture in it, then use this place: Snow Globe Central. The Place is bad ass!

For those who like to gamble.  Chicken Shit bingo is the first Sunday of the month at the farm. $10.00 to win $500

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

TMX week 7

Week 7 is in the books and Tmx is back to report it!!

Tmx is a fantasy reporting media committed to 80% truth with a loose affiliation with the number 11th ranked website on the www's!

Tmx is a little late with this weeks report due to speading time in trainer rooms across the NFL. The injury bug hit hard this week!! Hightower and Graham are out for the year. Wells, Dmc, Mcgahee, Ingram, Moss, Addai and Lynch among others all suffered various injuries from walking boots, hammies to broken hands. It was the wildest week we've seen yet!! Bye weeks and waiver wire picks ups propelled teams to move up. The Beach Bums rose from 7th to a familiar spot at the top. The injuries dropped L8nite Menu from 3 down to 7. The Devils stormed out of the basement with a huge win marking the 3rd time someone has gone from last one week to first the next!! Tmx isnt in the market for self glorifying but at some point we will have to take credit for the Tmx advice leading to victories!! Facts are facts, Tmx is here to help and it is doing it.
We would be amiss if we didnt mention the newest member of Team Hoodsie, Julian Gerard. You think balancing a team with injuries is tough the Hoodsies now got a new bundle of joy to keep tabs on! Rumors circulating that Beach Bums volunteered to babysit ( the team not the newborn) Good luck Hoodsies!

This weeks winner was The Devils with a whopping 154 led by Big Ben and the KC defense! We contacted all the local dojo's and finally came across the GM of the Devils. Hey Devils its Tmx congrats- The usually talkative GM simply said " hey Tmx keep up the good work, thanks for the congratulations but we are just holding this team together by tape and have alot of work ahead of us, hoping to make a trade or two." Well Tmx is sure the rest of the league is waiting for the offers to come!! Now on to what Tmx is here for to help.

This weeks last place finisher was L8nite Menu the totals are as follows:
Ryan 16pt
Graham 1.5pts
Morris 7pts
Fitzy 9 pts
Jennings 20.5 pts
Witten 11.5 pts
Cundiff 1 pt
Ravens D 14 pts
for a total of 88.5 which is the highest low week we've had but last is last!!

First we contacted old friend of Tmx Larry Fitzgerald to ask him whats going on. Hey Fitzy whats good its Tmx how've you been? " Hey Tmx I was sorta hoping it was Kurt Warner,ha, I'm kidding whats up? Why you calling me I've been doing good." Well actually you've gone over 20pts once this year and have only 2tds? Pretty sure L8nite expects more. "wait, pump the brakes Tmx, dude knows I got Kolb as a qb no idea how this is on me when he's playing running back roullette over there, why doesnt he get a legit rb then get back to me" Eeeek. Easy Fitzy Easy. Tmx will pass that along. Well, after doing extensive research and using all our resources it seems that maybe Fitzy is right? I mean Roddy White has only gone over 20pts once as well and has only one more td so if he's able to bring Hoodsie the number one rb maybe Fitzy can get

L8nite a top 5?

The waiver wire is your friend but with all the injuries it maybe time to try and work a deal. The 3-7 fall should be a wakeup but if not Tmx is here to show you to the top!! The rb roullette seems to be stalling your push to the top!! Good luck next week L8nite. Tmx has led 3 teams from worst to first so odds are in your favor!!

Now onto the All Iggles Team

QB- TEBOW (Tmfntm) 26pts
RB- MJD (Tmfntm) 15pts
RB- S. GREENE ( Slippery Wizards) 16.5
WR- L.Moore ( Sflabohfrw) 5.5
WR- J. Jones ( Devils) 8
TE- A. Gates (Sflabohfrw) 13
Def- Bears ( Tmfntm) 15

Honorable Mention- QB Palmer (Hoodies) -3 anytime you throw a td and still finish minus? All Iggles!! Trust me Iggles love that type of stuff.

This weeks All Iggles comes in at a season low 99 points!! The bye weeks and lack of wr's hurt the Iggles despite Tmfntm doing all he cant to get the Iggles to the top with 3 players on there! The Wizards had an Iggles member every week this season with only two players on the bench he managed to give one to the Iggles!! Embarrassing or impressive up for your interpretation! Lets try and not give the Iggles any points this week!! Nobody wants to get scored on by the Iggles!!

Now onto our Tmx player of the week!!

We had some huge weeks this week KC def, Big Ben, AP, Jennings, Forte and pickup of the week Demarco Murray were all in considerations but despite not usually picking big name players as players of the week Tmx went with a two big names. Brees and Foster both playing for Beach Bums and combined for 100.5 points!! Two players who outscored 3 total teams!! An amazing feat that's begs the question how didnt Beach Bums win the week!! Either way he made the move up from 7 and is on the rise. Lets hope there are no more injuries and the injured get back soon!! Week 8 is here and take it from Hoodsie you can find waiver wire magic and you can make your team better with the right trade!!

Tmx for the people........til next week good luck.

Jonas Hiller

You all know I love Mustcahes and a hockey mask full of mustaches is right up my alley.
According to this is the mask that Jonas Hiller will be wearing for Movember...

Wing On!

If anyone wants to stop by the South Side Tavern this Friday night to watch Chrissy try the hot wing challenge let me know.

You get an order of 8 of the hottest wings they can make. There is no time limit for you to eat them. There are no condiments, no drinks during and up till 6 minutes after the last wing.

Right now there is a crew of about 10 of us going to support him.

Rumor has it this will be the 1st webisode of the chuckie and chrissy show!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Make mine Hard!

How ironic that if you have an "Arnold Palmer" you may no longer be able to drink and drive.

The popular drink -- half lemonade, half iced tea -- named for the Hall of Famer golfer, is coming out with an alcohol version.

"Arnold Palmer Hard" will be distributed by the parent company of AriZona Beverages who make the non-alcohol version. "We are pleased to expand our Arnold Palmer beverage brand to include an alcoholic option," said Don Vultaggio, Chairman of Hornell Brewing Company.

The drink will eventually be available nationally but is already on shelves in Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon and of course in Palmer's home state of Pennsylvania.

Wait this shit is already out?? How come we haven't fucked up a case at Sunday Supper Club??

Monday, October 24, 2011

Congrats all around

Congrats to Jeffrey and Sarah on a baby boy, Julian Gerard Lundrigan. He was born this morning at 2:42 am, weighing in at 6 lbs 10.5 oz's and 19 inches long.

Congrats to Kristine(StyleGal) and Joel  to tieing the knot this past Saturday, in a lovely ceremony at the Marlowe hotel.

Congrats to my brother Tommy on one year of sobriety! Takes a lot and hopefully he has won his battle with demons.
This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently it is state law that every institution must have a pump room for new mothers to pump milk.
2. If your wedding DJ is also the Bruins DJ you can get photos with the ring:
3. The first Dunking Donuts was in Quincy, Ma and so was the first Howard Johnsons. Not bad for the City of Presidents.
4. I know people say gnocci is like a pillow of heaven, then I don't like to put my head head on that pillow because I tried it for the first time and it was not for me.
5. Some people are afraid of midgets and some people are afraid of my affinity for midgets.
6. Cigar rolling at weddings is a pretty good option. Doesn't hurt that the cigars were damn tasty.
7. If you give a girl anything  thats pink they automatically love it just a slightly bit more.
8. Sometimes old people should mind their business.
9. I guess it is wrong to have the NFL game center on in church when you have to sit through a 1.5 hour baby baptism.
10. The Papa Ginos XL pizza is a total waste of $2.00. It bumps a large pizza from a 16 inch to 17 inches and you cant even tell the difference.
11. The key to a great open bar(besides having tons of ones) is eating an early lunch so you can rip through mixed drinks.
12. Even though you charge your camera battery maybe you should double check to make sure it effing worked!
13. Katie knows how to carve up a pumpkin:

14. Dudes should never ever take off their shoes on a dance floor, especially if you are not wearing socks.
15. There is nothing you can really say or do when  your dog pisses on someones leg at a dog park.
16. Try the Mudhouse in Dorchesterday if you are looking for a nice sandwich.
17. If you like Pearl Jam you should check out the Cameron Crow Documentary Pearl Jam 20. Well done, smart and insightful. Wish there was more Eddie though.
18. Nachos are a perfectly good dinner option.
19. Have you checked out 2 Broke Girls on Mondays? It is pretty funny and raunchy at the same time.
20. Dunkin Donuts is rolling out a Kelbasa sandwich in the next 2 weeks. It is pretty damn tasty.
21. I guess they have "rules" on what you are supposed to give for each anniversary? Who knew? Chiefdude just celebrated his 6th and that was iron...
22. A french cuff shirt is $70.00?? Shouldn't it be cheaper? It has less buttons.

I had a great time at the Robinsons wedding on Saturday! Lets hope they have a nice relaxing time in Aruba.

Friday, October 21, 2011


On January 15, 2012, the price of a Powerball ticket will go from $1 to $2. Along with the price change, the odds of winning will increase, as will the game’s starting jackpot. The changes will coincide with the 20th anniversary of Powerball in 2012.

The Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) is a non-profit association that represents the 33 original state lotteries that participate in Powerball. MUSL oversees the administration of the multi-state jackpot game. The Massachusetts Lottery joined the Powerball game in 2010 and is not a MUSL member. As such, Massachusetts does not have a vote on matters pertaining to the game. Similarly, MUSL member lotteries do not have voting powers in Mega Millions – the multi-state game in which Massachusetts was a founding member.

Several exciting improvements will be made to Powerball. The first five numbers will still be chosen from 1 to 59, but the Power Ball number will shrink from 39 to 35 available numbers, giving players better odds. The current odds of winning the jackpot are approximately 1:195 million. With the game changes, those odds will drop to approximately 1:175 million. Also, the starting top prize will double to $40 million. The prize for matching the first five numbers, but not the Power Ball also will increase to $1 million, up from $200,000.
Powerball is played in 42 states, including Massachusetts, and in Washington, D.C.

We will continue to notify you on these forthcoming changes to Powerball as we receive more detailed information from MUSL. You can visit us here at or go to in the coming months for more information.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TMX week 6 review

TMX week 6 review coming to you from the SSSC complex!!

Tmx is a fantasy reporting media committed to 85% truth ( which we were told is more truthful than the bible) and is loosely associated with the number 9 reporting website in the world.

It was another wild week that came down to MONDAY NIGHT ACTION before we had a winner. Sflabohfrw pulled out the victory! This is the second week in a row that the team that came in last the prior week climbed to first!! The league is wide open! The Slippery Wizards lead is shrinking and the difference from 2-8 is only 51pts!! This week we had the always polite and classy "hammy chant" going and we actually had a victim. Peyton Hillis to get an MRI on the hammy.

The Devils had another starter go down with Felix Jones sidelined for a couple weeks. The SSSC complex was near capacity this week with Villenz in the house. Eddie Pinnette also made his first appearance. Before we go any further Tmx must address the "hope he breaks his arm" comment that was said on Sunday. At no point does Tmx condone such hopes. Stay classy Villenz. Now on to the review- The one point come from behind victory on Monday night gave Sflabo the win. Tmx made a call to Sflabo. Hey its Tmx congrats on the win!! " Thanks. thanks. Our receivers caught the ball, running backs made plays, the quarterback made the right throws and of course our defense stepped up. Real happy with the win. Thanks we gotta go get ready for next week, another big week. Bye."
Hmm does Bill Belichick run Sflabo? Sure sounds like it. Tmx doesnt play vanilla so we made a 2nd call to Eddie Pinnette. Hey Eddie its TMX whats going on? " oh no you didnt!! Tmx!! Whats good!! Love you guys!! Look I had a great time at the complex loved the good eats and now i'm off to go show my ass. One love tmx" Wait wait Eddie I wanted to ask you about some recent trades and trade rumors. "CLICK". Well I guess Eddie had to go. There are tons of trade talks and even some trade controversies swirling around.  Stay tuned now on to what we  are here for TO HELP.

This weeks last place finisher was White Devils.
The totals are as follows:
Roethlisberger 14pts
Sjax 13pts
Fjones 3pts
J.Jones 9.5pts
M. Wallace 14pts
JFinley 2.5pts
Crosby 6pts
Vikes D 3pts

for a total of 65 pts the lowest of the season thus far. Tmx doesnt have all the answers but we did some research and made some calls to try and help Devils. It looks like the Devils locker room is complete chaos, worse than the Red Sox. Thats the only way to explain all the injuries and sub-par performances!! Beer and chicken? WE THINK NOT. Its looking more like recreational drunks and orgies. The Wizards may be able to dabble in that but apparently the Devils cant. They either need to clean house on that roster or have a team meeting and address the issue before they clinch last place. Its like a bachelor party gone wild in there right now and they dont even see it. Pretty sure there's upcharges going on, dojos the whole nine which is fine but you have to have a leader and right now the Devils dont have one. I hope they can address that locker-room before its too late. Tmx tried to call each and every player on the roster but further proving the point all calls went to voicemail, maybe up late celebrating lowest week? The Villenz are ahead by only 39 points so there is hope and alot of time.Good luck Devils. The bye weeks are upon us so roster management is crucial, ask the Villenz and their 3 wrs on a bye. Now onto the All Iggles team, coached this week by Al Davis- Just Win baby.

QB- M. Sanchez 20pts ( Villenz)
RB- C. Benson 11.5 ( I Have No Legs)
RB- D. Sproles 9 ( Slippery Wizards)
WR- J. Maclin 17.5(Slippery Wizards)
WR- N. Burelson 11 ( Jerkshots)
TE- A. Hernandez 15 ( Devils)
D- Bears 21 ( Tmfntm)
K- Tony Franklin

With the bye week All Iggles finished with its worse week!! 105 was the grand total. Jerkshots made its first appearance on the All Iggles i'm sure he's pleased. The Slippery Wizards are on here every week Tmx may make them honorary captain. Tmx did find out that he attempts to trade his All Iggles players but the curse of first scares any suitors off apparently. Week 7 is a huge bye week with some big names taking the week off so we anticipated alot of movement in the standings and many owners are scrambling. The trade rumors are running wild with this weeks hot name Brandon Lloyd being shopped. A side note a few owners are really disappointed in the lack of offers sent there way and there was talk the Commishner letting lopsided trades through. " Guess you cant spell commish without Commi in it, you see whats going on here Tmx why dont you report it, friends are helping each others teams" Tmx is committed to 85% truth in all reporting and rumors and innuendos have no place here. Sometimes you make bad trades I guess is how to describe giving up certain players and getting little in return. Happens every year just have to keep trying and maybe you'll get a Drew Brees or a Megatron or a Freddie Jax at a discount rate. Good luck this week and hope everyone stays healthy. Tmx can be reached at all hours for any breaking news as usual thank you to our INSIDERS who keep Tmx ahead of all other fantasy media outlets!! See you next week

You thought we forgot at TMX but here it is. The Player of the week.

Tmx had quite few guys to choose from for player of the week Michael Turner showed up, FJax did his thing , Josh Freeman made up for last week, Frank Gore HEARD the complaints and ran harder and of course the Jets D but this weeks TMX player of the week goes to Ahmad Bradshaw. Team Hoodsie took alot of time making this pick and seemed stressed but I'm sure was relieved this week when he dropped 3 tds all this despite a member at the SSSC complex screaming for Eli to throw a td! Congrats team Hoodsie and Mr. Bradshaw.

Monday, October 17, 2011

You cant have this...

JohnnyB told me about the meat monster; so I had to look it up. After reading about it, all I could think about is how Supah P has been making his own surf and turf burgers from Mickey Ds for years - 1 QP with cheese and a Filet O fish jammed together on the burger bun. Now where is his royalties Mr Mickey Ds. - Fast food chains like McDonald's don't become global brands by cooking up the same old burgers and fries in every country.

Chains wishing to hang a shingle in a new country generally follow a strategy known as "localization," tailoring their menus to fit local tastes. In some cases it's subtle (in China, for instance, you can get chili garlic sauce with your McNuggets) while in other cases the menu is almost unrecognizable (in India, you won't find any beef or pork at burger chains).

That means that fast food fans in other countries get menu items that Americans can only dream of. Here are a few we wish we could have.

The Meat Monster (Burger King, Japan)

When most people want to put something on their burgers, they usually think of toppings like cheese, bacon, onions and tomatoes. The geniuses at Burger King put all of that on, then decided to throw on a chicken breast for good measure.

The result is the Meat Monster, a sandwich available at Burger King in Japan only. Perhaps the beast of a burger was meant to appeal to Japan's love of kaiju (monster) movies; in any case, we know it appeals to us. Bring this one stateside, Burger King.

McVeggie (McDonald's, India)

McDonald's has never been a preferred destination for vegetarians. While the fries no longer contain beef flavoring (the company discontinued the practice in 2001 in response to a lawsuit), meat-free customers still don't have too many choices beyond a few token salads.

Things are a bit different in India, though. Hinduism is the dominant religion there, which forbids consumption of beef and pork, and vegetarianism is widespread. The result is the rare spectacle of a McDonald's with no hamburgers. In addition to the standard Filet-O-Fish, you also get the Chicken Maharaja Mac and the McVeggie, the latter of which uses bread, potato, peas, carrots and Indian spices.

McZüri (McDonald's, Switzerland)
Starting this month, McDonald's Switzerland has starting rolling out experimental new items that cater to local tastes. While the McGrillschnägg — a sausage made from Swiss pork — certainly looks appetizing, the standout star for us is the McZüri, made from 100% Swiss veal. Yes, we said veal. The patty is accompanied by mushrooms and caramelized onions. Apparently McDonald's is a bit more upscale in Europe.

Paneer Tikka Sub (Subway, India)

Subway's menu isn't as beef-intensive as McDonald's meat-centric offerings, so its 223 Indian locations aren't as unrecognizable as McDonald's Indian restaurants. But there's definitely some local flavor there in addition to the usual lineup for sandwiches, including chicken tandoori and tikka subs. And there are plenty of options for vegetarian customers, including the paneer tikka, which the site describes as "cottage cheese slices marinated with barbeque seasoning and roasted to a light crispness."

Krushers (KFC, Germany)

In the U.S., KFC has focused on chicken products and generally stayed away from doing anything too creative in the dessert space, but in other countries it's a much different story. KFC locations in Australia, Germany, South Africa and other countries offer a line of dessert drinks known as Krushers, which come in such flavors as mango, strawberry, Kit Kat and Triple Choc Crunch. The drinks are mixed with large chunks of fruit or candy (including sliced-up strawberries and Oreo cookies). To slurp up the chunks, the drinks come with extra-wide straws.

Bubur Ayam McD (McDonald's, Malaysia)

Apparently bubur ayam — which translates to "chicken broth," according to Google — is a traditional Malaysian dish. And according to the English-language McDonald's Malaysia website, the Bubur Ayam McD consists of "juicy chicken strips in mouth-watering porridge, garnished with spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies ... just like mum's cooking!" We're guessing that this dish won't be coming to the U.S. anytime soon, but we'd still be curious to try it.

Trio Supremo (Burger King, Brazil)

Burger King is now owned by a Brazilian company, 3G Capital, so we expect the Brazilian locations to have top-notch cuisine. And Burger King Brazil has indeed come up big with the Trio Supremo, which comes with chicken nuggets, onion rings and French fries smothered in cheddar cheese and bacon bits. The whole thing amounts to 1,072 calories and 58 grams of fat. As far as we're concerned, America is up to the challenge of this one.

This year is cruising

There has been a Shaun Larry sighting. The kid is alive and kicking.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Homeland on Showtime is pretty badass.
2. The first Tonka truck was made in 1947.
3. Don't fuck with Eddie Pinnette.
4. Pumkin carving is fun for the whole family.
5. The chocolate chip cookie was invented in Whitman mass in 1933.
6. Franklin goes in for surgery tomorrow. Good luck Frank!
7. Good times remembering the Harbor Light mall this weekend.
8. Who starts a conversation asking what someone voted for? Kinda rude right?
9. Always funny when someone shows their ass, especially on TV at night.
10. Rumors are a plenty that Gunnah, Phelpsy and Rob will be at this years hockey game.
11. I think whoopie pies are the shit and actually under rated.
12. Margaritas is a cougar haven and the food aint half bad.
13. Its time to switch from iced coffee to regular hot coffee.
14. One of my favorite things about peoples weddings is buying a new tie for my suit.
15. The 11th Annual Harvest Moon Mixer is coming in November.
16. Im in the market for a rug steam cleaner. Anyone have any suggestions?
17. Lots of people texting  me about when the 1st episode of The Chuckie and Chrissys show will be up on the blog. I don't know when those 2 clowns will get back together.
18. Hopefully everything works out for the Skza!

Here is to the nice fall weather, oh and raking up a shit ton of leaves.

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are Fucked

food on the table

The number of Americans who lack access to basic necessities like food and health care is now higher than it was at the peak of the Great Recession, a survey released Thursday found. And in a finding that could worsen fears of U.S. decline, the share of Americans struggling to put food on the table is now three times as large as the share of the Chinese population in the same position.

The United States' Basic Index Score, a Gallup measure of access to necessities, fell to 81.4 in September--even lower than the 81.5 mark it reached in February and March, 2009. The recession officially ended in June of that year, but the halting recovery hasn't given a sustained boost to the number of Americans able to provide for themselves. The government reported last month that a record number of Americans is living in poverty.

Between September 2008 and last month, the share of Americans with access to a personal doctor plummeted from 82.5 percent to 78.3 percent. The share with health insurance fell from 85.9 percent to 82.3 percent. And the share saying they had enough money to buy food for themselves and their family dropped from 81.1 percent to 80.1 percent. Gallup's surveys are based on phone and in-person interviews.

Meanwhile, Gallup found that just 6 percent of Chinese said there were times in the past 12 months when they lacked enough money for food for themselves or their family, compared to 19 percent of Americans. Just three years ago, those results were almost reversed: 16 percent of Chinese couldn't put food on the table at times, compared to 9 percent of Americans.

See when you have over a billion people to feed its hard to find food for everyone ahhh wait a second we have less food than China WTF?

The Chuckie and Chrissy Show(sung to the itchy ans scratchie show theme)

The 1st official Chuckie and Chrissy show debuted this past Monday at the Garden for the Bs game, then off to the Red Hat for wings and mudslides lastly finishing at Tresca for cougars and a proverbial cherry on the shitshow sundae.

I guess they had a blast. Rumor has it they are trying to make it a once a month get together. They are in the process of getting a HD Flip camera to film their escapades so we can show em here on this blog. The problem they are running into is Chrissy has no money and this project is being only funded by the Chuckie side of the show.

PS Chrissy has puke on his shoes and is trying to get new shoes into the budget.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Galaxy S2

Apple’s iPhone 4 may have been the favorite to win best smartphone of the year at the annual T3 awards show, but it was Samsung’s Galaxy S II that walked away with the prestigious award.

Organized by the UK-based website T3 and now in its fifth year, the awards show has come to be recognized as one of the most prominent annual presentations of the best of the year’s consumer electronics offerings,

The iPhone 4 was expected to earn the top nod in the smartphone category, due to its record-breaking sales on its first day of release and its status as the last iPhone to launch under Steve Jobs’ tenure. However, it was Samsung’s celebrated Galaxy S II that won the day.

Among the potential reasons many cite for the iPhone missing out on the “best smartphone” award is its notorious tendency to drop calls due to problems with its antenna placement.

Along with the Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4, other phones nominated in the category include the HTC Incredible S, Motorola Atrix, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, and the HTC Sensation.

I have never heard this said as plain or as well. Class war at its best.

Someone sent this to me on email but I thought I would share...

The folks who are getting the free shit, don't like the folks who are paying for the free shit,

Because the folks who are paying for the free shit,
Can no longer afford to pay for both the free shit and their own shit,


The folks who are paying for the free shit,
Want the free shit to stop.
and the the folks who are getting the free shit,
Want even more free shit on top of the free shit they are already getting!

Now... The people who are forcing the people who Pay for the free shit,
Have told the people who are RECEIVING the free shit,
That the people who are PAYING for the free shit,
Are being mean, prejudiced, and racist.

So... the people who are GETTING the free shit,
Have been convinced they need to hate the people who are paying for the free shit,
By the people who are forcing some people to pay for their free shit,
And giving them the free shit in the first place.

We have let the free shit giving go on for so long that there are
Now more people getting free shit than paying for the free shit.
Now understand this. All great democracies have committed financial suicide
somewhere between 200 and 250 years after being founded. The reason?

The voters figured out they could vote themselves money from the treasury by electing
people who promised to give them money from the treasury in exchange for electing them.

The United States officially became a Republic in 1776, 231 years ago. The number of people now
getting free shit outnumbers the people paying for the free shit. We have one chance to change that
in 2012. Failure to change that spells the end of the United States as we know it.


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I'M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!

Let's Take a Stand!!!

TMX week 5 review

Reporting from the Tmx SSSC complex its your week 5 fantasy recap!!

Tmx is a fantasy reporting media committed to 85% truth in all reports with a loose affiliation with the number 12 ranked website on the world wide web! What a week it was! We had some huge waiver wire pickups and some big trades go down. We also had our first positive result from Tmx's assistance!! FINALLY Dillons Villenz took the advice and made a trade. It was under a cloud of suspicion with one owner saying " so that kid will only trade with his boss? I offered him far more but I guess if my boss says trade or look for new employment, I make the deal too" Tmx doesnt believe there was any team fixing but LOVES controversy. There was also a report that team Slippery Wizards were in serious negotiations to bring a former owner on board as director of player personnel.  This hasnt officially happened as Slippery Wizards owner compared himself to Bobby Brown leaving New Edition and finally making it.

The winner with help from his trade was Dillons Villenz holding off Jerkshots by just two points!! Tmx made numerous attempts to reach Dillons Villenz but he is boycotting Tmx for leaking out that he has THREE wr's on a bye in week 7. He said there's no way he can get fair market value for a wr when the league knows he will have to drop one. Tmx's giveth Tmx taketh, could have at least accepted congratulations for the win but week 5 and the claws are out. Tmx also heard a "pull your hammy chant" at the complex aimed at another teams player. Tmx never condones rooting for injuries!!!! Now onto to what Tmx is here for TO HELP!

This weeks last place finisher was Sflabohfrw with a total of 84 points. The breakdown is as follows:
Freeman 2pts
Forte 21pts
Lynch 19pts
Nicks 14pts
S. Rice 5pts
Gonzalez 9pts
Hanson 6pts
 Jets D 8pts

This is probably the easiest assist Tmx can give. The bye weeks are upon us and many owners get ansy and start to over analyze things. Sflabohfrw did this!! He had the beast Ray Rice on a bye so hits the wire and grabs Marshawn Lynch who gives him a huge 19pt effort-great move BUT then he out thinks himself and sits his number one quarterback Matt Schaub for Josh Freeman. I know the thought is Andre Johnson out I'll go with Freeman but thats way too much thought. Passing teams are gonna pass and Houston is a passing team Schaub threw for over 400 yds (Tmx hears Slippery Wizards yelling no bonus as we type) and two tds for 29pts to Freeman measley 2. That swing is huge and probably not the norm in an overthinking case but the whole league can learn from Sflabohfrw!!
Tmx made a call to Josh Freeman to see what happened. Hey Josh its Tmx what's up? " Tmx wow I check your tweets all the time you never mention me, whats going on? This about my rough week?" Well yeah Josh it is what happened out there? Two points? You're better than that! " yeah I am but right now we aint clicking, I mean anyone seen Mike Williams? I got no-one making plays but put this down Tmx I will never have another 2 point outing and thats on dogs!! You got that? Later Tmx keep tweeting" Wow Tmx loves the confidence and after some research about that "on dogs" comment apparently Mr. Freeman thought we were DMX and thats who's tweets he follows?

Oh well, now onto the all Iggles team:

QB- Roethlisberger 37pts (Devils)
RB- Benjarvis Green-Ellis 31.5 ( L8nitemenu)
RB- D. Williams 22 (Sflabohfrw)
WR- Cruz 30 (L8nitemenu)
WR- Floyd 22.5 ( Devils)
TE- Pettigrew 11 ( Nolegs)
D- Raiders 17 (Sflabohfrw)

This week the Iggles in a bye week put up a whopping 171!! Pretty impressive. L8nitemenu and Devils must be giving the Iggles a wedding gift with the points they gave up this week!! Tmx is attempting to get Iggles to put out his start of the week so that we can make sure that player does not end up on his team at weeks end but as of yet there is issues with compensation as there always is with Igglestein but due stay tuned.

This week we have an odd Tmx player of the week. Tmx saw what stars like Megatron, AP, and the like did also had serious thought about Dwayne Bowe, Javid Best and the Niners defense but instead this weeks player of the week is not a player but an owner!! Beach Bums you're getting the player of the week!! Your trades to Villenz helped them win the week!! 48pts he got off the two players and the trade to Hoodsie giving up the leading rb in the league got him 47!! Tmx knows one week does not define a trade and assumes you are hoping Mendy gets healthy and White goes off but this week you are the Tmx player of the week!! Keep the trades coming and stay alert on the waiver wires with the bye weeks in full swing! Also Tmx in full disclosure reminds everyone that team Jerkshots have both qbs on a bye this week. TMX IS HERE TO HELP.

Good luck in week 6 and hope everyone stays healthy its getting tight up at the top and bottom!!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Burger King introduces the 2,500 Pizza Burger

Burger King, the fast food chain, is to introduce the 'Pizza Burger’, a 2,520-calorie covered in mozzarella, pepperoni and pesto and marinara sauce.

 Burger King, the fast food chain, is to introduce the 'Pizza Burger’ 12:29AM BST 23 Aug 2010

The NY Pizza Burger, due to debut next month at Burger King’s new New York flagship Whopper Bar restaurant, is four times the size of the chain’s Whopper, comes on a nine-and-a-half inch sesame bun, and is just over the 2,500 daily calorie allowance for men.

The Pizza Burger contains 144g of fat, 59g of which is saturated, 3,780mg of salt, which is more than double the daily limit for adults, and will cost $13, or £8.40.

Burger King have emphasised that the new offering is meant to be shared, but John Schaufelberger, Burger King’s vice-president, said it “demonstrates the type of menu offerings our guests can expect.”

The Pizza Burger is the latest in a line of calorific snacks to be introduced in the US. In May, a 2,000-calorie milkshake that is the equivalent of eating 68 rashers of bacon was named the worst drink in America.
The Cold Stone PB&C, containing 2,010 calories is made with chocolate ice cream, milk and peanut butter.

And in April, KFC introduced the 1,228 calorie Double Down, consisting of two chicken breast fillets acting as a bun, with a filling of bacon, two melted slices of cheese and mayonnaise.

So basically if one(Chrissy) was to eat this whole pizza burger in one sitting it is all your calorie intake for the day? I say go at it, kill it, fuck it up, bigger the thrills bigger the bills type shit. Will every BK in America have this? I see a prefect eating challenge between Mario and Charlie. Who can devour this burger and 2 large fries and in what time frame. This is a Saturday afternoon turned into a balls out drunkfest. Who is coming to pizzaburgerville??


Does anyone actually say wowza? HA HA the word makes me laugh. Why am I working on a holiday, oh yeah thats right BECAUSE I LIKE MONEY.

I was going to do a recap of the B's games I attended again this year but I am not sure last years title run could be topped. So I guess, I will do it when I feel like something not on par with the norm  has happened and people need to know about it.

Now onto what I learned while watching the banner being raised:

1. The ceremony to raise the banner was a tad bit long but hell 39 years will do that(I took about 40 pictures but these seem to tell the story the best):

2. Apparently BK has a 2500 calorie burger thats meant to be shared(more on that later).
3.  Rob has a little Ginger Ninja who runs shit!
4. Rio, Big Bob and the family are ripping up Disney as we speak.
5. Mikey T, picked up right where he left off grabbing 2 FanFotos. Over under on nu,ber of fanfotos he gets on the year is set at 23.5.
6. Does this look like a man ready to defend the cup:
7. The Chuckie and Chrissy show starts today at 11am near the Garden and continues until the women and children are put to bed.
8. What could possibly dug this hole in my front yard:
9. The XXX wings at the Fat Cat never stood a chance with Chrissy. He tore them sonofabitches up!
10. I don't know what Mungo likes more free food or free things he cant take home.
11. I had no clue Gunnah moved over to Southie.
12. Who would of known MikeyT would kill the Tune Triva and I would kill the helmet shuffle. Bizzaro world.
13. Hanging with friends takes too damn long to play one game. I am this close || to removing the game.
14. Bulldogs are apparently on the no fly list due to respitory issues.
15.  Robs wife, Katie, thinks that Jeffrey and Sarah are going to have a girl. She is due on October 24th. Anyone want to start a pool for date and sex?
16. Joe Q is a maniac if he bets anything over $20 on a college game.
17. I don;t know if I can keep up with all the roster moves in Fantasy hockey.
18. Windows 7 is very hard to get used to. I don't think I like these changes.
19. Neighborhood politics are not for me. I just want to give a nice wave maybe a smile and be about my business.
20. The Stanley Cup is sexy:

21. Why does everyone try to push children on you just because "you are not getting any younger". Doesn't anyone believe in gods will and when the time is right anymore?
22. Tough loss by the Giants have knocked many of people of emilination pools.

Till next week.