Friday, April 29, 2011

Clams Casino the whole 9

In honor of of Chad "Cheeseball" Carroll...The Nordic Lodge is now open for the season!! Now I have never been here but Cheeseball swears by it. We love food here at drunknothings but we love road trips even more.  So who is in for a 2 hour eating extravaganza?  Sign up with William J. Smiddy via text 781-632-3296 or email

(click on the pic below to check out their site)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Game 7 is in the books

Game 7 versus the Canadians. Its win or go home time.
This is how the day of drinking started out:
This guy was parked outside of Mcganns and told MikeyT that he didn't need any money. I mean some money could of at least got him a hotel room but with the Subway and orange juice at least he is fed!

I am sad to say that the Mcganns experience is dead, even though they have grown up happy meals from 11am to 3pm everyday, a burger, fries and a 16oz draft for $5.95. The place started out like a house of fire but in the end it fizzled out and was just a hot sweaty bar that had MIX 104.1 giving out stupid shit.Go suck on that one!

The crew rolling to the game is Big Bob w his 1992 Timex indiglo childs watch, Mario, Supah P, MikeyT, Brian Folan and myself. We were pulling out all the stops.  Making sure we were into the game before the puck drops, finding Jimmy,  MikeyT whoring himself out to all the fanphoto guys and gals plus making sure we secured as many towels as we could.

The crowd was into it. The place was rocking and every one was on the edge of their seats. We would not be disappointed, as the Bruins quickly built a 2-0 lead in the opening 5 minutes. Weren't we here last year game 7 versus the Flyers? Oh yeah we were and FUCKING CHRISSY JINXED THEM!! And as if on Que I get this text from Chrissy after the 2nd goal "It's all over, bring on philly!! Deegan u suck!" Lets just say it was not well received especially when Montreal scored on a power play, 2-1.

In between periods we meet up at the Hub bar but there is no Supah P or Folan. No big deal probably got caught up in a line(not that kind of line people) or something. They may not of met up but this guy did:
(note the picture of the picture on the camera phone on the left!)

The second period was just as intense as the 1st with the Canadians getting a short handed goal to tie it all up at 2. This game had tons of action, lots of hitting, and plenty of diving from the Canadians.

Back to the Hub bar and still no Supah P or Folan but we did get a prime table. We took some fanfotos(But they were not up at the time of this posting) and went back for 20 more minutes of action.

 If we were going to win and move on, I felt like it had to be in the 3rd. The was a  feeling of anxiety running throughout the Garden. It was like everyone was on their edge of their seats waiting for Montreal to score a back breaking 3rd goal and pull out in front. After battling for 15 minutes Chris "The Garbageman" Kelly put the B's ahead 3-2. The place went bonkers. Cats hugging dogs, lesbians kissing straight men, black was now white and hell froze over. Just over 4 minutes to go and all we have to do is hold on. We can move on to Philly! Somewhere in the back of our heads we all knew it was too good to be true. They hadn't had a power play in a whi....ooops spoke to soon. Power Play and GOAL for PK FUCKING SUBBAN! ONE MINUTE AND FIFTY THREE SECONDS IS ALL WE NEEDED TO MOVE ON! UGGGHHHH. The air just got sucked out of the building. That creeping inevitability washing over the 17,565 in attendance. We just played one of the best games ever and we may fucking lose. Sudden death overtime, where one goal ends a season and one goal propels someone to be a hero for the city. What will it be Bruins? Feast or famine? Win or go home?

We are heading to Philadephia bitches. I am not a fan of the whole revenge angle. I am not going to say we owe these guys from last year. What happened last year was just that LAST YEAR. What I do know is someone needs to tell Lucic to get his head out of his own ass and for the next 2 days they should practice nothing but getting traffic in front of the net. Also can the kid get to suit up for a game or two? He can do everything that I have seen Soupy and Thornton do.

 Till my next game kids...12 more wins to the Cup.

P.S. the reason Supah P and Folan were no shows?? Dudes were upstairs getting free beers - YES FREE BEERS!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

P.S I Love You is a must see movie for hopeless romantics like myself. Gerard Butler earned my love because of his character in that movie. How can you not love a man who arranges to have love letters sent to his wife after he dies? It can happen! Ok, if that's not your style for movies then see him in 300. You will NOT be disappointed!! I can't actually describe that movie because I watched it with the mute button on but I'm sure it was good...

Either way he's worth cheking out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

...and the winner is

The number one park we visited SO FAR is Pac Bell Park in San Francisco!! ( its actually at&t park now) from the time we got off the plane this trip was bound to be epic!  
We were on the first flight across the country post 9/11 and I wasn't scared in the least partly because we had Big L and Brighty (now better known as dj brighto) in tow for this one. We even rented a caravan! I also almost killed the whole crew driving the caravan and was told I couldn't drive anymore, apparently they are longer than I thought and almost got t-boned, oh well it happens! Brighty was in charge of the hotel and it was PINK. We called it the pinky tuscadaro hotel the whole time, lets just say this place made the haunted hotel in Chicago look good.
San Fran is a great city with tons of stuff to see and we saw it all. Rode the trolley car, checked out their Chinatown area and even went to Alcatraz.
Full on tourist mode! The weather was great and we  had seats in the reserved level which it took us awhile to find as the ushers kept telling us to go to some other section. Guess they didn't think we were VIP which of course we were. We sat in left field and the sun was straight on us prompting Big L to put on a Jeff Kent type get up and the guy behind us giving him some sunblock for his pasty white-ness. We also witnessed a Bonds hr as he was on his way to become the HR king. The park was spacious and beautiful with the water behind it. They also have a smaller replica park for kids to play in and I'm pretty sure Chrissy heckled the kids in there! On the way over we saw a couple old timers who told us " you have to have the garlic fries" probably the best advice ever. They are absolutely awesome!! The park and the game was great! One member of the crew did get threatened with violence due to remark by some sensitive gentlemen."all fun and games till ...."   Don't ask don't tell is all I'll say.  After a full day at the park and of boozing we decide to roll into a restaurant called The House of Prime RIb. 
The place was pretty fancy and had only cuts of Prime Rib on the menu!! I was pumped!! I don't think they were ready to be entertained by this band  fresh from the ball game charged up Bostonians so we waited a bit and decided the wait was too long and left. I however felt we needed a memento!! Who would believe the menu only has prime rib on it? NO ONE!! So with the help of D I was going to get one! Mind you they have the huge laminated type that open up it wasn't going to be an easy task! Derek quickly solves that by shoving it down my back!! I was a little tipsy as we all were but I could see the menu sticking out over my collar and said " D I think we need to push it down, I look like I got a neck brace like Brian Cox used to wear" He pats me on my back says no bud just walk out like nothings wrong!! We made it out with a few stares but I'm pretty sure no one wanted to deal with this crew so away we go! ( sadly due to circumstances beyond my control the menu, a book and a pic of the crew at Alcatraz never made it home) We continued on to see more of lovely San Fran. 
*EDITORS NOTE- The following story has several versions I will tell you one mans* As we were heading to hit some bars we were at a MAJOR intersection, if there weren't 12 lanes it was close. Big L wasn't paying attention and I told him lets go as I attempt to push the big guy out of harms way a local street tough sweeps my leg sending me, my menu and my sneakers all over the road!! Luckily Big L returned the favor and in one swoop grabbed me by my belt loop and my shoe in the other hand and carried me across the street! The local street tough is lucky we never crossed paths on the trip.
   There are tons of homeless in San Fran and we had several interactions with them. We had bought beers for the room and never got around to drinking them so we decided to donate them. Yup driving through the streets calling the homeless over and giving out cold beers!! Some of the homeless probably still look for that caravan!  One dude tried to get in the door and met a Big L paw to the chest!! We also took in a 49ers game while out there and paid huge money to sit on the roof, as in right by the sun!!  We were so high up it looked like a pee wee football game! The scalper we bought the tickets from could have been the smelliest human being ever, the caravan stunk even after the game! The people of San Fran were laid back I'm pretty sure someone had an "encounter" with a Chicago Blackhawk's wife. Full story disclosed next baseball trip! I could write for days on this trip but the last story I will tell is of taking a trip to a gentleman's club and one of the members of the crew having his money taking by the entertainment! This unfortunate incident led to doors being kicked words being exchanged and a long walk home thru the homeless. I am sure that the homeless didn't deserve the words that were being hurled at them but there was anger and lots of it over losing 200 plus dollars. The longer we walked the more homeless got insulted and I turned around to see a posse of homeless, it looked like the Michael Jackson Thriller video!! 
Brighty looks at me and Chrissy and says lets fight them?! Chrissy replies I'm not much of a fighter but Im ready . Now there's like 20 of them yelling and screaming cooler heads prevailed and we just jogged out of harms way. All and all it was the best baseball trip filled with tons of laughter and THE REASON WE LIFT ALL THOSE WEIGHTS! K, maybe I just like saying that but it is the reason we all get together once a year and experience the fun that is the baseball trip!! 
If you haven't been on one and even if you have- Lets make it happen! Milwaukee anyone? Kansas City? anywhere I'm in!! Start saving people and make it happen.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Ha ha

Someone just sent me this lovely site and I thought I would share with you guys:

I skipped through it and laughed a few times.

Monday oh Monday

I hope everyone enjoyed the nice weather we had this weekend.  I know it only got up to 74 yesterday but I still managed to get a little color.

Lets move on to what I learned this weekend:
1. Hull is better known as Brockton by the sea. Who knew?
2. Boyz II Men still have it:

3. Only 5 Bruins have ever scored 50 goals in a season. Can you name them without looking them up? I know some one who can.
4. William J Smiddy don't like Mark Rayne...not one effing bit.
5.  Jeffrey and Sarah are having a baby. If it is a boy, Derek  is a great name!
6. The Twin Rivers casino isn't  bad. I mean you do have to buy your own drinks but it is only 40 minutes away.
7. It is never a good thing when your dog rips his stitches. 
8. I guess people hate shoot outs in the playoffs...WAIT WHAT!?
9. Remick's had a very nice looking menu but I only got a burger. Seems like its right up Smiddy's wheel house.
11. Jeff Corwin shops at the feed store in Scituate. Just an everyday man.
12. I am so glad Lent is over. I didn't think giving up snacks, snacking and candy could be that hard.
13. The Sox are on a roll and everyone is back on the band wagon.
14. Welchie is secretly addicted to Words with friends - user name goodandyou. Give him a good game you lazar.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Brooke Burke

so i got a request for brooke this week and i am happy to oblige. she rose to quick fame after appearing in playboy over 10 years ago. she was smoking then and i think she has only gotten better with age. she is now a co host on dancing with the stars. gives me enough reason to tune in!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hump day

Yeah I know it is Wednesday and I have yet to post things I learned this weekend. I was at the game on Monday and yesterday I had tons of shit to do so I just didn't have the time. So here it is...

Things I learned this weekend:
1. William J. Smiddy is good at video game bowling.
2. Some people are just ungrateful when it comes to getting seats at the game.
3. Tough life after getting his nuts chopped off.
4. Towel man was a huge success at the B's game:
5. This dude right here always shows up at the right time and always for a good laugh or SIX!
6. Marathon Monday Plus the Sox Plus the B's Playoffs game = awesome times:

7. William J Smiddy doesn't make it to many sporting events, even though he is the self proclaimed king of Boston sports:
8. Guacamole can give you green shits! Yes green SHIT!
9. Folan's key to the Bruins victory is STICKS ON THE ICE. Who can argue with that?
10. Mario enjoyed his first Marathon Monday drinkfest.
11. Thank god Marathon Monday happens but once a year. I don't think my wallet can handle it.
12. Cheifdude found out that I have an uncommon dog as a pet. 
13. Anyone who wants to play Chrisy in word with friends his user name is Chrisy143.
14. I saw quite a few people out this weekend who are gearing up for the MPC and they have some impressive growth.
15. I am fucking up Theraflu at an alarming pace. This cold/flu that I am fighting sucks donkey balls.
16. I thought getting Ronin neutered would at least make him more relaxed for a few days. No such luck.
17. Jermaine O'Neil has found the fountain of youth.

I didn't take notes or anything at darts but we were at Trinity. The beers were crazy expensive and I was under the weather. Jeffrey and Foley couldn't/didn't make it. We swept the 1st 6 matches(the highlight was Welchie hitting 2 double bulls to end the cricket match) and were cruising along when I lost in 301. Shaun Larry Billy Bob hung tough but lost as well, 6-2(he did run out and get a bucket of teriyaiki from the Hong Kong next door). With only 4 matches left Jeb, Welchie, Supah and Brighty brought home a huge win 10-2. That should give us a bit of a cushion with 1st place and a bye next week. The last match of the season will be at Peggys against St Marks Post and we will see how close the 2nd place team is at that time. Hope to see ya then. 

KevBarry where are you?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Best Game Ever ?

This game looks unbelievably real can't wait!

Natalie Gulbis

Spring is in the air! so i got a text from one of my buddies that plays in a golf league. asked me about this hott golfer for the blog. let me see, hott? check blonde? check bends over alot? check so whats not to like?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kristen LaBrie sentenced to 8-10 years

A Salem woman will serve eight to 10 years in prison for withholding potentially life-saving chemotherapy medication from her severely disabled and autistic son, who died in 2009 of leukemia after his cancer relapsed.

A distraught Kristen LaBrie, 38, appeared in Lawrence Superior Court handcuffed, dressed in a grey sweatshirt, with her hair in a ponytail. She bent over and sobbed into her hands at times.

“At the of end of the day Ms. LaBrie’s actions were extended, secretive and calculated. They were acts that really do chill one’s soul. This type of conduct really does deserve punishment albeit tempered with mercy,” said Essex County Superior Court Judge Richard Welch. “She does deserve a significant sentence.”

LaBrie was also sentenced to serve five years of probation on the other convictions. She addressed the court before Welch imposed her punishment.

“I am remorseful for my actions and I wish I could have done things differently,” LaBrie said. “I certainly miss my son every day and I think about him every day. ... I’m really sorry for all this.”

A jury on Tuesday convicted LaBrie of attempted murder, child endangerment and assault and battery for withholding at least five months of at-home chemotherapy from Fraser, after the boy was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2006. He died in 2009 at age 9.

Essex County Assistant District Attorney Kate MacDougall asked LaBrie be sentenced to 15 to 17 years on the attempted murder conviction and serve another eight to 10 years on the other charges.

“The very end was awful. Whatever symptoms Jeremy suffered as a result of the chemotherapy, it pales in comparison to what he suffered in death and dying of leukemia, which is a terrible, terrible disease. At the end of the day, this was just child abuse,” MacDougall said.

LaBrie’s attorney Kevin James asked Welch to sentence her to a year in jail followed by a lengthy probation period. She described her as a caring and loving mother who was overwhelmed.

LaBrie told the jury she stopped giving him the medications because she couldn’t bear to see how sick the side effects made him.

Prosecutors portrayed her as a single mother seething with resentment because she had to care for Jeremy alone. Fraser’s father Eric cared for his son during the last year of his life. He died in a motorcycle accident in November 2009. His brother, Andrew, delivered a victim impact statement on his behalf.

Jeremy’s oncologist, Dr. Alison Friedmann of Massachusetts General Hospital, had testified the boy’s cancer went into remission after months of treatment. But in early 2008, Friedmann said, she discovered that the cancer had returned in the form of leukemia and that LaBrie had not filled at least five months of prescriptions she was supposed to give him.

LaBrie, testifying in her own defense, told the jury she stopped giving her son the medications because she “didn’t want to make him any sicker.”

“He was just not capable of getting through any more chemotherapy,” LaBrie said. “I really felt that it could out-villainize the disease — the medicine could — because he was very, very fragile.”

James said LaBrie made a “tragic mistake” in stopping her son’s at-home medication. He said her actions were not criminal.

This is a complete and utter example of why the Mass justice system is so fucked up!!! This douche bag withheld drugs that could of possibly cured her son of cancer but instead let the cancer eat through her son which I'm pretty sure should be classified as torture!! Give the kid a fighting chance at least and let fate decide no one knows what might of happened. i know we don't have the death penalty but 8 -10 years are you fucking kidding me!! this should of been life with no parole and is an example why people who don't live here call us massholes.

Snatch Grab of the week Ashley Green

sticking with the Twilight theme.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

I love Twilight series...there I said it. I'm 30 something and that's ok, right? I couldn't have been the only pregnant person waddling into the midnight showing of Eclipse two days before her due date, right...RIGHT? Ok..maybe I was but it was SO worth it! Two things made it worth it...#1 Taylor Lautner was shirtless the WHOLE movie and #2 he was finally legal so it was ok for me to hoot and holler right along with the crowd (who just happen to be much, much younger than me...go figure). Here is a little Taylor to hold my fellow Twihards off until Breaking Dawn premieres.

1 month away

What was that you said Chrissy? I couldn't hear your spinich chin over my beard,the volume was up too high!