Monday, January 30, 2017

God damn

This year is flying by. We are already about to kick off February.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The older you get the more you realize small shit doesn't matter.
2. Jeffrey being liberated and free is dangerous to my liver.
3. Stop by Black Moor in Charlestown and visit Colin. Pretty sweet spot.
4. Chrissy would like a pair of Lululemon men's sweat pants for his business casual attire.
5. Why did I think Elios pizza was good?
6. Still not really having a plan for the Superbowl. Ugggh
7. I only got asked 30 times if I was doing squares.
8. If you don't send out bathroom snaps then are you really on Snapchat?
9. Jake and Joes is mehhhh. The food was nothing great and the beer "special" was a 14 oz draft for $4.
10. Twitter is kind of ruined for me right now with all the political stuff.
11. Breaking in a new pair of boots sucks.
12. I see nothing wrong with waking up, doing what you gotta do, then heading back to bed.
13. Until yesterday, I had never seen anyone eat an orange peel and all. Thank you Harper Macphail.
14. If TK was to be on the rebound do any of you have any single aunt's or older sisters? Hell he's probably not too picky, a grandma will do.

OK sorry I gotta run but I got some training to do.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Starting 2017 right

The food reviews are back!

Chrissy coming in hot...

Naked Chicken Chalupa :

First off Derek should of Congratulated Grillo on his engagement secondly we need more reviews.

Well looks like taco bell is pushing the boundaries once again. Taking a page from sister company kfc (double down which is still an all time favorite and I'm pissed they got rid of) taco bell made a shell out of chicken. It was a little pricey at $3.29 and looked a little small when opening it up. But man was it delicious. The chicken wasn't dried out which was a big fear of mine, but still cooked enough that it didn't taste rubbery. It had a decent seasoning on it and the ranch inside was icing on the cake. It's only around for a limited time so I suggest going out and getting a few right away!

Monday, January 23, 2017

And so it begins

We now have 2 weeks of yapping about the Super Bowl (also known as the longest two weeks of the year).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Buying boots is hard. I have no idea how women go crazy for shoe shopping.
2. The Bruins are probably done for.
3. Add Chris Leaden to the list of "where is the blog kid".
4. Mike G is alive and well. Making yet another work move and now at State street in Quincy.
5. Is anyone up for some bar hopping on Saturday?
6. Bad smelling hand soap is the worst. No one wants to smell like your great aunt.
7. All these flood warnings for tonight got me worried. Gotta test my sump pump.
8. Jeffrey is getting Julian into hockey. So far it doesn't really keep his interest. I was thinking of taking him to a By game, thoughts?
9. You would think that Matt and Meg Kraemer would of invited me to the Falcons-Green Bay game when they scored free tickets.
10. I went to Game Stop to check on the NES Classic and the guy laughed in my face.
11. Trump was sworn in on Friday and look the world didn't end, imagine that.
12. Supah P is looking to get a cover up/work done, if anyone knows any good tattoo guys hit em up(other than Spilt Milk).
13. Who is planning a wild Superbowl party?
14. Being an adult means you can have nachos for dinner if you like.
15. Jeffrey has been liberated and is mobile again.
16. I must say "is this real life" at least 14 times a day.
17. Who fucking watches the Pro Bowl? Like really?
18. Dry skin in the winter is the worst. Fuck you mother nature.

Let the trash talking about the Patriots begin...At least for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Boozeday after a holiday

Nothing is worse than a Tuesday that feels like a Monday after a holiday. Especially extra shitty ones that drive you to drink.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Coca cola still doesn't recognize MLK day as a holiday.
2. It is OK everyone gets drinking anxiety.
3. Chris Leaden is working on coming to the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.
4. Jeffrey is a week away from being back in the saddle again.
5. Being sick sucks but being sick and dehydrated is worse.
6. I had a conversation with a friend about the lottery - would you take the lump sum or annual payout for 20 years?
7. For those wondering, APW was an overall success. Took most everything in stride.
8. It was great to hear from Bill Smiddy, the circumstances in which I heard from him not so much. I'll miss ya Matty.
9. This is the first year in 21 years that I am not running any squares for the super bowl.
10. Speaking of the Super bowl what are the plans for that?
11. If you aren't going out for lunch solo and having a few beers, you are doing wrong.
12. I always look forward to random calls to go out drinking. Spontaneous drinking is some of the best.
13. I have no idea why but it always amuses me when people have something to say about my beard, good or bad.
14. I see all you guys slinking onto the Celtics band wagon. Acting like you were there before the holidays. I am on to you.
15. I got so excited when I heard rumors of Space Balls 2 possibly being made. Keep firing assholes.
16. Have you watched Taboo on FX yet? Some weird ass shit going on in that.
17. Are you a Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper kind of person? Me I'm going with Ryan but can you really go wrong with either?
18. Some people take things a little too personal.

Well onto yet another positive week, y'all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I was listening to Toucher and Rich the other day and Dan Roche was on talking about having an APD - All Positive Day. Well I am going one step further and trying to have an APW - All Positive Week. So far two days in we are doing alright.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Neither Chrissy or Riccio gave me shit for posting late, must be the new year.
2. When did 97.7 stop being WAAF and start being old school R & B?
3. Remember when Sandler was funny?
4. This is how I feel about the snow already:
5. I think because of the snow we didn't end up going to Providence this past weekend.
6. Imagine losing $100 bill in a taxi, then imagine finding it and giving it to the driver. Well Uber driver extraordinair Chrissy had that happened to him...$100 richer.
7. The supermarket before a storm is basically the Thunderdome, anything goes.
8. Anyone know of any job opportunities out there? My man Supah P is looking after his company tried to bend him over with out Vaseline but Supah is a giver and not a receiver.
9. I've officially booked my room for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. Now I just need tickets to the game.
10. I think that Jeffrey and Sarah may sneakily be going to BWW more than Chrissy or Leaden. 
11. Sometimes you just need a weekend to unwind and do nothing.
12. The Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum may be better than my Dyson.
13. It is officially the 10th and last year of the Mustache Pub Crawl but there is something brewing for the following year to take over.
14. Stepping it up big time and ordered a sausage stuffing machine!! 
15. From either lack of interest, everyone getting great gifts this year or perhaps the Pats game being on Saturday it appears as though the Annual Yankee Regift party for Saturday has been cancelled.
16. Speaking of the Pats game though I am available for Saturday sports day - Bruins in the afternoon and pats at night - bar hopping. HMU if you are interested.

Sorry I have been busy with the cold weather so that's why I was tardy with this post.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New year new me

It's 2017 so leave all that bullshit in 2016. Start anew, start fresh and most of all start things you intend on finishing.

This is what I learned recently:
1. Sometimes people use big words and they really have no idea what they mean.
2. People lie about watching porn.
3. Rob slowly morphs into an angry elf after a few drinks.
4. There is a new Mexican place in Hull that is getting mixed reviews.
5. Yesterday's in Quincy recently closed, probably why it was for sale.
6. I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and those who were on the invite list to the Macphails annual party, keep doing what you do.
7. Don't be a dick.
8. I have said it before and I will say it again - "everyone has problems", so don't judge people.
9. I heard Disney on ice at the Agganis arena is where it is at.
10. I am not really sure where the Chinese food on Xmas Eve and NYE tradition comes from but it works.
11. Apparently when you work a ton of hours continuously you become cranky.
12. People put high and low age limits on who they will date. Who knew? I always thought anyone over 21 was pretty much the same.
13. Be weird and embrace it.
14. Passing out on the toilet is totally normal, right Chrissy?
15. I am not really a fan of brunch other than the boozing.
16. Some people are cuddlers some are not.
17. If you like perpetual camping or are just lazy and don't want to make your bed -  beddys are for you.
18. It looks like January 14th for the 7th annual Yankee regift party. Let me know if you are in.
19. Looks like maybe a major shake up in the ADSL fantasy league...Who is leaving and who is staying?
20. Just like the ground hog who predicts longer winters, when Tom Kelly says this winter hasn't been so bad expect another winter like 2 years ago. Knuckle up.
21. I hope you can catch the Detour on TBS probably the best show I have seen in a while.
22. I see you people sliding off the Bruins band wagon and now trying to sneak back on.

The more things change the more they stay the same.