Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a friendly reminder

We all know the don't pee in our pool. We don't swim in your toilet.

This is a reminder not to piss on peoples floors or on bathroom floors or on bathroom floors at late night restaurants in Baltimore on baseball trips at 2 in the morning. Have a nice weekend everyone

Uht oh

This is the shocking picture of a fully loaded assault rifle left unattended on the trunk of patrol car in a busy Seattle street.

The bungling officers were nowhere to be seen after leaving the AR-15 on the trunk of their patrol car outside a busy hotel and shopping street on Monday night.
Shockingly, after the officers returned, they failed to notice the menacing rifle and drove off.

It was only after a woman chased the car as it drove away, that the officers realised their mistake.

Passer-by Nick Gonzales, who photographed the shocking scene above, also alerted two bike cops after seeing the rifle at around 9 pm Monday night, describing them as being 'shocked as hell'.

Doh: The Seattle Police officer left their loaded rifle unattended on a patrol car outside a busy down town area today
Doh: The Seattle Police officer left their loaded rifle unattended on a patrol car outside a busy down town area today
Speaking to, Seattle Police spokesman Sean Whitcomb said: 'We'd really like to express our gratitude to Nick the Slog tipper who flagged down the bike officers and also a separate woman who alerted the driver of the patrol car that there was an unattended rifle on the car.

There is a chain of command investigation that will look into the circumstances that contributed to this incident.

'Just the fact that the rifle was left on a patrol car unattended is embarrassing, and people should expect more from the Police Department.'
According to the website, Seattle police keep rifles in three states; unloaded, patrol-car ready and tactical ready.

A full investigation has been launched.
The Police officers involved - highly trained and specially selected to carry the lethal weapons -  have yet to be named.

Cathryn Olson, civilian director of the Office of Professional Accountability, said: 'The incident was brought to my attention earlier this morning, and I immediately contacted SPD Command Staff.

'I learned that Captain (Joe) Kessler, the commander of the West Precinct, had already begun an investigation into the circumstances involved.

'It is unacceptable that a rifle was left unattended on a patrol car, and people should expect more from their police department.

'We are very grateful to the two good Samaritans who alerted police to the unattended rife: Nick, the SLOG tipster who flagged down near-by SPD bicycle officers who were separately responding, and a woman who followed the patrol car and alerted the driver about the rifle.'

Read more:

I am just curious but isn't seattle where the cops punched that chick in the face for jay walking last year? They really got their shit together!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Monday

Ok boys and girls lets hop right into the things I learned this weekend:

1. Mario is detoxing from his wonderful week long booze extravanza.
2. People are pissed Chrissy has stopped posting girl of the week.
3. I don't know who is more pumped for DJ Brighto's world premiere - Brighto or Welchie.
4. The kids did the warrior dash and the results are as follows - Heslin, Macroberts, Broderick, Annesse, Barros and lastly Mitchell.

5. Andy Capp has new BBQ fries, not nearly as good as the hot fries.
6. Refinishing a bench is longer and harder than I anticipated (I just have to stain it now):

7. Grillo believes in the Doug Flutie foundation and donated $100 at a charity event.
8. Joe and Colleen are rekindling the love.
9. Has anyone spoken to William J Smiddy? I am getting concerned. The kid never gets back to me.
10. Brian Folan is huge on the Face Book!!
11. Kelly Barker is hiding from Team One Flip.
12. Im glad I didn't win this because I would of pissed on it:

13. Nothing says guys being guys like a last minute bachelor party, thrown togther on a whim.
14. I am already sick of this Whitey shit(here is his apartment in Santa Monica -from Julie Nickerson).

15. Someone please tell Kjersgard that he can't get text of the week if the text is never forwarded to me...
16. It cost $38.00 for a taxi from Fanuel hall to my place.

Just a reminder - Jeffrey's bachelor party is this Friday(last minute) leaving my house at 5 pm then going to Providence then to Foxwoods. All are welcome to attend any and all parts of it, just let me know.

Also there is a cookout at my place Saturday starting at noon. Going till whenever. There will be a bean bag toss tourney and flip cup in the garage(hopefullyI get around to cleaning it up).  If you are interested text me or telephone call me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bandwagon Bruins Fans ...

 Since we were running the Wanna B's list throughout this blog 2 years ago but dropped it during this past season I thought that I would share this letter from NESN :

Dear Bruins bandwagon (fans),

It was nice seeing you on Saturday. You showed up to the tune of 1.5 million people on the streets of Boston to celebrate the Stanley Cup's return to Boston. I've never seen so much black and gold in my life, nor have I seen so much energy and passion for this team.
That energy and passion is what I want to discuss. At the core of the Bruins' fan base is a fervently loyal group with unmatched energy and passion for the team. Saturday, you showed that same energy and passion, and it was an amazing experience.

It doesn't matter when you became a fan. Everyone has to start somewhere. There's no shame in becoming a fan during a Cup run. It's hard not to get sucked in by something as intense as playoff hockey.

What does matter is what you do now. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about both the game and the team. It's not really that hard. You can go on YouTube and watch Bruins videos from the recent and distant past. There's plenty of Bruins history on the Internet that you can read up on. There are so many ways to learn about this team and so much to learn.

Hockey is a tough sport to understand, but the best way to start is to watch as much as you can. Head to your local rink for some summer hockey or, if you prefer, go back to YouTube. It takes a while, but it's worth it.

My last suggestion is to make your way to the TD Garden for a game next year. It's a different experience from any other sports venue in town. Most times, going to Fenway becomes a social event. The game becomes a vehicle to have a nice night out. Gillette has become more and more like that, though just like at Fenway, there are still some tremendously passionate fans there. But the Garden is smaller than both of those places, and it packs more energy into a smaller space. If you've been to a Celtics game recently, you know this.

When you go to the Garden, bring that same passion and energy you brought with you on Saturday. The team feeds off the crowd's energy. Don't look at it as a night out. Focus more on the game than on the night in general. And please, no pink hats or shirts or jerseys. I was overjoyed not to see any on Saturday.

Regardless of what you do, the core fan base will always be there. But I hope that if you jumped on the bandwagon in the past few months, that you will stay permanently and learn more about the team and the game of hockey. There are no better fans in sports, and now there's no better team in hockey.

See you next year.

You were cool in High School but

are you still cool??

Heres the test:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer is upon us

Summer officially begins tomorrow June 21st. I hope that the days of 50 degrees and rainy are over. I hope that everyone had a nice day at the parade. I have been working so I haven't had any time to upload my video or my photos. I will, when I get a spare moment.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Parades make everyone happy and in great spirits. I mean over a million people and only 9 arrests?
2. I can't believe a glass of wine is over 9 bucks! Shows you i'm just a beer and shots kind of guy.
3. Chrissy had never been to Maggiano's before...we may of created a monster.
4. Grillo may only roots for winners but the kid loves his Pellegrino.
5. I believe during Game 7 of the Bruins Stanley Cup, William J Smiddy told me he had to see about a girl.
6. Cast Iron sinks are heavy as balls!!
7. Asians know how to party.
8. I can fuck up some Sangria.
9. MikeyT knows how to celebrate a cup win.
10. I loved all the "Bruins fans" who just started watching this playoffs. Most told me during the Tampa series.
11. How can the MBTA not run extra trains for the parade? People were complaining they couldn't get on the T because the platforms were so backed up. Epic Fail MBTA. Now you know why no one ever wants to take the T.

13. People are in desperate search for that Stanley Cup Championship hat.
14. Does anyone know a driveway paving guy??

Someone mentioned to me that the Sox season started yesterday, right after hockey season ended.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

B's at Shrine

This is the Boston Bruins tab last night at Shrine.

Yeah that says $156,679.74!! What a fucking party.

 What is a $100,000 bottle of Champagne between Stanley Cup Champions?

Has Brad Marchand slept yet?

Readers Email

This comes from a devoted reader of the blog. 
I received this on Friday the 17th but I was
preparing to see the parade... and what a parade it was!
As I said before if you email me I will post it:
Dear Mr. Booze,

Congrats on your Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. 
I want to relay to your readers the time before 
you were so gracious to all, with your season tickets 
and way before you were towelman leading the charge to the cup. 
I remember the time you jumped off the bandwagon 
well before the "wanna b's" days. 
It was a dark day to be a bruins fan Glenn Murraaaaaaaaay   
was still here and we could get tickets to all the games we wanted. 
It all changed when we tried to get tickets to a 
Canadian-Bruins playoff game and found out they were 
all bought out by Canadian fans. 
You looked me in the eye and jumped off the bandwagon 
leaving me, fitzy and sully! 
Bandwagon came to a complete standstill pretty sure 
fitzy and sully didnt notice but I did. 
We sat there then all of a sudden the bandwagon 
started moving and we look back and Mr. Booze was pushing us! 
Yup kid jumped off got season tickets as people 
laughed and said "season tickets to the bruins? 
cant you just go when you want?". 
It was like a perfect plan and it came through. 
The bandwagon is a smooth ride and me, fitzy 
and sully still sit in the back as people come 
and go but we dont forget who pushed it when it 
broke down. Thanks Mr Booze or Towelman it was 
all worth it. See you at the parade.

 Me, Fitzy and Sully

Thursday, June 16, 2011

They Fucking Did It !!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the 2011 Boston Bruins!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Game 6 Review

Just a quick photo review of game 6:

Honorary Captain Milt Schmidt

This is the Stanley Cup rally Towel that KevBarry gave me:

This is KevBarry:
Biggest Bruins fan From Toronto. He received KevBarrys Towel because he is going to Vancouver for tonights game. Any towel from Towelman is legit. If I can't be there then a small piece of me can.

MikeyT and Swoops Sweeney:

Dirty Canucks fan tried to corrupt my Towelman attire with this rally gem:

Nuff said:
Gunnah is bigtime:
Hawaii loves Horton and Towelman:

Lanci and Swoops:
Dennis Leary right behind us:

Even PJ STock was into it:

Apparently the 5-0 didn't like his last sign. They were going to arrest it and then him.
Look at what I got!

The Bruins won 5-2. Luongo was chased after 8 minutes. The Canucks fans stormed out at 5:53.
I have had goosebumps all day.

Get er Done

Look at Shaun Larry getting his Fish on!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011


Its Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals tonight and I am having a hell of a time trying to focus. My brain is all mumbo jumbo'd!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There is a guy who sells lobsters off the Nut Island pier on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
2. Who knew Batman drove a Kia Optima:
3. Charles V Grillo knows the top 3 DJ's in the world.
4. I would of seen NKOTBSB if I knew Naughty By Nature would be there.
5. I stopped into Building 19 to look for a kiddie pool for my dog - That place has everything.
6. Phase 2 of the wall is done:
7. Some people don't like it when you call em "BROTHAH" HAAAA!!
8. I am pissed that I just started watching Game of Thrones on HBO. The show is the shit. I am 4 episodes in...can't wait for the rest.
9. You can tell the summer has started because Friday afternoon traffic is abundant.
10. Grillo uses SHAZAM for everything. Kind of cheating.
11. Supah P's side business is taking off 617-777-9605. If you need some odds and ends done around your house, a new tile job in the bathroom, maybe a new kitchen back splash,  a stone patio or a stone walk way give him a call and he can give you an honest quote.
12. Katie can bang out a mean blueberry cake.
13. When CVG says he is going to buy the first 2 buckets the kid delivers with picking up the whole tab!
14. I still love 5 bootlegs for $20.00!
15. Matty is working down at Tony Keith bar in Foxboro.
16. People are dropping from Words with Friend left and right.
17. Dogs do not like corn on the cob.
18. I can't figure out if people are more happy that the Mavs won or that the Heat lost??

The Wolf pack is getting together for Game 6. If anyone wants to come down to the Garden area we should be throwing em back at North Star.

I hope to share with you all a great review tomorrow.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stanley Cup Game 4 review

Just so you can get a feel for the type of night we had in store:

MikeyT and I headed down at 3:00 to get our eat and drink on. Apprehensively, we went over to the Grand Canal. As always the food delivers. After eating we mosey on over to the North Star to get some pre-game libations. The Wolf pack is 3/4 full with Mikey T, Big Bob and me(Mario will not be attending the game as he is under the weather so Bob brought his nut friend Steve). Albie and his brother-in-law(or the guy who bangs his sister), Jay, meet up for a few brews as well. Coors light is is doing some give away if you are drinking their beer - a free t shirt or a free beer? I take free beer every  time! I just happened to bump into Slaine while walking to the bathroom. He came by later and chatted us up with Jay asking to take a picture with him because he loves his movies. Mike proceeded to tell Jay he is gay while I picked off a XXXL  sticker from his dope new shirt. His album drops in November son!

We roll into the game at 7:30(mad early ha ha who says that) because I had to feed the meter and get my Towelman attire. broke it that Bobby Orr was going to be the honorary captain and they were dead on. When he started waving the Nathan Horton flag the place erupted and actually gave me the chills.

Just like the game on Monday there were plenty of Canuck fans in the building. I just hoped they would be sent home pissed off that not only did they lose but the paid an exorbitant amount of cash to watch their team lose. The Bruins started out the 1st period flat like they have for a lot of the playoffs.  If it weren't for Timmy Thomas then they could of easily been down 3-0 just 10 minutes in. The guy is a beast and is playing like a god. With a nice one handed chip pass from Krejci, Ritchie Peverly scores, The B's are up 1-0. I think I may have gone back 4 rows and high fived 12 different people. I can't help it but my section rocks! After the 1st period Bruins 1 Canucks 0.

Heading down to the Hub bar Towelman is stopping for pictures and high fives.

We  meet up with Albie, Jay, Big Bob and his boy Steve, who immediately tells me that he had to go through 25 years of friendship just to make it to the game. Not too much going on except the Boston Police escorting The Force and Sully to and from the bathroom.

The second period started off much like the first but the Bruins seemed to shake it off and started hitting everything in sight. MikeyT tells the guy who sits in front of us, Bill, that Ryder was going to score and lo and behold A RYDER GOAL! MikeyT almost sent the kid flying over the railing he pushed him so hard with his I told you so shove. The B's are up 2-0 and Luongo doesn't look to hot. Just 2 short minutes later Marshmont scores on a 4-4 to make it 3-0 B's. 

We are heading back to the Hub Bar with a little swagger in our steps. You all know the routine by dog plain and a pretzel with mustard - we don't fuck with what works.

All we need is 20 more minutes of clean hockey to tie this series at 2. Ritchie Peverley scores 3 minutes in and that goal sends Luongo to the showers.  The fans gave him a nice LUONGO LUONGO LUONGO chant while he headed for the bench. The B's are up 4-0.  Cory Schneider didn't play bad as his replacement. I mean he wasn't really tested but he didn't pen the flood gates either. With 5:25 left in the game the Canucks fans started their mass exodus of the building. With 2  minutes left Timmy let Burrows know he won't be fucked with. A donnybrook ensues and after a shit ton of penalties the game ends, 4-0 Bruins.

The series is all tied up and heading back to Vancouver. This has quickly become a best of 3 series. Lets hope that the Bruins can keep up their momentum tomorrow night.

God damn City of Boston. BULLSHIT!  The meter was paid!!

Towelman stays undefeated. Ill see you on Monday boys.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top 10?

How is it I am just finding out we have a top 10 fried chicken place in the country sitting right here in Somerville?

Did you know that we're Bon Appetit magazine's 2010 top 10 places for fried chicken in the country?

Anyone up for a road trip??

Stanley Cup Game 3 review

So if the Wolf pack is Mike, Big Bob, Rio and me then what is Katie, Ashley, Rio and me, The Wife pack? That is exactly what we have heading into game 3.

Katie is excited for her first Stanley Cup finals game:

We tried to keep with tradition (we all know I have a routine) in check but when we got to the Grand Canal there were signs that their kitchen had a malfunction and they "apologised" that no food would be served. Oh well, its only Game 3 of the STANLEY FUCKING CUP and your kitchen doesn't work? Then you spell apologize wrong? No worries we headed over to Boston Beer Works. Now usually I have no problems with the food at Beer Works but last night my buffalo chicken tasted like fish and my fries were soggy. This night is not starting off too well. After stomaching whatever I could we head over to The North Star for some pregame beers. Apparently, Budlight, WZLX and Bob Sweeney are hosting some pregame shindig with trivia questions and give aways. Like I need to see a sober Swoops Sweendog? I just hope the 4 underage kids, who the undercover cops who took out of the bar for drinking, didn't have good tickets to the game. That would of been a waste.

I throw the Bruins Towel poncho on and head into the game at 7:40. There are loads of Canuck fans in and around the Garden.  By the time we get into the Garden they are all out of Bruins rally towels. I really don't need any more rally towels but this was a new and different one so I kinda wanted it.

This games honorary captain is Cam Neely:
The place is going BONKERS and why not Cam is not up in the press box watching in his suite but in the stands with us. When Renee Rancourts comes out the place is even more amped up but the crowd does something that I have never witnessed - they sing the national anthem with Renee. One of the coolest things I have ever been part of.  As I like to say SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

Lot of fast paced action to start the game. Then the HIT. When the hit happened, I was following the play so I didn't see the initial part of the hit on Horton, I looked up and saw him in mid air and then his head smash against the ice. There was a collected gasp in the Garden as Horton lay on the ice not moving with his hand sticking straight up. I located a TV in a luxury box and saw the replay over and over again. My phone was buzzing from texts that Horton looks bad, cheapest hit I've seen in a long time, no place for that in hockey, Holy shit and I hope someone fucks up Rome. I was just hoping that this wouldn't cause the B's to turtle.

It could of gone one of two ways - the B's look lost without one of their leaders or they step up their game and play like they need a win. They got their heads on right, buckled down and played like it was a game 7 must win. All tied 0-0 after 1.

Mashley is out there making a mockery of young love. Just flaunting it like there isn't a care in the world:
Katie was getting her popcorn when Ference started the scoring 11 seconds into the 2nd period. I was hugging and high fiving people 5 rows back. There was a small party brewing in the Garden...that was quickly turning to a full fledged bash! Recchi scored 4 minutes later and people started to breathe, 8 minutes after that Marchmont scored on a beautiful self pass short handed, 4 minutes after that Krejci banged in a nice rebound. We are going into the 3rd up 4-0. Everyone is cautiously optimistic. We all remember last years Flyers game 7 up 3-0. 

It's time for a hot dog and a pretzel. It has been working so you know I am gonna keep it going. I got one of the worst pretzels ever. I still toughed it out and ate as much as I possibly could.  Towelman will not be denied:
                       (yeah I used this pic already but hey its what I have)

The 3rd period started out much like the 1st one did lots of action but no scoring. The whole game has been chippy with a shit ton of penalties but hey it's a do or die game. Paille scores with 9 minutes left and we are up 5-0. The Canuck fans are awfully quiet up till this point but Hansen scores a beauty and they start chirping a ton, 5-1. The B's never let up though and in the last 3 minutes Rex, Kelly and Ryder all bang out goals. Game over, Bruins win...B's 8 Canuck's1.

See you all tonight. LETS GO BRUINS!! LETS GO BRUINS!!

Trading Nathan Horton for Aaron Rome is not a fair trade but there is nothing that can be done about it now. The Bruins, as a team, either have to step up their game and play their style of hockey or start making excuses as to why they got beat. Here is hoping for a huge win tonight and another home game next Monday night.