Monday, June 13, 2011


Its Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals tonight and I am having a hell of a time trying to focus. My brain is all mumbo jumbo'd!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There is a guy who sells lobsters off the Nut Island pier on Friday and Saturday afternoon.
2. Who knew Batman drove a Kia Optima:
3. Charles V Grillo knows the top 3 DJ's in the world.
4. I would of seen NKOTBSB if I knew Naughty By Nature would be there.
5. I stopped into Building 19 to look for a kiddie pool for my dog - That place has everything.
6. Phase 2 of the wall is done:
7. Some people don't like it when you call em "BROTHAH" HAAAA!!
8. I am pissed that I just started watching Game of Thrones on HBO. The show is the shit. I am 4 episodes in...can't wait for the rest.
9. You can tell the summer has started because Friday afternoon traffic is abundant.
10. Grillo uses SHAZAM for everything. Kind of cheating.
11. Supah P's side business is taking off 617-777-9605. If you need some odds and ends done around your house, a new tile job in the bathroom, maybe a new kitchen back splash,  a stone patio or a stone walk way give him a call and he can give you an honest quote.
12. Katie can bang out a mean blueberry cake.
13. When CVG says he is going to buy the first 2 buckets the kid delivers with picking up the whole tab!
14. I still love 5 bootlegs for $20.00!
15. Matty is working down at Tony Keith bar in Foxboro.
16. People are dropping from Words with Friend left and right.
17. Dogs do not like corn on the cob.
18. I can't figure out if people are more happy that the Mavs won or that the Heat lost??

The Wolf pack is getting together for Game 6. If anyone wants to come down to the Garden area we should be throwing em back at North Star.

I hope to share with you all a great review tomorrow.