Monday, July 24, 2023

As Staind once sang...


This is what I learned while away from here:

1. It is always sad to see work friends move on but also exciting for them.

2. Longfellow's in South Yarmouth is a great dive bar if you are ever in the area. Good food and great peeps.

3. TK was looking at a place to buy and retire too down the Cape.

4. Leaden is having a pool party in the upcoming weeks. Look for the Evite in the mail.

5. Uber is out here wildin', $7.25 cancelation fees? $5 service fees now?

6. I don't understand all the hype about the Barbie movie?

7. There is no way I could live in Georgia. Its hotter than a hoochiecoochie(or whatever Alan Jackson said).

8. The older I get the less patience I seem to have with things.

10. Fantasy football draft is only a month away.

11. What is a better feeling than getting your teeth cleaned?

12. I love how people are now complaining about how hot is has been in July. After they bitched about how shitty June was.

13. Blasis is back and better than ever.

14. If you missed out on Powerball just be on the look out for Mega Millions in the 800 Million range.

15. I know that Springfield is a ways a way but their casino vibe is better than Encore.

16. I remember growing up and smoking was everywhere, your friends did it, you went to bars that were smoke filled and you obviously grew up where your parents chained smoked in cars. Now when I smell anyone doing it, seems a bit more prevalent than I remember.

17. Escargot is going to be a no from me dog!

18. Its Mother Fucking Shark Week...let me know when the shark attacks episode is on please and thank you.

19. Have you watched Hijack? Takes place in real time. We need more shows like that.

20. Downtown(very very small) Fayettville has an open container policy and you can just bar hope between the 7-8 bars they have. I like that vibe.

21. I would like to apologize for not keeping this up. I was on vacation for 2 weeks and then trying to catch up last week was a pain, and lastly I was just down right lazy.  Not making excuses just stating facts. I feel like I have recharged and am ready to go.