Monday, July 29, 2013

...and shit

Pretty much if you add AND SHIT to any sentence it instantly makes that sentence 100% better and shit.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Paddy Calnan is indeed his own man. His plane ticket is booked for Atlantic City and he plans on being bombed from the time he is dropped off at the airport till the time he lands back home in Boston. Who is watching him?
2. The state of Wyoming has 2 escalators.
3.Looks like Dalton is the boys name for the Macphails. Just looking for a middle name and a girls name.
4. Apparently Mario is an asshole and has pulled out of buying a house.(at least thats what his real estate lady said)
5. Little kids love slides and they love climbing up them more than sliding down them.
6. Im really glad the older I get the more my father is exactly the same.
7. How did I not know that they made 3 videos for Blurred lines?
8. We all have one friend who makes each and every situation in life about them.
9. Joe Q is selling a 2001 - 32 foot 5th wheeler camper is anyone is interested. he is asking $7500.
10. So what if I play 30 words with friends games at a time. Don't judge me.
11. Do I really have a potty mouth?
12. Anyone need a roommate or know of a cheaper 1 bedroom on the South shore. For a friend.
13. Slaine is playing Friday at the Middle East if anyone wants to go, I am in!
14. I had no clue they have a bus service in Southie that picks people up at their houses and brings them to the bars. I am jealous
15. The Chiefdude has started his tattoo cover up on his leg. Bye bye 1970's trippy wizard.
16. Anyone know anything about replacing ball joints?
17. For some reason my nose is breaking out and I cant be 35 years old having zits on my nose. HELP ME HANK!
18. So what if my 10 day old niece is the size of a 3 month old:

19. How come no one gets together for out door patio drinking anymore? The Barking Crab, Ames Plow, Salty dog, somewhere in marina bay? Come on people.
20. Beef brisket in the crock pot comes out A-OK! Get on it people.

Till next week.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer is half over?

Its hard to believe after a 7 day heat wave that summer is just about half over. If we never see another 90 degree day again, I'd be totally cool with it.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Julie is not only a 10 Club member but she is such a fanatic that she went to see Pearl Jam in Chicago at Wrigley field this weekend.
2. Congrats to Tom and Mary on their second child - Kaydance Rae, coming in at a whopping 11 lbs 2.5 oz.
3. There is now a Dorchester Ale. Made by the Percival Beer Company.
4. Happy 30th Birthday to Lauren Brady. Sorry I missed the cookout. Heard it was a blast. Next time I see ya SHOTS on me, no not body shots ya freak.
5. What you people know about Atlantic city?
6. The Hingham Beer works may be more expensive than the Boston one.
7. Getting all the guys in your fantasy league to commit to a day is a pain in the balls.
8. Chrissy is killing it with over time. Double time on Sundays.
9. Congrats to Joey "Cooking" Sousa on his marriage.
10. A 10 lb pork butt may be too much for just 2 people.
11. My nephew, Ryan, really loves to dig in the sand at the beach.

12. I don't get peoples love for electric tooth brushes. Just weird to me
13. Julian loves to dip his food into any sauces. Then when his food is gone he likes to dip his hands/fingers in the sauce.
14. Congrats to Mike G and his wife. They are officially pregnant with their 2nd child.
15.  Mikey T would be a thousandair if Dwight Gooden had panned out.
16. If you are looking for Accident/Disability/Life insurance give Jill a call 757-694-1277. She will do her best to come up with a plan that is best for you and your family.
17. I still got a little pull. MGM Vegas just sent me free rooms Sunday - Thursday.
18. The Dunkin Donuts AP is legit. Get coupons on your phone.
19. Stephen Flaherty's pool is down for the summer. The whole foundation is rotting away.
20. Calnan apparently can not make a move without the okay from his boy Dave. Still waiting Paddy...
21. This Whitey Bulger story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.
22. The Bruins schedule is out. I haven't gotten one text/email/request for tickets. That could be a 1st.
23. I wish there were more mexican/spanish food joint around. I mean there are a million chinese/asian joints. 24. Los may be looking for a new partner in fantasy football.
25. If you were a man and had to wear a dress to a fantasy football draft - WHAT BAR WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO BE SEEN AT?

As always I have probably forgot more than I listed.
See ya all at a bar.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Im back bitches

Lets see what I learned while on vacation. It has been almost 2 weeks since I posted:

1. Lesson learned Twin Rivers Casino, never pick up a bank envelope on the floor (if you do leave the casino right away):

2.  People come up with all  types of creative way to stalk.
3. The Kraemer men believe you can never marry a girl who you have banged in the ass.
4. Toomer is back and apparently doesn't know Bradys last name. HMMMM is Lauren Brady! Maybe Brady would make a good 1st name for a girl?
5. Speaking of Brady apparently she has a gift, she can tell if a guys gay AFTER she bangs him.
6. Seeing Chrissy bounce off the bouncy house, in slow motion, and land on his shoulder, even though he sprained that shoulder, could have been one of the funniest things I have seen in quite some time.
7. Jeffrey finally bit the bullet and got some ink:

8. It is not normal to buy sushi at Walgreens. NOT NORMAL!
9. Katie made this diaper motorcycle thing for a baby shower:

10. Shawn Larry is out for fantasy football and Smiddy wants back in. Do you think he has the $225 for the league? Should we let him back in? Will he flake out on us?
11. Chrissy and Alison's daughter shitting herself on the bouncy house slide was almost as funny as Chrissy busting his shoulder.
12. Folan and Rio are a force in the world of bean bag toss. And tossing corn into buckets doesn't translate to bean bag toss.
13. Welchie is moved back to the South shore. Maybe he will be around a bit more now.
14. The walking taco is no joke:

15. I'm hearing nothing but great thinks about Molly Moos in Quincy.
16. So far Dalton is the front runner for the new Macphail baby. Keep the names coming, baby is due in November.
17. I thought for sure Rob was going to make my cookout. No dice.
18. The reason that Twin Rivers charges for beer is their legal gambling age is 18 plus. Kind of weird to be playing Blackjack with 18 year olds.
19. Did I mention that Brady banged a midget? Not the same guy who is apparently gay.
20. I have no clue how people eat veggie burgers. I mean put that shit on a burger.
21. Speaking of burgers that new Wendys pretzel bun burger - LEGIT!
22. Who leaves 2 Oreos in the container? Thats some bullshit.
23. I read that Whitey had gone to Vancouver to watch the B's win the cup. Do you think that's true or just like an urban legend?
24. Jeffrey's addition makes his house look huge. Maybe he will have a Labor day party?
25. Tommy and Mary are scheduled to have their 2nd baby girl this Thursday. I wish them both well.
26. Congrats to Colleen on her engagement.
27. Ryan Macrobert is trying to get people together to see Pearl Jam, in Worcester, in October. Anyone interested?
28. Hey Bieber pick a fucking NHL team and stick with it.
29. Chrissy HATES Aztek Gino.
30. The Bruins making all types of moves and everyone has an opinion. My take is whatever it takes to win a cup.
31. It is going to be sad to see Pierce in another uniform next year.
32. The deer flys are out and in force this summer.
33. I love any place that actually puts dressing on your salad and tosses it rather than just put it on the side.
34. Excited to know that Pembroke has the Miller High Life lights.
35. Rumor has it Welchies bachelor party will be in Vegas next year.
36. Mario is on another good run of scratchies.
37. That hot and spicy sandwich from Dunkin Donuts is no joke.
38. Apparently, Ed Regan is too large for the seats at Fenway Park?
39. The guy who owns the Fat Cat in Quincy has opened up a tapas bar/restaurant in Weymouth called Passport. If you are into tapas,  I heard the place is legit.
40. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get my Great Dane to stop barking at other dogs when she is in the car? I mean she goes nuts, also when she is on a leash and sees other dogs. Like bat shit crazy nuts.

I am sure there is way more shit that I have forgotten about. That is why we have a comments section.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July

There will be no blog next week as I am on vacation.

Monday, July 1, 2013

July is here

The year is officially half over. This hot and humid summer is never ending.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1.Anyone else's wife happen to lose one of their .5 ct diamond stud earrings?
2. The Cheesecake factory sucks on the weekend. The quality of the food sucks.
3. The Sox are the 1st AL team to 50 wins and everyone is ho-hum. Man how the mighty have fallen.
4. I donated 138 dvds to the troops.
5. Pretty sure Jeffrey shouldn't be allowing his son to run around the drive way naked, just saying.
6. I wish Mario good luck with his house offer today.
7. Haaa haathe guy at work just got a new license plate BALBSTR(only in NH).

8. Anyone interested in going to Canobie Lake next week?
9. Chrissy is trying to get a day trip to the Cape for Bear week.
10. Next season the Bruins will have a 90 year patch on their uniforms:

11. Honestly who changes their cell phone and cell phone  number because some crazy broad has your number?
12. The movie Looper blows.
13. Jeffrey and Mario are the only people I know who take vacation from work to do other work.
14. Chrissy and Alisons baby girls bday party is Sunday. Party time in Pembroke bitches.
15. American chop suey is under rated.
16. What are the Celtics doing? Do they not care if anyone comes next year, because their season ticket holders have already committed?
17. Do people still use the term "meathead" when talking about meatheads?
18. I hope Welchie survived the trip to meet the future in-laws down in the Carolinas.
19. The KFC boneless chicken is super peppery, thats coming from someone who likes peppery shit.
20. Congrats to the Clearys for selling their house and moving in with the in-laws. Rumor has it they are going big time and building a house.

Hope to see you guys on Saturday at the Break in the deck party. I will have burgers and dogs. Im debating breaking out my smoker and having ribs and chicken as well.
There will be some beers but hey bring your own and sides are always appreciated.
If you bring anything to grill Ill fire it up.