Monday, July 1, 2013

July is here

The year is officially half over. This hot and humid summer is never ending.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1.Anyone else's wife happen to lose one of their .5 ct diamond stud earrings?
2. The Cheesecake factory sucks on the weekend. The quality of the food sucks.
3. The Sox are the 1st AL team to 50 wins and everyone is ho-hum. Man how the mighty have fallen.
4. I donated 138 dvds to the troops.
5. Pretty sure Jeffrey shouldn't be allowing his son to run around the drive way naked, just saying.
6. I wish Mario good luck with his house offer today.
7. Haaa haathe guy at work just got a new license plate BALBSTR(only in NH).

8. Anyone interested in going to Canobie Lake next week?
9. Chrissy is trying to get a day trip to the Cape for Bear week.
10. Next season the Bruins will have a 90 year patch on their uniforms:

11. Honestly who changes their cell phone and cell phone  number because some crazy broad has your number?
12. The movie Looper blows.
13. Jeffrey and Mario are the only people I know who take vacation from work to do other work.
14. Chrissy and Alisons baby girls bday party is Sunday. Party time in Pembroke bitches.
15. American chop suey is under rated.
16. What are the Celtics doing? Do they not care if anyone comes next year, because their season ticket holders have already committed?
17. Do people still use the term "meathead" when talking about meatheads?
18. I hope Welchie survived the trip to meet the future in-laws down in the Carolinas.
19. The KFC boneless chicken is super peppery, thats coming from someone who likes peppery shit.
20. Congrats to the Clearys for selling their house and moving in with the in-laws. Rumor has it they are going big time and building a house.

Hope to see you guys on Saturday at the Break in the deck party. I will have burgers and dogs. Im debating breaking out my smoker and having ribs and chicken as well.
There will be some beers but hey bring your own and sides are always appreciated.
If you bring anything to grill Ill fire it up.

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