Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad ass House #7

I know that I haven't posted a new Bad ass house for William J Smiddy in some time but in my defense the dude just doesn't communicate with me about his plans anymore. He has recently went through a nasty break up with his lady, they were just in different places in life, and he seems to be extra aloof. So until I hear back from the kid this will be the last bad ass house that I post.

Located down the street from me and at of a cost of $149,900. Needs some updating but hey what house doesn't.

Hurry priced to sell. Great Location, Water views & short walk to public beach with spectacular Boston skyline views. This Colonial is very charming with a nice size sun splashed eat in kitchen, formal dining room with sliding doors to a good size deck. Some hardwood floors, roof re-shingled apprx. 2004 replacement windows. Water views from living room & a bedroom. A new gas heating & hot water unit just installed 3-15-2011 incl. new baseboards. With some renovations needed, this is a good buy.

Name the movie...

Ya and grizzley adams had a beard. Grizzely adams did have a beard.

What movie?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

So this guy is making a big comeback. No, not as the tooth fairy but back to his original job as a "The Rock." Now I'm no expert but I think he needs a new slogan when he makes his debut. This one isn't going to get him very far... There's been a lot of hype around this but I'm ready to see some skin so get it on already. He has been spending too much time dressed in a tutu as far as I'm concerned so it's time for some manly business!! For those who hate to wait here is a little preview before the main event.

Darts Update Week 9

I guess the experiment of delegating the weekly dart review was a bust so by popular demand, I am back. I hope I can raise the blogging bar but it will be tough to beat a post like, "We lost, Fuck Foley. Print it"!

We started the week in 1st place and faced the team from Ups and Downs, which included another one of KB’s girlfriends, my brother from another mother, last season’s famous chair thrower from the Banshee, and the king of the mullets. Jeffrey was a no show (what else is new) and Derek picked the B's over the DTF'ers which reminded me of a scene from Stripes.

A dart team without it's leader is like a foot without a big toe...Captain Derek is not always gonna be here to be that big toe for us. ---Well Mr. Whitley, You just made the list, buddy. Thanks to Jeb for stepping up and being the Big Toe.

It was tough to keep track of everything because half of their team showed up late so we bounced from game to game but I tried to take a few notes on each match. The trouble is that I can’t read my drunken chicken scratch when I’m sober, so anyway let's get to the action:

501’s = 2 wins and 1 loss
Brighty and Shawn Larry got up early in their match. They maintained a comfortable lead most of the way until the other team threw a Ton-40 at them. Bright made a good bid at the close and set the table for his partner. Shawn wasted no time taking out a Double 16 for the win.

Jeb and I struggled to get in and quickly found ourselves in a 200+ point hole. We battled back to a single digit deficit but they beat us to the finish line.

Welchie and Supa P jumped up early and never looked back. MW closed out the game with a Double 4 for the win.

Cricket = 2 wins and 1 loss
Supa P and I played a tough team but P was key in this victory. He got us off to a great start and I picked up my game in the middle and the end for the win.

Jeb and Shawn - It was not pretty so I’ll holdback the commentary and just say they got smoked. Loss

Bright and Welch played the best game of the night. Welch was on fire and this one was never even close despite their opponents throwing their second Round of Nine of the night. Welchies last dart was a double cork and Bright took the glory of hitting the 3rd cork for the win.

Singles = 2 wins and 4 losses
Supa P lost to a woman in a 3 game set. Feel free to add your own comment here! The games were close but he had a tough time getting in and out. And did I mention he lost to a woman? I thought only CBV did that.

Shawn Larry also lost in a three game match. He was down big early in each match but kept battling. He came back from 130 points in game 2 to win and came up just short after being down 200+ in game 3.

Welch beat the chair thrower in 2 games. The first game was a seesaw battle and both players were within 10 points of each other from start to finish. Mark took care of business in game 2 for the win.

Jeb played the mullet and looked great early. He started out with a Ton-34 followed by a 76 and somehow found a way to lose the game. He was a victim of bad luck with untimely darts bouncing out of the board and went down in 2 games.

Bright flew out to a 200 point lead in game 1 and never looked back. Game 2 was looking like a repeat but the opponent came back from 130 down and stole the game. The 3rd game was neck and neck the whole way. The DJ came up just short for another loss.

I had the pleasure of playing the last match of the night. It was either go home with a 7-5 loss or get it back to a 6-6 tie. I played KB’s girl and took her down in 2 straight.

Final score 6-6

Things seen and heard around the bar...
Edso is back from Florida driving Welchie crazy.
Who the F*CK still uses a pay phone???

Capt Jeb asked, "What's Shawn’s last name?" I know the kid has 15 middle names but only 1 last name right?

MW worked the beats... It was hit or miss all night but I'll give him a 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. Some old High School prom tunes mixed in with a few alternative rock songs. I was going to ask Brighty to grade the performance but he was too busy dumping beers all over the opponents.

Line of the night was...Hey Foley, can you keep score, AGAIN. Ups and Downs captain, "So does anyone else on your team even know how to keep score?" To that I say, we need train more people how to keep score so I can concentrate on drinking and gathering information for the blog.

We had a couple of guest appearances tonight.
Mikey "Shits" Adams made the show and complained about all of the packages he delivers. Browntown stopped by late night and we had a few after the match while talking about a new business venture. I never thought at 43 I would close a joint like The Pony room but when we make our first million I just might buy the place. Speaking of special guests rumors are stirring that Mikey T. might an appearance next week. MT you are on notice that if you do show up you will be responsible for writing next week’s dart update. The readers demand to be exposed to your special brand humor.

‘Til next time Bitches,

Original 6 match up

I have been hemming and hawing all day about writing a blog review of last nights game. I was coming up with all types of excuses for not writing it -  1. no one cares, 2. I am too tired 3. it will be too long; doing other things - prices for purchasing a Golden Tee machine, cost of a new light fixture, buying the shirts for the 4th annual mustache pub crawl - instead of it; and at one point flat out refusing to write - so I shut off my computer. Then I was thinking about it and I thought better of it.

So onto the review.

I started off my day yesterday fighting the man on some trumped up charges. They claimed I ran a red light and I claimed it was yellow but in the end justice prevailed and I walked away victorious. Derek 1 and the State of Massachusetts 0! So everything after that was gravy.

I met up with MikeyT and headed on over to the Garden to watch the B's vs the Blackhawks. I had this game circled on the schedule all year long. Basically the 'Hawks are everything the Bruins need to strive to be. A mix of young and old who won the Stanley Cup last year. Plus being an original 6 team makes the games all that more memorable.

On the way to the game we saw a man celebrating that he won the championship, he lost/spilled his last beer or he could of been crying from being hit by a car - either way there was a drunk man laying on the ground, near a cross walk, crying his eyes out. What truly happened the world may never know!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the Grand Canal and then off to Mcganns for some pregame beers. As I have stated before McGanns is good for pregame beers because the crowd is all Bruins fans and beers are only $4. Well as we are sitting at the bar bullshitting about life MikeyT's new best friend Steve Welch, from Dedham shows up. No, we had never met Steve before but Steve is one of those guys who likes to introduce himself, be loud and obnoxious and then tell you stories about anything and all things STEVE. Of course he makes Facebook groups to meet old high school sweethearts, of course he is going to the gym 3 hours a day so he can beat heredity, of course he drove his bike 200 miles on a drunk crawl, of course he is a master carpenter who built his house with his own 2 hands, of course he doesn't remember the 1980's because he was a monster coke head, of course he quit smoking cold turkey over 10 years ago, of course he loves his wife and can't wait to go on another cruise and of course I TOLD HIM MY NAME IS JIM and he proceeded to call me Mr. Beam for the rest of the night!! Thank god Steve buddy Billy showed up and we moved down a stool and Steve started harassing everyone else. The game started at 7:30 because it was on Versus and that meant a few more beers before heading in.

While walking in there was a homeless man with a sign that read 'Help a B's fan get drunk"? So as I was reaching for some singles MikeyT asked him if he "had change for a $5." I don't know if the sign holder wanted all of the cash or just really didn't have change but when he responded with a "No" Mikey Told him "Well, thats on you then" and walked away. I was laughing sooo hard that I gave the dude $2 bucks.

We found out a secret. If you are in the know. You bring your cups back up with you and my man will refill them and only charge you $5! I know there are only a few games left this year but UHM HELLO PLAYOFFS!! I have always heard rumors of this at Sox games but I've been shut off at some of them so I didn't believe it but now WE ARE IN and the Spring just got better. (On a side note what a day Im having. Didn't have to pay the $150 for the ticket and now I am getting 2  $7.75 beers for $5??)

As is usually the norm,  I was not in my seats when the B's scored their 2 goals in the 2nd period. The 1st one I was walking out of the bathroom and the second I was in the beer line. I did catch Shawn Thornton get his face sliced up and the B's 3rd goal. MikeyT demolished the helmet shuffle but I had problems with the Tune Trivia - Faith No More'
s Epic. If you have been to a sporting event with MikeyT then you know he seeks out the fanfoto guys(pictured right). When I say seeks out I mean YELLS AND SCREAMS FAN FOTO GUY HERE HERE HERE and tells them HOW TO TAKE THE PICTURE. Its to the point now where I am shocked when he doesn't do it.

All and all it was a great last game of the season to attend. Now I can't wait to see who the B's get in the playoffs.  As always I am sure there is more things that I forgot but I get so Drunk Savard and forget.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

#4 PNC park in Pittsburgh

From the desk of the CEO of, for everything:

Baseball trip park number four is surprisingly PNC Park in Pittsburgh!

There are very few rules in the baseball trip but one is last guy on board picks the park and I'm not sure who picked this one but I do know that I was surprised by the selection but it made its way to the top 5 so what do I know!! The other travel rule at Whitley Travel is last bag out of the baggage claim that guy pays the cab, believe me when I tell you the airport to the hotel ride was EXPENSIVE! Anytime you're on the highway for as long as we were I knew I was screwed!! It was so bad when we actually got to the hotel D actually said you want to split it but I declined cuz  I WAS ON VACATION( Beverly Hills Cop reference) !!

A key to a good baseball trip is your hotel is close to the park and this hotel was a Smiddy throw away and we know that kid's got an arm like a broad! We were right next door!! This trip was looking good already! Speaking of looking good Derek bet me I wouldn't keep a stache the whole trip, I thought Pittsburgh was known for staches so I walked around like I was Sid Bream the whole trip and D bought me starbucks each day I kept it!!

 Winning before Sheen knew what winning was DUH! Chrissy, Derek and myself came together and then Smiddawg and Jeffrey on a later flight so we had a full crew! I'm the ticket guy so I bought sweet 26 dollar tickets for all ( yup 3 rows from right field for 26 bucks haha!!) The night of the game we had all been out during the day taking in lovely Pittsburgh. Heinz field was within walking distance from PNC park (The Penguins arena is in the middle of the ghetto, we only saw it when driving by in a taxi) and our hotel so we checked out the Steelers stadium, we had to hold Smiddy back from trying to burn it to the ground. Smiddy and Chrissy left the bar earlier(by at least 45 minutes) than the rest of us so they could shower and get ready.

When we finally finished our drinks and headed back to the hotel to get meet up, changed and pick up the tickets,  Smid was taking a little too long getting himself Smiduated so D says we cant wait any longer and we headed outside the room to get an elevator. Well what seemed like an hour could have been 15 mins but we waited and the group decision was made to leave Smid and Chrissy their tickets ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE THE ELEVATOR and Jeffrey, D and myself head off to the game! 

We grab our Rennie Stennett bobblehead ( went 7-7 in a 9 inning game and basically was a solid player that Pittsburgh loved) I  was ready to go!! We text Smid and Chrissy and apparently someone took the tickets ( oopsy) so they checked the front desk and no-go and either out of anger or cheapness they decided not to buy another 26 dollar seat so they headed out and met Sammy Hager at Cabo Wabo or something and we went in and saw the park and a wonderful game!!
    A great part of going to another city is seeing what they have to offer and D is big into the cooking shows and Man Vs Food so we had to check out the original Primanti Brothers. I'll be honest I'm not the food guy Smiddy is ( you've seen his reviews for this very blog) but  I like a good sandwich so I was excited. We show up and its sort of a hole in the wall but that doesn't bother me I'm looking for a menu and the old rough waitress comes over and says its on the wall you guys ready and stares at me! Not going to lie I was hung over and just blurted out I'll take the bologna and cheese cuz it was first thing on the menu!! For those that don't know Primanti  Brothers comes with the meat, fries and cole slaw all in some great fresh bread this is one of the best sandwiches I've ever had!! Definitely a highlight!! Couple more non baseball items being the first to a Gentlemen's Club is not a creepy as it seems and the employees at such clubs are friendly although a member of the crew was FALSELY accused of dehumanizing an employee? Sometimes Boston humor is only funny in Boston I guess? 
Also there's a Jerome Bettis restaurant, Grille 36, that serves deep fried hamburgers ( heard they weren't that good) and they have 24oz glasses you could buy or if you"re adept at forgetting to leave the glass on your table you could acquire it as a keepsake! There is also a bar in this lovely city that has a resident midget. YOU HEARD ME.  The bars are filled with people and  are very accommodating (full disclosure on the next trip) and willing to talk to you  even invite you to an after hours place with poker machines that pay out!! Good luck trying to collect on one of those in Boston if you win like a member of the crew did. All in all the night life there was superb!! We also were able to get game day tickets for another game as Mannywood has just started and the Dodgers were in town!!  LF seats few rows from Manny 35 bucks day of the game! Suck that Sox Nation!!
  Chrissy hadn't made it into the park so this was a great chance for him to see PNC( kind of the reason we came ha) so we snatched up some tickets. Jeffrey and Smid had an earlier flight out so Smid never did get inside the stadium. We had hit Pittsburgh pretty hard and me and my stache were feeling it so we went to the game and I was dragging. We checked out our seats- AWESOME and then I look over and see a kid about 14 trying to reach for a ball about 10 ft away on the field during bp. Look I'm no saint but wtf I'll help him out so I head over and D and Chrissy stay at the seats. I say hey Ill hold your legs reach over and grab it. (everyone knows or so I assumed that as long as your feet aren't on the field you're good). Junior isn't having it, says no way he can reach it. I say I'll get it hold my feet and me and my stache make an attempt, no go so I take off my hat and reel it in with that!! Feet on the railing  the whole time, feeling like a king I turn to hand the kid the ball and I hear yelling! 5-0, Po-Po, Pittsburgh's finest coming my way!! Now Im standing there kid takes off and these two hardasses come over to me. First guy "whats going to stop me from taking you to jail?" I said excuse me? for what?  Second cop " trespassing sir, you went on the field" I said no I reached over and got this ball for that kid (who's now gone) First cop repeats and would continue to repeat "WHAT'S GOING TO STOP ME FROM TAKING YOU TO JAIL"?   I look over at D and Chrissy who are laughing and Chrissy snapping pics like he works for TMZ. I said look I dont know what to tell you, fields empty and there's not a person around, I didn't go on the field I reached over if you want me to leave the park or something I will. Officer One asked me again and the second cop says stay off the field or I'm going to jail. This ordeal seemed like it took an hour. They asked to see the ball I said I'm keeping it and Cop one said its not even a good one probably trying to goad me one last time, I said yup and walked over to the boys. I saw the young kid he watched from the tunnel and said "they let you keep it" I nodded and said sorry buddy went thru too much to give it to you now. 
The ball, rennie stennett, the jerome bettis glass and a ton of laughs made it safely home from an excellent trip! Up next San Diego..........................

Monday, March 28, 2011

Times flying

April showers bring May flowers. What do May flowers bring?

Pilgrims! HAAAA, I know its childish but every year around this time I think of that joke.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Jessie and the Rippers are a great cover band.
2. You can tell the nice weather is coming, when people text all day Sunday to meet up down in the Seaport district.
3. Dunkin Donuts released a Mountain Dew Coolata.
4. Mike G is selling a 1998 Honda Accord with 150,000 miles on it for $2300. If anyone is interested let me know.
5. Shaun Larry LarrBear Dillon is real secretive with his girl friend.
6. Dwight Howards nickname in Words with Friends is Deebo12 if anyone wants to challenge him.
7. Julie Nickerson was home this weekend and felt really old at the bars.
8. The first month of the season, that Sullys is open is an adventure. Training all the new kids can not be fun.
9. I am secretly addicted to the pastrami seasoned turkey from boars head. Its soo damn good.
10. Who doesn't like Patron shots? Chilled with a squeeze of lime?
11. Smiddy's washer toss game is currently sitting in my garage if anyones up for a game?

12. Lots of people have love on the rocks.
13. Be very careful with your phone number around Jeffrey. He gives it out to random broads.
14. I love me some stuffed peppers. Stuffed with meat or rice or veggies. I don't care!
15. Rasberry lime rickeys always make me smile and taste so yummy

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sox Survey has a survey to vote for your favorite Red Sox right fielder of all time. Anyone who knows me, knows that Dwight "Dewey" Evans is my favorite Sox player of all time. He is the reason I started watching baseball games and why I always wanted to go to Fenway park.

Mrs. Booze actually bought me an autographed picture of Dewey, Rice and Lynn from the 1970's:

I voted for Dewey and I hope you do too. If you want to vote just click on the picture below.

B's vs Habs

I just want to start out by letting everyone know that Jeffrey was on fire last night. Everything the kid did and said was gasoline!

I can't believe there are only 8 games left before the playoffs start. Time flies when you are having fun I guess. Not only was last nights game against the dirty hated Canadians but it also may of been a playoff preview. If the season ended today the Bruins would finish in 3rd and Montreal in 6th. Needless to say I WAS FUCKING GIDDY!

I met up with Welchie, Jeffrey and MikeyT at Mcgann's for some pre-game cocktails. Sadly, Rio and Big Bob didn't go to the game but we got Albie and his brother in law. That's not really a fair trade but what the hell - the more the merrier.WEEI was at the bar and their trivia question was what 2 numbers between 1 and 10 are NOT retired by the Bruins. Some fool won with 1 and 6 but Jeffrey (Told you he was on fire) goes well 10s not retired and that's between 1 and 10 so your question is bad. The guys response was only single digit numbers. Uhm then that would be between 1 and 9 there budso. No wonder no one likes WEEI anymore.

You remember Shawn, the bartender/magician? I had to check in with him and ask how Pats party was. From what I was told, Shawn showed up at the party to preform his show at 9pm and apparently Pat had already been removed from his own party for being shit faced. Sounds about right.

There weren't as many Montreal fans as there usually are. Bunch of pussies were probably afraid of all the shit they would take from the B's fans.

Looks like Jimmy is back bitches:

Welchie and MikeyT were in Lodge 19 while Jeffrey had secured us seats in Lodge 11:

 The B's showed up right from the drop of the puck. Just over a minute into the game Johnny Bombchuck let one rip right past Carey Price(Who would name their SON Carey? Thats a chicks name) and you could feel the whole building let out a collected sigh. Montreal just didn't seem to have it. The B's beat them to loose pucks, out worked and out skated them all over the ice. As they say the puck was bouncing the B's way at every point. Soupy(Gregory Cambell) scored a typical scrappy goal with about 7 minutes left in the 1st period and Nathan Horton heard a WOO with 2 and half minutes left. After 1 the B's are up 3-0 and I didn't miss one goal. Off to the Hub bar between periods. I think at this point Albie is all jacked up. He looks gray, his eyes are half open and I think he mumbled "rubble rubble ree" at me.

Halfway through the 2nd period they start trying to find the fan of the game. As they are zooming around the Garden they happen upon theGROWN MAN who is sitting in front of MikeyT and Welchie - BLAMMO them 2 fools are up on the big screen. Jeffrey has this on his camera and I'll share the picture when he down loads it. As Jeffrey was putting his camera away the lady next to him smashed into him, spilling his beer into his lap, down his leg and all over her.  Needless to say he was wet for the rest of the night. There was a weak fight between Mara and Soupy but nothing too exciting happening in peroid 2 except Welch and I dominated the Tune Trivia and MikeyT losing helmet shuffle for the 1st time in 4 years! On the way back to the Hub bar, Albie is running past me to go see Black Kerry and get his free beer. Thank god for small miracles. He looked like he had more color this time around. MUST BE SOME REALLY GOOD BEER! We all decide to throw up 5 bucks each for the 50/50 raffle. Needless to say we didn't win.

The 3rd period is high action. Back to back goals from Horton(2) and Mcquaid. Lots of hitting from the team in black and gold. After a goal from Kaberle the B's found themselves shorthanded 5 to 3 but with a tipped pass by Soupy and a burst of speed up ice,  he buried the B's 7th goal of the night.

This was one of the best games ever. The B's were on it and if they keep up this kind of play through the rest of the season they should be able to get far in the playoffs.

The night wasn't over though. There was talk about karaoke and how Jeffrey needs to work on a new song so we head to the Philips Old Colony House. The crowd was not into it at all. It kind of felt like we crashed someones lame party. We finished our drinks and moved onto the next bar, The Cathay Pacific.

Now this is more our speed. If you have never been to this place, it is like the bar in Star Wars. A mix of every creed and and every nation. Unfortunately, we didn't get the memo that this place is LEGIT. I think we may of stumbled upon Karaoke Idol or some shit. People were working the crowd. No one was looking at  the screen. Songs were being sung that I had never heard. This shit was heading down fast. Jeffrey is starting to get dejected, little did he know Welchie had an ace up his sleeve. A go-to place  back from when he was blacking out on weekends and waking up in various ladies beds. The Cafe De Paris over at the Common Market.

At this point I am sheenfaced (yes Charlie Sheen fucked up) and I probably couldn't tell you anything about the place but the karaoke crowd welcomed Jeffrey with open arms. He waited while people sang their shit but he was itching. He was debating a new song or his old stand by - These Eyes by the Guess Who. These Eyes won out. Needless to say he brought down the house. Cougars were cat calling him,  I think the Karaoke DJ gave him the eye, and there was talks of shots. Shots didn't happen and we left at 12:30. We banged out some late night Wendys and crashed. I would say this was an overall great day

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

I don't follow the Bruins much but I can sense the bad mood in the house when they aren't doing well. I heard some rumbling about losing 6 games in a row (but they won last night!) so I thought Man Meat could rally them to some more wins.
Let's face's slim pickings for good looking men on the team. I'm pretty close to robbing the cradle with this one but I picked Tyler Seguin. That baby face deserves to displayed before his teeth fall out and he gets picked to have his head shaved for "Cuts for a Cause".
Be careful out there Tyler because something tells me you won't be very sexy with a bald head and missing teeth!

Week 8 review

I guess Mike Foley will be taking back his weekly blogging/review rant about darts, starting next week(he also plans to contribute more golf stuff and other things he finds out there). He is currently in "Washington D.C." for a work conference. I put "Washington D.C." in quotes because I was informed that the D.C. stands for dirty cock and he is actually playing out a gay fantasy in our states capital.
You know what I always say - to each his own.

Since KevBarry has moved on to Tampa, I decided to reach out to CBV(Crazy Bob Valente), to see if he wants to return to the Repeat Offenders - DTF. Here is his response:
"Just closed on house in Bridgewater..trying to fix it so I can move in...between that and work it is not likely for another month or so....sorry". I think a NO would of worked just fine, so it looks like we may be rolling with only 8 now. Oh well good luck to KevBarry on his Florida adventure, 1. I hope he doesn't get any Tampon Bay sporting apparel that means Rays or Lightning and 2. Make sure you at least pull out. Don't want any little KevBarrys running around Florida with their chest hairs blazing (I met your father).

As I was making out the roster, I was told by Shaun Larrbear Larry Bobby Rickey Dillon that he wanted to be in matches early because he has been up fucking his new lady late into the night and he needed to catch up on his sleep. DJ Brighto was running late so he didn't get into any 501 matches, he also didn't bring his DJ equipment(Thank GOD) but he has been practicing hard to do some gigs.  This is all in between getting his pizza business up off the ground and cleaning up his act.  The kid is liquid gold.

I didn't take any notes since I had to score 4 out of our 6 matches. Plus as I told the team - that's not my style. I probably forget more than I remember.  I am pretty sure I missed a shit ton of goodness but hey it is what it is. First off, who comes to a bar with a calculator? Apparently the other team rolls with one. We have to do old school math to keep score, since our electronic board went out to be repaired in January and still hasn't been returned. It is not all that difficult to subtract from 501 or 301 but it gets hectic when people are throwing and you are still trying to calculate scores.  Secondly, I made one math mistake all night and it was a simple 258 - 100 and some how I came up with 148?? I was drinking but not all that much.  I can't make any excuses I am just a big dummie.

Onto the matches:

501's (2-1) -
Derek and Jeb grinded one out - win(Jeb you have to wait for their turn before you throw your darts)
Supah and Welch came out blazing - win
Jeffrey and Larrbear were chasing numbers down and wiring everything - loss

Cricket (3-0) -
Brighty loves to play with Jeffrey. They were done before I could get a round of beers - win
Welch and Supah( hanging and banging since 1983) banged it out - win
Larrbear and Jeb would not be stopped - win(I know we have already address this but Jeb you have to wait for their turn before you throw your darts)

301's (4-2) -
I lost 2-0. I couldn't get in and when I finally did I was wiring everything. basically I sucked extra bad with Mayonaise - loss
Welch went to a 3rd game but came through - win
Jeb's head wasn't totally with us this night but he battled  - loss
Brighty dominated even though with 24 left he went for an 8 double 8 rather than a straight double 12 - win
Jeffrey, who isn't exactly happy that people are getting credit for his tough darts each week, played very well and could of at one point went for a double 20 double 20 double bull. Good to see him doing all the math to get on an out that he's comfortable with - win
Supah would not be denied as he finished off his opponent - win

Overall we finished 9-3. We are at the Pony room next week. Come on down, I will be at the B's - Blackhawks game.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#5 Oriole Park

From the CEO of everything):
 The baseball season is quickly approaching and I start to get excited about sox home opener, sox marathon Monday game and the baseball trip! The baseball trip which has been exclusively book by Whitley travel and has taken us all across the US and to old Expos stadium where Expo great Gary Carter hung out with us.

I am going to review the top 5 trips to date in hopes that the now defunct baseball crew gets back on course. I'm fully aware that Mike G's wedding ruined the baseball trips but I'm holding out hope we can get back on track.

I signed on to the baseball trips believing that only bachelor parties and trips to Vegas cancelled out the baseball trips but its been a solid 2 years since we went! Without further bitching I offer you the 5th best baseball trip Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore.
 This basically was a no-brainer it had to make the top 5 and a case could be made for it being further up BUT it was our first trip and the crew was suspect at best. I'm pretty sure Nickerson only went because she had a coupon, speed pass and we split the room 23 ways so it was 8 bucks each. We were an inexperienced group and it was the only trip we actually drove to with DJ triple threat riding shotgun and Derek trying to break land speed records the ride was smoother than expected. 
We stayed at a hotel within walking distance to the park which we would learn later was a key to a successful trip. Also note we went before Oriole Park became a hot spot for Sox fans. The baseball trip it was decided was not to go root on the sox but to go and see the other teams and what they had to offer. We make an effort to get to the park early and take it in (sometimes others don't make that effort and are left-more on that in  a later review). We showed up and saw Scott Hatteberg absolutely dominate batting practice just raking balls out and walked around like little kids pointing at the players. Chrissy noticed Pedro and "thought" Pedro noticed  him. Truth of the matter there was a kid with TWO BROKEN ARMS that Pedro was looking at and when he one  hopped a ball on the turf to that kid the deceptively quick Mr. Macphail did his best Bill Russell and swatted the ball back to the field. There was a crowd and this was the only move he had and he executed it perfectly but now the ball was on the field and someone made the executive decision to nudge him over the railing!! Chrissy looks up says "what the fuck" as we all yell get the ball!! He does and gets helped up to hi-fives as the Baltimore police officer comes over and gives a friendly reminder to stay off the field ( much nicer than later encounters with police).  As for the kid with the broken arms " Mikey I probably saved him a broken nose too, no way he catches that" ,  I guess a lesson was learned at the park that day.
       The game itself is always the least of the ballpark trips, though you find out how spacious other parks seats are and how cheap it is to get close to the field. This was also our first experience with parks that bring beers to your seats!! They never knew what hit them like D never knew what hit him as the sun burnt his pasty white skin to a crisp that day! The beer vendor would come to our seats which were about 8 rows from the field and then D would say we'll be ready when you're on your way back up! Needless to say a lot was consumed that day. The other reason for going to stadiums is to check out the surroundings and Oriole Park has a great place called Fells Point its a fanuel hall type place and is pretty cool. Unlike Boston, other cities do not have the no happy hour rule and with our crew that is trouble. We were going in and out of bars seeing who had the best specials Boston needs to lighten up and make this happen especially if the baseball trips are permanently cancelled! A baseball trip reminder especially to William Smiddy when out of town its courteous to visit a gentlemen's club just to experience it so you must be prepared for that, also make sure the group stays together sometimes it gets hectic at these places. Its a must to see all a city has to offer. Just plain rude to not.

  If going out of town, seeing some summer baseball and seeing the sights of another city all while drinking and laughing with friends is a good time for you - get Whitley travel back in business! 

Next week number 4 on the top 5 is Pittsburgh, who knew they knew how to have a good time there!

From the desk of the Bring Back the Baseball Trip Task Force

If anyone is interested in getting a trip together this year please get in touch with MikeyT or Derek. The new guys always get to pick the place...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has sprung

Before I get to the things I learned this weekend, I just want to touch on the Drop Kick Murphy's concert I went to last Wednesday night, at the House of Blues. The crew I went with was great. We had lots of laughs, tons of booze and a great long night of hanging out. The crowd was really into the show but to me it just seemed like 2 hours of the same song on repeat.  They didn't play any of the older songs that I know.I think that it just wasn't for me. I am by no means knocking the show. Everyone enjoyed the shit out of it and I liked the free beers/drinks plus hanging with Kenny's mom and grandmother. Would I go again? Hell yeah. Would I pay to go again? Hell no.

                              (This is some lady who sings with the DKM's on their new cd)
                               (All Access pass to before and after to hang with the band)
                                                         (First song of the night)
                                        (Some dude proposing in the middle of the set)
                                                              (Kenny Casey)

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People are excited for the spring - baseball season starts, hockey playoffs will be in full gear and the Celtics will be going for #18!
2. When we first moved to Quincy, last October, there were no birds around(gone south for the winter) and it was eerily quite but I got used to it. Well this past weekend the birds showed up and I haven't slept past 5:15 when them bitches start chirping.
3. Mario just found out that they are putting a Buffalo Wild Wings is Saugus(even though it has been a year in the making).
4. I am still pissed about that foul call to end the Pitt game.
5. Jeffrey went to the Half door and absolutely loved it.
6. "Take care, brush ya hair" is sadly not a Brighty original but actually came from the Jersey Shore season 1(thanks MikeyT)
7. KevBarry will be missed. I hope all his future endeavors in Tampa Bay are fun and fruitful. When is the next Super bowl scheduled down there?
8. Supah P is going to go out and get a passport, so we can plan a hockey trip to Toronto.
9. Welchie is still going strong at his current job but is looking for anything to move on. If you know of any job opportunities please pass them along.
10. School House pizza is kinda ehh. Nothing too exceptional. Taste like a less cheese Hi-Fi pizza.
11. I still haven't heard from William J. Smiddy since last Wednesday when he said he would meet up for beers on Thursday for St. Pattys day, go out Friday to watch the tournament (HUGE NCAA guy), catch up Saturday to pregame before the UFC fight and meet up for the parade(I didn't go this year so no biggie). I hope he is well. He doesn't text me so if you see him tell him what up.
12. People who train dogs are their own special breed.
13. Plumbing is a whole lot harder than I actually thought it was.
14. St. Pattys day also happens to be John Brewer day! What a coincidence right?
15. Mike Foley will be back blogging full time dart reviews and golf related shit starting next week.
16. The rebooted Karate Kid was garbage. Straight garbage! Not even Jackie Chan could save it.
17. Since the NFL ruined my all day Saturday drinking by changing their format of the draft to prime time, I am now going to take off the 1st Friday of the tournament every year.
18. Mike Foley would 100% rather be bald than have grays. I see no logic in that. Grays you can die but bald you need a toupe to cover. That shit aint growing back.
19. Shawn Larry works a mean chainsaw.
20. The Bruins are playing uninspiring hockey.

I hope that everyone has a nice quick week.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Text of the week

A few people have been all over me about text of the week. Well people step it up. Texting me "what's good" doesn't make you text of the week. So who sent me this text? Who is this pic of?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

well here is the final girl in my St. Paddy Week Special. and what better way to end the week with the only irish born woman to grace Playboy magazine. Laurena Lacey is just another smoking hott blonde that mr hefner has no doubt had his wrinkly old dick in. i am so jealous of that walking corpse!

Finish Him!

March 17th

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig is the Gaelic way of expressing a wish that you have all the blessings of St Patrick's Day and the "luck of the Irish" to go with it. There are many humorous explanations for this expression. One comes from the legend of the 'Little People' of the land, know as leprechauns. Finding or catching a leprechaun (who would then give you gold) was a lucky event that could only take place in Ireland ! The Irish are descendants of great Celtic and Viking fighters and invaders. Their natural fighting skills often ensured survival & hence they became known as the 'lucky' people, a classic case of making your own luck ! 

But then "The Luck of the Irish" may all be legend.


Dog Beer Saddle

This is why dogs are man's best friend.
Because they can carry beer! Your dog will be part of the party with this saddle, perfect for carrying your drinks of choice! The Dog Beer Saddle features a black saddle with four holders for beer or soda cans, as well as a pocket for dog treats, so you can reward your pup for helping out!
  • Fits most medium to large breeds.
  • Includes: Saddle.
  • Does not include: Hat or collar.

Needless to say this doesn't help with teaching your dog to fill the beer saddle. Beggars can't be choosers I guess.

Week 7 dart review

This weeks guest blogger is Jeb!!

Tonight we played at St. Marks Post, always a great time, cheep beers and smoking butts inside, it also was the last time Kevin Barry  will be present as he is relocating to Tampa so this made the night even more festive, but he is buying a convertible so it is all good.
Foley showed up “emotionally tired” and it showed by the wrinkles in his clothes, it also came out that he is scared of, and hates cats, literally jumped out of his shoes when the bar cat creeped up on him, Derek is a big fan of the celebratory dart reviews, P showed up with a note book and a pen and passed them along to me.

I tried to keep up but when we get together it is hard to pick out the highlights of the night as they were a plenty. In conversations about smoking a “Jeffray” (Get him to the Greek) it came out that Shawn Larry has never seen “Hangover”, get it together man! P’s beard is coming in great and it should top last year’s stache. As always, St. Mark’s Post made some food, this week it was Clam Chowder which Welchie said was great, but ever the contrarian Foley felt it was a bit thin. Brighty is really into this pizza thing, going to start locally then market it nation wide, “its game time bitch”!

Apparently P has a case of “Jungle Fever” which caught more than a few of us off guard and led to at least one awkward moment. All in all, it was a great night, now onto the match reviews:

• Welchie and P lost the 1st 501 after P doubled in with 85 points; Welch couldn’t get away from the breakfast spread.

• Brighty and DWit took down the 2nd match in style with a double 6 from Brighty to end it

• Foley and Jeffrey took care of business in the 3rd 501 with a solid with, Foley doubled out on an 18

• Kev and Jeb got down big in the first Cricket but stayed in there and caught them sleeping, came back to take it in the end with the best comeback of the year so far!

• Sean Larry and Jeffrey lost the 2nd match to a “Ginger” and a pregnant lady, you guys are usually better than this, but it happens to everyone.

• Foley and Brighty took down the final Cricket match in what was the highest points totals we have sent his year…199-172, Brighty loves to point!

• DWit lost the first match, it seemed like it was going to be more of the same for our beloved captain but he surprised us all by coming back and winning the 2nd and the 3rd marathon match getting out on a D 4.

• Welchie took down the first match but couldn’t keep the momentum going as he lost the next 2, not the best night for Welchie but he will see better days.

• Kev Barry, in what was his last match as a Repeat Offender lost 2 straight, apparently they don’t have darts in Tampa so he was not too upset…

• Brighty comes up and we need a win as it was starting to get close, as usual he came through with a commanding win, took down the first 2 matches on a D 8 and a D 16

• Jeb took care of business as usual with 2 straight matches that really weren’t too close; hit a 102 and then a D 18 to go out. He is 5-0 in the last 2 matches!

• Super P steps up to try to shut the door and leave with an 8-4 win, he played well in the first match and won, but things got interested in the 2nd match, went back and forth with P hitting a 100, that was matched by a 120 and then back to back 60’s! Very intense match, but in the end he could not put it away and lost the final 2 matches.

So we ended the night with a 7-5 win but there were some matches left out there that we should have taken down. It is still early and we are reeling with the news we will be losing KevIN Barry, but as a team we will re-group and make sure to step it up in the 2nd half! Come on out and have a few drinks, next week we are playing at Peggys...hope to see you there!

Just remember:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

We've heard enough about "The Situation". He is overrated as far as I'm concerned. I think the reason he needs to show his abs so much is to compensate for his little something down there. Then there's Vinny...we know Snooki...he's huge. "It's like trying to fit a watermelon through a pin hole." Cry baby Ronnie gets on my nerves...JUST BREAK UP WITH SAM ALREADY! 5 episodes of covering that shit is enough!!
My favorite by far is Pauly D. Sure he can be annoying when the "CAB'S HERE!" but I do find him very funny with the sarcastic comments he makes. How can you not love someone that brings his stalker back to the house for a good time?