Thursday, December 31, 2015

Week 16 review

Week 16 is in the books and it looks like the dust has settled and the money spots as well as the beer bitch and dress wearer is clinched up. The third place spot is still a distanct possibility separated by 55pts but it would take a big week.

 Lets look at last weeks results:

 1. Slippery Wizards..........................184
2. Jaybirds.......................................162
3. Charlie's Angels.............................155
4. Skza's Squad.................................142
5. Supah P's.......................................128
6. DMC...............................................124
7. Creepshots.....................................102
8. Equalizers.......................................100
9. Black dynamite.................................94
10. Beach Bums...................................93

 Tough time for the Beach Bums to have a bad week but lets give ol friend Frank Gore a call. Hey frank its TMX hows it going? " oh TMX good to hear from you? hope the holidays were good, its going ok thought I got traded to a team that wanted me but guess not" Come on Frank its not that bad I'm sure Beach Bums traded that lemon away with the intent on using you in the stretch when your qb is half dead so the team needs to run? " you would think but I put up more points than BOTH rbs he started combined and he had me on the bench! He knows 60 year old hassleback cant throw over 5 yards, right, HE KNOWS THIS!!" Geesh I guess he doesn't? Anyway Frank another solid year good luck in the playoffs if you guys make it! " thanks TMX good to see you still go faith!!" Lets give Captain Kirk Cousins a call from the winning Slippery Wizards - Hey Kirk its TMX you ever heard of us? You're  not a guy we've ever called " OH man course I heard of you guys, read you every week, you see my week ? Me and my man Reed lit it up YOU LIKE THAT" well slippery wizards liked it TMX just reports but you did have a great week " great week is right YOU LIKE THAT" uhm you already asked " tmx YOU LIKE THAT? "  we get it Kirk that's your catch phrase " YOU LIKE THAT" your catch phrase you may be overdoing it there buddy " oh yeah YOU LIKE THAT" You know what Kirk good week happy new year TMX is done. Click. Wow some guys seem a little too full of themselves these days. Lets look at the standings going into the final week.

1. DMC.......................
2. JAYBIRDS....................................97PTS
3. CHARLIES ANGELS.......................168PTS
4. CREEPSHOTS..............................224PTS
5. BEACH BUMS................................224PTS
6. SLIPPERY WIZARDS.......................257PTS
7. SKZA'S SQUAD..............................276PTS
8. BLACK DYNOMITE..........................289PTS
9. SUPAH P'S.....................................420PTS ( ACTUAL POINTS NO PLAY ON NUMBERS THERE)
10. EQUALIZERS.................................536

Well the third money spot seems to be the only race we got left even that will take a huge week and a massive Charlies Angels collapse which quick check shows you all his guys will be playing for something. There is still 75 dollars out there to be won so lets play it out. The last  week is your last chance to make some cash. Good Luck and happy new year.  TMX OUT.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Starting 2016 with a bang

Lets finish 2015 strong and start 2016 with a bang.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I have a really great group of friends.
2. Congrats to The Welch's on their upcoming baby!
3. Speaking of babies Mikey T and Kate welcomed a hockey haired baby boy into the world on Sunday, Nathan.
4. I finished (Binge watched) all of Jessica Jones and I can say it is a great series.
5. Everyone had a pretty decent Christmas.
6. The ABG and Whiskey Priest are closing down for at least a bit.
7. Where are all the New Years eve parties at?
8. Fresh hairs cuts make you feel like a million bucks.
9. I would say passing out on the couch and then falling off that couch while passed out would be viewed as a birthday success.
10. Just a reminder the yankee regift party is at Welchies house on January 9th.
11. Legit could not of been more excited than when I bought a 36 pack for $24 dollars.
12. It is good to see Calnan blogging again.
13. Who is headed to Miami for this Pats game? I mean besides Tom Kelly?
14. Apparently everyone wanted tickets to the winter classic for Christmas.
15. People are complaining about it being 70 around Christmas but they are the same people who will be bitching when we have 3 feet of snow on the ground.
16. You never really know someone till you see how much cream cheese they use on their bagels.

OK see you all next year. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015


why in Gods holy name is Ernie Adams such an uneasy topic for Pats Fans?

Honestly, if I could be any one person in the Patriots Orginization it would be Ernie Adams.

Secretive, millionaire, football savant who lurks in the shadows. Literally every catch word I would look for in a job. Sure he's at the center of all cheating scandals. And sure the public and media know nothing about him.

Who else in this league has a director of research? No one that's who. But who else has had the Patriots success. No one. See the correlation here?

So why anytime you bring up his names Pats fans cringe? I don't get it. I just don't get it.

Adams literally hands Bill the other teams playbook every week and yet he doesn't get any respect.

No T-Shirts, No Hoodies, No fan sites NOTHING.

So going forward this play off season. Let us take time to thank St Ernie.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 15 in the books

TMX week 15 Christmas edition is here. As is the custom we keep it quick and simple as TMX knows the crew likes to get to spiking the eggnog for the holiday parties.

So here is how the week went.

1) Charlies Angels.....................171pts
2) Skza's Squad........................143pts
3) Jaybirds................................136pts
4) Equalizers.............................133pts
5) Beach Bums..........................132pts
6) Supah P's..............................120pts
7) DMC.....................................115pts
8) Slippery Wizards...................114pts
9) Creepshots............................102pts
10) Black Dynomite.....................85pts

  No team by team recap but we will still make some calls up first the Carolina Defense who had been carrying Black Dynomite but this week only put up 6pts. Hey Panthers D whats good its TMX " oh man TMX great to hear from you hope your not calling bout that punk OBJ that fool still crying?" Well we are calling about the 6pts you put up when Black Dynomite needed you? " oh yeah. Anyway we are tired of talking about that OBJ clown, yeah we brought bats on the field but no biggie we always do, don't see why everyone is talking about it. We are just trying to go undefeated"  Uhhm well TMX isn't talking about it we want to know how you had such a bad week? " I mean OBJ isn't even that good, don't get the big deal? Norman is defensive player of the year but everyone talking about OBJ he's a nobody" Well guys I see this is going nowhere, we get it OBJ thing was a big deal but its over. Well for some!! Have a good Christmas. " yeah you too TMX hope OBJ gets coal guys is out of control does it just to get his name out there, tired of it." Uhhm yeah. Up next a TMX first instead of calling a player on Charlies Angels  we are going to call Los gm of Black Dynomite with some great news involving Charlies Angels. Hey Los its TMX ! " Fury, Fury? That you Fury? " No its TMX fantasy football reporting site. Calling to tell you that you are no longer the most hated team in ADSL! What a Christmas present! " Wait, so the league got a new black team in there? cuz I know that's why y'all be hating! Plus I win at the draft every year! Had a wagon this year too!! " Well no theres not a new black team ( not that adsl is against it) but Charlies Angels and their self congratulations has just recently been name most hated team in the league ( poll was anonymously conducted and two people still picked you Los, with the Beach Weasels still received a vote). " oh wait that dude is  hated cuz self congratulating? I've been doing that for years. Garbage. Its racial, you guys cant even let a black team  be most hated!! " Well we were hoping this would be good news guess not? "Later TMX and this racist league, I'm still most hated just wait til next years draft". Well we tried to bring holiday cheer to Black Dynomite . Guess not?.

Lets check the standings:

1. DMC
2. JAYBIRDS.......................136
3. BEACHBUMS....................193
4. CHARLIES ANGELS.............199
5. CREEPSHOTS.....................203
6. BLACK DYNOMITE................260
7. SKZA'S SQUAD.....................294
8. SLIPPERY WIZARDS..............316
9. SUPAH P'S...........................423
10. EQUALIZERS.......................511

 Well, well, well its tight at the top and cant go without mentioning Creepshots getting cute sitting Cam and now is on the outside looking in at that money!! TMX investigated possible collusion/point shaving with Beach Weasles but so far we cant confirm or deny! The final two weeks should be fun. Merry Christmas and lets finish strong with no injuries and the right plays as there is still 75 bucks a week out there. TMX OUT

Monday, December 21, 2015

Hope all your shopping is done...

After that great song to start the day, this is what I learned this weekend:

1. The new Star Wars is a good movie but still not nearly as good as the originals.
2. People rack up 40,000 in porn charges?
3. Divorce and death are great ways to get a great deal on a house.
4. I hate Toys R' Us.
5. Also why is family so difficult?
6. Beef stew is bomb.
7. Does everyone lose their manners when shopping?
8. It is very easy to drop $200 at the super market.
10. Unplanned drinking days are the best.
11. MGD is still my jam.
12. Always good bumping into old friends. Small world type shit

I gotta go. You are lucky that I got that many things out.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Week 14 TMX review

Week 14 is in the books. The  last three weeks are here, with separation at the top and bottom, enough to all but clinch for the season and the dress wearer. Anything can happen but its looking like a new champ and new dress wearer are going to be crowned.

 Lets get to this weeks scores. First place again this week was DMC with 156. DMC continues to get big games when needed even when Big Ben puts up only 9pts it didn't matter cuz OBJ put up 37 on Monday night and Gurley and Jeffrey had great games. DMC looks locked in and TMX looks to be right predicting they would win it all. Once again proving there is no such thing as jinxes in fantasy football (Not to be confused with the SI cover Jinx).
2nd place this week was Charlies Angels with 137 . A balanced attack with only Amendola not getting in double digits and once again the bench mob came up big as Hightower was picked up and left on the bench breaking Iggles long standing rule " you picked him up you play em" Third place this week was BeachBums with 132. Beach bums push for the top is being carried by red hot Wilson who again put up a 40 burger. Beach bums or Beach weasles as they are called in some circles is within reach of the money and picked up Edelman in hopes of collecting in the last three weeks. 4th place this week was Creepshots with 132, Killer Cam is carrying the team for Creepshots so one can only wonder why Ginn and juice wasn't used as he put up 30 on the bench cant be making those mistakes with beach bums breathing down his neck!!

 5th place this week was Jaybirds who rode the Fitzy-Marshall stack but got nothing from Mathews and titans. Jaybirds continued to fall from the top and may have a fight to hold off 2nd if he doesn't find some consistent rb production. 6th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 117. Wizards failed for the first time this season in a waiver move going for Jameis instead of well anyone else. The defending champs should prolly start shining up the belt he'll be turning over. 7th place this week was Skza's Squad with 116. The Baldwin move is real people! A three td game but whats even more real is the fact that Skza had another zero in the lineup. We had to let go our stat guy but this has to be a record number of zeros started. Amari Coooper the zero this week. 8th place this week was Black Dynomite with 114. Panthers d was the only bright spot as Hopkins, Crabtree and Maclin had off games at the worst time. Bd is a long shot to get up to third but its possible if enough guys get hot. 9th place this week was Supah P's with 81. Hurns and Hawks d have been steady producers for Supah but this was the wrong week to sit Fat Eddie. Lacy Sundays came and went on Supahs bench. Supah's seems in a battle to get out of beer bitch and sitting fat eddie may not be the right move!!

Last this week with a new low 63 pts was Equalizers. Dalton went down and if its wasn't for 25 from pats d it could have been even worse. Equalizers looked locked into last but on the bright side the bench went off for 101 and theres hope for winning a 2nd week! Lets make some calls.

 First up Big Ben. Hey Big Ben its your friends at TMX whats good? " oh tmx what a season we are having ( loud chewing noises) how you guys doing?"  Uhhm Ben you eating lunch? " nah just a snack i love snacks, you see what happened to Dalton this week? Broken thumb hope its not his mozzarella stick thumb, ( more chewing noises) I love mozzy sticks how bout you guys at TMX wanna split an appy of mozzy sticks yummeee" Well we called to talk football and your subpar performance anything on that? " you say subs? yeah i'll grab a sub, lets hit up Primanti brothers!! Man TMX i love subs" You know what Ben good luck with lunch and the rest of the season too much chewing in our ear for this convo, Later. Wow Big Ben loves his food apparently lets give Alfred Blue a call from the losers. THE NUMBER YOU HAVE DIALED HAS BEEN CHANGED. click. Hmm well TMX cant reach Blue but he's still being started. Unreal Equalizers.

Here are the standings

1. DMC
2. JAYBIRDS.............................157PTS
3. CREEPSHOTS........................210PTS
4. BEACHBUMS...........................210PTS
5. BLACK DYNOMITE......................234PTS
6. CHARLIES ANGELS...................256PTS
7. SLIPPERY WIZARDS....................316PTS
8.SKZA'S SQUAD...........................323PTS
9. SUPAH P'S.................................429PTS
10. EQUALIZERS.............................530PTS

Well its coming down to 3 weeks left and thats three chances to make a move and for everyone else its three shots at 75 dollar weekly prize. Lets hope for no more injuries and no more ZEROS started. Good luck. TMX out.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas is 10 days away

SHOPPING DAYS THAT IS!! (Also my bday is 2 weeks away if you were wondering).

This is what I learned while away.

1. Tooma has no exit strategy for his vagrant casino living lifestyle.
2. Chrissy is in love with Pickle shots!
3. There is just a weird eclectic group of people whole live in the Poconos.
4. I can go the rest of my life without ever drinking cider again.
5. It is official I hate Buffalo Wild wings and Chrissy can not be happier there is one going in the Hanover mall.
6. A 5 hour drive to Mohegan Sun in the Poconos isn't bad but Chrissy making it home in 4 hours and 15 minutes is something special.
7. The Susquehanna Brewery tour is not only the 4th best  brewery tour in the country but the beers pretty good too.
8.  You can still smoke cigarettes in bars in Pennsylvania.
9. No big deal just wrap some rubber tube around the throttle of the train.
10. Connor Mcgregor is a beast. A cocky beast but still a beast.
11.  I am buying everyone clothes for christmas so get me your sizes.
12. The Where House in NY is a great burger dive joint.
13. The Macphails are looking at going to Disney in November, you guys know of anyone with a time share?
14. The Ames Plow in Faneuil Hall is closing.
15. Oh yeah I guess Snapchat is NOT for people over old.
16. My juke box game is on point.
17. Jeffrey goes together with a 12 pack and Sunday like peanut butter and jelly.
18.. When athletes change teams - Twitter can be a brutal place. See Cardinals fans when Heyward signed with the Cubs.

It was a drunk as all hell weekend so I am sure I missed lots of stuff but I have to run and catch up on work emails.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TMX week 13 review

TMX week 13 review is here.

The wild season is winding down and week 13 was high scoring, lets recap. This weeks winner was overall leader and TMX preseason pick to win it all DMC with their SECOND 200 pt week. Finishing with 201 pts led by a couple of 40 burgers from Big Ben and ARob, DMC was able to just ignore AP and Gurley getting 4pts. DMC was quoted halfway through the 1 oclock games that " this is gonna be a tough week" yeah guess not. Second place was Beach Bums with 174. Week started off well with Thursday night action and waiver pick up Rodgers getting 29  one of FOUR guys scoring in the 20s any other week its an easy Beach Bum win but not this one. The 174 did move Beach into 4th and they are now in the spot to jump into the money. 3rd place this week was Creepshots with 141 nfl mvp Newton dropped a 50 burger and Demarco Murray went crying about more touches. Creepshots is being chased down for that third spot and will need more big weeks from Killer Cam to hang on to that or possible slide into 2nd with 4 to go. 4th place this week was Skza's Squad with 140. Waiver master was led by Baldwin ( alec? billy? ) and Buck Allen who was the hot pickup and didn't disappoint dropping 34 in his first start. Skza is still stuck in the bottom four but has to be the hottest team down there with his waiver prowess.

 5th place this week was Jaybirds with 126. Jaybirds had a terrible week from Muddy Rivers and luckily were bailed out by Marshall and Brown. The hunt for the top got a little bit harder and now hes closer to 3rd than 1st. Its gonna take big games from Muddy and hopefully the rbs can put up numbers for Jaybirds.
6th place this week was Charlies Angels with 118. Brady led the team with a 40 burger and Watkins and Amendola killed it on the bench with a combined 50. Starters Sanders and Landry  had 4!! TMX budget cuts cost us the statistician but we'd be curious to see what place Angels would be in if they didn't lose so many points each week to the bench mob!! 7th place this week was Black Dynomite with 115, Rodgers and Maclin had decent weeks but once again the rb position killed them. ALf ( still being played) had 1 point and an off week from Panthers d has moved BD back and possibly out of the money picture. 8th place this week was Supah P with 107. Supah got ZEROS from lacy and Cameron and still put up 107. Dan Bailey saving the week with a 14pt performance. Supah is still in a battle to get out of beer bitch and he will need better weeks and no injuries to do it. 9th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 106. RBs Rawls and Williams both scored 22 while no one else was in double digits. Wizards are still in the bottom four fighting to get separation. Last place this week was Equalizers once again with 93, Dalton put up 27 while the 3 pats started totaled only 14pts and Dez ( refused to trade) had another off week and Al Blue only put up 1 pt. Equlizers are dangerously close to clinching the bottom spot unless they get hot fast!! 

Lets make some calls, first up Alfred Blue . ( ring , ring ) " the number you have reached has been changed to an unpublished number" WOW that's a first ol Alf Blue changing his number on TMX dirty pool. Well we will figure that out but we got someone  else to call from Equalizers James Jones. Hey Jimmy J its TMX whats good? " oh wow what an honor TMX I've heard all about you, Aaron , Fat Eddie, Jordy and Cobb say great things about you hows it going?" Well its good for us but how about  you? You were traded to Equalizers for the Denver d and in the five weeks you got 34 pts? Denver d got 30 this week alone? " oh man well that's just a dumb trade TMX how would the league even allow such a TRAID? I got nothing to say on that but i'll try and put up something this week but man DENVER D for me? wow. I'm speechless." Ha well good luck Jimmy. Lets call Todd Gurley  from the winners DMC. Hey its tmx what good Mr. Gurly aka mr untradeable  (loud thud) Todd you there what happened sounds like you ran into a wall? " yeah TMX real funny with the rookie wall jokes I dropped the phone, look I'm trying to get on the right page with my qb right now I really don't have time to talk especially about the rookie wall, call me next week I'll be back I promise" Confident rookie and sorry but rookie wall jokes always crack TMX writers up.

Here are the up to the minute standings

1. DMC
2. JAYBIRDS..........................126PTS
3. CREEPSHOTS......................165PTS
4. BEACHBUMS........................187PTS
5. BLACK DYNOMITE.................192PTS
6. CHARLIE'S ANGELS.................237PTS
7. SLIPPERY WIZARDS.................277PTS
8. SKZA'S SQUAD.........................283PTS
9. SUPAH P'S................................353PTS
10. EQUALIZERS............................436PTS

    There are four weeks left, that means four more chances to win the 75 bucks weekly money(or $300 left on the table for the mathematically challenged) and to improve on you spot and or catch the guy in front. There were no trades at the deadline and talk that a lot of teams are just content. Hope that's not true!! Nothings been decided yet and there are still bets riding. Good luck in week 14. TMX out.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Wheres the snow?

I mean it is Pearl Harbor day and we haven't seen one bit of snow. Please don't tell me mother nature is going to cram all that snow into 2 months again!

This is what i learned this weekend:
1.Sometimes you can really get after it at a 2 year olds bday party.
2. There is nothing worse than not being able to find a working ATM.
3. I do not think I could ever own a car again.
4. If you have been trying to reach Nickerson she was in Brazil!
5. There are only 18 days till xmas, hows the shopping going.
6. It seems like everyone is fighting over cash money roght now.
7. If you aren't getting Brueggers bagels then you are down right foolish.
8. Grillo and Chrissy are both killing the Uber game. If you are looking for some extra cash.
9. Im sick of hearing people say "Just be happy you have a job".
10. If your last name is Kirk and you name your son James his middle name must start with a T right? I mean Tiberius if you are a bad ass.
11. Cancer affects everyone in some manner. Please remember that this holiday season. Donate if you can.
12. Speaking of holidays - Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish friends.
13. How long is too long when it comes to a beard?
14. Why is all the Christmas specials already on? I feel like I may of missed them all.
15. My Christmas tree is up, just waiting for it to fall so that I can decorate it.
16. Kind of shitty that the NHL makes you buy tickets to the Bruins Alumni game. Who wants to watch that?

Ok, Kids got to run. Have a nice week.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 12 in the books

Tmx is here with the week 12 review!

A wild week that began with a thanksgiving feast of games has come to an end and TMX is here to recap it. There are five weeks left and the trade deadline is this Saturday so its do or die time for a lot of teams in the hunt for the top or bottom. Here's how it went down. First place this week was Charlies Angels with 165. Wr's carried the Angels with huge production from Watkins( 35) and Landry (34), Brady dropped his steady 29 on a tough Denver d. Angels are looking to make a push for the top and are well positioned with D Johnson taking over in Arizona and Amendola back they may have more Sunday night self congratulations in their future.

2nd place this week was Slippery Wizards 152. Wizards were led by Carr and Megatron's big weeks  and the former champs have climbed away from the basement with consecutive second place weeks. 3rd place this week was DMC with 142. AP is looking like a fantasy mvp candidate and earning the number 1 selection. OBJ also put up another big game but Gurley was a disappointment with 7pts. DMC is in the driver seat and will need everyone playing at the top of their game as the final four weeks to hold off Jaybirds. 4th place this week was Skza's Squad who rode Baldwin's 40 burger to 140pts and  his other waiver pickup Buck Allen also had a decent game while Brees struggles away from New Orleans continued. Skza's are still locked in the bottom four battle but look to be making all the right moves and will continue to have to do that to stay out of bottom 2. 5th place this week was Jaybirds. Muddy Rivers did his thing with 41 and Marshall was on the bench for 34 while standouts Jones/Brown/Fitzy had rare off weeks and L. Murray was victim of being on a passing offense. Jaybirds gets production from an rb and with those 3 wr's and Muddy he has a great shot at catching DMC. 6th place this week was Black Dynomite with 128. Maclin and Panthers d both had huge games to lead BD but the rb combo of Miller and Morris only put up 11 combined.
Black D is tied for the finishing in the money right now but will need to get rb production and/or a red hot Rodgers to get over the top. 7th place this week was Creepshots with 116. Waiver add Spencer Ware led the Creepshots ( guess anyone can run in KC?) but Gronk almost season ending injury put a scare in their hopes to finish in the money. Creepshots also may have a qb controversy as benched Stafford dropped a thanksgiving 49 burger !!  Gonna be interesting if Creepshots can make a move to fill the gronk points or tries to ride it out til he's back! Either way they have a great shot to finish in the money right now. 8th place this week was Beach Bums with 106. Eli and Green had ok games while Demaryius and Eagles D combined for 8 points. Russell Wilson said hello from the bench with a massive 50 burger! Ouch.  The Bums are within shouting distance of the top but leaving 50 burgers on the bench this late is very unBeachbum like. 9th place this week was Supah P. Supah P's team looked like a giant red cross unit this week losing stud Eifert, Cj and Hurns but still mangaged 106 with a big game from Ravens d and the triumphant return of  Fatso Lacy. Supah's is in the bottom 4 battle and will need to be healthy or may be getting beers for the boys on draft day. Last place this week was Equalizers with 75.  Dalton and Blue put up 25 and 14 but no one else on the team managed double digits. Its been a tough fall for Equalizers and they are  not digging a deeper hole each passing week.  They will need to hope for waiver help or a BLOCKBUSTER trade to get them back on the move upward and out of the basement. Lets make some calls.

First up old friend Dez Bryant. Yo dez its TMX whats going on? " oh TMX haven't heard from you all year but I did get the card when I got hurt man you guys always class acts why you calling me?"  Well dez you're really hurting the Equalizers they refused to trade you and now last 3 weeks when they needed you the most you put up 22pts TOTAL " Wait wait TMX you coming at me like this? YOU COMING AT ME LIKE THIS? I'M OUT THERE GETTING OPEN EVERY PLAY AND PLAYERS BE HOLDING AND MY QB BE THROWING TERRIBLE BALLS I MEAN COME ON TMX" Whoa easy easy dez don't be the crybaby they say you are we are just asking the questions. " wait crybaby? you talking bout Beach Bums and his hating? I'll slap him like they "alleged" I did to my momma and you can quote me on that. Everyone love dez. EVERYONE LOVE DEZ. click." Wow guess Dez is up on his "haters" Lets call Sammy Watkins from this weeks winners. Hi Sammy its TMX every heard of us? " heard of you? course we have our owners tells us to stay by the phone each week, shocked you're just calling me now." Wow that's a little smug? I mean we call the winners teams and who does the best that week? why do you think you should get called? " no I mean we won it Sunday night owner took the whole team out after the victory and you're not calling til now?" Well you know there were games Monday and TMX waits till all the scores are in? " yeah whatever TMX call us next week when we win again prolly have it wrapped up by the late game and our owners will be texting everyone we won. Later." WOW guess that team is taking after the self congratulating owner just fine!

 Here are the standings:

1. DMC
2. JAYBIRDS............................52PTS
3. CREEPSHOTS.......................106PTS
3. BLACK DYNOMITE.................106PTS
5. CHARLIE'S ANGELS................154PTS
6. BEACH BUMS..........................159PTS
7. SLIPPERY WIZARDS.................183PTS
8. SKZA'S SQUAD..........................222PTS
9. SUPAH P'S.................................260PTS
10. EQUALIZERS............................328PTS

    Well there are 5 weeks left and the trade deadline is Saturday so this is when the cream rises to the top. Five  weeks ago the current first place team DMC was in 6th place sitting 86pts back,these next 5 weeks, teams can make some moves and set their spot in the standings. Lets hit the waivers, stay healthy and make that last trade to get you to the top! Good luck. TMX out

Monday, November 30, 2015

And just like that Xmas is here

There are only 25 shopping days till Christmas. Today is a great day to start shopping , being cyber Monday and all. There isn't much that I need so no need to spend your money on me.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Sarah likes to send snap chats of Jeffrey's junk.
2. Rumor has it that Tooma is living the high life down in the Poconos. Rolling with a whole new crew of friends and only living part time at the casino.
3. Chrissy is sick, please send him some chicken soup.
4. The Adele song Hello makes me laugh.
5. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of fun and family but man some families are just straight up fucked up.
6.I have tried before but I am going to try again. Planning a trip to Point Sebago, it is looking like Saturday July 9th - the 16th. Fun for everyone.
7. It seems like everyone has some sort of hustle going on.
8. I ventured out on Black Friday and it wasn't bad.
9. Don't look now but it appears that Willie is over his bout of vertigo.
10. The annual Whitley Yankee re-gift party may be a Welchie house warming party this year.

Gotta run. Works a bitch!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Week 11

TMX week 11 Thanksgiving day review is here!

There are 6 weeks left in the season and all the byes are done so this is the time that makes and breaks seasons!! Lets get to the scores. First place this wild week with 137 points were the Equalizers. The now healthy Equalizers got big games from Dalton and Jones as well as Pats D and TMX friend Alfred Blue finally found the endzone!! TMX newly installed basement cameras saw numerous moving boxes in the basement as Equalizers are on the move!!
2nd place this week with 125 were the Slippery Wizards. Waiver wire fill in Rawls carried the Wizards with 49pts. The rest of the team barely showed up except for Ryan and his usual 20pt game. Slippery WIzards are still in the bottom four battle for the basement and if they cant get wr help they may head back there!! 3rd place this week was DMC with 118. Palmer led the way with 37 but late wr pickup Crowder hurt the squad putting up 1 point. It may be time for the double tight end set as Delanie Walker continues to post good numbers. Black Dynomite came in 4th this week with 117. QB proof Hopkins continues to do his thing with 31pts and panthers d helped out while ALF posted another zero at the rb spot. Black D is still in contention for the money but has not been able to make a move in the last few weeks to gain ground. 5th place this week was Beach Bums with 116. The beach bums traided for a qb which they then dropped and picked up Wilson who carried  club with 31pts. Stewart has been sneaky one of the steady rbs this year and was good again this week. Beach Bums are right near the top and looking for one big week to make it into the money. 6th place this week was Creepshots with 110. Newton carried the team with 41 and did all he could to get the win but the only other player with double digits was kicker Catanzaro, cant win a week with that kind of  out put. Creepshots is currently in the money and needs to make each 40 burger cam puts up count.
7th this week with 101 was Skza's Squad. McCoy and Mcfadden (sounds like a law firm) carried the team but rookie standout Cooper put up a 0. Skza is in the bottom four and now gets his new toy Brees to try and put him away from the basement should be an interesting 6 weeks. 8th place this week were Jaybirds with 98pts. Off week by Muddy Rivers ( 4 pts) and ivory kept the Jaybirds from making a move back to the top. Jaybirds is within striking distance of catching DMC and his team is loaded so much so that he dropped Lafell this week to solidify his bench with vjax who put up td on the bench! Gonna come down to the right plays the rest of the way for Jaybirds cuz he obviously has the talent. 9th place this week was Charlie's Angels with 97. Dougie Martin put up 235 rushing but off week from Brady and TWO zeros put up by Jones and Ebron hurt the team. Angels could make a move to the top and probably would be closer with the right movess.

 This off week pushed them back a little and should be interesting if God Brady can carry him back near the promise land with his wr's going down. Last place this week is Supah P's with 85. Supah was hit with injuries once again as fantasy MVP candidate Freeman got concussed and Flacco is now done for the season. Supahs in now in the bottom four fighting for their lives.

Lets make some calls. First up from the winning team Equalizers new qb Andy Dalton. Hey Andy its TMX whats good " TMX? Are you the people who say things meaner than that jerk JJ Watt?? Well I'm not talking to you guys CLICK. OUCH. Well guess the red rocket told us? Good luck rest of the year Mr Sensitive. Lets try another call to Supah P's Tyler Eifert. Hey Tyler its TMX what a season you are having! " hey man I'm just doing my thing getting open scoring tds" Certainly are with 11 on the season but could use a few more yards that would really help out, think you can get Dalton to look for you more outside the redzone? " man I'm not sure if you know Andy but he's a little touchy so I cant really complain to him he'd freeze me out, he hung up on me one time you know!!"  Oh Tyler believe me we know!!  Anyway good luck with the rest of the season Supah's could really use you and tell Andy Tmx says hi!! " Thanks man I'll try and I'll definitely tell Andy!

Lets take a look at the overall standings.

1. DMC
2. JAYBIRDS....................................39PTS
3. CREEPSHOTS..............................81PTS
4. BLACK DYNOMITE.........................92PTS
5. BEACH BUMS................................124PTS
6. CHARLIE'S ANGELS........................178PTS
7. SLIPPERY WIZARDS........................193PTS
8. SKZA'S SQUAD...............................220PTS
9. SUPAH P'S.....................................224 PTS
10. EQUALIZERS.................................261PTS

    Its Thanksgiving week so there is a few big Thursday games and the byes are gone this is the official start of the homestretch so lets hope everyone is making the right plays and all the injuries are behind us. The trade deadline is approaching and the waivers are helping teams so make sure you are looking to better your squad! Have a safe and happy thanksgiving filled with tds. TMX out.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Be Thankful

Thanksgiving week is upon us, so every one just quit your belly aching at least for the week.

This is what I learned this week:
1. People love to be in pools yet they never want to pay.
2. Tree removal is a process and a whole lot like playing Jenga.
3. Went to Chilis for the first time in probably 15 years - new menu, new attitude and ice cold 22 oz beers.
4. Congrats to the Layden's - they had a baby boy - Cameron Joseph (obviously named after Cam Neely).
5. And so it begins, kids birthday bash at the Macphails house December 5th.
6. How come we haven't been to Blue Ox yet?
7. Can I start up a go fund me page to open up Running Erins bar and grill?
8. Rob and Katie are doing the Dopey Challenge and you can donate here.  The challenge consists of a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon on consecutive days.
9. Has anyone done the 6, 12, 18, 24 challenge that you know of?
10. All you ND fans must of been jizzing yours pants after the big game at Fenway.
11. Spilling coffee on your shirt is a terrible way to start your day.
12. The Megabucks is up to $7 million this week. Can't win if you don't play.
13. Do we really need a Christmas horror movie? Krampus? I mean come on!!
This challenge consists of a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon on consecutive days. - See more at:
This challenge consists of a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon on consecutive days. - See more at:
This challenge consists of a 5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon and Full Marathon on consecutive days. - See more at:
14. Jessica Jones is now available on Netflix.
15. Do vegetarians hate Thanksgiving?
16. What is everyone doing for turkey eve this year? Foley usually goes to the Granite Rail and that's closed to where does he head too now? I am saying the Hancock tavern!

Gotta run, work is a bit busy.  I wish you all a safe a fun Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Week 10 review

TMX here with the week 10 recap!

With 7 weeks left the cream is starting to rise to the top and the beer bitch and dress race is on!! Lets check out the scores. First place this week with 162 was DMC. The TMX favorite has finally got it all together somehow with Big Ben in and out of the lineup. Palmer picked up the slack for Ben and number one pick AP ran wild for over 200 yards! DMC left 117 pts on the bench and that has to be addressed if they want to stay on the top. No room for the bench mob to explode with teams gunning for him now. Second place this week was Beach Bums with 148. Beach bums were led by the non noodle arm Manning and the Bryant in Pittsburgh that is actually a legit weapon. Beach Bums also made a huge play on the waivers getting Pitts D to put up 26. Going into Monday night action with AJ and Hill he almost seemed assured a win but both put up weak efforts and Beach bums landed on its face however they are still in striking distance of the top as of week 10 so its not all bad. Third place this week was Slippery Wizards with 133. Wizards are riding their waiver guys Carr and West and trying to get away from the cellar they spent so much of the season in. Wizards need to find a defense and probably admit they got a lemon in the Diggs for Gore deal.
Fourth place this week was Jaybirds with 131.  Bye week blues led to Jaybirds starting Taylor and no Julio. Brown continued to tear the league up with another huge week. Jaybirds are now through the byes and ready to try and climb back to the top. Making the right plays or pulling of a trade that allows them to set it and forget it is gonna be crucial. 5th place this week was Supah P's with 116. Supah went to the wire and picked up and played Flacco who led the team but bad weeks from CJ1K and Eifert killed any chance of a big week. Freeman coming back off the bye should get Supah back on track as he is fighting to separate himself from the cellar chasers. 6th place this week was Creepshots with 109. Gronk and Mr TD a game Decker led the team but newly acquired Cobb and revenge gamer Vereen hurt the squad. Creepshots are within reach of the top and will need everyone to step up to catch the top two.

7th place this week was Black dynamite with 108. BD was led by Rodgers but got little help from the wr corp that has carried him as Crabtree and Garcon totaled 9 points. Its gonna be a tough climb back up for BD if the wr don't help out the hurting rb situation with only Miller there to carry the load but i'm sure they will work something out.  8th place this week was Skza's Squad with 93 points. Amazing week for Skza with 93 points despite getting MINUS 6 for Noodle Arm Manning. You read that right!!  Langford led the way for the guys on the team that scored positive points  and with the trade of the week BREES AND JENNINGS FOR NOODLE ARM AND BLOUNT Skza looks ready to get some separation from the bottom with that fleecing ( FYI - TMX is investigating the collusion charge made by Slippery Wizards who offered Ryan and Lynch for the same players.)  9th place this week was Charlie's Angels with 86. Angels were  hurt again with another big game on the bench! Ebron, Sanders and top kicker Mcmanus killed the team with a combined FIVE points scored! Charlies's took a big step down and is now moving closer to the lower half. They will obviously need to play the right guys and can easily get back to the top half and make a move for the money. Last place this week was Equalizers. Brees the normal leader put up a bad week 15pts and was immediately TRAIDED. Crowell and Jones put up zeros and Dez only had 7! Cooks led all scorers with 25. Equalizers are now in last and looking for help in a lot of areas. They are gonna need big weeks from Dalton, Dez and Blount to climb out of the basement or make another trade?? Seem to be doing well in that department.

Lets make some calls.

First up starting running back for Equalizers Alfred Blue. Hey Alf its TMX whats going on? "TMX why you guys calling me? This Vince? Wilfolk you pranking me again? No way TMX is calling me i'm basically fantasy irrelevant" No NO  come on Alf don't be so hard on yourself we know you've had one good game all year and are struggling but you were picked up on waivers OVER Darren McFadden " haha really man that team must not be doing well I mean since I took over I've only got 12 total points why would I be starting? i'm an rb 12 in my own rankings? Well if they start me i'm gonna try and break a couple runs this week ok!! " Wow sounds good!! Well theres something we don't get that often. Good luck Equalizers and you can thank TMX for the motivation!!
 Up next Big Ben for team DMC. Hey old friend its TMX whats good? " oh man nothing good just eating couple Primanti brothers sandwiches and trying to heal up for the stretch week" Woah those are huge sandwiches you say a couple? " Yeah come on TMX don't fat shame me, i'm on the bye this week and was resting up last week then I had to come in off the bench and help my team!!" Yeah about that almost burnt DMC with that move why were you second string if you could play and play well? " Yeah I know right put up 38pts who knew? Well i'll be healthy after the bye and ready to go! and Antonio you eating those fries? TMX we are eating I don't wanna be rude but its lunch time I'll talk to you after the bye, k? " Uhhm ok Ben, it is 9:30 am, enjoy your "lunch"! Big appetite apparently equals big numbers!! Here are the current standings.

1. DMC
2. Jaybird.....................................18pts
3. Creepshots.................................72
4. Black Dynomite............................91
5. Beach Bums.................................121
6. Charlie's Angels..............................158
7. Supah P's........................................190
8. Slippery Wizards...............................200
9. Skza's Squad.....................................203
10. Equalizers........................................280

     DMC took over the top spot jumping past the bye week blues of Jaybirds. Creepshots and Black Dynomite slipped back a little and Charlies and Beach Bums flipped spots and are still within striking distance with 7 to go. The bottom half is tight with the Equalizers making moves with Skza's Squad to try and get away from the bottom. The waiver and trades have made a huge difference in a lot of teams so this crazy year may come down to a trade or wire pick up so don't be shy. Good luck in week 11. TMX out.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Are you guys ready?

Black Friday is coming. Black Friday is coming. I hope you guys are mentally preparing for the sales.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It sucks to be stuck in traffic on Morrissey Boulevard  but it is even worse if you are in an accident and part of the reason for for the traffic.
2. Anyone know how to get rid of a family of possums living under my deck?
3. Ducks have a cork screw penis and they like to use it.
4. No one likes to binge watch TV shows like Jeffrey does.
5. The Hour of Power goes down at least once a month at the Macphail house hold. No need to RSVP just show up with some beers.
6. Danny Douglas is killing the snap game.
7.  The onion rings are back at Grumpy Whites and they aren't the same.
8. Ronda Rousey how do you bounce back? Calnan wants next.
9. Guys talking about hunting is probably one of the worst conversation that go on around your immediate area.
10. I officially do not like cider. It kind of ruins apple pie.
11. Chiefdude says the blue berry donuts at Kanes will change your life.
12. I am amazed at how cheap televisions have become.
13. Crazy shit in France. Fucking terrorist.
14. Is $250 a lot to remove a tree?
15. Nothing worse than plans falling through and you were so excited for them.
16. Coach K is branching out into hoops now. All this coaching, I hope Hull has the $$ to keep him.

That is all I have today.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

TMX week 9 review

TMX week 9 review is here. 
The back half of the season is upon us and things are tightening up at the top with this being the closest this late in the season in ADSL history!! ( TMX stats with another gem) Lets get right to the recap. First place this week were Slippery Wizards with 165. The cellar dwelling Slippery Wizards were able to get big weeks from waiver pickups Carr and Williams who combined for 71pts. Another wire helper Giants d put up 20 with a late garbage td. Slippery Wizards trying to avoid first to worst season is in a dogfight and barely climbed out of the basement with the winning week. 2nd place was Skza's Squad with 155. Skza's is led by Noodle Arm Peyton Manning and still had all but one player in double digits this week!! He gets a quality qb he could be dangerous over the last half. 3rd place was "Mr nobody will trade with me" Jaybirds with 153. Antonio Brown put up 47 with a whopping 284yds rec!! The Jaybirds once again left over 100pts on the bench and continue to try and play the perfect lineup! 4th this week was Creepshots with 147. Led by Newtons 39, Miller 29, and Murray 25 the Creepshots thanked miller by trading him to Black Dynomite for Cobb. A trade that may push him to the top and may also bring the team directly behind him to the top as well!! 5th place this week was DMC with 145. DMC put up 145 with playing two guys who scored 0!! DMC was TMX preseason favorite to win it all and the depth and managing will be tested as Big Ben is down again (Can't figure out if it is a Hammy Dance or a Voodoo Doll). 6th place this week was Supah P's with 145. Supah got over 20 out of Eifert, Hurns and Evans. Usually a big trader Supah P's has been quiet on the trade front this year with many calling them the Silent P's. 7th place this week with 134 was Black dynamite. Rodgers and Crabtree put up a combined 76 but the rbs totaled a measly 8pts! BD addressed that by trading for Miller and should be pushed toward the top. 8th place this week were the Equalizers with 125. Redhot Brees continues to drop 40 burgers on everyone and Dez got back with 23. Gonna be a fight for that dress but Brees is ready!! 9th place this week was Charlie's Angels with 106.  Off weeks by Martin and Brady  hurt the Angels but Watkins 31 on the bench may have hurt more. Brady should be able to keep the team near the top but the others have to step up or maybe a trade to spice things up could help. Last place this week and the only team that didn't reach 100 was Beach Bums with 73. Rough week started on Thursday and continued right through the weekend. Only two guys got double digits for the beach bums this week and benched Frank Gore actually scored more than every starter! Tough week all around but the Beach Bums have been know to bounce back lets see what they got especially now that the most wanted qb Andrew Luck is now dealing with 2-6 week recovery!!
                                                           ( ^ Beach Asses ^)
 Lets make a couple quick calls. First up from the Slippery Wizards old friend Matty Ryan. Hey Matty Ice its TMX whats good? " oh man its all good man finally got a win, I carried the team to victory last year and I hope to do it again! Dropped my usual 20pts just grinding out here helping the team! Yahoo feels good to be back on top! " Uhhm Matty you actually got benched and a lot of Slippery's owners blame you for the dismal season? Derek Carr is the starter? " Yeah I mean I threw a lot to Julio found some other guys, over 300  yards just a great team win, Julio pass the apple juice we celebrating tonight!' MATTY MATTY ARE YOU LISTENING? YOU WERE BENCHED" Whoa TMX was you yelling? You guys changed? Look I went to a Jesuit college I stay away from negativity. Jeez we are coming off a huge win and you're yelling. I'm going to have to let you go. Click." Well ok guess Matty Ice is slightly out of touch. Wowzers. Lets give a call to Beach Bums underperforming star Jeremy Hill. Hey Jhill its TMX whats going on? " Nothing TMX just doing my thing, trying to get points for my team" Yeah about that J you are having a rough season haven't reached 100 yet? What the deal? "Look i'm not getting into but its that Gingers team and I can only hope they realize winters coming and we need to pound the rock. I'm not gonna say much more but I was on a championship team last  year and I'm hoping to do the same! Feel me TMX? I'm out!!  Well he sounds motivated but motivation aint the only thing ya need good luck JHill. Lets get a look at the standings
1. Jaybirds
2. DMC.................................11
3. Creepshots........................31
4. Black Dynomite...................49
5. Charlie's Angels...................94
6. Beach Bums.........................119
7. Skza's Squad........................146
8. Supah P's..............................156
9. Slippery Wizards.....................183
10. Equalizers.............................197
 The race is on. The top is as tight as its ever been and its shaping up to be a two team race for last as Slippery Wizards and Equalizers are fighting back and forth. The byes are coming to and end and the waiver wire has helped as well as trades. 8 games left are a lot for teams to make moves but they better start NOW. Lets hope for an injury free week and see if someone can top the 200pts like DMC did this year!! Good luck. TMX out.
If someone send you a Hammy dance you bring a good luck hamster...

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back in the saddle again

Turkey day is coming and god knows that is my favorite ho-ho-holiday. Food, family and football!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I guess I don't use my heat that much. It is a thing and people talk about it.
2. Asking Hong Kong Dave to make plans is like scheduling a root canal.
3. Never put chips and dip in front of Jeffrey...gone in 60 seconds.
4. Trying to gauge interest in the street hockey game, Bueller - Bueller - Bueller? What about a flag football game? If not can we still get together for Kowloon?
5. I think I am going to retire from word with friends.
6. I heard the buffalo chicken fries are good.
7. I am nit usually one to bitch about daylight savings and shit but man I am still all fucked up.
8. It seems like every weekend there is yard work to do. I dont ever want to rake another leave.
9.  Everyone in my neighborhood seems to be selling their house. Real estate market is hot.
10. You didn't hear this from me but Jeffrey and his wife may be looking to move out of Hull.
11. We all have friends that we go months/years without talking to but when you see them or talk to them its like you didn't miss a beat.
12. The Chiefdude is now #teamiphone.
13. The suicide pool is over - now pay up suckers.
14. When your coworker brings in his kids cold and passes it around your office, thats effing great, right?
15. How come Paddy never wants to go on any road trips?
16. The NFL wants parity in the league, and with the exception of a handful of teams, they have that this year. Why does everyone seem to be bitching about that?
17. Congrats to TK's niece for hitting the 50/50 at the B's game! Winner winner season tickets just got paid for.
18. Always a good time when you go out for dinner but your booze tab far outweighs the food portion.
19. Who is seeing this Peanuts movie?
20. Tomorrow is Veterans Day - please thank a Veteran anytime you see one.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TMX Week 8 review

We are half way through the season and you know what that means...The Annual TMX music edition. Since this is the 10th year of the league we thought we would take it back to the beginning, 2005.

We will list the teams in their current order:

1st. The Jaybirds - Chris Browns - Run it Run it - The table ya'll

2nd. The Dirty Moon Crickets - Jay Z and Linkin Park - Numb/Encore - after this weeks 210 points

3rd. Creep Shots - Nelly ft Tim McGraw - Over and Over - The Stafford over Cam lovefest

4th. Black Dynamite - Game ft 50 Cent - Hate it or Love it - Him or his team

5th. The Beach Bums - The All American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret - His weaseling ways

6th. Charlies Angels - Pussy Cat Dolls - Don't Cha - wish your kicker was hot like me?

7th. Skzas Squad - Shakira - Don't Bother - as in I don't with my team

8th. The Supah P's - Ciara ft Missy Elliot - 1,2 Step - Russel Wilson got him stepping everywhere

9th. The Equalizers  -The Killers- Mr Brightside - Every trade he offers has a bright side for just him

10th. The Slippery Wizards - Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Currently from 1st to worst

Good luck with the rest of the season.

Monday, November 2, 2015

November is here

We rolled back the clocks and the temperature went up. I like how that works. I mean I do love the Fall and I am happy as a piss clam when its 60 degrees out.

This is what I learned:
1. Apparently, Rob Knudsen is referred to as Coach K in Hull.

2. Tomorrow is election day so vote early.
3. Would you move job locations for $15,000 more a year?
4. Julie Nickerson is alive and well and starts her new job next Monday.
5. Who knew trick or treating, while drinking a 30 pack, was so much fun?
6. Draft Kings > Fan Duel for the mere fact they don't use kickers. They also have an agreement with the NFLPA where as Fan Duel is being sued by them.
7. Don't forget its Movember guys.
8. All you Claude haters, who were hoping he would be fired by Thanksgiving, can eat a bag of dicks. Looks like these Bruins are gelling a lot faster than Cam thought.
9. Speaking of the Bruins the winter classic jersey look pretty nice.
10. It is kind of normal to just have shot guns laying around your house when you have kids over for a family dinner, right? At least in NH?
11. At what point does a crush become infatuation and when does that lead to stalking? Asking for a friend who may end up in a well some day.
12. Another year goes by and I don't see the Nightmare Before Christmas.
13. I can not wait for Thanksgiving. That's my jam.
14. Congrats to Johnny Gomes and the Kansas City Royals on winning the World Series.
15. Man oh man lots of injuries in the fantasy world.
16. Is there anything worse than slow/bad service at a bar or restaurant?
17. Mike Foley is glad he is home and wouldn't change anything the past year or so.
18. Kelly Cellar is a good spot to watch a game and the food was  pretty good. I mean how can you beat $1 tacos on a Thursday night. Doesn't hurt that the bar tender may of been hitting on Chrissy
19. Selfish pricks/people suck.
20. Where has angry Paddys posts been? He must be killing it at the gym or in the bedroom...either way he seems happier.
21. Guess it is frowned upon to go as one of your friends for Halloween, I had no idea.
22. My Brother in law Matty and his fiance Megan are looking to get hitched in Hull. Anyone have any experience with weddings at Nantasket Beach resort or the Salt Water Club?

Sorry gotta run but again don't bitch if you don't vote. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

TMX week 7

TMX is back from its bye week ( shut down last week) for the week 7 recap! 
Creepshots are making their move to the top putting up  172 points and winning the week this week!! Rejuvenated Lamar Miller lead the way putting up 42 points most of them in the first half! Gronk did his thing and the rams d put up 32!! Creepshots has its eyes on the top spot with two impressive weeks in a row. 2nd place this week with 166 were the Beachbums. The Beachbums after some moving and shaking thru the wire and trades is climbing up the standings. Led this week by Luck's huge 2nd half ( 35 pts) and newly picked up wr Diggs (25pt) the Bums put up enough points to usually win the week. Starting old friend Christian Michael may have cost the Beach bums as he posted a lowly two points. Third place this week with 142 was Supah P's. Supah has the two leading rushers in the league with Chris Johnson and league MVP freeman. Mike Evans had a breakout week this week and the Seahawks d did their thing. Supah's just needs to find the right qb to lead his squad to the top. 4th place this week was Charlies Angels with 137. Brady led the way with 38 and rbs Ingram and the resurgent Dougie Fresh both put up over 20pts. Starting tight end Tim Wright putting up 1 point hurt the squad as Angels are stuck just outside the money. 5th place this week with 137 was Slippery Wizards. TY Hilton finally played like a wr1 with 34pts and Beastmode was back but Matt Ryan continues to put up just average  numbers as the defending champs try not to go from first to worst. 6th place this week also with 137 were the Jaybirds. Muddy Rivers again put up big numbers and Antonio Brown finally got back in the groove. Jimmy Graham continues to have a subpar year for the Jaybirds and have to wonder if a change of scenery would help? Jaybirds had a chance to take over first place but came up short. 7th place this week with 127 was DMC. Gurley ran like the new beastmode putting up 35 points while AP and Robinson stop short of 100 yards ( 98 each). Olsen and Beckham had rare off weeks hurting DMC who is trying to get over the hump and into the money. 8th place this week was Black Dynomite with 113. Rodgers and Cobb on a bye 113 isn't a bad bye week. Bell was solid and bye week replacements R. Mathews and Bortles held their own with 34 combined points. Black Dynomite got one point from Alf and will need to address that going forward to continue their stay at the top.  9th place this week was Skza's Squad with 98. Cooper and the Chiefs d had good weeks but Flacco put up noodle arm Manning numbers and Blount, Vjax and Edelman COMBINED for 8 points. Skza's one of the three in a tight fight for last and will need to make the right place to not be that guy! 
10th place this week for a second straight week were the Equalizers. Arian Foster was the only star this week with 27. Kicker J. Tucker actually outscored  3 players on the team and Tucker only had FOUR points. Equalizers need to hit big on the waivers and may want to think about trying to get good value for Dez Bryant cuz it looks like he needs two starters and TMX is not sure dez can come back and put up the numbers of 2 starters. 
Let's make some quick calls. First up old friend Arian Foster. Yo Arian its TMX sorry bout the injury but you left it all out there this week. " Hey TMX yeah Achilles is gone but I tried my best, guess I can maybe write some for the TMX guys hahahaha"  Good one! Well guess the question everyone wants to know is why were you out there when your team was down big in a blowout? " come on TMX you know why. The equalizers TRAIDED for me and I'm the best player they got, they needed me. What can I do?" Wow well now you're gone and Equalizers will have to adjust. Thanks for the time Arian. " Yo yo what about that job writing for you guys??" Ha not so much. Later. "BYE". Man tough break for one of TMX's frequent callers. Lets call Lamar Miller from this weeks winning team Creepshots. Hey Lamar its TMX how's it going? " TMX I heard all about you guys, man I'm honored." Thanks, what a great week, well actually half you had how do you explain it? " well its simple we got rid of the deadbeat coach and we brought in a guy who knows whats up. I'm not sure if Creepshots ownership had anything to do with his firing but he's certainly reaping the rewards and we are all happy for him. Sorry to be brief but I got a short week vs the pats and I'm looking to drop a 50 burger on them. L- out!' Wow high hopes from Mr. Miller!! Ain't bragging if you can do it is what TMX always says.  Let's look at the standings thru 7 weeks

1. Black Dynomite
2. Jaybirds....................................8pts
3. Creepshots...............................28pts
4. Charlies Angels..........................47pts
5. Beachbums................................65pts
6. DMC..........................................86pts
7. Supah P's..................................104pts
8. Slippery Wizards.........................153pts
9. Skza's Squad..............................153pts
10. Equalizers.................................213pts

     The bye week certainly tightened things at the top with Jaybirds now within single digits and four others under 100 for the top spot. The fight for the last place spot looks like the same three jocking back and forth with no one pulling away!! The bye weeks will test teams depth the next few weeks and the waiver wire and trades have already helped teams make up a lot of ground. The halfway point is just about here so its time to get serious and make the moves you need! Good luck in week 8 and hope for no injuries. TMX OUT.

Lets not jump off any cliffs just yet...