Monday, November 16, 2015

Are you guys ready?

Black Friday is coming. Black Friday is coming. I hope you guys are mentally preparing for the sales.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It sucks to be stuck in traffic on Morrissey Boulevard  but it is even worse if you are in an accident and part of the reason for for the traffic.
2. Anyone know how to get rid of a family of possums living under my deck?
3. Ducks have a cork screw penis and they like to use it.
4. No one likes to binge watch TV shows like Jeffrey does.
5. The Hour of Power goes down at least once a month at the Macphail house hold. No need to RSVP just show up with some beers.
6. Danny Douglas is killing the snap game.
7.  The onion rings are back at Grumpy Whites and they aren't the same.
8. Ronda Rousey how do you bounce back? Calnan wants next.
9. Guys talking about hunting is probably one of the worst conversation that go on around your immediate area.
10. I officially do not like cider. It kind of ruins apple pie.
11. Chiefdude says the blue berry donuts at Kanes will change your life.
12. I am amazed at how cheap televisions have become.
13. Crazy shit in France. Fucking terrorist.
14. Is $250 a lot to remove a tree?
15. Nothing worse than plans falling through and you were so excited for them.
16. Coach K is branching out into hoops now. All this coaching, I hope Hull has the $$ to keep him.

That is all I have today.