Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Are you ready?

Dot day is less than a week away. I hope you guys are ready. Stretch your legs and stretch your livers.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Kids need naps. If there is no nap then it is crank city.
2.. A root canal may be more pleasant than an over night shift.
3. I heard if your girl aint going down on you, barge into the bathroom when she is taking a pee and put ya penis in her mouth. Its like a reverse blumpkin.
4. The new X-men film is ok. I thought it would be better.
5. Nothing worse than being hangry.
6. No one wants to go to Austin City limits music festival with me. Whomp Whomp Whomp.
7. Old bitter ladies should not own dogs especially little dogs.
8. There is nothing worse than being sick when the weather is nice.
9. Sniffing Adderall is still all the rage huh?
10. Cookout at my place July 5th. Come on down.
11. People do not like celery in their potato salad, lesson learned.
12. I am invited to cookout just so that I will man the grille.

I am sorry to cut it short but this crazy weather is making work hectic.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dot day is coming

Just a friendly reminder dot day is only 2 weeks away. I know Dot Out is waiting to see what Chrussy comes up with this year.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. KKaties burger bar in Plymouth is fucking legit. I gave it a 9 out of 10. Apparently they just opened another location in Marshfield.
2. I can not grow grass for the life of me.
3. Booze cruises are always a great time and booze cruises for charity are even better.
4. Be careful out there this summer the ticks are out and they are bad.
5. The new Spiderman movie is pretty good, so what if my wife cried 3 times during it.
6. I hate feeling rushed. It goes hand and hand with being late.
7. Bud heavy is not bad at all. Its 100% better than warm Bud Light.
8. Mario has shaved off his man beard.
9. Jeffreys looking for some help with leasing a car vs buying a car. Any help?
10. Patron shots are never a great idea.
11. Be careful around hot mozzarella sticks. Shits dangerous.
12. I can not believe that memorial day is this weekend. This year is flying by.
13. Apparently I share/overshare too much on Facebook. Hey its FB if you take it too serious that's on you.
Stalk on Stalkers!
14. Congrats to the Welch's on adopting a dog, now if they could only come together on a name.
15. I heard this am that the Red Sox owners are starting to panic because no one is going to their games. UHM your product is not good right now and you charge crazy prices based on opponent. Good luck with that.
16. There is nothing worse than a migraine at work.

This is all I have this week.

I hope to see you all at Jeffreys cookout Sunday. I will be the drunk guy coming off an over night shift, probably passed out in the corner.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Let the good times roll

The Bruins are up 3-2 and game 6 is tonight. Lets do this.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There is always more to the story.
2. I guess Jeffrey doesn't even like curry.
3. Julian loves rice.
4. Who watched TV in low def? I mean really its just  barbaric.
5. Wu-tang clan still ain't nothing to fuck with.
6. Pub crawl shirts are and in and Mikey T is moving units.
7. Michael Sam did you have to go full boyfriend make out? I mean straight people aren't do that.
8. I don't trust people who don't nap.
9. Has anyone seen Lauren Brady? Last I heard she was moving to Alaska.
10. Anyone know of any tricks to staining a deck so it doesn't look choppy?
11. My WWF is not working all the time. It freezes up on me and boots me out constantly. Basically I hate its face.
12. Calnan is looking to bring back girls giving hand jobs. He wants an old fashion and he wants it now.
13. Speaking of Calnan, he hates Chrissy's reviews. He thinks that he doesn't put any heart and soul into them.
14. Shimmi is back and living in Norton. He plans on having a new a huge bash, as soon as his grass grows in. #newbuildproblems
15. How is it the Charlie Horse has $1 burgers on Tuesdays and $1.99 Miller Lite every day, and I just am finding out.
16. Some times it feels like there is not enough hours in a week.
17. Ever have a cold/cough that just never goes away.
18. Booze Cruise this Saturday in Plymouth to raise money for the Nstar Children's hospital walk.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bone Yard Barbecue

Here is a review from one Christian Daniel MacPhail (I edited it as best I could as he sent it via text)

I checked out www.boneyardbarbecue.com last night with my buddies, David and Scott, on the recommendation from a couple of guys at work.  I apologize in advance, as I forgot to take photos for this review.
On Monday's they have $.30 wings.  Its a small dive bar with a few tv's and plenty of different beers on tap(you know I love drafties). They had plenty of sauces to choose from for your wings.  I of course went with their hottest, which had a decent flavor. I was tempted to try the bacon buffalo though because I mean who fucking doesn't like bacon.  Maybe next time.

At first I was thrown off by their "rule" of only ordering 10 at a time.  I get you don't want people ordering a shit ton and then taking them home but I thought 10 was ridiculous.  I quickly found out it was the perfect number.  The wings came out fast.  They were big wings with a little bit of breading (I don't mind breading as long as there is not a pound of it). But being big they were cooked perfectly.   As soon as we were half way through the waitress asked if we wanted more.  We all said yes.  They came out before we were done
 with our first round. Its definitely a place I would recommend and go to again if I was in the Seekonk area.

It just sucks that I found another good wing joint that's just a little too far from me. If anyone is up for a road trip keep me in mind.

On a side note we were all chatting about how we have more time to grow our staches for a bit longer now that the Mustache Pub Crawl is in June. Scott has been saying that this is the year he was going, that he may be handing out mustache rides to a lucky lady but now he seems to be backing out. What gives Scottie?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunny days

Lets get weird, It is Cinco Demayo Bitches!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Jeffrey crossed Club Alex's off his bucket list. He will not be returning.
2. Mario is getting too old to be playing in weekend hockey tournaments. His body doesn't handle it well.
3. It seems to me that the WWE doesn't really care about some of their PPV's
4. Watching two 3 year olds, even with the help of your wife, can be trying at time. ONE LOVE TO STAY AT HOME MOMS!
5. The MPC 7 t shirts should be in this week.
6. Really, who gives the 3 finger lobster wave?
7. The NHL should be ashamed of themselves for a 12:30 playoff game.
8. My cell phone battery is literally dieing within 3 hours of being unplugged.
9. Chrissy killing 3 mixed drinks and a beer for $20.75 at the Chinese joint was the best thing about Sunday.
10. I have received more letters, emails and calls about the impending changes to the FEMA flood changes than I have about anything else ever in life.
11. Have you ever coughed so much that your hurt your back? Asking for a friend.
12. Watching tv and falling asleep for a 20 minute nap is both the best thing in the world and the weirdest feeling when you wake up in a daze.
13. Tom Brady are you serious with the hot air balloon?
14. I am giving people 3 years. I am gonna make it to the Derby for my 40th. Chrissy start saving your $10 a week now.
15. NBA, I still hate you but 5 game 7's in 2 days ain't too shabby.
16. Feed your lawn, FEED IT!
17. Hey Red Sox hows that tiered pricing going? I'm seeing an awful lot of empty seats at these games.
18. Cheese ball is a part time mason.

That is all I have for now. As always, try to stay sober and I will do my best to keep you updated.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Top 50 Restaurants on the South Shore

Chief dude wanted me to post this for Calnan, since he loves the South Shore so MUCH!

The Top 50 Restaurants on the South Shore of Mass

Seafood, Italian, American, and more south of Boston

These are in no certain order. If you're looking for a new great restaurant to try out on the South Shore, this list will give you plenty of ideas. From bars to taverns to Thai to seafood to tapas, this list does not discriminate. If you have a restaurant to add or comment on, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!
The South Shore is heavy on Italian food, pizza, seafood, Chinese, and "new American." Chains are included in this list, based on popularity and online reviews.
  1. Hola - Flatbreads and tapas in Marshfield Center.
  2. Ember - Contemporary American in Marshfield.
  3. Scarlet Oak Tavern - Tavern and restaurant in Hingham.
  4. Arthur & Pat's - Great breakfasts in Brant Rock, but they serve dinner, too.
  5. Christina's - Italian food and amazing desserts in Pembroke.
  6. Venus 2 - Bar pizza and oceanfront dining, straight up fried seafood in Brant Rock. (Also try Venus in Whitman - even better). 
  7. Atlantica - Limited hours but a stupendous view in Cohasset Harbor.
  8. Sushi Joy - Located in Colony Place, off Route 44 in Plymouth. One of Plymouth's best voted restaurants.
  9. Alden Park - Seafood, sandwiches, desserts, and more at Colony Place.
  10. Strawberry Fair Restaurant - Awesome sandwiches, homemade soups, and specialties at Queen Anne's Corner, Norwell.
  11. Mia Regazza - In Abington, named the South Shore's best Italian restaurant by South Shore Living Magazine.
  12. Barker Tavern - Dining at its best in Scituate. Consistently high ratings.
  13. Tosca's - Excellent, authentic Italian food, homemade breads, and a massive wine selection in Hingham.
  14. East Bay Grille - The perfect view of Plymouth Harbor, specializing in seafood and steaks.
  15. The Fours - A nice sports bar in Norwell with great club sandwiches.
  16. Fox & Hound Wood Grill and Tavern - One of Quincy's most visited bars and taverns.
  17. Tuscany Tavern - Located in North Plymouth on 3A, very quaint, but very good Italian dishes.
  18. The Milepost Tavern Restaurant - Reasonable prices and a local's favorite in Duxbury.
  19. Red Lion Inn - Its own restaurant and tavern on site in Cohasset.
  20. Roobar - Located in Cordage Park, North Plymouth. Good seafood and pizza.
  21. Rustic Kitchen - New American cuisine in Hingham at Derby Street.
  22. Sabor - Upscale Spanish food, seafood, desserts and tapas in downtown Plymouth. 
  23. Union Brew House - Great pizza, bar food, and over 100 bottled beers in Weymouth.
  24. El Sarape - One of the South Shore's best Mexican restaurants, in the Landing, Braintree.
  25. Cancun - Run by a family with roots in San Diego, this is a great Mexican restaurant in Kingston.
  26. Persy's - Great breakfasts in several locations, including Plymouth and Kingston.
  27. Bella's Italian Restaurant - One of the South Shore's best known Italian restaurants, right off Route 3 in Rockland.
  28. Legal Sea Foods - A chain, yes, but it still has some of the best seafood consistently on the South Shore.
  29. Beijing House - Touted by many as the South Shore's best Chinese food restaurant.
  30. Burtons Grill - Contemporary American cuisine at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham.
  31. Summer Shack - A chain of seafood restaurants with one location at Derby Street Shoppes, Hingham.
  32. Burgers at Wild Willy's, Wahlburgers, Five Guys, or KKatie's.
  33. Blue Eyed Crab Grill and Raw Bar - You'll love this Caribbean influenced seafood on Plymouth waterfront.
  34. Patrizia's Italy Trattoria - Authentic Northern Italian cuisine right next to the Blue Eyed Crab.
  35. Sea Dog Brew Pub (Hull) - Waterfront dining with a view of the Boston Harbor Islands and city skyline!
  36. The Cheesecake Factory - At Braintree's South Shore Plaza, this place is always packed.
  37. Johnny Macaroni's - A little further away in E. Bridgewater, this has great sandwiches and reliably good food.
  38. Ecco Trattoria - Northern Italian dining on Route 18 in Weymouth.
  39. Solstice Restaurant - Fresh ingredients and an eclectic menu make this Kingston's most popular restaurant.
  40. Jake's Seafood Restaurant (Hull) - A gigantic menu of seafood to choose from, this is one of Hull's best restaurants to choose from.
  41. Satuit Tavern - On many top restaurants lists, this features seafood, pizza, and char-broiled goodness in Scituate.
  42. Orta Restaurant - Located on Route 53 in Pembroke (next to the 139 split) this Italian restaurant is a Pembroke favorite.
  43. Cafe Strega - Great Yelp reviews for this Plymouth Center Italian restaurant.
  44. Mama Mia's (Carver) - While all locations are good, this one seems to be better. 
  45. Bertucci's - Locations in Plymouth, Braintree, and Hingham. The Plymouth location is the quietest.
  46. New Tokyo Japanese Restaurant - Hibachi and Japanese food off of Long Pond Road, Plymouth.
  47. Siam Cuisine - There aren't many Thai restaurants on the South Shore, so if you're going to give one a try, this could be it! Great reviews.
  48. Haddad's Ocean Cafe - Located in Brant Rock, an impressive new building overlooking the coast with fresh seafood.
  49. Tennessee's Real BBQ - One of the few Southern cooking restaurants. Located in Braintree near Shaws.
  50. Square Cafe American Bistro (Hingham) - "Modern American with French Asian influence" cuisine in Hingham Square.