Monday, October 25, 2021

Nor'easter in October

 I guess we should be happy that it is not snow.

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Dune was visually stunning, a bit slow but overall good.

2. Pretty bummed that the Sox didn't make the world series, mostly because I had tickets to game 2.

3. Is leaf peeping season over?

4. Waking up with calf cramps from drinking and being dehydrated could be one of the worst pains as an adult.

5. I got grass seed down so let us pray this rain helps it grow.

6. I had bad pizza guys, like inedible pizza - do not get the pizza at Bates.

7. I am still in awe that companies are firing people for not getting a covid shot.

8. Cannot figure out this Patriots team.

9. Chrissy is onto trying out yogurts to start having adult snacks.

10. Hey Tom Kelly welcome to the team - the team that hates the 99 Restaurants.

11. Under no circumstances should ghost chili chocolate bars exist.

12. Also, I ate crickets, grasshoppers and worms at a 10 year old birthday party this weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2021

Global warming


God damn 80 in October!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Septic systems are for the birds.

2. Another year and still glaucoma free.

3. Don't mention it to Coach Jeffrey but losing with 15 seconds to the Ice Box is not what we play for.

4. It is wild that Leaden and Steve live 7 minutes from each other yet haven't met up for beers.

5. The south shore may be growing on TK. Heard he made it out and about in Hull. 

6. Joe Martell is having 19th hole withdrawals.

7. Who is having a Redsox playoff party?

8. What hurts more as an adult? An ear ache or a tooth ache? Im going t

9. Give me all the coal fired pizza.

10. $61.45 to fill up my Jeep? 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 I will say the First Annual Jeffrey Lundrigan Whack Fuck Tournament was a success.

This is what I learned this long weekend:

1. Trader Eds drink the bar dry was a fucking party.

2. Loved the new Chapelle special.

3. Did not like the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie Guilty though.

4. Look at these Redsox just winning games and series.

5. These fall days are what I live for. 

6. Glad to see Chrissy and his crew out and about for Plunkett.

7. Speaking of Plunkett, little did I know that Mark Welch has beef with him.

8. If you haven't been to the 19th Hole in Hyannis, I suggest you stop by when  you are in the area.

9. Don't look now but Joey Martell is getting himself a dart board.

10. Nothing made my day more than Mike G drinking scotch out of a plastic cup.

11. Mike G smoking Newports and giving them out at bars like some sort of drug dealer was also funny as fuck.

12. Oh you wanna know who won the Inaugural Jeffrey Lundrigan Whack Fuck Tournament - Mark Welch and Derek Whitley.

Monday, October 4, 2021

well then

 There are only 13 weeks left in this year. WHOA 

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Cant be uncle of the year if you don't put in the time.

2. Kids love horse rides.

3. Corn mazes are not for me.

4. It is always great to see Mikey Layden and Mike G in the same weekend at the same time, even.

5. It is officially flu season, even though I thought we eradicated that last winter with the Covid protocols.

6. Guess giving edibles as a birthday gift is the new cash in a card?

7. How long is this chip shortage going to last? I mean I am hearing used cars values will be up high for the next 5 years.

8. Hopefully you guys wished Chrissy a happy birthday last Saturday.

9. More places should offer pork and pork chops on their menus. 

10. I heard a rumor, people are betting and over/under on the number of holes I will last playing golf this weekend.

11. Quincy is finally getting a brewery in Marina bay.

12. Happy 11th birthday to my favorite man, Ronin!