Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

Busy times grabbing booze and beers for this damn storm. Sorry for the delay in posting. I am sure you guys are dealing with the liquor stores running low on beers too.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People didn't watch the World Series but they know that Taco Bell is giving away free Doritos Locos tacos because of a steal during the game.
2. Hippos milk is pink. WHAT?
3. The 1st TV toy commercial to air on Tv  was in 1946 for Mr. potato head.
4. Lots of young people are leaning towards voting for Romney.
5. Chrissy put a hurting on the nachos at Toby Keith's bar:

6. I have a tendency to not remember things when I drinking without eating anything.
7. I appreciate all the people offering a place for me to stay when we flood out.
8. Rob Knudsen is already making up excuses for not making the annual hockey game in December.
9. Julian is ready for Movember:
10. Congrats to my brother on 2 years of being sober.
11. People get crazy at the supermarket when there is an impending storm. I MEAN CRAZY!
12. If you want/need updates from National Grid text "storm" to 64743.
13. Jeffrey is accepting all donations to keep a mustache for MOVEMEBER. All $$ raised will be donated to Dana Farber.
14. That new Domino's Pan pizza is heavy. I put down 4 slices and felt like I had eaten 2 whole pizzas.
15. I could probably eat beef stew every day.
16. My wife has let our 140 lb dog sleep in our bed all of a sudden. Do you know what kind of pain this causes me?
17. Who is making Shaun Larry's bachelor party this Saturday?
18. I don't know what the rules are but I am pretty sure you can't get in trouble for checking out a chick at a Halloween party. I mean you gotta try and verify how accurate the costume is.
19. People want to know when Supah P and Chrissy are going to start their mustaches for the pub crawl.
20. Big Congrats to Supah P for 1. leading the dart to 1st place so far this year and 2. for buying a house in Pembroke.

Till Next Week

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TMX week 7

Tmx week 7 review is here!!

 Week 7 was a wild week but that's no surprise the whole season has been pretty unpredictable. The major breaking news was Jerkshots dumping their once proud GM due to lack of involvement, this came as no real shocker as he didn't even bother to attend the draft and its seems as if Jerkshots is doing fine without him, looking for their first ever championship. The week also featured 4 players putting up ZEROS for their teams somewhere the All Iggles smirk. Villenz continues to pull off a week in and week out good plays - this week Vincent Jackson going for over 200yds rec and that landed them in 2nd place for the week and is still hanging on to the top spot with Mannings bye over. DTF is riding the Rodgers - Nelson connection and is far removed from the basement and making a move to get to the money!!  Black Dynamite finished fourth for the week and is fourth overall. The AP for Ray Rice trade may decide where these two teams finish!! White Unicorn continues to push forward despite what looks like a Mega-disappointment from Calvin Johnson so far this season. (Tmx writers worked all week on that line hope its not over the readers heads). 
The Jerkshots  with Brees  overcame zeros from TWO of their starters to finish in 6th and get over 100pts for the week!! The team is loaded and was voted healthiest team in the league, they are in 2nd with all eyes on the top spot. MFN came in 7th week and was another member of team zero as he got zero from the tight end but RG3 continues to play at an MVP pace. The Slippery Wizards finished 8th for the week and continue to see their number one pick Tom Brady be outplayed by other teams back up qbs; how long before the trade winds swing his way? Sflabo came in 9th place and is lucky to end up there getting a total of 4.5pts from the wr spot!! Nutsaway is the last place team this week. Nutsaway had MJD go down with an injury and join team zero but also had his whole bench make the All Iggles a first in ADSL!! 

The TMX advice is obvious. Hire former Iggles owner or simply use his Costanza approach!! As a rule TMX believes if you pick up a player you start him so starting Cobb should have been a no brainer and the rest of your team would know you mean business.
 TMX suggests  Nutsaway send that team some sort of message before they take over the year and your having Rent-a-Center furnish the basement!! Your track record in this league shows you can make the adjustment TMX has faith. The winner this week was perennial favorite Beachbums who in a bye week and riding CJ pulled off the win. Beachbums is now in the money and has his big bye week behind him we made a call to the GM and this is the actual conversation. Hey Beachbums its Tmx great win in the bye week hows it going? " Hey tmx you caught me at a bad time I'm in my war-room going over trades and waiver wire moves I appreciate you calling but I have no comment just happy to win" Well ok typical beachbums answer good luck the rest of the way. Tmx then made a call to Tmx favorite Chris Johnson. Hey Cj its Tmx what good? "Tm-motherfucking-x how you be? Dont call it a comeback! Told you I"m the best now I showed you I'm the best!! Feels so good" Uhhm Cj you've been kind of a disappointment for two years dont you think you're taking this a little far? " Yo Tmx you're my dudes but I dont need this negativity I'm meeting Pacman at a club gonna make it rain. If you show up bring an umbrella #cjsback OUT" Wow well there you have it if he plays like he talks Beachbums may rise to the stop. 

Now onto the All Iggles:
QB- M. Schaub                    22               Nutsaway
RB-  L.Stephens-Howling      27               Jerkshots
RB-  R. Jennings                  18.5             Nutsaway
WR- R. Cobb                       25                Nutsaway
WR-  A. Brown                    13.5             MFN
TE - Heath Miller                 16                DTF
K    Bailey                          13                Nutsaway
D-  Texans                        24                 Villenz
            The All Iggles came in with 159 and 78.5 of those came from Nutsaway!! The rest of Nutsaways team was on a bye meaning every bench player made the team. Now everyone knows the Iggles and Voodoo man had a decent relationship but my goodness!! This is a first and hopefully a last before TMX is going to have to look into some collusion charges!! The trade deadline is approaching and the top 4 are under 100pts and the bottom is even closer with 5- basement separated by only 37pts!! Time to make the right moves and look to upgrade your team!! Good luck in week 8 and hope there are no team zero members in your lineups!! 

Stay healthy TMX OUT.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Movember is coming

I hope that everyone had a nice relaxing weekend. I know I did, Jeffrey and Ronin did too:

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular is a shit show. It was purely chaotic. It
2. The US government stop using actual silver in quarters in 1964. There is also 1/4th of a troy oz in a quarter. So basically 4 quarters from 1964 or before are worth the going rate of silver, which is $32.14 at this point in time.
3. Supah P has an accepted offer to buy a house in Pembroke. Chrissy it looks like you have a new drinking buddy.
4. I think I am going to dress up as Frankenstein for Julian's 1st Bday party this Saturday.
5. It's sad to think that Thanksgiving is only a month away.
6. The annual street hockey game is December 15th at noon. Hope you can make it.
7. While I was at Stop and Shop yesterday they made an announcement that their system was down and they can only accept cash. You honestly would of thought it was the end of the world.
8. I was surprised that they have drink specials in Rhode Island. Probably because we don't have it here in Mass.
9. When you tell people you are getting a new tattoo, you should probably tell them its a half sleeve. That way they wont be surprised at the size of it.(I will post pictures of it after all 3 sessions are complete).
10. Chrissy is working only 1 Saturday night a month at CVS. This way he can keep his discount.
11. I don't really understand the Red Sox signing John Farrell. He is the same old same. Why not someone new like Brad Ausmus.
12. Hopefully this will be the last week that Ronin will have to take it easy with his walks. He still has a little hitch in his giddyup.
13. I have no idea how people drink the Mike Hard Lemonades. It taste like liquid jolly ranchers and gives ya heart burn.
14. Aquaphor is legit for your skin.
15. Is anyone as excited as me that Angry Birds Star Wars is coming out.
16. I stumbled upon this TV show Hillbilly Blood a Hard scrabble life.  I really can't figure out if I like it or not.
17. Jeffrey is telling people that he looks like George Clooney now that he has gray hairs coming in.
18. Make sure you buy MikeyT a beer and congrats on his engagement. Yes, he is officially off the market.
19. The worst part of getting a new tattoo is planning your next tattoo with the tattoo artist before your current tattoo is even part way finished.
20. Katie doesn't really drink but she loves Cape Cod Blonde Ale.
21. At Jeb's pig roast they were passing out homemade french fries in a bag. I thought they were Chicharrones. I mean pig roast + deep fried pork skin = match made in heaven. I was shocked that they sell them in a bag.

22. These guys seem happy, which makes me think NHL hockey isn't coming any time soon:

Till next week mofuckers!

Friday, October 19, 2012

TMX never sleeps...

(Ed. Note - this was sent to me Wednesday night but I wasn't near a computer so thats why It posted 2 days late).
Tmx is here with the week 6 review!! The bye weeks are  here and the waiver wire is on a crazy record pace 
(this means bonus beer money at the draft so keep making moves people!!) This week also set a new most points for the week record, DTF playing 3 Packers won the week with a whopping 188.5 pt week!!
The league leader VIllenz is up only 160pts on the team in the basement and only 25 points separate the fifth place team from the last so the basement could see a new tenant each week!! Mfn came in second this week with a big bounce back from RG3 just shaking off a concussion for 41pts!! Villenz continues to make the right plays and had Manning lead him to third place and remains true to his name by refusing to trade a qb and just dropping Philip Rivers! 
 White Unicorn looks to be turning the corner as Vick and Megatron put up superstar numbers and he took 4th for the week. Nutsaway had a rough week from his stars but still got over 100pts and is in the mix as usual. Slippery Wizards coming of a record low week was able to bounce back riding his running backs and Tom Brady. Black Dynamite is getting big numbers from Welker but rookie Luck let the team down and they came in 7th. Jerkshots felt the bye week worse as they tried to ride the Niners Smith, Davis and Gore who could only muster 19 points combined!! Sflabo had a rough week but Jets d was able to keep them out of last!! The last place team was perennial winner beachbums who finished with 69.5. Beachbums in a typical power move immediately cut the backup quarterback who outperformed everyone on his team!! Talk about sending a message!!! The first place team this week was DTF who started 3 Packers and had Rodgers and Jordy outscore 4 teams with just those two players and climbed out of the basement and into the money!! 
One of the move impressive performances in ADSL history!! 
Now onto the all Iggles
QB- Dalton            30pts              Beachbums
RB- S. Greene        39pts              Black Dynamite
RB- C.Johnson        13pt               Beach Bums
WR D. Bryant        27.5                Sflabo
WR- J. Maclin         27pt                Nutsaway
TE- A.Gates           23pts              Nutsaway
D-   Broncos           32pts              Black Dynamite
K-   J.Hanson          14pts              Black Dynamite

  The All Iggles finished with 205.5 if there ever was a week to beat them it was this week with DTF getting 188 and all the players on bye weeks!! The irony is a known non-Iggles supported going back to the Iggles-stein Accounting days was the biggest supporter this week!! Tmx was following other developements this week and was unable to make any calls to the winners and losers, for that we apologize be back next week. Painful Thursday action this week per usual so get your players in. The SSSC is alive and well and was working through a concussion dance and a wounded lead security Ronin. Hope no injuries this week! TMX out

Monday, October 15, 2012

Just when

Just when I thought winter was here, mother nature sends us a couple of 75 degree days. I am not complaining just stating how awesome it is.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Coops no longer shows the UFC fights; so I no longer have a need to go there.
2. Chrissy voted for Obama last election but is voting for Mitt this time around.
3. I am still amazed at the cost of razor blades. I had to buy 20 blades for $40 at BJs. I miss the days of Mario's hook up.
4. Is there anything more annoying than someone who tries to top each and every story they hear? Yeah well I write for 2 blogs...
5. There is never a wrong time to throw out the MikeG gang sign.
6. Cash is ALWAYS king, baby!
7. It has been a while since I watched an UFC fight and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.
8. TK is trying to get a group together to go to the DUNK and catch a Providence Bruins game and maybe hit up a few strip clubs.
9. Chrissy eats jalapenos like most people snack on carrots.
10. The quad box is legit but the NFL RedZone was crap yesterday for the 4 o'clock games. How much $$$$$$ did you have on the games Hanson?

11. I think stuffed peppers are under rated.
12. How am I just finding out about iced caramel machiatos from Starbucks? Those things are LEGIT!
13. The Polynesian sauce from Chick-Fil-A is fucking weirdly gross.
14. When you put all your lawn furniture away your garage fills up really quickly.
15. Apparently, the oil tank removal business is booming. The guy who removed mine said he is doing 15-20 a week.
16. My dog refuses to let his hurt paw heal. Everytime he starts walking without a limp he re-aggravates it by running like a mad man.
17. I realized that I have had my Red Sox hat since 2007 and that could be the reason why it smells like a hobo's ass.
18. I found out that Lauren Brady is still single and ready to mingle AND she was not kid napped. She just doesn't have the same commitment to Words with friends as I do.

That is all for now.

Friday, October 12, 2012

TMX week 5 review

The late Tmx week 5 review is in!!

This review will be brief due to the fact that a virus infected the Tmx mainframe computer and our techies have been working around the clock to pinpoint the virus (JERKSHOTS LOOKING AT YOU).

This week ADSL saw the highest total of the week 173 as well as a new weekly low 66.5!! There were big names traded as AP and Ray Rice swapped teams as well as Fred Jackson Brown and Fitzy coming over for Eli Sjax and mother beating Dez Bryant!! The previous seasons have not seen trading like this as teams try to close the gap to the top!! Villenz continues to remain consistent led again by Foster and finished 2nd for the week. Sflabo riding newly aquired Eli and a balanced attack of four guys over 20 plus points finished in 3rd place. Beachbums is fighting to remain up with the leaders but Andre Johnson coming in with 1.5 hurt his cause, luckily Matty Ice found his tight end Gonzo to keep him in 4th for the week and 3rd overall. Black Dynomite finally got a big game from Welker and his new lineup handled the bye week with Andrew Luck dropping 37 points. Nutsaway had bye week issues but Victor Cruz 25.5 carried him to 6th this week. White Unicorn is still trying to piece his team back together after trading off Jamal Charles. He rode Shady, Ponder and Marshall to 7th place for the week and is one of many fighting to stay out of the basement. Dtf fighting to get out of the basement had Rice perform for him in his first week and Rodgers looks to be coming around. I'm hearing he's ordered a moving company to swing by the basement!!!
MFN took another tough injury as his qb went down the week after he traded Eli fortunately Percy Harvin saved the day. The last place team this week was Slippery Wizards who set a new weekly low. Instead of calling players or management Tmx is going to offer advice this week. Slippery Wizards quit using the ouiji board or coin your flipping or even whoever you ask for help because you have players on the bench outscoring starters!! The best thing that happened to you is Cedric Benson going down cuz now you dont have to decide who to start!! Sadly your two rbs going up against the 1st and 3rd ranked run defense isnt going to offer you relief!! Stay in the game Wizards!! The first place team was Jerkshots who has the season high 173. The management team at Jerkshots (or Jerkoffs as some in the league call them) continues to have a team wide anti-tmx stance and were not available for comment.

Congrats anyway Jerkshots!! Now onto the All Iggles:

QB- A. Smith 39pts Jerkshots
RB A. Bradshaw 34pts Slippery Wizards
RB- A. Morris 18.5pts Slippery Wizards
WR- R. Wayne 38.5 pts Jerkshots
WR- Meacham 19.5pts Black Dynomite
TE- K. Rudolph 10pts Mfn
K- P. Dawson 9pts Villenz
DEF- Bears 31pts Villenz

Jerkshots, Villenz and Slippery Wizards lead the Iggles to 190.5!! This could have been the week a team beat the all Iggles if one of those three teams played the right guys. Cant blame Jerkshots or Villenz as they finished one and two for the week so Slippery we are staring right at you for giving the Iggles the win and making the Iggles former owner smirk. Well as of posting the thursday game would have probably taken place sorry for the late review but the ram, rom and mainframe are back up and running (these are techie terms) Good luck this week and good health to all. Tmx out. See ya at Sunday Supper Club.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Who doesn't love Fall

I am already sick of people bitching about it being too cold. This is fucking New England - we have 4 season so if you don't like Fall or Winter FUCKING MOVE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright now that I got that out of the way lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy is undecided on quitting CVS Saturday over nights. He is leaning towards staying.
2. Ronin likes homemade tomato soup.
3. Welchie is rocking 3 jobs. Reminds me of In Living Color:

4. I am basically a black cloud for any players in  Fantasy football.
5. I prefer a black pen to a blue pen(I figured this out at 3:30 in the morning Saturday night).
6. This has been one of the better seasons for college football.
7. MikeyT has a lock of the week every week. I hope you guys are on that text message. I am already up $720 for the football season.
8. Chinese food always tastes better at the restaurant than with take out.
9. Anyone interested in getting some tickets to the BU hockey this year?
10. Who makes these schedules for Thursday night football? It is like the worst games of the week are on Thursday and who wants to watch that shit?
11. I think Ronin may of his his wrist/paw climbing down a huge hill. Dude can't go a week without getting hurt.
12. The mini twix bars are the shit!
13. Anyone see Lauren Brady around? I think she may of been kidnapped. How else do you explain the fact we have been playing the same word with friends game since August? She plays 1 word every Saturday morning.
14. I really like the new Sherlock Holmes show Elementary.
15. Katie is more excited than I am about my tattoo next Thursday.
16. Chrissy is still holding out hope that his invite to Shaun Larry's, wedding of the year, is lost in the mail.
17. If you don't have the Thuuz sports ap then you are missing out on good fantasy info.
18. The dart team is going strong and in 1st place.
19. DJ Brighto is out of the pokey.
20. Has anyone seen Smiddy? Mario has been looking to meet up with him for some beers on the weekend but he never gets a reply. I hope everything is ok.

That is it for today. As always I am sure there are a ton of things I forgot. I will try to do better next week.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Burger buy turns ugly in Yarmouth

SOUTH YARMOUTH A 42-year-old ex-convict from Hanson faces aggravated assault and battery and kidnapping charges after an argument over a cheeseburger allegedly escalated into violence.

Sean Moran was arrested Sunday morning by Yarmouth police at the Irish Village Motel after allegedly holding a woman against her will in a motel room, punching her in the face, threatening her with an 8-inch shard of wood and allegedly saying, “pick the spot where you are going to die” and “your never going to see your kids,” according to a police report filed at Barnstable District Court.

Police noted in their report that the victim was half the size of her alleged attacker, with him being 6-foot-1 and 278 pounds. During the arrest, Officer Richard Fichter Jr. had to use two sets of handcuffs on Moran to fit his large frame, and was also unable to buckle Moran’s seat belt for the same reason.

According to police, Moran and the victim were in town for a dart tournament when Moran promised the woman that he would take her out for dinner. Then he purchased the cheeseburger for himself, which started the argument. Some time later, police say, the two returned to a room in the motel where the arguing continued.

Moran was held without bail at the Barnstable County Correctional Facility, pending a dangerousness hearing Thursday.

He faces charges of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault and battery, two counts of assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, intimidating a witness and two counts of a threat to commit a crime.
Yarmouth police said Moran previously had served 22 months in jail in New York for weapons and assault charges, the report said.

I know what you are thinking - "Why didn't she buy her own burger"?
The reason I posted this? Sean Moran is Chrissy's cousin. Yeah, the same guy who used to post hot chicks here on the blog. The 22 months in jail that Moran served, was for stabbing his ex wife!
Chrissy it looks like you may be the most normal in your family. Congrats I guess.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TMX week 4 review

Tmx week 4 review is in!! Tmx is a fantasy reporting news agent committed to truth in all reports and exclusive interviews loosely affiliated with the number 6 ranked website on the interwebs.

Week four was high scoring wild week with 6 teams with qbs going for 35pts or over and 3 teams topping the 150pt mark. Is it still an rb league? We also had one of the Tmx volunteers involved in a scary situation. Notoriously anti Tmx owner Wes Cash was tracked down to a secret location using informants so we sent the volunteer out to ask the simple yet obvious question why did Jerkshots start a kicker who wasnt playing? Simple enough. Is Jerkshots sending the kicker a message to embarrass him? Is Jerkshots sending the league a message saying kickers mean nothing? Obvious questions. The volunteer showed up at the location and knocked twice and was greeted  by his account ) by a ninja like person who spit some sort of green mist in my face and stole my Tmx notepad then came back and stole my official Tmx volunteer button. The investigation continues but lets make it clear Tmx will not be deterred by  kabuki ninja mist or anything else!

On to the review. Sflabo came in second this week with a very solid 150.5 usually enough to win. Starting Fitzy over Cam seemed risky but worked and this team is stacked at rb with 2 runners going for over 100yds and tds. Julio Jones was a huge disappointment comingin with 3.5 points or the week may  have gone to him. Slippery Wizards wasted monster weeks from Tom Brady and Rowdy Roddy White but finished with 150 and cant be mad to move up the board and near the money. The Jerkshots are riding the Brees to Colston combo who got 70pts for them this week and are proud owners of one of the best wr in the league thus far in AJ Green who topped 30 again this week. DTF finally got Rodgers on the right page as he tossed up a 40 burger  and got a healthy 28.5 from Witten and is looking to make his move. Beachbums had a rare off week in which he sat CJ 21pts and Turner 28.5 in favor of Leshoure 6pts still got over 100pts for the week and is in 2nd overall, who wouldnt take those "off weeks". MFN had a rough week at the rb position. How rough? Well he benched Sjax who had 6.5 which was better than the two guys he started. Injuries continue to hamper MFN's move to the top. Black Dynamite  continues to wait for disappointing rbs Mathews and Rice to perform and have to deal with the ever shakey Romo running the ship.  Nutsaway is in a similiar position waiting for DMC to play the way he's hoping he will. 3.5 from your number one back is not going to cut it and thats what has Nutsaway near the bottom this week.

The last place team was White Unicorn. In the history of ADSL never have trades sent a team in such a spiral. Trading for Vick then starting CARSON PALMER?  Guess houshmazoo didnt get open as palmer put up 8pts in a huge qb week. White Unicorn needs to work the wire or make a trade that will get him off the mat. Shady did put up shady numbers but so did Charles? Well we made a call to the owner of White Unicorn to see what his plan was. Hey its Tmx whats going on? "Tmx I'm I know I should be down but its my birthday so I'm going to party like only the White Unicorns can party IN YOUR FACE TMX!" Uhhm ok but you realize you came in last and are now two points out of last place overall ? "Hey Tmx your ruining this party you see Shady putting up numbers I got faith, hey Jerkshots do that dance again this time pick a Villenz player hahahhaha" Wait a minute you guys arent doing hammy dances over there are you? Not you too!!! " Tmx I gotta go see  you at the top of the heap next week!!" WOW a surprising developement there. The aforementioned Villenz were this weeks winner with a balanced attack that had every starter in double digits and they are in possession of two dominant defenses. The bears finished with 29 and their starters the texans 28. This is the second win for the Villenz and they are looking to run away from the pack with 160pt weeks. The bench of the Villenz even put up 100pts so it may be tough to stop this rolling train!! Tmx called the now super confident Villenz owner. Hey its Tmx congrats on the win! " oh did i win didnt check, but not surprised. Do me a favor Tmx clear the line I'm planning the biggest wedding since Princess Di CLICK" Wow.

Well good luck Villenz eventhough you dont seem to feel you need it. Tmx then made a call to Tmx regular Peyton Manning. Hey Peyton its Tmx again. "oh golly Tmx how are you, man the team is really starting to gel and with the exception of Mr Villenz having us to wedding stuff I think we got a good shot to win" Huh wedding stuff what? " yeah Mr Villenz got a huge wedding I'm sure you heard its all we do last week had ball room dancing funny seeing Fitzy in a bridesmaid dress, Tmx I'm sorry I gotta run we have to go over serving forks vs eating forks today, talk to you soon" Weird operation over there at Villenz but they are the leaders in the league so you cant question it.

Now onto the All Iggles

QB- C. Newton    34pts     Sflabo
RB-W. McGahee  27pts     Nutsaway
RB-M. Turner      28.5pts   Beachbums
WR-B.Marshall     27.5pts  White Unicorn
WR- D.Bowe        24.5pts   Villenz
TE-  G. Olsen       17pts      Jerkshots
D - Bears           29pts     Villenz
K - Prater          14pt       White Unicorn

     Looks like the Iggles had a good week too with 201.5. Villenz found time to help out team Iggles while winning the week, ironically its Iggles that brought Villenz into the league. White Unicorn cant afford to be coming in last and dropping off 41.5 points to the Iggles team!! Lets stay focused and play the right plays this week. Tons of waiver wire action as you'd expect with teams trying to grab the hot rbs and wrs to be ready for byes and the grind of the season. Per usual we have the dreaded Thursday night action this week so have your team ready and hope everyone stays healthy. Tmx out

Monday, October 1, 2012

October is here

It is Chrissys Bday month. That means lots of celebrating. I am hoping to get a  group together to go to the Wickedon Pub (and maybe the Satin Doll). Whats a good weekend for everyone?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Even if my dog is limping he still wants to go for a long walk.
2. Reegan likes to pay his bets off in silver bars:

(The price of silver in 1973 was $1.95)
3. Rio is pulling back the reigns on his Sunday Fundays.
4. The Honey Boo Boo family makes $20,000 per episode.
5. Mike G is adopting a dog.
6. Dr Suess cheated on his wife while she was sick with cancer for 13 years - when she killed herself, he married the mistress.
7. NEVER EVER watch The 5 Year Engagement. It is by the worst movie ever.
8. Rio is on the verge of buying a house. Congrats!
9. I thought refinancing would be easier than it is.
10. Kjersgard is addicted to Song Pop.
11. It drives me crazy to watch only 1 football game. at one time.
12. Rob loads his son up with Mountain Dew to amp him up before his football games.
13. Who set me up for this text??  - Hey Derek, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes.  But is giving away free e-cig trials. - Tom
14. DJ Brighto is banging out a 10 day stint in Dedham.
15. I am not really sure how I feel about Bad Piggies.
16. Rio is having a hell of a time playing the wrong guys in fantasy each week.