Monday, October 8, 2012

Who doesn't love Fall

I am already sick of people bitching about it being too cold. This is fucking New England - we have 4 season so if you don't like Fall or Winter FUCKING MOVE BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright now that I got that out of the way lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy is undecided on quitting CVS Saturday over nights. He is leaning towards staying.
2. Ronin likes homemade tomato soup.
3. Welchie is rocking 3 jobs. Reminds me of In Living Color:

4. I am basically a black cloud for any players in  Fantasy football.
5. I prefer a black pen to a blue pen(I figured this out at 3:30 in the morning Saturday night).
6. This has been one of the better seasons for college football.
7. MikeyT has a lock of the week every week. I hope you guys are on that text message. I am already up $720 for the football season.
8. Chinese food always tastes better at the restaurant than with take out.
9. Anyone interested in getting some tickets to the BU hockey this year?
10. Who makes these schedules for Thursday night football? It is like the worst games of the week are on Thursday and who wants to watch that shit?
11. I think Ronin may of his his wrist/paw climbing down a huge hill. Dude can't go a week without getting hurt.
12. The mini twix bars are the shit!
13. Anyone see Lauren Brady around? I think she may of been kidnapped. How else do you explain the fact we have been playing the same word with friends game since August? She plays 1 word every Saturday morning.
14. I really like the new Sherlock Holmes show Elementary.
15. Katie is more excited than I am about my tattoo next Thursday.
16. Chrissy is still holding out hope that his invite to Shaun Larry's, wedding of the year, is lost in the mail.
17. If you don't have the Thuuz sports ap then you are missing out on good fantasy info.
18. The dart team is going strong and in 1st place.
19. DJ Brighto is out of the pokey.
20. Has anyone seen Smiddy? Mario has been looking to meet up with him for some beers on the weekend but he never gets a reply. I hope everything is ok.

That is it for today. As always I am sure there are a ton of things I forgot. I will try to do better next week.


Riccio said...

1. Chrissy I think Walmart has an overnight shift for you as a greeter. I think it would be a better fit. I still owe you $50 for rocking the stache all last year, so you can count that as money in the bank for you.

Anonymous said...

Word is Smiddy got the Head golf pro job at Fairmount Country Club.Mention you saw this on and get 25% of your first lesson and a free bucket of balls at the range.

Anonymous said...

Welch is a slug. No way he got two jobs