Monday, October 31, 2022

Happy Halloween

 And just like that there are only 2 months left in 2022.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. (Just a reminder) Always eat when you drink.

2. Lauren Brady is alive and well.

3. Looks like I may have to start shopping for a dress...last place ain't no fun.

4. I tried watching The Watcher on Netflix...pretty much unwatchable.

5. TK had a great night at the Cs on Friday. He's looking to go back, said Nora's seats are right next to the beer stand.

6. Has anyone ever actually ordered anything from

7. Why do phones update and then all of a sudden kill your battery?

8. If anyone is looking to place a futures bet Chrissy is heading to Vegas on Saturday.

9. So I hear twitter is going to make verified people pay $20 a month.

10. Do not forget to vote no on 1 next Tuesday.

11. Must be nice to be a Philly fan right now.

12. Ya'll get in on the Truly Vodka seltzers?


If you were getting an all white dog, what would you name it?

Storm Shadow

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

TMX week 7

Week 7 is in the books and this season continues to be a bizarro world type of season. Players you thought were in smash spots don't get double digits and guys you only started because of byes go off (FlyingDingoes). We had 5 teams this week start players who put up goose eggs and the 1st place team in the league had two players started get zero points and still ended up 5th for the week!! The injuries keep piling up and for the first time in league history there have been more impactful  real life trades in the NFL than fantasy trades!!! Lets get to the recap. 

First place this week was Burrow my dick in yo ass with 150 (their first weekly win in 3 years according to TMX stats). Burrow put up a 50 burger (55 Sammy Hager), Olave continues to shine  and Zeke looks like the Zeke of old adding 2 tds. Burrows is getting hot and making a push for the money and got great news as Jimmy Robinson was traded to the J-E-T-S to replace Breece Hall who's out for the year. Burrow looks to be in the hunt for QB 1 putting up 98 points the last two weeks and now set to face the Browns without their top CB! Guess the rest of the league is now the ones crying that Burrow was drafted when he was. 

2nd place this week was Flyingdingoes with 129. Dingoes were led by King Henry who is on a string of 100 yard games per usual and Juju continues to make big plays in KC. Brady may have ran into father time and is starting to look washed or Dingoes would be much further away from the basement than he is. 

rd place this week was Charlies Angels with 124. Angels had the week won but elected to break rule number one of fantasy. You pick up a player you play him! He sat Tyler Boyd and his 30 points! Angels did however get a huge game from Ken Walker and its finally ETN season as hes taking over the backfield so much so that they shipped Jimmy Robinson out of town! Dalvin and Aj Brown will be back this week and non-concussed Tua looks primed to lead the Angels out of the basement and possibly into the money! 

4th place this week was Silly Gooses with 122. Gooses got DHop back and Free Aaron Jones happened. Kittle was the star in the new loaded niners offense and Kyler Murray vs Jimmy G might turn into a thing over there at Gooses franchise. Najee Harris has still not scored over 12 points in a game all season you have to wonder how long this keeps up? Mike Thomas should be back and wild card OBJ was a recent add that may be a game changer. Silly Gooses is just maintaining a spot in the middle of the pack waiting to get all his players and make his move it seems. 

th place this week was league leader Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 120. One of the wildest scores TMX has seen in a while. HK Street Pharmacist registered 2 zeros, got only 10 points from Lamar and 15 total from wr position! But Mr RB1 himself Josh Jacobs put up a 40 burger and has 109 points scored over the last 3 weeks! Saquan put up his usual 20 and the Cowboys d add 28. If this is an off week for this team it may as well be a fight for 2nd place in the league at this point. Finished above 5 teams getting 2 zeroes from starters, just amazing. 

6th place this week was Moco Loco with 114. Loco was led by kinda traded Chase who put up 34 and bye week fill in Trevor Lawrence who had 24. Loco's also chose to just take the zero on defense as both were on a bye, a bold move that didn't seem to worry them as they are in the money chase with  Allen having just finished his bye week. Moco Loco has been busy trying to swing that big deal to get them over the edge and close the gap to the top spot but it hasn't landed yet. Stay tuned. Hashtag no takesy backs. 

7th place this week was Slippery Wizard with 112. The long awaited QB return of Dak was a complete dud with 14 points scored but he did finish the game and now they will hope to have a Qb finish back to back games for the first time all season! Chubb and Rhomondre led  the Wizards and a big trade sending CMC from Mr Everything in Carolina to just one of the guys in San Fran could make or break the season for SW. 

th place this week was Equalizers with 102. Mahomes put up a 40 burger and big Mike Williams had a nice game before getting injured.  The Drake was a non factor , putting up a zero as Gus the Bus took over. Equalizers are still waiting on Jonathan Taylor to play like a number one pick ( he hasn't scored since week 1)  Mahomes is going on a bye and we shall see if Geno keeps pace. Equalizers are still fighting at the top of the standings. 

9th place this week was Doom and Gloom.  They had Hurts and Jefferson on a bye and Eno Benjamin was the top scorer! Gloom is hoping to get Swifty back but if they dont they did pick up Gus the Bus who scored twice in his return to the lineup. Terry Mcclaurin seems to be back and Michael Gallup decided to score zero this week on 4 targets in the run first Cowboys offense, that may be his last start over there at Doom and Gloom if that's how he's gonna do it. 

0th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 100. Prebathtub was led by red hot Ekler who put up 30. Ekler has 8 tds in the last 4 weeks and is carrying the club as they try and figure out what is wrong with Herbert! Sun God and DK both got hurt as they combined for 2 points!! Herbert and Ekler head to the bye week but Diggs and Goedart will be back this week to help try and offset that loss. Injuries are and issue but if Prebathtub can stay healthy and Herbert finds his way they have the players to make a run. 

Lets make some calls. First up from the first place Burrows. Lets call Mr Burrow himself. Hey Joey B whats good its TMX. " Oh man I know who it is whats going on? You see us out there just running up numbers? Me, Chase, Tee and Boyd? All them boys open all the time!" Oh I see it you got back to back weeks with 3 tds everything is rolling. " Oh it is indeed and we got the Browns this week in the battle of Ohio on Monday night! Reminds me of college, man I loved college! I feel like I'm gonna sling it then go hit a kegger this week! You down for that TMX? " Oh we are no doubt but before we let you go, the team that drafted you the owner cried tears of joy that he got you, what do you say to that? " Ha come on man aint no crying when you're rolling with Joe Cool!! Tell homeboy to chill and buckle up we bout to make things happen" Sounds good Joe good luck this week. " No luck needed TMX we got this"  There you have it from Joe Cool himself one of the hottest qbs going. 

Lets make a call to Prebathtubwhitneys qb Justin Herbert and see what's going on. Hey Herbie its TMX whats up? " oh man TMX Im in a funk right now cant figure it out? Its almost like that curse on the Brady Bunch, you ever see that show? " Oh I know the show but we at TMX aren't big curse guys. " well I don't know how else to explain it, I mean everyone keeps getting hurt, I cant get rolling. I mean I didn't even throw a td last week and only got 22 points this week? Those aren't numbers  I usually put up. Its gotta be a curse. Didn't ADSL have a voodoo man once?" WOW you really are a student of the game and fantasy. There was a voodoo man a while back but I'm not sure that was real? " Well TMX we are going on the bye this week and I know a medicine doctor down in San Diego who I'm gonna visit. I'm trying everything, Ekler even gave me some funky cold medina he had from college." Herbie lets relax, maybe just get healthy and get target monster back and you should be fine. Good luck after the bye. " Thanks TMX". 



Hong Kong $treet Pha...1018.48
Moco Loco943.20
Burrow My Dick In Yo...898.78
Silly Gooses829.88
Doom & Gloom777.00
Charlie's Angels764.14

Monday, October 24, 2022

Spooky time

 Halloween is only a week away. That means this weekend the bars will packed with little minxes!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Sean Riccio sends the most random things.

2. Chrissy out there hanging out with Tim Bright on the weekends. Pembroke WHAT!

3. I cannot believe Hull travels down to Eastham for a  football game. 

4. I saw Black Adam, it was ok, nothing great. Also I think I can do without the Rock in my life.

5. I finally got to Ann and Frans and I am happy to say they have a really good corned beef hash.

6. Fantasy football could end today and I would be content with that.

7. Best burger on the Cape for 5 straight years? C'mon bro... I gave it a 6.5!

8. Big Georgia game this weekend. Lets fucking go.

9. The F1 race in Austin this past weekend would have been awesome to be at., maybe next year.

10. Has anyone been to New Orleans? I would like to go but not during Mardi Gras.

11. If Mac and the Pats lose tonight, will everyone be clamoring for Zappe?

12. Ever have an ingrown hair in your eye brows? OUCH!

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

TMX week 6

Week 6 is in the books and the bye weeks are already testing some teams! There were blockbuster trades on the table that never came through!! Chase was on the move up to the last second and QB needy Slippery Wizards had a deal fall through late as well!! No trade league shirts are on sale at website cuz it looks like that's what we have this year. Lets get to the recap. 

First place this week was Moco Loco with 156. Josh Allen was the first QB taken and he is worth every penny so far as he again put up big numbers. Chase had a break out game  and the only mistake made by Moco this week was not starting Waddle who had 18 compared to Suttons 2. Moco is making a push and still has Patterson getting healthy. We are not ready to say Hong Kong Street Pharmacists should be scared but its getting there if this keeps up. 

2nd place this week was Equalizers with 128. Mahomes led the team again with Pittman finally playing like WR1 with 24. Fournette continues to be one of the best value RBs drafted catching and running in the Tampa offense. Tight end waiver find Tonyan added 10 catches for 90 yards but boom or bust Mike Williams went bust this week putting up 2. Equalizers have been near the top all season and are about to get number one pick Jonathan Taylor back and healthy they are a legit threat to take over first. 

3rd place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 128. Burrow carried the team this week going off for 43 and Kelce did his usual either 100 yards or td effort. Jk dobbins killed the Burrows but he will be back on the bench when Pierce come back off the bye, same with Jakobi when Davante is back to pushing guys around next week! Hopkins worked through a quad strain to put up 13, big time kickers matter move right there. Burrow is hanging around the money and actively trying to make trades offering up players and in some cases goods and services so it should be interesting how it shakes out!

 4th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 117.  SW actually had a QB finish the game for only the 3rd time this season and is probably pleased with D. Jones putting up 17 points! Stevenson led the Wizards with a 2 td efforts while the Niners D let down the team this week after carrying them. Slippery Wizards is hoping Dak is back to have a QB for a few weeks and maybe get some distance from the basement. 

5th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 115. Dingoes found a gem on the wire ,with King Henry on bye, he picked up Deon Jackson who put up 23 and could've went for more if he didn't get hurt!! Juju also finally showed out putting up 24 points and leading the team. God Brady had an off game vs the Steelers who were playing backups! This also hurt Mike Evans for a big fools gold moment. Dingoes declared themselves back 3 weeks ago and they continue to climb up! IF Brady gets hot and Keenan Allen gets healthy they could make a run for the money. 

6th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 113. Diggs put up 30, Lazard found the end zone and Ekler made 10 catches but the real story is did Prebathtubwhitney break Herbert?  Herbert finished with only 8 points after throwing the ball 57 times!! Prebathtub is in the top 5 and can make a reach for the money if Herbie gets fixed and they can find some rb help. St Brown will be back to help out but they Herbert situation is getting scary. 

7th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 106. Lamar was held in check again with only Andrews getting over 20 this week showing how far the HK Pharmacist were up, even their off weeks aren't allowing much movement for teams chasing them. Jacobs will be back next week to help out the rb situation so this may have been a rare instance to make up ground on the league leaders.

 8th place this week was Charlies Angels with 103.  Angels couldn't get a player over 20 points this week although Cook and AJ Brown looked like they were going to have better weeks. The QB play at Charlie's is less than desirable as old friend Stafford could only manage 13. The bright side is they did pick up a gem in Walker off the wire who led the team with 18 points!!  Arob finally put up some numbers so there's a chance he's back or maybe a sell high moment to ship him out? Robbie Anderson found a new home replacing Hollywood who went down late and ETN maybe taking over that backfield so there is hope on the bench!! 

9th place this week was Silly Goose with 100. TYreeeek led the team with 28 and proves hes qb proof, Jeff Wilson put up the .5 that hurt the team and Kyler Murray is about to get Dhop and Robbie Anderson after losing Hollywood Brown so hopefully that turns his season around. Gooses are in a good spot if Mike Thomas comes back with Dhop due back they are stacked at wr and maybe Najee will start to play like he did last year as he still hasn't scored over 12 points in a game all year!!

10th place this week was Doom Gloom and Mike Boone with 97. Hurts and JJ had respectable games but with Doom/Gloom killing another RB ( ENO) respectable games aren't going to cut it from the big stars. Swifty coming back healthy is going to be key for Doomers and Tee Higgins needs to stay on the field. Luckily Doomers got 13 from back up kicker Succop as they continue to have best output from the kicker position in the league! Doom Gloom is in a slow spiral down and needs to get back on track with another possible traid!! 

Lets make some calls. First up from last place Doom Gloom and Mike Boone is kicker Ryan Succop! Hey Ry its TMX whats good? " oh shoot THE TMX?? Are you serious? I didn't think you called kickers! This is the best day of my life! How are you guys, I read all your stuff!' Good, good thanks for the support. You realize you and Daniel Carlson are the top two kickers in the league and playing for an owner who is anti kicker?? " Yeah we know, they don't think we belong we have to change in our cars, no locker in the locker room and take cold showers but you know what TMX we are out here proving we belong despite it all. " Kudos to you cant wait for the 30/30 a kickers life! Keep fighting the good fight Ryan!! 

Now lets give a call to the winning teams WR Ja' Marr Chase. Yo Ja what's good its TMX. "TMX what up dog? Me and Joey B was balling out today right?? We love coming back to New Orleans, always kill it" No doubt great game do you realize you were almost traded to Burrows? " say what? Moco loco looking to move me? I'm the best they got? This cant be real? I mean I'd love to play with Joey B but how can they even think about moving me?" We aren't sure maybe just a rumor? " yeah ain't no way they trading me, we bout to take over first you see how hot we are right now?" Oh we see it. Well good luck rest of the way and trade or no trade you are putting up good numbers keep it up! " oh you got that right TMX you keep doing you too!! "  There you have it. 

Lets check the standing

  1.    Hong Kong Street Pharmacists
  2.    Moco Loco                                            69
  3.    Equalizers                                              88
  4.    Prebathtubwhitney                            147
  5.    Burrow my dick in yo ass                    149
  6.    Silly Goose                                             191
  7.    Slippery Wizards                                   209
  8.    Doom Gloom and MIke Boone           222
  9.     Flyingdingoes                                        228
  10.     Charlies Angels                                      258



    On to week 7 with some heavy hitters on byes ( Buff, Minnie, La Rams and Philly). Lets hope injuries slow down and those almost trades turn into real trades! Good luck and as always for everything.


Monday, October 17, 2022


I mean how can Fall not be the best season? Just out here rocking and rolling in T shirts and jeans.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Glad to see that colds are still a thing.

2. Sad to hear Coach Jeffrey lost again to Bridgewater.

3. Always great to introduce White Tea shots to the community.

4. Chrissy out here dressing like a 1920's prohibition gangster.

5. Look at this mother fucker:

6. Are we more excited for Black Adam or Black Panther 2?

7. The breeder we are supposed to get a puppy from is rumored to be having puppies this week.

8. Mitchell has tickets to the Cs and Bs available if you want any games.

9. Powerball is almost at $500 Million. Lets just get a slice of that.

10. Another weekend of Keno and still no winning. Gotta be going on 2 years.

11. If you see Jeffrey out and about in his new Gladiator just know times are good right meow.

12. Rumor has it there is a plan to try Igolf in Pembroke then hit up Stellwagon Brewery.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

TMX week 5

Injuries, Injuries and more injuries what a wild week 5 it was. Waller the Baller, Tee Higgins and Teddy B all put up zeros while being injured and many more left the game or will be out next week due to injuries. The Bye weeks are here and so are all the  injuries - its time for teams to make some traids or pray for waiver wire saviors! 

Lets get to the week 5 rundown. 1
st this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacists with 164. TMX has never declared a winner after only 5 weeks but we are real close. The gap up top is just getting bigger and the healthiest team in the league keeps producing even if Lamar Jackson has a rare off day and only puts up 16! Kupp is on pace to pass last years historic year and now Josh Jacobs is running like a madman! Dallas D also stepped up this week to offset Koo putting up zero! This team is a legit wagon and its gonna take some 200 point weeks by the top teams to try and derail it. 

nd Place this week was Moco Loco with 141. Josh Allen dropped 53 and Kamara is back with 28 but 11 from the Chase and Waddle combo and zero from Waller hurt Moco loco. TMX trade tracker reported Moco was hot on the trail for some fools gold ( Gabe Davis) but the deal fell through right before kickoff! Lets see if they go mining for fools gold again or swing another deal. 

3rd place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 138. Burrows had a big Monday night with Adams and Kelce going for 30. Wild 4 td game with only  25 yards for Kelce and even wilder ending for Adams who threw a cameraman to the ground for walking in his path!! Suspension could be coming stay tuned. Burrows has a legit RB1 in Pierce and if JK gets a full workload he might be on his way up the standings. 

4th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 135. Dingoes were led by Brady 27 and King Henry who appears to be looking for another rb crown. Jamal Williams like all the Detroit Lions were stuffed by the Patriots D  and they are still waiting for that Mixon breakout game but the Dingoes are "back" indeed. 

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

5th Place this week was Equalizers with 133. Mahomes had his usual big game in the spotlight with 38 and Fournette is now the 3 down back we never saw coming with a rec and rush td! Hockenson crashed back to earth only putting up 1 point vs the boogeymen. Equalizers will be looking for some wr help to keep them near the top of the standings I'm sure. 

6th place this week was Silly Gooses with 129. Gooses were led by 'ol friend Tyler Lockett and Jeff Wilson. This team is still waiting on the big Kyler Murray game and top pick  Najee has yet to score 12 in any week this season! Might be time for a change of scenery??? Despite the lack of production from top guys Silly Goose is still in the mix and within striking distance.


7th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 119. Ekeler had a monster game putting up 38 and Diggs continues to shine putting up 25. Herbert had a second off week putting up only 16 while the bench for Prebathtub put up 130!! Prebathtub is currently right near a money spot but they need to play the right players and not leave points on the bench. Might be time to swing a deal with some of that depth. 

8th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 103. Chubb and CMC put up numbers as did the Niners D but once again a QB was killed as Teddy B left the game before scoring a point, similar to Tua the week before. Going with no QB is an odd approach by SW. Slippery Wizards also left Gabe Davis and his 38 points on the bench a move that can't help as they fight to stay out of the basement. 

9th place this week was Pepper Brook @ the Ocho with 103. Pepper was led by Jefferson and Hurts but a zero by injured Higgins and 5 total from the starting rbs brought down the team. Pepper also has the top kicker in the league. Ironic don't cha think for a known kicker hating organization! Pepper is gonna need a healthy Swifty to come back after the bye to get out of the basement fight they are currently heading towards. 

Last place this week was Charlies Angels with 96. Cook (25) and Hollywood Brown (17) were the only bright spots for the Angels. Russel Wilson and Jared Goff offered no help at QB and AJ Brown and Deebo combined for 14! That's not likely to happen again and Angels got Monty back and top waiver add Walker to bargain with or start so the stay in the basement maybe short lived. 

Lets make some calls first up Russell Wilson. Hey Russ its TMX whats good??? " oh man TMX everything is good, feeling DangeRUSS out here in mile high city! Me and Ciara just living our best life! How's TMX doing? Love you guys!" How good is it Russ you're 2-3 and well you haven't really been putting up QB1 numbers for Charlies Angels? "You know what TMX you are right. I'm gonna film 13 corny commercials and videos and then I'm getting back to film and I'm gonna show the Angels what Mr Unlimited is all about!!! Hey Angels............LETS RIDE" 

Well I mean cant really ask for much more. Take care Russ and tell Ciara 1, 2 step. Next up from the winning team lets call Josh Jacobs. Yo Josh whats up its TMX " Oh TMX my dogs what's good, you calling bout a contract?" Uhmm a contract? no i'm calling about the numbers you are putting up this year for Hong Kong Street Pharmacists. You are 4th in rb scoring despite being the 24th rb drafted! Thats pretty impressive " oh its impressive and probably worthy of a big pay day. CONTRACT YEAR BABY" Oh oh right its a contract year for you is that what you're saying?? " you got that right, I'm gonna be a free agent and get paid so you tell Street Pharmacist hang out we balling out" WOW well we shall see. Good Luck Josh. " Talk to you next week TMX!' Contract years hit different I guess. On to the standing.



  1.    Hong Kong Street Pharmacist
  2.    Equalizers                                                     111
  3.    Moco Loco                                                    119
  4.    Prebathtubwhitney                                        154
  5.    Burrow my dick in yo ass                            171
  6.    Silly Gooses                                                185
  7.    Pepper Brooks @ the ocho                         213
  8.    Slippery Wizards                                           219
  9.    Flying Dingoes                                               237
  10.    Charlies Angels                                              255


Theres a lot of football left but the byes are upon us and its time to make moves so teams dont leave points out there. The bottom 4 is tight right now and HK Street Pharmacist is not looking back. Make some moves, take some chances and dont forget for everything.


Tuesday, October 11, 2022


Phew, didn't know if we would but everyone seemed to survive the 2nd annual Whack Fuck golf weekend.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Not everyone has been away on a boys weekend.

2. Just when you think Joe Martell has an off switch, he doesn't.

3. Everyone asking everyone if they eat ass. I am looking at you Steven A. - THAT'S PRIVATE.

4. If it weren't for Bad luck Mark Welch would have no luck.

5. Mike G just out here owning part of a race horse is so Mike G.

6. Fucking Croctober - Crocs being given out for free.

7. Week 5 of the NFL season just continuing the injury blood bath.

8. The worst part about playing golf once or twice a year is all the random things that are sore for a few days.

9. So far Zappe Hour is my favorite slogan for Bailey Zappe.

10. Hockey is back...lets fucking go.

11. If you are looking for Bs and Cs tickets - Nora Mitchell has both.

12. Wellfleet Oysterfest is this weekend if you are into music and bands and oysters and such.

13. You MUST be a regular to play Yahtzee at the DIP.

14. I must say I was a little weirded out by grapes in my chicken salad sammy but man they add lots.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

TMX week 4

Week 4 has come and gone and the injuries are piling up for some big name players. Number one pick JTaylor is hurting, Kamara is down, Javonte Williams is out, Tmx fav Cordarelle Patterson to IR,  Keenan Allen, Sun God and Mike Thomas are still down and Tua was almost murdered on Thursday!  Its only week FOUR!! Al ot of teams will be scrambling on the waiver wire while The Flyingdingoes are suddenly the healthiest team in the league and on the rise. 

Let take a look at this week scoring. 1st place this week were the Equalizers. They are the first team to win two weeks this season coming in with an impressive 169. Miles Sanders broke out with 33 and TJ Hockenson exploded with a 40 burger! Equalizers were able to overlook number one pick Jonathan Taylor getting 2 points and are letting the league know that they are gonna be a tough team to beat. 

2nd Place this week was Flyingdingoes with 165. The Dingoes officially declared themselves "back" and were led by Brady (36) and Evans (31). The running back position is filled with depth as Henry and J. Williams put up 27 and 28 and Penny went wild for 33 on the bench! The defending champ ain't giving up that crown just yet. 

rd place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 139. A rare off week from the dynamic duo of Jax (15) and Andrews (2pts) slowed down HK Pharmacist. Barkley and Kupp continued to put up numbers but this was an off week for HK and maybe offers some hope for the league as this wagon had been rolling. 

4th place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 137. Burrow got a good week from Mr Burrow and Mr 11th round steal Dameon Pierce led the team with 27 points. JK Dobbins might be pushing Zeke or J.Rob to the bench this week if they don't get it going cuz 11 points combined isn't gonna cut it for the Burrows! 

5th place this week was Charlies Angels with 128. Angels continue to hit on the right QB as they started Russy who put up 30 and benched Stafford who may have lost his job putting up 6 on Monday night! Deebo did Deebo things the rest were just ok. Angels management seems to have  let their Murray love cloud their judgement as they started Bucs D vs Mahomes instead of Carolina playing Kyler!! 

6th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 127. SW was led by Niners D on Monday night putting up 31. Running backs CMC and Chubb continue to carry the team while Pitts is being soundly outplayed by Muth ( might wanna make a move here). The Wizards also witnessed starting QB Tua have the concussion of all concussions leading to only a 2 point week. QB roulette is a thing and will be in week 5 again for the Wizards. 

7th place this week was Pepper Brooks @ the Ocho with 126. Pepper is running with Higgins and Jefferson as his top dogs. Scary Terry has been kinda scary so far putting up 2 points this week. Pepper needs to get Swifty healthy but may have who shot ya Robinson making his debut week 5 after losing Javonte Williams for the year. They also found out Jalen Hurts is not a mudder as he struggled in the rain this week only putting up 14.  

8th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 124. Herbie and Ekler were fantastic with 30 and 31 and Dk put up 23 and took the cart to go take a leak!! Pollard, Kirk and Diggs combining for 16 points was not a good thing especially with Harris and Lazard having good weeks on the bench. Prebath is gonna have to figure the roster out to continue to climb up the standings maybe break out the boogeymen vs Goff this week?? 

9th place this week was Silly Gooses with 123. Gooses were led my Kyler Murray who had most of his weapons ( waiting on Dhop still) and Tyreek who said he can score with anyone at qb!! Najee Harris continues to struggle early on but with new qb small hands Pickett things could change for the Gooses!! 

10th place this week was Moco Loco with 110. J. Allen had an off week ( 25) and losing CPat obviously hurt. CEH was solid and the Iggles D help out with 21 (@deegansdead stand up). The Kamara injury is hurting Moco Loco and it may mean he's getting shipped out! Check your in box people Moco Loco leads ADSL in trades so there could be one coming! 

Lets make some calls. First up from the last place team Alvin Kamara. Hey Alvin whats good? " oh man TMX that you? How you been? You in London? You see all these castles and stuff?" No no not there but funny if you were in London why weren't you in the lineup? Kind of a late scratch? " oh bout that yeah ribs man hurting but next week we got Seattle and I ain't sitting that out so I'll be good to go you can bet your grills on it" Ha good one Al Tmx dont have grills.

Alright we will let Moco Loco know you will be back but who knows if  you'll still be on the team. " oh shoot come on TMX he aint trading me, I got this you watch!" Will do. Good luck!! The next call from the first place team is to none other than Miles Sanders. Hey Miles its TMX how are you doing? " oh man I'm doing great, you see me out there balling? Feels good to be back" Uhm back? you kind of haven't been a thing for a bit? " "oh man TMX don't be hating I'm the starting running back over here putting up numbers! "  Well we cant argue that but 2 tds this week is more than you had ALL LAST SEASON! " Well guess you right but now I'm gonna be piling up the tds so get me in your lineup every week, alright?" Wow coming from a guy who couldn't score last year we love the confidence. Good luck Miles!  " thanks TMX talk to you next week too, bet."  Yeah, uhm "bet". We only make two calls usually but this week we have a bonus call/ well being check to Tua Tagovailoa who had a nasty concussion on Thursday. Hey Tua its TMX how you feeling. " oh TMX I'm feeling good just chilling drinking a fribble resting my back and ankle that I hurt" Yeah Tua you had a concussion not a back or ankle injury. " yeah my back and ankle feel good anything else you want to talk about" Well kinda like to check on you after the concussion you had that had you flashing gang signs but I see this is going nowhere. " cool sounds good TMX, thanks for checking on my back and ankle injury hope to be back soon" Yeah sure enjoy your fribble and hope you get right. Later Tua. Yike poor guy. Lets check the standings after 4 weeks of action.



  1.  Hong Kong Street Pharmacist
  2.  Equalizers                                             80
  3.  Moco Loco                                           95
  4.  Prebathtubwhitney                               108
  5.  Burrow my dick in yo ass                   145
  6.  Silly Gooses                                        150
  7.  Pepper Brooks @ the ocho                  151
  8.  Slippery Wizards                                  158
  9.  Charlies Angels                                     187
  10.  Flyingdingoes                                        207



Things are tightening up down the bottom and a huge miss to make up ground on the healthy HK Street Pharmacist wagon who had an "off week". The waiver wire is going to be busy and Im sure the trades should start to come with the injuries and stars who just need a change of scenery. 

Lets hope for a healthier week 5, good luck. TMX out and as always for everything.