Tuesday, October 18, 2022

TMX week 6

Week 6 is in the books and the bye weeks are already testing some teams! There were blockbuster trades on the table that never came through!! Chase was on the move up to the last second and QB needy Slippery Wizards had a deal fall through late as well!! No trade league shirts are on sale at folan.com website cuz it looks like that's what we have this year. Lets get to the recap. 

First place this week was Moco Loco with 156. Josh Allen was the first QB taken and he is worth every penny so far as he again put up big numbers. Chase had a break out game  and the only mistake made by Moco this week was not starting Waddle who had 18 compared to Suttons 2. Moco is making a push and still has Patterson getting healthy. We are not ready to say Hong Kong Street Pharmacists should be scared but its getting there if this keeps up. 

2nd place this week was Equalizers with 128. Mahomes led the team again with Pittman finally playing like WR1 with 24. Fournette continues to be one of the best value RBs drafted catching and running in the Tampa offense. Tight end waiver find Tonyan added 10 catches for 90 yards but boom or bust Mike Williams went bust this week putting up 2. Equalizers have been near the top all season and are about to get number one pick Jonathan Taylor back and healthy they are a legit threat to take over first. 

3rd place this week was Burrow my dick in your ass with 128. Burrow carried the team this week going off for 43 and Kelce did his usual either 100 yards or td effort. Jk dobbins killed the Burrows but he will be back on the bench when Pierce come back off the bye, same with Jakobi when Davante is back to pushing guys around next week! Hopkins worked through a quad strain to put up 13, big time kickers matter move right there. Burrow is hanging around the money and actively trying to make trades offering up players and in some cases goods and services so it should be interesting how it shakes out!

 4th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 117.  SW actually had a QB finish the game for only the 3rd time this season and is probably pleased with D. Jones putting up 17 points! Stevenson led the Wizards with a 2 td efforts while the Niners D let down the team this week after carrying them. Slippery Wizards is hoping Dak is back to have a QB for a few weeks and maybe get some distance from the basement. 

5th place this week was Flyingdingoes with 115. Dingoes found a gem on the wire ,with King Henry on bye, he picked up Deon Jackson who put up 23 and could've went for more if he didn't get hurt!! Juju also finally showed out putting up 24 points and leading the team. God Brady had an off game vs the Steelers who were playing backups! This also hurt Mike Evans for a big fools gold moment. Dingoes declared themselves back 3 weeks ago and they continue to climb up! IF Brady gets hot and Keenan Allen gets healthy they could make a run for the money. 

6th place this week was Prebathtubwhitney with 113. Diggs put up 30, Lazard found the end zone and Ekler made 10 catches but the real story is did Prebathtubwhitney break Herbert?  Herbert finished with only 8 points after throwing the ball 57 times!! Prebathtub is in the top 5 and can make a reach for the money if Herbie gets fixed and they can find some rb help. St Brown will be back to help out but they Herbert situation is getting scary. 

7th place this week was Hong Kong Street Pharmacist with 106. Lamar was held in check again with only Andrews getting over 20 this week showing how far the HK Pharmacist were up, even their off weeks aren't allowing much movement for teams chasing them. Jacobs will be back next week to help out the rb situation so this may have been a rare instance to make up ground on the league leaders.

 8th place this week was Charlies Angels with 103.  Angels couldn't get a player over 20 points this week although Cook and AJ Brown looked like they were going to have better weeks. The QB play at Charlie's is less than desirable as old friend Stafford could only manage 13. The bright side is they did pick up a gem in Walker off the wire who led the team with 18 points!!  Arob finally put up some numbers so there's a chance he's back or maybe a sell high moment to ship him out? Robbie Anderson found a new home replacing Hollywood who went down late and ETN maybe taking over that backfield so there is hope on the bench!! 

9th place this week was Silly Goose with 100. TYreeeek led the team with 28 and proves hes qb proof, Jeff Wilson put up the .5 that hurt the team and Kyler Murray is about to get Dhop and Robbie Anderson after losing Hollywood Brown so hopefully that turns his season around. Gooses are in a good spot if Mike Thomas comes back with Dhop due back they are stacked at wr and maybe Najee will start to play like he did last year as he still hasn't scored over 12 points in a game all year!!

10th place this week was Doom Gloom and Mike Boone with 97. Hurts and JJ had respectable games but with Doom/Gloom killing another RB ( ENO) respectable games aren't going to cut it from the big stars. Swifty coming back healthy is going to be key for Doomers and Tee Higgins needs to stay on the field. Luckily Doomers got 13 from back up kicker Succop as they continue to have best output from the kicker position in the league! Doom Gloom is in a slow spiral down and needs to get back on track with another possible traid!! 

Lets make some calls. First up from last place Doom Gloom and Mike Boone is kicker Ryan Succop! Hey Ry its TMX whats good? " oh shoot THE TMX?? Are you serious? I didn't think you called kickers! This is the best day of my life! How are you guys, I read all your stuff!' Good, good thanks for the support. You realize you and Daniel Carlson are the top two kickers in the league and playing for an owner who is anti kicker?? " Yeah we know, they don't think we belong we have to change in our cars, no locker in the locker room and take cold showers but you know what TMX we are out here proving we belong despite it all. " Kudos to you cant wait for the 30/30 a kickers life! Keep fighting the good fight Ryan!! 

Now lets give a call to the winning teams WR Ja' Marr Chase. Yo Ja what's good its TMX. "TMX what up dog? Me and Joey B was balling out today right?? We love coming back to New Orleans, always kill it" No doubt great game do you realize you were almost traded to Burrows? " say what? Moco loco looking to move me? I'm the best they got? This cant be real? I mean I'd love to play with Joey B but how can they even think about moving me?" We aren't sure maybe just a rumor? " yeah ain't no way they trading me, we bout to take over first you see how hot we are right now?" Oh we see it. Well good luck rest of the way and trade or no trade you are putting up good numbers keep it up! " oh you got that right TMX you keep doing you too!! "  There you have it. 

Lets check the standing

  1.    Hong Kong Street Pharmacists
  2.    Moco Loco                                            69
  3.    Equalizers                                              88
  4.    Prebathtubwhitney                            147
  5.    Burrow my dick in yo ass                    149
  6.    Silly Goose                                             191
  7.    Slippery Wizards                                   209
  8.    Doom Gloom and MIke Boone           222
  9.     Flyingdingoes                                        228
  10.     Charlies Angels                                      258



    On to week 7 with some heavy hitters on byes ( Buff, Minnie, La Rams and Philly). Lets hope injuries slow down and those almost trades turn into real trades! Good luck and as always folan.com for everything.


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