Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dot Day is Sunday

The annual Dot Day Bowl off is this Sunday at 9:30 am. I hope that everyone can make it. You are not going to believe this but I forgot to make a shirt for this years winner.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Apparently, Smiddy needs rotator cuff surgery.
2. Coconuts kill about 150 people each year. Thats more than sharks.
3. The Black Panthers were started by an Asian guy. Fucking sneaky Asians.
4. Im pretty sure if you show up to a cookout you have to bring either food or beers or at least ice.
5. Grillo can pretty much get you into any club, in any state to see any DJ. Skrillex!!!
6. As of last Saturday dudes wearing tank tops is all the rage and so IN for 2012.
7. Nothing worse than your TV or cable being on the fritz.
8. Its funny to me when people are deathly afraid of dogs.
9. Nothing worse than running out of gas when your cutting your grass.
10. Mikey Laydens son, Rickey, has taken up lacross and from what I hear is tearing it up.
11. Rio sat on the roof for the 1st time at Fenway and he was instantly in love.

12. Chrissy has been killing the Mikes Hard Lemonades.
13. Pizza with chili on it, though strange in nature, is pretty legit.
14. Some times you miss a spot when cutting the lawn. We have all gotten bad hair cuts!
15. What won't Taco Bell try? Mountain Dew A.M.(A mix of OJ and Mountain Dew?)
16. Lots of bars are moving away from Red Bull and towards Monster Energy drink.
17. I guess not everyone has a song that they would walk out to at a sporting event. And I am the weirdo?

Darts tonight in Abington at the VFW. I hope that if you can't make it today, you can stop by the South Side tavern on Thursday night.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Darts Update Playoffs

The second night of round 2 of the playoffs brought us to Brockton, the City of Champions. I guess if you want to be the champion you have to beat the champion. We stated the night with a 9-3 lead and needed just 4 points to move on to round 3. We figured we would waltz right in there an win a quick 4 games and get out but things did not exactly go as planned. Despite playing very well, we lost the first 4 games. It was looking like panic time until Brighto & Shawn Larry got us on the board with a win in cricket. Mark & Jeb followed that up with another cricket win and it was on to singles. At this point we were up 11-7 with 6 games to go. Tim Bright won his match and Shawn Dillion continuing his run at the MVP won the next match to close it out.

After the game a few of us headed to The Cape Cod Cafe for a celebratory meal. If you find yourself in that neck of the woods, try the Chili Pizza, you will not be disappointed. Word of advice, don't ask the bartender where he is from unless you want to hear a string of bad jokes. Next week we will either be playing a team from Weymouth or a team from Abington and I'm sure Derek will keep you posted. I know I say it each post, but if you have the time, stop by for a few beers, a lot of laughs and support the team.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dart Playoffs Round 2

Tuesday we began Round 2 of the playoffs. We played at home and after a few cocktails, A huge announcement from Shawn Dillion and some lighting and electrical work, we were ready to go. It was nice to see Jeff there to bring some humor and support the squad. I had a commitment earlier in the night so I was not able to pregame with the guys and I am sure I missed some funny stories about the Mustache Pub Crawl, but there is more on that later in the post. Anyway let me get right into the match reviews:

501: Won 2 & Lost 1
Bright & Shawn Larry started out hot and it was a close game at the mid point. They built up a 100 point lead and SL Busted on a 93 out. The other team quickly tied it up and had a shot at the out. Brighto hit a huge 53 to knock it down to a 1 dart out, and they ended it just in time.

Welch & Whitley got on first and it was a close game most of the way. DW hit 3 single bulls (I guess just to show everyone he can) and it was even at the 100 point mark. The other team got to the out first, and Mark threw a great toss to get there as well. Both teams had their chances and they each ended up on Double 1. After a bunch of tries at it the other team finally hit it.

Jared & I got right on and ran it down, and the other team did the same. In the end Jared threw a great triple 17, double 6 for the win.

Cricket: Won 1 - Lost 2
Mark & Jeb ran into a tough team. They played from behind early and made a good charge but the other team kept slamming points. It was too much to overcome and the overall match was evened up at 2-2.

SL & I got up early in the match but faded in the middle. We made a charge by hitting 4 corks in 1 turn but it was not enough.

TB & Jared built a good lead early and the other team tried to make a comeback. They kept the pressure on and when it came down to the corks and T&J closed it out fast.

After 6 games it was 3-3

301 Won 6 & Lost ZERO
SL got on right away in game 1 and it was close the whole way. It came down to the first to hit the double and SL took it down. In game 2 it was another game that was close from start to finish. SL again wasted no time in taking it down. Solid win to take back the match lead at 4-3.

TB was on a mission in game 1 he built up a 200+ point lead and took it out on his first try. In game 2 they both got on early and it was close to the end. TB got himself down to a tough odd number out but fixed it and hit the double right away.

DW spotted a 260 point lead in game 1. He threw a bunch of 50+ throws to get back into it. It came down to 1 dart for the win and they both had their chances and DW willed it in first. In game 2, I was too busy listening to pub crawl stories (see below) to keep notes but I did see DW take it down for a great win.

During the game it seemed that every time Derek started to talk about something other than darts he shot well. I figured I’d keep distracting him until it stopped working. Oddly enough it kept working and he won the game. With our combined levels of ADD, I really don’t remember much about the conversation but my notes tell me it had something to do with the pub crawl, lawyers taking meds that don't make a vagina lonely, back alley BJ's, people skipping out on tabs and getting caught and drunken messes. DW you have my permission to edit this post and fill in the details as I am sure it is funny stuff!

Jeb made a great comeback in game 1 for the win. In game 2 he was down early again and was faced with a 125 point deficit. At one time in the game he was down 250. He came alive late but the opponent hit the out just before he had a shot at it. In game 3 he struggled again to get in but tied the score at 187. They both had shots to win it and Jeb grabbed it first.

I played well and took 2 straight games for the win.

Supa P got on first and it was close the entire way. They both got stuck on a tough number and hit good darts to get to the out. It all came down to the Double 1 and who wanted it more. Of course P hit it! In game 2 they both got on in the first throw. P fell behind a bit in the middle and hit a trip 20 to take the lead and followed it with another 60. They both had a few throws to close it out and P got caught on another odd out. He fixed it but it was too late. In the rubber match the other guy got on first and P answered. The other guy hit great darts to get down to the out first and P hit great darts to take it away!

I know I do not add many details (other than the match recaps) and there are a few reasons for that. First, I often score the games so I can’t hear a lot of the BS that gets tossed around. Secondly, I would much prefer to enjoy the night than worry about trying to remember details. And third, if you really want to know what happens at darts, show up! With that said I do remember a funny conversation with Jeb and Derek. While Jeb was cheering me on in the singles match he kept calling me “Foles”. Derek was cracking up thinking he was calling me “balls”. Over the years, I think every member of the team (and there has easily been more than 20 people on and off our roster over the years) has had a few nicknames. While “Balls” certainly has a ring to it, I think I prefer Godell.

We ended the night in great shape to move on to the next round. The Final score was 9 Wins & 3 losses so we head to Brockton on Thursday needing just 4 wins out of 12 games to move on. The player of the night could have gone to Supa P (1-0) or Jared (2-0) because they were both undefeated, but I am giving the nod to Tim Bright (3-0). He hit the winning darts in 501 and Cricket and he was lights out in the singles match.

If you are planning on making it on Thursday night we are playing at the Protectors Club in Brockton. The address is 50 Herrod Ave and I suggest that you get there early as it might be over fast.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. I was severely slacking. It also helps that Chrissy is on vacation, so he wasn't bitching at me to post. He must be preoccupied with house work, building a sex room and trying to make baby #2.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. We raised $1666 for Dana Farber through T shirt sales and donations. If Chrissy collects the rest of his money from the bet it should be another $250 bucks that I could send in this year or just wait till next years and add it to the total. The 6th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl is Saturday, May 18th, 2013.
2. Rounds of shots should never approach $60 unless you are getting at least 10 of them!
3. Apple is the worlds most valuable brand followed by IBM, Google, Mcdonalds and then Microsoft.
4. Stingers are not friends with Chris Ford:
5. How fast can the Celtics put Brandon Bass' #30 jersey up for sale on their website?
6. You can stop mosquito bites from itching by running them under hot water.
7. There are 300 registered Superheroes living in the United States. Where the fuck and who the fuck are they?
8. Look who got engaged, Shaun Larry and his Lady Rachel. The Mustache Pub crawl bringing loved ones together since 2008:
9. Pretty sure there isn't much that this guy wouldn't do for money:

10. The dot on an I is called a a tittle.
11. Julie Nickerson wants to try and change the MPC to August, rather than just come home in May(for the past 5 years).
12. People found out how fun Grillo can be when hes hanging out.
13. My buddy Brendan now works at Mcfaddens.
14. Here are some pics from the crawl:

15. Jeffrey's Memorial day party is this Sunday starting at 1:30.
16. Redvines makes Grapevines and let me tell you, shit is dope!
17. Its very hard to get mustard out of a terrycloth shirt.
18. Anyone interested in 4 tickets to next Thursdays - Sox vs Tigers game in the bleachers? $112.
19. MikeyT has upgraded from an original classic ipod shuffle to a new ipod Nano. The kid is so tech savvy its ridiculous.
20. If you are going to skip out on a tab, you probably shouldn't be wearing a pub crawl shirt with your next stop on it. Just saying Wallace!
21. No matter how old you are people still cock block ya.
22. I erased all my text messages for the 1st time since the 1st of the year. It took over 2 hours.
23. Congrats to Mike "Prez" Foley on winning 1st place in his division in the Norfolk County Classic. Fucking shit up at darts on Tuesdays and Thursdays then killing it up at Presidents Golf course. What a week for the guy who looks like Roger Goodell. SPEECH!!

24. Jeffrey has a man crush on Jeb's brothers Wendell and Zach.

Don't forget darts tonight at the Southside Tavern. Look forward to some of you guys coming out for drinks and shots.

As always I am sure there are tons of things that I forgot.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Darts Update Round 1 part 2

In the second day of the round 1 playoffs we had our backs against the wall. We started the evening in a 6-6 tie in this race to 13 wins. We have sucked all year in 501 so it was going to be an uphill battle in the crickets and the early singles. We were also missing Mark and Jeff but the games must go on. 

501: Won  1 & Lost 2
Shawn & I jumped on early and built a good lead. We were fading in the end but hit the winning dart first to set the tone for the night. Match score 7-6

Brighto & Jared played well and it was close all game. Both teams got stuck on a tough out and the other team hit it first. 7-7

Jeb & Derek took too long to get in and could not mount a comeback and we fell to 7- 8 in the overall. 7-8

Cricket: Won  2 - Lost 1

Supa & Jared got off to a fast start and let them back into the game late. S&J really turned it up late in the game to take it down and tie it up at 8-8.

Tim & SL got out to a commanding lead early. The other team hit some screwy darts to make it a game but TB hit a double cork to stop the momentum and followed it up with the 3rd cork on the next throw to end it. 9-8

Me & Jeb played good for 3/4 of the match. We were right in it until the opponent hit 2 triples to take a lead. It proved to be too much to overcome. 9-9

301: Won 4 & Lost 2
TB took a lead in game 1 but let it get close. His opponent had a chance to steal it but Brighto took it out. In game 2 he jumped right on built a 180 point lead but struggled on the out. They both had shots to win and TB wanted it more. 10-9

Jeb spotted a 275 point lead and when he finally got in he really pounded it down. He made possibly the biggest comeback ever and he hit the out on his first throw to take it away. In game 2 he got on first and got out to a 50 point lead. He ran it down fast and wasted no time in hitting the winning dart for a huge win. 11-9

SL- I scored so I was unable to take notes but SL continued his run at the MVP and won it in 2 games. 12-9

Jared played a man on a mission who did not miss one dart. Jared had no chance in this one and took a tough loss but we were still in the match. 12-10

Supa Won the first, lost the second and lost the 3rd to make it 12-11.

I played the final match and it was Win and move on or lose and go into a 3 game extra playoff. I played the same guy on Tuesday and it was a great match. All three games were close and we both played well. End result was a Win, a Loss and a Win to seal the deal. 13-11

Final score 7  Wins & 5 losses which gave us a 13 to 11 victory in the match. If it came down to the tiebreaker we would have dominated.  

Next week it looks like we will be playing at the Southside Tavern in Quincy on Tuesday and in Brockton on Thursday. Please find some time to stop by as we could use the support! I know many of you will be trying to recover from the Mustache Pub Crawl and what better way to do it but by having a few midweek beers.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Fucking Bono

Bono must "like" this. The U2 frontman became the richest rock star in the world on Friday, the same day Facebook went public — all because he has a 2.3% stake in the social network. Back in 2009, Bono's company, Elevation Partners, invested $90 million into the site, and now three years later, he has made more than 16 times that amount for an astounding $1.5 billion. Not bad, right? That $1.41-billion profit makes Bono, 52, a good $500 million richer than Sir Paul McCartney, who has made his pockets fat to the tune of $1.05 billion as one of the Beatles, the best-selling band of all time with more than 177 million units moved. McCartney would probably be a lot richer, though, if it weren't for the fact that Michael Jackson bought the rights to half of the Fab Four's catalog in 1984. By comparison, fellow music titans Bruce Springsteen and Madonna combined are only worth $800 million. This shit is just plain Cray right.............

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Darts playoff update

Playoffs started on Tuesday and we are playing a home & home series against a team from Coops. Each match has 12 different games and the first to win 13 moves on. Jeff was battling an eye issue so he did not show but everyone else was there and ready to play. The team from Coops won 10 more points than we did in the regular season but going into this match we are tied 0-0.

501: Won 1 & Lost 2:

Shawn Larry and I started the night the right way. We faced a decent team and we both played good enough to take the win.

Mark & Derek ran into a very strong team that never let up. They hung in there but lost.

Brighto & Jeb played a great match. It was neck and neck from the start right to the 100 point mark. It became a race for the out and unfortunately the other team got there first.

Cricket: Won 3 - Lost ZERO:

Supa P and I jumped out to an early lead and maintained it past the mid point. We were fading late but we hit the darts that we needed to grab the win.

Tim & SL played an awesome game. Both teams ran it down and grabbed points on the way. In the end Brighto hit 2 corks and SL hit the 3rd for the win.

Mark & Jeb played against the toughest team and it was a great game...for us. They were close in the first 1/3 of the game and then Mark & Jeb turned it on. Many points were scored but it did not matter and M&J won.

301 Won 2 & Lost 4:

SL lost game 1 in a close one. He got stuck on a bad out number and kept busting. In game 2, he got on first and built a small lead. At the 100 point mark it was just about tied. They both got it to the out and SL took it down. In game 3, Shawn got on in the first throw and hit a 120 on the second toss. His opponent made a charge and it came down to doubles again. After a bunch of tries SL got it done.

Jared and his opponent got right on and the other guy got hot and took a lead in game 1. Jared got right back into it at the 100 point mark but the other guy hit a quick out. In game 2 Jared got on first and built a solid lead. A scoring error by their scorer delayed the game and it seemed to hurt Jared’s momentum. It got real close but Jared hit the out. In game 3, Jared hit the on with the first dart and so did his opponent. It was a close game all the way down but the other guy wasted no time on the out.

Derek had a tough start but a nice come back in game 1. It proved too little too late and he lost. Game 2 it was a battle. They both worked their way down to the double 1 out and the other guy hit it.

Jeb played great in game 1 and built up a 100+ lead. He got stuck on a tough out but fixed it after a few throws. It came down to the first to hit the double 1 and after a hundred or so throws the other guy hit it. In game 2 Jeb got on first and hit a 100 on throw 2. The other guy hung around and hit a few darts to take it away.

I played a crazy 3 game set. Lost the first game and then took the next 2 for the win.

Supa played great in game 1 and had a shot at the out but lost. In game 2 he fell behind early and caught up fast. The other guy wasted no time hitting the out.

Final score 6 Wins & 6 losses which is a bit disappointing considering we were ahead most of the match. Again this is a race to 13 so we really need to take care of business in the 501’s and cricket games.

Player of the night is a split between Shawn and me because we both went 3-0. Other guys played better it comes down to W’s.

Tonight we will try to grind out 7 quick wins to advance. If you are out and about in the Q, stop by to support the team.


Monday, May 14, 2012

Mustache day is coming

This week is shaping up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday then Mustache Day! As David Spellman likes to call the Mustache Pubcrawl - Drunk Christmas! So Drunk Christmas is upon us.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario has a back up barber. Don't know many people who can say that.
2. Its illegal in Fort Lee, NJ to text and walk at the same time. You get an $85 fine. BULLSHIT!
3. Although women attempt suicide about three times more often than men, men complete suicide about three times more often than women.
4. I thought everyone knew that you bring a koozie on a booze cruise. I have never been on a cruise that the beers were cold.
5. Apparently, Katie thinks you can just stroll into Plymouth on a Saturday night and get seated right away at any restaurant on the harbor. Unless you want to go to Als.
6.  When glass breaks, the cracks move at speeds of up to 3,000 miles per hour. And I thought some of my ex-ladies were fast.
7. Mosquitoes are more attracted to people who have recently drank beer. This explains so much about camping trips.
8. The male porcupine urinates on the female porcupine before mating. If she's not turned-on by this, she shakes it off and finds another male. Typical broads!
9. I guess 1 day off in 19 days makes me cranky.
10. My prayers go out to Chrissy and his family. He lost his 96 year old grandmother recently.
11.  I guess in New Zealand you can make a career out of being a hunter and it pays $60,000 Euros a year.
12. Jeffrey may be throwing together a Memorial day cookout. Is Saturday or Sunday better for everyone?
13. CVG started his stache late but he has one coming in!
14. Who buys their wife a kayak for Mothers Day? Oh yeah Jeffrey does for $150:

15. Rob and Jeffrey, with their wives, are going to Barefoot Bobs tonight for the Kitchen Nightmares taping. Jeffrey just wants to be on TV.
16. Why does mulch come in like 10 different colors?
17. Be careful if you ever fall asleep while chatting with someone. In this day and age they can record that shit and play it back for you.
18. Remicks in Quincy has a new and improved menu. I have never had a bad meal there.

Playoff darts Tuesday at home and away Thursday at Coops. For you ballers on a budget Coops has pitchers of beers and pizza specials.

See ya either this week at darts or Saturday at the Pubcrawl.

Darts Update (playoff info)

Congratulations to the Repeat Offenders for once again earning a spot in the MMDL playoffs. In the opening match we will play at home (Southside Tavern) on Tuesday 5/15 and away at Coops on Thursday 05/17. As we are playing 2 days this week, there is really no excuse for not making it to at least 1 match. Stop by and have a beer and some laughs and cheer on the squad!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mustache Reminder

The 5th Annual Mustache Pubcrawl is this Saturday, May 19th, starting at 1:00 pm.

We are at it for a 5th straight year. Are you ready for a stachetastic time?
1st ride Boston Beer Works(Canal Street) 1:00-2:30
2nd ride The Grand Canal 2:30-3:45
3rd ride Tap/Purple Shamrock 3:45-5:00
4th ride Red Sky 5:00-6:15
5th ride Clarke's 6:15-7:30
6th ride Kitty O'Shea's/Mcfadden's 7:30-8:45
7th ride Trinity 8:45-10:00
8th ride The Hong Kong 10:00-close


Every year we have raised more and more.

I hope you all can make it. Feel free to invite/bring with you whoever you want.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Nightmare in Hull

Patriot Ledger - The restaurant-rehab reality series “Kitchen Nightmares” washes up on Nantasket Beach next week to spend three days filming at Barefoot Bob's.

Airing at 8 p.m. Fridays on Fox, “Kitchen Nightmares” is hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In each episode the irascible Ramsay troubleshoots restaurants that are performing poorly. Ramsay later revisits the restaurant to see how business has fared in his absence.

Chef Gordon Ramsay fixes failing restaurants. A casting call went out in January seeking restaurant owners in need of help. The project description: “Are you trying to make some green, but still running in the red? Is your food not the best it should be? Or maybe you have a great location, but it doesn’t seem to bring in the customers?”

In an informal Ledger survey in 2009 local readers named Barefoot Bob’s as one of the top spots for al-fresco dining on the South Shore.

The popular Hull seaside eatery is owned by Marc CaraDonna.

Favorites at Barefoot Bob’s are its award-winning clam chowder, lobster rolls and burgers. Other dishes range from pulled pork sliders to shrimp, scallops and salmon. The menu also features some inventive creations like the Santa Fe Egg Roll and California Cobb Wrap.

If you’re interested in getting into Barefoot Bob’s for the taping send an e-mail to Bostonrest@gmail.com and put the name of the restaurant in the subject line. You’ll receive a return e-mail survey asking questions such as:

1. What are your top 3 Restaurants in the Nantasket Beach area?
2. What places do you eat at during the off-season?
3. Who has the best cuisine in the area? Where are the best fish and chips?

You’ll be notified via email if you’re invited to the taping.

After working his magic at Barefoot Bob’s, Ramsay moves onto LaGalleria33 in the North End May 18-21.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Darts Update - Regular Season Finale Edition

Last night we played our final game of the regular season. What started out to be a very stressful night ended up being a great night. As I write this, we are still not sure if we made the post season or not and I’m sure Derek will post it on the blog as soon as we find out. As reported last week I was still without my darts. They were travelling around the South Shore and I was not confident that I would get them back. I must say I was impressed Brighto came thru in the clutch and had them delivered to the bar just prior top the match. We also had a big fan turnout with Chrissy and Mikey T making the show.

The bar was decent and clean but could use a few more bathrooms, an electrician, and some more bartenders / wait staff.

Is this safe to have exposed wires right below where you reach your WET hands in to dry them off?

I suppose $3.00 pizzas really go over well in Weymouth because the place was packed and the poor bartender was all alone. She did her best to keep up with the demand and she even found time to make a new friend (inside joke).

So now on to the Action:
501: Won 2 & Lost 1 This may have been the first time we had a winning week in 501!

Me & Shawn Larry kicked ass to set the tone. We got in on the first throw and off on the first opportunity. W

P & Brighto started slow but made a great charge to take a small lead. P wasted no time and hit the out on the 1st try for another solid win. W

Jeb & Mark took a while to get on and spotted a 200+ point lead. They finally got on and managed to get it close, but the other team wasted no time in finishing it. L

Cricket: 1 Win & 2 Losses:
Mark & I ran into a buzz saw. They hit everything early but we charged late. Unfortunately too late. L

Jeb & Supa got off to a slow start and fought hard to make it a game. Jeb hit a bunch of corks late but the other team kept up the pressure and took the win. L

Bright & Dillion jumped out to a small lead early and somehow it became a pointing game. Contrary to what usually happens to us in the point fests, they stuck to their own game and kept closing numbers. In the middle they came up huge with SL killing triples. In the end it was fitting that Shawn hit the cork to end it. W
301 Won 4 & Lost 2:
Bright was on fire. He shut the other guy out in game 1 and game 2 was close until the mid point. With about 150 left, Tim threw a quick ton and then took it down on the next throw. W

Shawn Larry got right on in game 1 and so did his opponent. It was neck and neck the whole way down. They both threw 90+ point darts to get to the out but the other guy stole it. Game 2 it was another nail biter and SL hit a key dart to take it. In the rubber game SL got on first and the other guy came back with a big answer. They both threw great darts and stayed within sight of each other. SL hit a great out to finish him off. W
I played against a guy of equal talent, but I just wanted it more. After stealing Derek’s spot in the line up and listening to motivational speeches from Mike & Chrissy, I knew I needed to step it up. 2 games straight is all it took. W

Jeb fell down by almost 100 points in game 1 and made a great comeback. I may have screwed him by trying to help figure the right out throw and he lost. In game 2 he got right in and knocked it down fast. He built a 100 point lead but had trouble in the end. The other guy stole it. L

Mark spotted a lead in game 1 but closed the gap by the mid point. The other guy threw a crazy double 20, double 20 to win. In game 2 he was down a few points early but again made it close at the mid point. Again the fool hit a crazy out to take it. L

Supa lost the first game and it was close. In game 2 he got in on the first dart and ran it down fast. It was close in the end but P was not to be denied. In game 3 P struggled to double on and was 200 points down. Knowing out playoff hopes were on the line he made a huge comeback and won the game. W

Final score = 7 Wins & 5 losses
Player of the week was Shawn Larry Robert Griffin Dillion III. The kid stepped up huge to carry the team! Hopefully the rest of the team did enough to secure us a spot in the playoffs. If not, it was a fun year!

After the matches, the superfans wanted to get involved so we played a few side games. I could go on and on describing that action but I’ll leave that for the guys in the comments section. I predict this post may generate double digit comments.

Game 1 - Mike & Mike VS. SL & Chrissy = M&M killed them

Game 2 - Mike & Mike VS. Brighto & Chrissy = close but another M&M win. I loved the balls Chrissy showed late in the game. Needing only 1 cork to close it out he threw a few darts on the floor and stated, “It only takes one”. Unfortunately he missed and his statement was proven to be correct with Mike T snatching victory with a 1 dart Double Bull. Legendary!!!!

Game 3 - Mike & Mike VS. Brighto & Chrissy (one of the many rematches) = close but of course it was another M&M win. Similar to the other game they had a small lead nearing the end. This time I hit a Double Bull to end it.

I think we played 7 or 8 matches total all with the same result. The dream team will be eating and drinking for free for a while with all of the paper we won.

‘Til next time Bitches,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Less than 2 weeks away

The Mustache pub crawl is steadily approaching. We just have to get through this Mothers day weekend and then we head to blackout city. Who is coming with?

This is what I leaned while being stuck at work all weekend long:
1.The Yardhouse over by Fenway is a pretty nice place. MikeyT got the surf and turf burger - lobster and asparagus on top of a burger, right up Supah Ps alley.
2. I tweet out 1 picture a day of previous mustache pub crawls. If anyone wants me to tweet out a pic of them  and their stache...send em my way.
3. Spiders have blue blood. I hate spiders and I just like when they are dead.
4. The new breakfast burritos at Dunkin Donuts are straight up nasty.
5. The average human head has about 100,000 hairs. Mike Foley NOT SO MUCH!
6. I had a "Hot Blonde Ale" last Thursday night. It was a beer that had hot peppers infused into it. I thought it would of been dynamite with a steak.
7. Obviously everyone and their mother saw the Avengers last weekend, I was no exception. One of the best movies I have ever seen.
8. Wild turkeys roost in trees. This is just bizarre to me since turkeys don't fly.
9. A new study out says if you check your work email in your "off hours" you are more likely to have higher stress levels and are less focused. Iggles this means you.
10. The brain used more than 25% of the oxygen used by the human body.
11. I heard, if you work for Harpoon as a brewer you make $31,000 a year and when you quit they make you sign a non compete contract for a year. Uhm don't you make that much working at the Stop and shop deli...roughly $15 an hour?
12. How come no one gave me a heads up that they were doing all that work on the bridge down to the Cape?
13. Yes Chrissy, I know I am late with todays post but since Marios on vacation, its been a bit busy.
14. Has anyone read the book Winterdance? It was recommended to Katie and I. Its a true story about a guy who decided to do the Iditarod kind of on a whim?
15. I can't tell if people are more fed up with the way the Sox are playing or their inflated sellout streak number?

We have darts, the last week  of the season, tomorrow night at The Next Page Cafe in Weymouth. We need a strong showing. We are currently 1 point back of the playoffs. Its all or nothing. Come on down, show your support and get your drink on.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things to do this weekend

Colleen AKA Coggs sent me this list of things to do this weekend. I, unfortunately, will be working but you all should get after it...

CINCO DE MUSTACHE: A celebration of music and mustaches (sure, why not) will be taking place at Great Scott on Saturday. The lineup for the night includes Mongrel, Monkey Knife Fight, Preamble, The Vital Might, and Fifth Freedom at this annual event. Prizes will go to those with the best 'staches, so get growing. May 5, 8 p.m., $10 ($5 for those with real mustaches), 21+ Great Scott, 617-566-9014, http://www.greatscottboston.com/

TAZA CHOCOLATE CELEBRATES CINCO DE MAYO: A sweet take on the holiday will be happening at the home of Somerville confectioner Taza Chocolate. Sample treats and enjoy music by Boston's Blue Ribbon Band -- for those 21 and older, Highland Kitchen bartender Joe McGuirk will be pouring the Taza Oaxaca Cocktail. May 5, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m., free. Taza Chocolate, 617-623-0804, http://www.tazachocolate.com/

DERBY DE MAYO: The Kentucky Derby falls on the same day as Cinco de Mayo this year, and as such the folks at Sweet Caroline's are taking the occasion and running with it. Watch the Red Sox game at 1 p.m. and stick around for the derby, which will be broadcast on 11 TVs and 3 projectors. Baseball, horses, tequila, and bourbon: what could be better? May 5, all day. Sweet Caroline's, 617-424-1260, sweetcarolinesboston.com

Dont Forget David Spellmans birthday bash at Brownstone tonight starting at 6:00.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Darts recap: Too many disappointing losses edition

As I was writing this post, I got a newsflash that Junior Seau died. I guess the title is fitting as Chargers and Pats fans everywhere are saddened by this loss. As for the darts, I had a feeling early on that it was not going to be a good night. As soon as I arrived, I opened my dart case and noticed it was empty. How is it possible to lose a set of darts? As it turns out, I left them at the place that we played last week. With the performance that we put up last night we may have lost any chance at the playoffs. We still have 1 more game, and if we want to make the postseason, we really need to step it up! So now on to the match recaps.

501: Lost 3 - Won NONE

Mark & Bright took a while to get on, made a good charge to get back in it, but lost. L

Derek & I got on early and built a decent lead but could not close it out. L

Jeb & P got on first and ran it down. The other guys made it close and we got stuck on 1 double 1 and lost. L

Cricket: Lost 3 - Won NONE
Me & Mark played well it was neck and neck until the corks and the other team hit 4 bulls in 2 turns to steal it. L

Jared. & Dillion played great but got caught napping. The other team hit key darts to steal another one. L

Brighto & Jeb played well and it was possibly the fastest game ever, but in the end, it was just another loss. L

301 Lost 3 – Won 3
Mark got shut out in game 1 and it was looking like we were going to be shut out in the match. He got right on in game 2 but so did the other guy. It was close the entire way and Mark won. In game 3 they both got right on in the first throws. In the blink of an eye they were on the out. Mark threw The Shot of the Season (double 4, double 6, double 17) to end the game and win the first point of the night. W

Derek got on fast and hung around in game 1 but lost. Same result in game 2. L

Shawn Larry played well but went down in 2. Both were close but the result sucked. L

Bright kicked ass. Tough games all 3 and it came down to a 56 point throw in the end. He threw great to take the win. W

Supa P played well in game 1 but lost to a good shot. Game 2 was another neck and neck game and he won on his good throw and my good coaching. In game 3 P got on first and ran it down. He wasted no time in ending it for a well needed win. W

I played well in the final match with CBV’s darts but got beat by a better player. L

Final score 3 Wins, 9 Losses
It was good to see the return of Chrissy and he was very supportive of our team. Keep in mind you all have 1 more shot at the fan of the week!!! It was also good to humble him in an after hours cricket match. Keep practicing son, you played well but after calling me out on Twitter, there was no way I was going to let you win that match.

‘Til next time Bitches.